Gage SkidmoreRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump hasn t had to answer many questions about his position on climate change yet.But in a handful of colorful tweets over the last few years, Trump has made it clear that he rejects the conclusions of climate science, opting for descriptors like hoax and bullshit.A story in Politico reports that the permit request to build a seawall along a golf course and resort in Ireland, which Trump purchased in 2014, cites sea level rise as part of the reason for its construction.Coastal erosion is eating away at the property, and Trump is seeking to armor the beach with rock.The environmental impact statement prepared for the prospective project explains, If the predictions of an increase in sea level rise as a result of global warming prove correct, however, it is likely that there will be a corresponding increase in coastal erosion rates not just in Doughmore Bay but around much of the coastline of Ireland.Additionally, a brochure sent out to local residents to help smooth over any resistance to the project notes, Predicted sea level rise and more frequent storm events will increase the rate of erosion throughout the 21st century.
Exactly a month ago, Uber and Lyft paused operations in Austin after voters defeated Proposition 1, an attempt to overturn mandatory fingerprint-based background checks for Uber and Lyft drivers in the city.And while a few law-abiding apps sprung up to take Uber and Lyft s place, it seems that a good deal of demand has shifted to an unlikely provider – an unregulated, peer-to-peer Facebook group.Drivers have even starting posting custom brochure graphics, that typically have a picture of their car, screenshot of their Uber or Lyft account showing they have been through a background check , and phone number.Although it operates totally peer-to-peer, the group was created by Arcade City, a new ride-sharing app that while not yet launched, hopes to eventually provide a totally decentralized ride-sharing solution that includes payment, identity, and reputation management.Well, Arcade City will allow riders and drivers to decide on a cost and process the payment on their own – whether that is cash, Venmo, or hugs.By creating the Facebook group Arcade City was able to capitalize on the void in transportation that Austin has faced over the past month, and now had an eager customer base of over 30,000 that it hopes to migrate to its app once launched.
'Boards' in Microsoft PlannerIn the olden days, when Reg hacks rode dinosaurs to work and used chisels and stone to write stories, Microsoft Office offered four applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.These days Office is a sprawling affair with new bits that Microsoft's pitching at those with a co-working mindset and keen to be empowered to spontaneously and ephemerally involve others in your work.The ShinyHappy spiel for Planner says you'll like it because all your team s discussions and deliverables stay with the plan and don t get locked away across disparate applications.The translation is that the tool lets you make selections from documents so you don't have to ask collaborators to consider the whole thing, As Microsoft's spiel explains, Need to discuss a draft contract with a customer?Show a draft brochure to your designer, but only the text to your copywriter.Of course you can send these snippets to any device capable of executing Office 365.
Changing the headline can make a huge difference in your response rate, even if you don't change one word in the rest of the sales letter.Know Your Unique Value Proposition.Make your message exclusive.Here are a few examples of inclusive qualifiers:For women who would like to lose 10 pounds in 10 daysAttention Drivers who drive less than 37 miles a dayCar Owners: Save 2 Gallons in Every 10!Many people will skim through a brochure to decide whether they want to read it further or not.The National Enquirer may not report a lot of real news, but they certainly know how to write headlines that grab people's attention!
Hello,I'm looking for a trip fold brochure for my restaurant and I have no idea who to turn too for this.I'm looking to plop in my own graphics and my items and prices.Would anyone be willing to discuss with me?I am a small business but I'm willing to pay.I have no idea what the asking price of something like that is.Thanks!
Hello im looking for good books on pricing strategies and promotional statements.Part of my job is making a brochure to sales reps which generates almost 500k per month
A big part of the appeal of SUVs is that they let owners lead a more active lifestyle, or at least look like they are.So to prove that its new Bentayga is a real SUV, Bentley created a special edition specifically for one such activity.Meet the Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner.First drive: Sprinting up sand dunes and down ditches in Bentley s $232,000 BentaygaCreated by Bentley s Mulliner personalization division, this Bentayga comes with some accessories you won t find in a typical dealer brochure.Four fishing rods are stored in special leather-trimmed tubes that fit under the parcel shelf.
In January, cross-device tracker BlueCava merged with intent data targeting platform Qualia.Today, that company — called Qualia — is announcing a new partnership with mobile attribution firm NinthDecimal that it says points to one of the key benefits of the merger.The Qualia/NinthDecimal collaboration allows a marketer to track a visit to an offline retailer back to the motivating ad and to the data indicating buying intent, on any of several devices a user might own.It describes this new collaboration as the first cross-device offline attribution that includes intent data , in which intent signals and cross-device tracking come from the same provider.For instance, a visit by someone to a Honda showroom might be tracked back to an ad for Honda sale shown on that person s desktop computer, and to the person s download of a Honda brochure.While other collaborations might similarly connect offline visits to a specific ad on multiple devices, and might overlay and match intent-to-buy signals e.g., the brochure download from an external provider, Qualia says that its recently integrated intent data/cross-device tracking produces a more reliable understanding of what paid media or marketing drove an offline action.
We're being treated to some new details about Sony's PlayStation VR today, which will be hitting stores later this year.PlayStation VR is being targeted toward existing PlayStation 4 owners who want a less expensive alternative to VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and the Vive, as the PS VR will only require the PS4 and the PlayStation Camera instead of a powerful PC.Learn Which Companies Are Leading The Pack In The Lithium Revolution.These new details come from Reddit user Shockwave187, who shared an image of a PS VR FAQ from an official brochure before another user pointed out that more complete information is available on Sony's Asian site.Chief among these new details is a breakdown of the playing area required to get the most out of PS VR.As illustrated in the figure below, Sony recommends a playing area that comes in at a width of 1.9 meters and a depth of three meters.
You need more than just a brochure to convince someone to spend $2.6 million on a supercar.So when Bugatti wanted to tease its upcoming Chiron, the follow-up to its revered Veyron, last year, it had to turn to the special effects wizards at SLGH to fake a CG version for a promo video, because the car didn t quite exist yet to actually film.Since the Chiron is an upgraded version of the Veyron, the effects team was able to simply film a special version of the existing car, covered in tracking markers, which allowed them to seamlessly composite a CG version of the new supercar atop it.
OK, you just got the news that your budget has been cut in half this year and your company is/will continue to announce layoffs.The sales department is under tremendous amounts of pressure and you can feel the weight of responsibility on your shoulders to help fill the pipeline.Chances are there is no federal bailout for you; however, you do have a job and a budget to work with.The recession no doubt will cause many, if not most B2B companies to rethink their marketing spend and respond with knee-jerk budget cuts.The good news is that many marketers are lazy, so instead of new ideas, there will be fewer insertions on the old media schedule and fewer trade show commitments to make up for lost budget dollars.It isn t easy, but getting creative with your website and adding video to define your value proposition is a lot more effective than a call for more information advertisement or an expensive brochure.
Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right subreddit but I really need advice.So I'm lead barista at my shop, and I've been given the task of helping write a coffee brochure for our website.We're a juice and coffee bar that also has stuff like avocado toast and the like, but I want to let potential customers know that we serve specialty coffee and that we're very serious about our craft.The problem is is that I'm coffee nerd on the scientific side of coffee so it's hard for me to talk about coffee without geeking out over extraction theory, particle size, water temperature, etc.I'm trying to reach out to both the specialty coffee crowd and those who don't know as much about coffee.Our area is barren when it comes to specialty coffee.
Facebook announced a bold move to take over your workplace — and, not surprisingly, it s called Workplace.It has all of the features of Facebook with your own company branding instead of baby pictures and Donald Trump jokes.Because it s a collaborative environment, a graphic designer in the firm can share their new brochure layout, and no one outside the firm could see it.Everyone can chat, share status updates about their day, participate in a group chat, chat over a video call, and even stream a live conference.I m impressed with how it works because I can envision companies ramping up quickly — perhaps at the fastest speed for any application ever released — and onboarding people into Workplace in record numbers.A Facebook rep told me that Workplace does not allow chatbots yet, but there is a massive opportunity here once they open up the platform, which will be remarkably similar and familiar to the consumer platform and may even use the exact same code base .Companies can use chatbots for countless activities without having to compete with a boatload of consumer-oriented apps.Developers can also hone in on a tighter market to boost productivity of office workers in tangible ways.The most obvious first chatbot in Workplace could be an office assistant.
Comment Actifio's AppFlash DevOps Platform will run on Pure Storage's FlashArray.The AppFlash DevOps Platform has been jointly developed by Pure and Actifio.It marries Actifio's copy data virtualisation with Pure's hardware, and there are three pre-tested configurations to accelerate the provisioning and refresh of databases for faster application development and testing.The setup enables "secure self-service to hundreds of concurrent dev/QA/test hosts, managing multi-TB-sized workloads, instantly."Devops Platform 10 – to 10TB for small/departmental workloadsDevops Platform 20 – to 20TB for larger-capacity workloads
Star Wars and drones are almost the perfect mix, but very few have actually turned that into a commercially available dream come true.Well, consider those prayers answered, at least partially, as Propel kicks off pre-orders for its Star Wars Battle Drones.They don t only look like the real thing almost , they are also half-decent but somewhat small drones that can travel at a max of 35 mph.These drones are unlike most consumer drones in the market.In a nutshell, that means their propellers are at the bottom instead of the top.They lift off and hover by pushing air downwards instead of the conventional aerodynamics similar to a helicopter.
NASA has discovered an exoplanet that is more suited to a horror film script than our solar system.Exoplanet HD 189733b, which was first detected by the space agency s Hubble telescope back in 2013, seems innocuous enough from a distance but don t be fooled.Any potential space travellers should be aware that although the pictures in the brochure look a lot like earth, with a bright blue atmosphere, that isn t because it is covered in tropical oceans like ours.In fact, 189733 s hazy cobalt atmosphere would make getting caught out in the rain more than a little inconvenient – leaving you attacked by thousands of glass shards flying sideways through the air.This is because the air is full of laced silicate particles, the silicate then condense in the heat and forms small drops of glass that scatter blue light.Makes forgetting your umbrella on Earth seem a little pathetic.
So the honeymoon period really is over, the website I manage offers the usual banner brochure shopping cart journey.After giving it the initial once over: anchor text, meta data, titles, interlinking, alt text etc...I am at a hurdle I am struggling to jump.I need to present my longer term strategies for the site, in bite size reportable chunks... We are not yet in the social sphere so those weapons are not in my armoury... Any help!?I can think little further than content marketing.
Inmarsat, Deutsche Telekom, Nokia and Thales say they have successfully conducted tests of a network capable of delivering in-flight broadband across all 28 current European Union nations.The European Aviation Network EAN will blend S-Band satellite coverage provided by Inmarsat with 300 LTE ground stations scattered across Europe and run by Deutsche Telekom.The network will figure out which of those sources a passing plane should use at any given moment, to preserve satellite resources.Passengers will access the network over WiF and pay for the privilege, giving airlines a new source of revenue.The use of ground-based LTE networks will help that, as planes need only a small antenna that creates little extra drag to connect to the network.Inmarsat's brochure PDF for the service says High capacity can be provided to each aircraft as we expect peak data rates of 75Mbps per cell across the coverage area.
Hawaii, like an aging model, is still gorgeous—just sometimes in a fragile, wasted way.It s just the four of us: my mother and my father, my little brother, and me.They like the contract holders to have their memories intact to say good-bye, because the fifth day s pharma—the last pharma—causes forgetfulness.There are scrubby bushes from the desert, South American cacti and Chinese beach roses according to the brochure and even, now and then, dune grasses and sand.She barely knows how to play, but one time she competed in a small-golf game for charity—it s mostly small golf these days, unless you have huge money to throw away on travel to one of the big courses, plus water-use fines—and because she had a good sense of humor, at least till recently, she was basically the comic relief, I think.And there she was at the door—a compact, middle-aged woman from the 10th floor, frosted hair, braided wedge heels.
Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani is preparing to launch a convertible version of the Huayra, the only model it currently produces.The Roadster isn t scheduled to make its debut until this year s Geneva Auto Show, but it has been prematurely revealed online by a leaked sales catalog.Published by GT Spirit, the brochure reveals the Roadster isn t merely a Huayra coupe without a roof.The rear end receives a new air diffuser and model-specific tail light bezels with eyelash-like extensions, while a pair of vented buttresses create a sporty, stylish silhouette reminiscent of classic Italian and British sports cars.An official teaser image suggests that the front end has received a few minor tweaks, too.More: Italy s most obscure supercar just got more power and a wind-cheating body kit