If embracing the smart home has a common first step, it's often remotely-controlled lights, but that can be an expensive, time-consuming, or technical upgrade.That setup process involves the app - available for iOS and Android - searching for the Switchmate via Bluetooth, pairing, and then walking you through naming it and giving it an icon.If you want to get more serious, there's support for timers and proximity.You can have Switchmate automatically turn the lights on or off at a certain time - the switch itself remembers those settings, so you don't need to have your phone nearby to instruct it - with up to three timers supported for each unit.At $49 apiece, Switchmate costs the same as something like Belkin's WeMo Lightswitch: your decision effectively comes down to simplicity versus features.That's a level of hassle many - particularly those who rent their home - are unwilling or unable to go to.
Drone operators are capable of maneuvering the drone contraband deliveries directly to cell windows, or less visible areas of the prison yard to deliver drugs and contraband to inmates with a drone delivery efficiency that Amazon is still dreaming about.Dedrone created a device to help prisons get rid of their drone delivery problem by detecting the flying gadgets as they approach.They offer a product called the DroneTracker, which is a 17-inch-wide device resembling a white plastic ceiling fan with a central hub and four rounded arms extending out from the center.It has the ability to track drones within 1,640 feet in any direction, according to CNN Money.Officers can wait for the delivery to complete and then confiscate it, or jammers can be engaged to bring the drone down.Dedrone reports that celebrities, airports, government buildings, and sports stadiums are all interested in keeping drones at bay, and expressed interest in the DroneTracker.
Pokemon Go is one of the biggest mobile sensations in the world.People are hunting Pokemon left and right, but the game is riddled with bugs that can hinder your overall experience.Add to that the fact that you need to consume battery juice, cellular data, and exercise to win at the game, and you might realize you can t take advantage of it to the fullest.However, there are plenty cheats, as well as tips and tricks that should help out with the Pokemon daily grind.DON T MISS: Inside story explains how Warner ruined Suicide Squad We have featured plenty of Pokemon Go cheats, though some of them won t work any longer – the Pokemon mapping feature to be more specific.
But be it the summer or winter, the temperature in the house is never right.It ll cost thousands of dollars for rewiring and new installation.A Good Ceiling Fan is Hard to Find, or is it?Interior design magazines and how-to blogs have been telling us for years that ceiling fans are eyesores.These descriptors just don t fit the aesthetic design of the ceiling fan anymore.Home remodeling and design website, Houzz, tells us that the right ceiling fan can style a room and serve as the cherry on top to bring the interior to a classy finish.
This means that the connected home can move beyond using an app to control your lights to using your voice to control your lights, ceiling fans, door lock, and even your blinds.I've highlighted five steps Apple's going to take to bring it all together.The app will be included by default on iOS 10, and acts as a central hub for your entire smarthome.Adding a device to Home is as simple as using your phone to scan a unique code which is included in the device's box.This then establishes adds it to your list of devices in the Home app.I say 'almost' because not all of the advanced features of each third-party app are accessible through Home; Apple's focus so far has been on simplicity and ease of use.
Dyson Reach Under Tool Dyson Crevice ToolI promised myself I d either buy a couch that was flush with the floor, or buy a couch that a robot vacuum could fit underneath... then I fell in love with a couch that was a few inches off the floor like always.There are a ton of optional accessories for Dyson Vacuums, but the Reach Under Tool for most corded models and Crevice Tool for handheld vacuums are particularly essential.The attachments differ slightly but the idea is the same.With these tools, your Dyson can reach under couches, behind desks and dressers, and lots of other random places like the tops of ceiling fan blades.Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.
In Apple's future your smart dock-lock will talk to your smart lights, and your smart thermostat will be able to work seamlessly with your smart ceiling fan.Whether this will arrive at a later date, or whether Google's ownership of the company will prevent it permanently is unclear, but thankfully there are a number of other HomeKit enabled thermostats to equip your smart home with.Netatmo's smart thermostat system is set to soon take its multi-room heating capabilities to the next level thanks to the addition of a range of smart radiator valves to its range, meaning that soon you'll be able to control your home's heating on a room-by-room basis.Other thermostats to consider / coming soon:Lights are another key area for the connected home.Their manufacturers advertise that you can use them to save money on your electricity bill by having them turn off automatically when you're away for example , or even act as a burglary deterrent by turning on and off to trick a potential thief into believing you're home.
Google introduced the concept of micro-moments over a year ago, and since then, the company has consistently published supporting information as it relates to specific industries and user behavior across content platforms.If you re unfamiliar with micro-moments, they re essentially a way of framing a user s path to purchase or to conversion, with specific focus on mobile and the needs or questions users search on Google along with way.The concept of micro-moments is easily digestible and provides a great way of conducting and organizing keyword research, something search marketing practitioners and decision-makers alike can certainly appreciate.At our agency, ZOG Digital, we ve been developing ways to comprehensively identify micro-moment opportunities for clients while mapping and optimizing to the consumer s conversion path.The following is a high-level look at our approach and a few of the resources we use.For instance, we categorize micro-moments for hospitality clients into Dreaming, Exploring, Planning and Booking; these buckets support each step in the consumer journey to bookings, and keyword opportunities can logically be categorized within them.
Global warming promises to make the summers more and more unbearable.Instead of precariously balancing an air conditioner in your window, imagine how cool you d be standing underneath a jet engine ceiling fan.Styled after the turbine fans used to suck massive amounts of air into jet engines made by companies like Pratt & Whitney, these ceiling fans don t spin as fast or move as much air as the real things do.That s a good thing: Your bedroom probably already looks like the aftermath of a natural disaster without the help of a tornado-generating machine.With a price tag of around £2,400, these custom creations from Phighter Images are certainly more expensive than the ceiling fans at your local B But aviation enthusiasts will probably be happy to shell out that kind of money to have one of these hanging over their heads.Phighter Images via The Awesomer
Global warming promises to make the summers more and more unbearable.Instead of precariously balancing an air conditioner in your window, imagine how cool you d be standing underneath a jet engine ceiling fan.Styled after the turbine fans used to suck massive amounts of air into jet engines made by companies like Pratt & Whitney, these ceiling fans don t spin as fast or move as much air as the real things do.That s a good thing: Your bedroom probably already looks like the aftermath of a natural disaster without the help of a tornado-generating machine.With a price tag of around £2,400, these custom creations from Phighter Images are certainly more expensive than the ceiling fans at your local B But aviation enthusiasts will probably be happy to shell out that kind of money to have one of these hanging over their heads.Phighter Images via The Awesomer
If that plain old wood-and-whatever ceiling fan in your living room isn t quite generating enough airflow for your liking, perhaps you d consider a jet engine instead.Well, maybe not an actual jet engine, but at least a fan built using jet engine parts, like this one by Phighter Images, which sells all kinds of aviation parts that have been repurposed for the home.Sourced from a Pratt & Whitney JT8 engine, this ridiculously cool ceiling fan measures and impressive 39 inches in diameter, and is controlled via remote.It s a bit smaller than the nearly 50-inch diameter of an actual JT8D fan, but it s probably a better fit for most rooms at its somewhat shrunken size anyway.Phighter Images even sells a second version, based on the General Electric GE9X engine, with a different blade style, if you re after an extremely specific look.Oh, and they ll even sell you an engine cowl ring to go along with it, so you can complete the there s an engine sticking out of my ceiling look you re undoubtedly after.
At the big CES electronics trade show in Las Vegas this week, she started taking over all kinds of other gadgets.Amazon didn t have an official presence at the event, yet there were dozens of new gadgets with the Alexa personality built inside them or designed to be operated by voice using Alexa.The question is, will talking tech really solve more problems than it creates inside my refrigerator, wristwatch or ceiling fan?I made it my goal to go on speed dates with as many Alexas as possible.Alexa even one-ups the classic lava lamp, residing inside a stunning circular lamp from GE that changes color while she s talking.What unites everything that speaks Alexa isn t just a voice; it s also her memory of your preferences and relationships and home, and it travels with you, through the cloud.
New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said on Monday that the state is suing the Department of Energy (DOE) for delaying the date on which rules about ceiling-fan efficiency are supposed to take effect.The AG said he would sue the department again if it failed to publish a separate set of previously-approved efficiency rules promulgated by the DOE during the final days of the Obama administration.The New York attorney general is joined in these legal actions by the attorneys general from California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington, as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the City of New York.The lawsuit against the DOE is one of the first taken by a coalition of states against the Trump administration's energy policies, which have been environmentally regressive.The energy-efficiency rules for ceiling fans were published on January 19, 2017 and were set to take effect March 20, 2017.Currently, the rules won’t take effect until September 30, 2017.
p Whether you need to study or go to sleep, the right shade of light is crucial.Philips Hue is here to help with its White Ambiance line.Not all light is created equal, and no one understands that better than Philips Hue.The lighting company has made its line of White Ambiance products available to customers in the United States so we can finally enjoy light the way we want it.Thanks to the new range of White Ambiance fixtures and table lamps and the White Ambiance candle bulb, you’ll be able to set your favorite shade of white light to match any mood or time of day.“To put it simply, consumers can have one light to support all of their daily activities,” said Mark Cieri, Philips Lighting’s vice president and general manager for home systems.
Nonprofit consumer and environmental groups as well as 11 states sued the Department of Energy (DOE) today for failing to enact energy efficiency standards (PDF) promulgated by the Obama administration.The standards apply to portable air conditioners, uninterruptible power supplies, air compressors, walk-in coolers and freezers, and commercial packaged boilers.The debacle began back in April when New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and officials from 10 other states demanded that newly-confirmed Energy Secretary Rick Perry enact energy efficiency rules for ceiling fans.Those rules were finalized in the last days of the Obama Administration and were set to take effect March 20, 2017.Perry delayed the date that the ceiling-fan rules were to take effect and looked set to delay or ignore five other energy efficiency rules for the air conditioner and power-supply group as well.Those efficiency standards were set to be published after the ceiling-fan rules were published, on March 15, 2017.
The second-generation Switchmate—Switchmate Bright—is even better than the original.The new model is about one-third narrower, it has a built-in motion sensor for hands-free operation (you can also operate it manually, of course), you can program a timer that will automatically turn the light (or ceiling fan, or whatever the switch controls) on and off, and it can be integrated into Wink-based smart homes.You just mount it over your existing switch and a pair of strong magnets hold the device fast to the screws holding the cover plate.If you have a multi-gang box, the narrower design enables multiple Switchmates to operate side by side (the app can control several Switchmates, with each assigned to a room and having a unique name).When I quizzed the company about this on August 20, a spokesperson said a few bugs had been discovered and that “this should be fully up and back running in 2 weeks.” Amazon is in the process of certifying a Switchmate Alexa skill as well.You can issue voice commands from within the Switchmate app, but you need to open the app and then touch the microphone icon first.
There are Amazon Alexa-enabled speakers, home security gadgets, and appliances.Now, thanks to Hunter Fans, ceiling fans have joined that group.Hunter Fan Company announced this week that it is the latest to add the popular voice-activated assistant to its products.The most recent collection includes Alexa capabilities on several models, including the Apache, Signal and Symphony ceiling fans.You can now activate these fans with a voice command directed to Alexa, which allows you to choose the speed and lighting level of the device.Setup requires you to combine a Hunter Wi-Fi-enabled fan with the SIMPLEconnect app that can be found on the Apple Store or Google Play.
Of all the challenges in the developing world, who would have thought one of them would be finding a place to plug in a smartphone?Nations like India, Nigeria and Bangladesh have an ever-increasing number of smartphone users, but often lack the power to keep devices charged.Phone owners have access to good internet connection, including 3G or better, despite the lack of energy.Indian networks in particular offer good connection in exchange for a small price.The issue remains in how to keep cell phones running when there’s limited energy resources.According to Bloomberg, “Five 60-watt lightbulbs, one TV, a radio, a ceiling fan and a refrigerator use less than one-third the daily electricity than it did two decades ago.” Due to this advance, there’s a lack of motivation for energy companies to invest in new infrastructure.
Amazon wants to be the hub for your connected home, and today the company announced two new products that will help it fill out that ambition, specifically in the area of home security.It announced a new “intelligent” camera called the Cloud Cam, and a new smart-lock service called Key.You control both using Alexa, the voice-based assistant that powers its line of Echo speakers and screens and connected device controllers.Pre-order pricing for the Cloud Cam starting at $119.99 and going up to $249.99 for Prime members if paired with Key as part of a larger In-Home Kit (which also includes a smart lock from Yale or Kwikset).As it did with the Echo Dot, Amazon is also selling multipacks of the Cloud Cam that bring down the unit cost.The moves underscore Amazon’s ambitions to be more than just an e-commerce hub for the home — although with Key aimed specifically at enabling deliveries, they clearly will help the company further its e-commerce business as well.
It’s a indoor home security camera that acts as the brains for a smart lock, allowing Amazon to decide when it should open your house for a delivery.The Cloud Cam captures 1080p resolution video, and boasts night vision, two-way audio, a wide viewing angle, and activity clips from the last 24 hours via the Amazon Cloud Cam App.You can purchase one for $119.99 or get it bundled with a smart lock for $249.99 if you’re buying the Amazon Key in-home delivery bundle.Cloud Cam also is available for less than $100 each via a two-pack for $199.99 or a three-pack for $289.99.The first half of that equation is pretty simple to explain.Amazon is promising that the camera will be able to detect motion and automatically record a video clip for you to review later, along with sending a notification.