The way to big, strong muscles is long and requires hard work in a gym.But researchers may have found a shortcut where the muscles grow by themselves.Scientists have actually succeeded, by means of gene therapy, to increase the lean body mass and the strength of macaque monkeys.The experiment was simple enough, the researchers just injected the gene follistatin (FS344) directly into the monkeys right thigh muscles.It has been shown that follistatin can block myostatin, a molecule that down-regulates musclegrowth, but strengthens tendons.Eight weeks after the injection the circumference of the monkeys right thigh muscles, had on average gone up 15 percent compared with the left thigh.A study done on two of the monkeys showed that musclestrength in the right leg was increased by respectively 12 and 36 per cent compared to the untreated leg!The Follistatin is injected by means of a viral vector, that is a Adeno Associated Virus used as a transport for the drug that is injected.It is a common method called Gene Therapy, and has been used in humans with other drugs.The study on the monkeys showed no negative side effects.This therapy is being developed for use in patients with severe muscle dystrophy and other muscle wasting disorders.Clinical trials on humans are due to start in 2011 and Nationwide Childrens Hospital in Ohio has already gained funding for the study.
The PC is dead, says no one any longer, unless it's a desktop The do-everything-from-home revolution – work, study and play – led to a record 90.3 million personal computers being shipped into the channel in the fourth quarter of last year, up a whopping 25.4 per cent compared to the pre-pandemic final quarter of 2019.…
Take the kids somewhere niceHuawei, America's favourite bogeyman, is to dish out ¥2bn yuan (£219m) as a reward to employees working their arses off on contingency plans to mitigate the anti-China rhetoric coming from the US government.In May the US barred Huawei from buying American components and software without a special licence, though certain suppliers were given a three-month reprieve on two separate occasions.Phone components affected include Google's Android operating system and apps, semiconductor design tools from Synopsys and Cadence Design Systems Inc, and radio frequency chips made by Qorvo and Skywork.Huawei confirmed in late August that the Mate 30 smartphone will not have access to the Play Store app, including Google Maps, YouTube and Gmail.South China Morning Post was the first to report the bonus, while Reuters confirmed it had also seen the memo from Huawei's human resources department.
Educational institutions main target during September spikeThey found that more than half of DDoS attacks in the third quarter happen in the month of September.Overall attacks were up just over 30 per cent compared to the second quarter and increased by a similar amount compared to the same period last year.But unlike other periods, the growth is mostly down to quite simple methods rather than an increase in smart, application-based attacks.That and the targeting of mainly education sites – 60 per cent of stopped attacks were against either schools, universities or electronic journals – led Kaspersky to believe that students are to blame for the uptick.The Russian security firm said: "We observed a similar picture last year, since it is due to students returning to school and university.
(Di, Digital/Silicon Valley), Facebook reported earnings per share of 2.12 dollars in the third quarter, which was higher than the expected 1,91 dollar, according to Bloomberg's tally.Also, the sales exceeded expectations, and made of 17,65 million.This is an increase of revenue by 29 per cent compared with the same period of the previous year. " It is so important användartillväxten increased by 8 per cent, of the active user, per month, to 2.45 billion.Facebook's stock has gone up and down throughout the year, as it has been around the company.on the whole, Though, the giant has done so far in a strong year on the stock market, and has increased in value by over 35% since January.
(Di, Digital Silicon Valley, the Alphabets net sales exceeded the expectations and amounted to 40.5 billion u.s. dollars.While the earnings per share came in lower than expected, with a 10,32 u.s. dollars, compared with 12,35 dollar, according to Bloomberg analytikersammanställning.Earnings per share declined by 22.5 per cent compared to the same quarter of the previous year.the Cost of traffic, in which, for example, is all about how much Google is paying Apple to be the first page of the mobile operating system, IOS, and landed in line with the förhandstippats.the Revenue under the category of ”other revenues”, which, among other things, from the Google cloud, the app store Play store and the mobile phone, the Pixel was 6,43 million.This is equivalent to an increase of over 38 per cent growth compared to the same period of time, in 2018.
The Pentagon’s £7.8 billion deal to provide cloud computing services to the U.S. Department of Defense officially went to Microsoft on Friday.The news came as an upset to Amazon, whose competing bid appeared to be the frontrunner for most of the contract’s deliberations.Throughout the year-long process, President Donald Trump has repeatedly rebuked Amazon’s prospects, which seems in part an extenuation of his outspoken vendetta against the company and its CEO, Jeff Bezos.According to a Washington Post report, Microsoft is now set to take over the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) project, a potentially decade-long federal cloud computing initiative that has attracted interest from some of the biggest names in tech.Though both Microsoft and Amazon were finalists for the contract, the choice seemed fairly obvious.Amazon Web Services both holds a larger market share when it comes to cloud computing – 48 per cent compared to Microsoft’s 15.5 per cent according to the market-research firm Gartner – and has secured a higher data management certification from the military than Microsoft, the Post reported.
(Di, Digital Silicon Valley, Tesla reported an adjusted profit of 342 million dollars during the third quarter, equivalent to 1,91-dollar-per-share.While the analytikerkåren had been expecting a profit in the range of up to 46 cents per share.According to the company, he is well ahead in the planning of the new gigafabriken” in Shanghai, which is due to last for a provproduktion of the Model 3.the production of the SUV:Model X, the company's hemmafabrik in Fremont, Calif., will have a head Sales for the last quarter of the landings in the order of 6.3 billion dollars, equivalent to just over sek 60 billion, which was slightly below expectations, which ranged from 6,33 to sek 6.45 billion u.s. dollars.and the Revenues went down by 7 per cent compared with the same quarter of the previous year.
Hemuthyraren Airbnb has increased its losses significantly.In the first quarter of this fiscal year, more than double the loss.the Figure touched down on the 306 million in the quarter, an increase of 58 per cent compared to the previous year.The figures show that The Information is noted down.Airbnb is aiming to support the implementation of direktnotering on Wall Street in the next year.if so, the case will go the same way as Spotify, which is made of a direktnotering as opposed to a traditional listing, once they are listed on the New York stock exchange in april, 2018.
the Worldwide increase in sales of industrial robots, with a six per cent over the previous year, but in Sweden it fell by 17 per cent.all over the world, sold 422 000 industrial robots in 2018, an increase of six per cent from the previous year.But Sweden was the only 1 of the 263 pieces, which is a decrease of 17 per cent compared with the year 2017.Johan Stahre, professor of production systems at Chalmers university of technology, deputy programme manager of the innovation programme of the Production in 2030, this is not seen as a notable decline.There is, of course, is not a big reduction, and if you look at it that way, even if you think that the 17 per cent sounds a lot, " he said. " And I think we need to tie this up - and-nedgångssiffror to the state of the economy, and the industry investment in general.
the Company's former ceo, Jonas Karlén was in on Tuesday, finished as the general manager of the Swedish-owned Adlibrisgruppen.Walker Kinman, takes over a company that has had a disastrous year, with a loss of nearly 375 million, which is a Di a Digital recently reported.This is an increase of 700 per cent compared to the previous year.There have been many competitors in the market, and at the present time, all of from The owned of the Food.and Mathem, that is in 2018, the increase in revenue of eur 1.2 billion for the year.”the search for a replacement has begun,” writes Lina's Matkasse, in a news release.Read more: a Bad prescription Linas Matkasse increase in the loss of 700%.
the E-commerce of daily consumer goods rose by more than 33 per cent in the month of July, comparing with the same period in the year 2018, according to the American Food retail sector.This is considerably higher than in the previous twelve months, then the e-commerce sector has increased by almost 23 per cent, compared to the prior year period.In the second quarter, e-commerce, with a 23.9 per cent), which is the highest figure recorded since the third quarter of 2018.”the retail sector has been strong in July, but we are probably also a result of the increase in the prices of a wide range of foods, as shown by the statistics, it's the inflation numbers for the month,” said Daniel Liljeberg, economic policy director at the Swedish Grocery addition to the weakening of the Swedish krona, will also affect the dagligsvaruhandeln, since about half of the food in Sweden is imported.retail sales increased by 3.5 per cent in July compared with the same month in 2018.
But missed expectations in the latest quarter the losses rose sharply.the Company made a net loss of 5.24 billion u.s. dollars in the minusresultat, the equivalent of more than sek 50 billion.A large part of this amount consists of stock-based compensation.Revenues amounted to 3.17 billion u.s. dollars in the second quarter, which was below the expected, compared with 3.36 billion u.s. dollars.with the Growth in the value of bookings made through the service grew by 31 per cent compared with the same period of the previous year.And the number of trips went up by 35 per cent.
Matleveransföretagen Just Eat and the Takeaway has now been agreed fusionsvillkoren, said the companies in a press release.Already in the last week it was announced that a merger was being planned.the Merger means that the shareholders in the Just Eat', which is listed on the London, may 0,9744 of the shares in a Take-away service for each and every share.a value of 731 pence per Just Eat a share, a premium of 15 per cent compared to the closing price on July 26.and Just Eats the investors will own approximately 52,15% of the new company, which will have the name of Just Eat-Take away, and Takeaways, the shareholders, will be approximately 47,85 percent.the Merger will create one of the world's largest matleveransföretag with the $ 355 million purchase orders with a value of 7.3 billion u.s. dollars in 2018.
the Revenue increases and the company strengthens its grip as the leader in the chinese market, and at the same time as other manufacturers such as Apple crates.the Product is already well-known, and the trade wars have made people feel that they need the support of Huawei,” said Kitty Fok, an analyst with IDC.Huawei has increased its market share in China, the world's largest mobile market, with a ten percentage points to 38 per cent in the second quarter of the year.The chinese phone giant delivered a 37,3 million of the handsets during the period, an increase of 31 per cent compared with the corresponding period of the previous year, according to research firm Canalys.Overall, the decreased supply of mobile phones in China for the ninth consecutive quarter, down by six per cent in the april-to-June-97,6 million units.According to the Intel report an increase in revenues in the first six months of the year was 23.2 per cent.
Scanning of random ports and the use of encrypted malware by online criminals is on the rise, according to a threat report by Sonicwall.By the end of 2018, around 20 per cent of all malware attacks (based on Sonicwall’s sampling of what it says were 700 million such intrusions) were coming through non-standard ports – a sum which had decreased by 13 per cent compared to 2018, it said.The company explained to The Register that “non standard” meant ports which are not in routine use by other programs, such as ports 80 and 443 for one’s web browser.“For the first half of 2019, that share dipped to 13 per cent globally due to below-normal volume in January (8 per cent) and February (11 per cent),” Sonicwall chief exec Bill Conner told The Register.He added that in May 2019 a quarter of all his firm’s recorded malware attacks “were coming across non-standard ports, the highest volume since Capture Labs has been tracking the attack vector.”“Those in charge of malware deployments are certainly cognizant of this blind spot and continue to actively exploit it.
yesterday, the united states federal trade commission (ftc) that Facebook will receive a fine of five billion u.s. dollars, the equivalent of 47 billion crowns, and, as a result of the dataskandalen around the analysfirman Cambridge Analytica last year.But as the social network is now reporting their results for the last quarter, there is not much evidence to suggest that this high-profile affair continued to affect sales to any great degree.the Company's net sales grew in the second quarter, up by 28 per cent compared with the previous Now, they had a turnover of 16.9 billion u.s. dollars.on the other hand, affects the processes of the profits of Facebook.the News agency Reuters writes that the company is la, away from the three-billion-us dollars in the first quarter, and the cost of the more than two billion in the third quarter, in order to make up for the fines.
UK businesses have reported a significant fall in cyber attacks over the last 12 months.The proportion identifying breaches or attacks in the least year was 32 per cent, compared with 43 per cent in 2018 and 46 per cent in 2017, according to a survey of 1,566 businesses by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) (PDF).Those figures echo the Crime Survey for England and Wales, which found that between September 2017 and September 2018, the number of computer misuse incidents among individuals fell from 1.5 million to 1 million.This was driven, according to Office for National Statistics data, by a significant reduction in computer viruses (down by 45 per cent over the same period).However, the DCMS report said other factors could be at play such as more investment in cybersecurity, better compliance due to GDPR, or a change in attack behaviour.For example, those carrying out cyber attacks could be focusing on a narrower (though still numerous) set of businesses.
on the Whole, the european automotive industry, driven by stricter emission rules, which allowed the manufacturers to do whatever they can in order to speed up the development of electric-powered vehicles.the German BMW has announced that the company will be able to offer a 25-elbilsmodeller for sale back in the year 2023, two years earlier than the original plan.according to a statement from the car manufacturer's general manager, Harald Krueger.the Plan is that half of them will be fully electric, and the rest of the hybrids.In the first five months of the year, the company sold to BMW of 48,000 electric vehicles, an increase of two per cent compared with the same period of the previous the Year 2021 at the latest, the German car maker with sales of electric vehicles have doubled in size compared with last year.
the Danish company Trustpilot was founded in 2007 and today, according to them, the world's leading platform for customer testimonials.the Company offers a service that allows customers to review businesses and services.the Reviews are then sold to businesses who can use them marketing, The comments on the last year's financial results.with The recent report showing an increase in turnover of 28 per cent compared with the previous year.For the first time-exceed the company's sales to 62 million u.s. dollars, equivalent to 587 million dollars.