Right from aiding the common users, the new iPhones, due to its enhanced features, would play a vital role in accelerating the business expansion of companies and help them increase their userbase.Since 2007, when Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone, the impeccable iOS device has been the 'apple of the eye' of both the established firms and the budding entrepreneurs.The iPhone has been a premier choice of business personals worldwide from the ease of usage to providing state-of-the-art apps to reach more customers.iOS platform for business is still the app developers' preferred choice to launch their mobile apps and thus renders better options to its users.iPhone has staggering popularity among all age segments, especially the teens.More than 1/3rd of the global smartphone users prefer iOS as their operating system.The 5G technology is developed and engineered with seamless integration of top of the shelf software and hardware, and on iPhone, it will boost the speed for faster uploads and downloads.Moreover, they can expand the lengths and breadth and unearth new business avenues due to speedy and proper 5G connectivity.The adoption of newer technologies such as IoT and working with them will become more comfortable for the businesses and vital in increasing the consumer experience.Apple’s A14 Bionic Chip: How enhanced efficiency will positively impact the businesses Image Source: Apple.comApple’s  A14 Bionic chip is the first in the smartphone realm that is built on a 5-nanometer process.