Click to Open Overlay GalleryGoma Santa Barbara ZooGoma is a stud.Fresh from his road trip, Goma will now spend at least a month in quarantine, until his veterinarians and keepers decide he s healthy and ready to play nice with his new troop.They are typical males, sleep and eat all day, says Michele Green, Santa Barbara Zoo s curator of mammals.The Matchmaker CallsIn December of last year, Green got a phone call from Lukas, asking if she would consider the boys for transfer.From inside the gorilla yard, you would have seen these massive, Jurassic Park looking doors open, then a giant forklift drives through with a huge gorilla carrier on the front, says Erica Meyer, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo s public relations manager.On the way across the outdoor enclosure, Goma let out a roar, alerting the six members of his new troop that their lives were going to be different from here on out.
An app on your phone shows available parking spaces. photographer: Easypark Swedish Easypark is launching a service that makes it possible to find available parking spaces in one app on your mobile. The first city to be able to use the service is Jonkoping. Through collaboration with enterprise information management Infracontrol get EasyPark updates real time information on the number of free parking spaces in the multi-storey car park and the main square. The information from Infracontrol integrated into the app, so users in real time, where there are free parking spaces. In Jönköping, the Easy Park's users see available parking spaces in the parking garages Smithy, Library, Sesame, Brahe, atoll and iron carrier, but also in open car parks East Square, Spira Culture Center and West Square.
Almost three months after reviving two-year contracts in the spirit of giving its customers more choices to get their new device, in Sprint s words, an employee brief obtained by Android Central suggests the capricious carrier will once again eliminate two-year contracts as a payment option for its subscribers.Instead, it ll push current and new customers to its existing monthly phone financing and leasing programs, as well as continue to offer handsets at their unsubsidized, full retail price.Sprint s decision to dispense again with two-year contracts isn t exactly cause for protest — compared to the carrier s installment options, Sprint s contracts just weren t a great value proposition.Total up the two up and the two-year contract amounted to $1,760 after two years versus the installment program s price of $1,610 — a $150 premium.Rather than have to wait until their contract term was up, Sprint said, bleeding-edge adopters could buy the newest phone at any time their heart desired — as long as they were willing to pony up full price for the device they were currently using.The carrier reported a loss of $553 million in the first quarter of 2016, more than double its loss of $224 million in the same period a year ago, and a 2.5 percent year-over-year decline in revenue to $8.07 billion.
this month, Google and Chrysler announced they were working together to build self-driving cars based on the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid people carrier.Reuters further reports that Google is not sharing proprietary self-driving vehicle technology with Fiat Chrysler and that the vehicles they re working on would not be offered for sale.There is a lot to be said for the minivan-as-automaton, as our own Alissa Walker has pointed out.They re safe, spacious, accessible and generic enough to provide a blank canvas for automising.Those are all very good things.But as Google is keen to point out, the Chrysler Pacifica isn t necessarily destined to be the future of its self-driving cars.
this month, Google and Chrysler announced they were working together to build self-driving cars based on the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid people carrier.Reuters further reports that Google is not sharing proprietary self-driving vehicle technology with Fiat Chrysler and that the vehicles they re working on would not be offered for sale.There is a lot to be said for the minivan-as-automaton, as our own Alissa Walker has pointed out.They re safe, spacious, accessible and generic enough to provide a blank canvas for automising.Those are all very good things.But as Google is keen to point out, the Chrysler Pacifica isn t necessarily destined to be the future of its self-driving cars.
Most of us want to know be notified when important emails come through, but we could car less for the the abundance of clutter we receive on the daily.However, there also might be some emails you really care about seeing immediately.While you could turn on your mail app s notifications, doing so would likely just add to your list of distractions.Thankfully, there s an old-school solution for the situation if you re on any of the major phone carriers.Step 1: Google your carrier name and add email phone number to your search query.For instance, if you re with T-Mobile, you ll want to tack on to your phone number.
We all salivate when looking at the latest and greatest flagship smartphones to hit the market, but that $600 to $700 price means many people won t go past window shopping — especially those seeking a large screen along with some decent hardware.ZTE returns with Cricket Wireless this spring and yet another budget phablet full of features and syllables in its gargantuan name .The ZTE Grand X Max 2 stays close to home with its $200 price range, but ups the ante in just about every aspect compared to its predecessors, the ZTE Grand X Max and Max Plus.The added camera lets you take expanded photos, the company says, including panoramas and manual-focus images, though it has offered no details yet on how the additional camera helps make photos any better than something you d see on a similarly-priced smartphone.There s still a teeny 16GB of storage, but the option for an external memory card should make storing videos and games a bit easier.All in all, the ZTE Grand X Max 2 is shaping up to be quite the bargain at $200, but it is a Cricket Wireless exclusive, which means switching to the budget carrier — and in turn getting throttled when AT s network is clogged — if you want to grab this smartphone.
Australia's dominant carrier, Telstra, is enduring more customer fury after extended outages stretched across its ADSL, NBN, and mobile networks.The carrier has blamed network hardware for the TITSUP Total Inability To Support Usual Performance , issuing a statement saying a Friday outage resulted from a fault with the device that manages the interaction between our network and all the different types of customer modems .Users, however, disagreed, leading the carrier to advise them to factory-reset their modems.The carrier's @Telstra Twitter stream is still flooded with customers saying they can't connect and getting the reset-your-modem message.On Sunday, it was the 4G network that was in trouble, but that was far ore intermittent and seems to be associated with maintenance that will continue until June 6.Its business-only Internet Direct service has also been experiencing outages since around 2am on Saturday, 21 May, with no resolution time offered.
Last fall, Chinese online-game developer Giant Interactive Group teamed up with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA 0.60 % and held talks with SoftBank and Supercell over an acquisition, people familiar with the matter said.Tencent, Supercell, SoftBank, Alibaba and Giant declined to comment.The company s mobile games are free to download, and Supercell makes money by selling virtual goods that enhance the players game experiences.Last year, it bought minority stakes in U.S. mobile-game publishers Glu Mobile Inc. and Pocket Gems Inc. Tencent has been assembling a war chest for potential acquisitions and is raising about $4 billion for a bank loan, people familiar with the matter said earlier this month.SoftBank s portfolio of video-game companies is one area that is under scrutiny from company President Nikesh Arora, who in March was put in charge of its international investments and operations, a person familiar with the matter said.Any sale of such assets would help shore up SoftBank s balance sheet, which is saddled with more than $80 billion in net interest-bearing debt, about a third of which is tied to its struggling U.S. mobile carrier unit Sprint Corp.—--Alexander Martin in Tokyo and Matthias Verbergt in Stockholm contributed to this article.
Credit: Rob SchultzEverybody loves smartphones, but almost nobody loves Windows smartphones.The long-rumored Surface phone is also looking like a no-show for 2016.Microsoft s only hope for a bigger selection of Windows 10 Mobile apps is if more developers work on universal Windows platform UWP apps.True, there s already a Windows Phone 8.x version available, but if converting an app built for Windows 10 PCs to Windows 10 Mobile is so easy why hasn t Twitter done it yet?Facebook says the UWP versions will land on mobile later this year, which once again suggests the conversion process isn t so simple.On top of that, we need to see a jaw dropping phone coupled with enthusiastic carrier support that puts the phone in millions of hands.
They re great phones and if you have the money to spend, they re both highly recommended.But if you want a pure Android experience or if you want a great phone with a nice big screen that doesn t cost an arm and a leg, the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition is still one of the best options out there — and right now it s on sale starting at just $299 unlocked on Amazon.Here s what you need to know:Carrier freedom: Moto X Pure Edition is unlocked and works on all major networks5.7″ Quad HD display stereo sound: Immerse yourself in entertainment with a vivid, edge-to-edge display that s enhanced by rich stereo sound.21 MP camera: Take crystal-clear pictures and get great results in any light.Advanced water protection: Never let spills, splashes, or rain stand in the way of using your phone.All-day battery: Stay powered up for a day, and then someTurboPower charging: Get up to 10 hours of extra battery life in just 15 minutesPure Android experience and helpful Moto Enhancements: Boost performance, receive upgrades faster, and teach your phone how to work best for youMoto X Pure Edition Unlocked Smartphone, 16GB Black U.S. Warranty – XT1575 : $299.00 with free Prime shippingFollow @BGRDeals on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest deals we find around the webThanks to the sharing economy, living in five different cities in five years has never been more doable.
I ve got to pour this cement before it sets, don t bother me, was the reply.Finally, the reporter interviewed the lowest man on the job totem pole—the hod carrier.But even if you never touch one of them in your current role, it s important to have a basic understanding of these eight concepts: 1 – SEOSEO is rapidly becoming a highly specialized field.That said, there are some old-school basic SEO elements that every piece of content should have:A title tag fewer than 80 characters long, to avoid being shortened in results pagesA meta description that describes the content in 160 characters or fewerHeader text H1 tags for the most relevant textAlt descriptions for images that describe the content of the imageDescriptive text for links not just Click Here or More If you want to dig deeper into SEO basics, Google s SEO starter guide is a great resource.Long paragraphs and lack of navigational elements can send readers back to their search engine results for a more reader-friendly page.Even on LinkedIn, which has yet to embrace the algorithm scourge, you can reach a much broader audience with a little strategic boosting.
AT Next, the wireless carrier s installment plan / early upgrade path, is a bit of a mess, to say the least.The nation s second largest wireless provider currently offers options to trade in and upgrade to a new device every 12, 18 or 24 months via traditional AT Next 12, 18 and 24 plans, respectively.AT is well aware of the confusion and soon, they ll be streamlining offerings from four to just two options.As the name suggests, AT Next Every Year allows customers to upgrade to a new device each year after 12 monthly payments or 50 percent of retail device cost paid off with a 24-month financing term.As an example, a phone that sells for $749.99 could be purchased with AT Next for $0 down and $25 per month or $225 down and $17.50 per month.AT s new streamlined plans go into effect June 9, 2016.
Sprint is now allowing some online video to be streamed without counting against customers' data caps, making it the fourth major wireless carrier in the US to implement data cap exemptions or "zero-rating" .Sprint's first foray into zero-rating, announced last week, is for the Copa America Centenario soccer tournament being held in the US beginning June 3.Sprint has partnered with FuboTV, a soccer streaming service, to give customers access to every match if they sign up for a 60-day trial.FuboTV costs $9.99 per month if customers keep it after the trial expires.While wireless carriers argue that zero-rating benefits consumers, net neutrality advocates say zero-rating gives an unfair advantage to services that don't count against data caps, allowing carriers to favor some content over others.AT was the first major US mobile carrier to make a big move into zero-rating.
Some mobile carriers are playing catch up, rolling out clones of the popular messaging apps—with mixed results.Others aren t trying or have given up, saying they can t compete with Silicon Valley and are better off focusing on their core voice and data services.A few years ago, carriers charged a dime or more each time a customer sent or received a text message via SMS, or short message service, or a photo or video sent via multimedia messaging service.They are the big winners, said Veli-Matti Mattila, chief executive of Finland s largest carrier, Elisa, which isn t planning to compete with its own messaging app.Mobile providers say apps that can do this are still in early development, which is why they are currently incompatible.—Thomas Gryta contributed to this article.
Image Source: Zach Epstein, BGRSamsung shipped more than 81 million smartphones in the most recent quarter, according to market research firm Gartner.The company s successful flagship smartphone launch was obviously a big driver for Samsung in the first quarter as it enjoyed its fastest profit growth in three years.Samsung s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are clearly the sleekest and most powerful smartphones the company has ever launched, but they also got a helping hand from some serious advertising and marketing campaigns.HUGE LEAK: This is our first look at a real iPhone 7Between now and the end of the day on June 4th, anyone who purchases a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge at Best Buy for use on Verizon Wireless, AT or Sprint will also get a 32-inch Samsung Smart LED TV for free at Best Buy.And if 32 inches is too small, buyers can also opt to upgrade to a 48-inch Smart TV for $250.Plus, if you re planning to purchase one anyway, now you know you should do it at Best Buy rather than at a carrier store.
Now a startup that has built what it markets as an economical tool to fight cybercrime has raised some money to help it grow.Alongside Redline Capital and other strategic investors that are not being named at the moment, Telstra — the large multinational carrier based out of Australia — is leading the investment.It will use the new tie to boost its managed services business, launching a new partnership with vArmour selling data center security services in Asia Pacific.Eades also said that the company was cash-flow positive as of last summer, although it s now putting all its returns into growth.Its solutions have been described as less expensive than incumbent or rival solutions it competes, Eades says, against the likes of Fortinet and Palo Alto Networks , although Eades claims that this is about efficiency, not margin slashing.While it took hours to install vArmour when it first launched still in stealth today, he claims that the product can be installed in 15 minutes, and you can have your data center segmented within an hour.
In an interview with retired European Commissioner for Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about the future of the world s most valuable company at Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam today.Addressing a question about the possibility of the iPhone maker cutting out mobile carriers and launching its own telecom service, Cook responded:Our expertise doesn t extend to the network.We ll do some things along the way with e-SIMs along the way, but in general, I like the things carriers do.He also shared his belief about how smartwatches will play a big role in our lives in the future to ensure good health as well as a reduced need to glance at our phones and help pay for things – everything the Apple Watch strives to do already:We believe that health is a huge problem in the world, and we d like to contribute to that.I m not saying one device will do all of that, but when you solve such a big problem, it takes several such contributions.It ll be interesting to see if Apple sticks to these maxims in the coming years, or if it will choose to follow Google s lead in developing AI and big data technologies.
Some people don t have a choice, as they re issued a work device but still want a separate phone for personal use.Whether you own your own business or just want to more closely guard your number, here s a sampling of the two-number options worth considering.It s pretty straightforward: you sign up for an account and select a phone number, which you get to pick from several choices based on the area code you want.Once that s done, it s $10 per month for unlimited texts and inbound calls, 5,000 outbound minutes, call screening, and a few other features.The design could use a few splashes of paint as there s some persistent Holo design hanging around, but the app definitely gets the job done.It works over your carrier network, although Wi-Fi calling is part of the $3 per month Pro upgrade, which also kills the ads from the interface and ensures that your number doesn t disappear.
Verizon Communications Inc. hinted on Tuesday that the continuing labor strike may impact its second-quarter results.The carrier has been able to keep up with maintenance requests, but it is falling behind on new Internet and TV installations, Verizon Chief Executive Lowell McAdam told investors at a conference in Boston Tuesday.It isn t clear how the strike may be affecting additions in the wireless division, which accounts for about two-thirds of revenue.But picket lines outside wireless stores may impact foot traffic, analysts say.The company is negotiating with union leaders with help from officials at the Department of Labor, including Labor Secretary Thomas Perez and federal mediator Allison Beck.A spokeswoman for the unions said talks were ongoing but declined to comment further, citing a restriction by the Labor Department.