revenue and budget cuts have made organizations understand that the old method cant handle the rapidly growing customer demands so it makes them think more into technology to support their customers.Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with Natural Language Processing Technology (NLP) applications enables Brands to deliver machine responsiveness with a mix of human touch, along with emotions and convenience.The study highlights that major drivers of market growth will include.24/7 availability at any timezone and quick customer response make chatbots more accepted among brands.AI enabled chatbots help customers to get personalized support and keep track of their all conversations.Conversational AI  can handle a high volume of support than humans.AI chatbots are more efficient to provide personalized support in a faster and it gives a response with increased accuracy and less complexity.Increased tNPSWith conversational AI, brief tNPS studies can be led in a simple chat, giving a brisk and straightforward approach to check the nature of your client's experience.