More and more gamers are turning into content creators every day, and one company is expanding its efforts to keep those consumers satisfied.SplitmediaLabs revealed to GamesBeat that it has hired fighting game pro Victor Spooky Fontanez as its Xsplit Broadcaster product manager.Now, with these two new team members, the company is redoubling its efforts.We caught up with Xsplit and SplitmediaLabs chief marketing officer John Howe-Marshall about bringing on Spooky and UGR, and you can read the interview below:GamesBeat: What is the goal of bringing on Spooky and UGR?John Howe-Marshall: There are big things to come from XSplit this year, both in terms of the technology and solutions we offer to streamers and casters and in terms of the way we interface with them and service them.These hires help us set the table for that.Spooky has worked for years both streaming from home and putting on high-quality live event streams, experience that we can do a lot with.GamesBeat: How does having leaders like these help XSplit?Howe-Marshall: The perspective that Spooky and UGR bring to XSplit is truly invaluable.That perspective is huge for us as we continue to improve the XSplit platform, and I think that users will see Spooky s influence in the next rounds of features available to them.UGR has similar experience as a streamer and when you couple that with his professional expertise in community management and communications, he s exactly the type of addition to our community team that we need.GamesBeat: Is it important for Xsplit to bring in people from the gaming communities to act as leaders and to stay connected with what gamers want?Howe-Marshall: Absolutely.It s less about reputation for us and more about experience and expertise.GamesBeat: For Spooky, how will his experience help guide the product team?Howe-Marshall: We re always working on fixes and new features, both for our XSplit Broadcaster professional-grade offering and for XSplit Gamecaster, which makes streaming incredibly easy for the everyday gamer.Spooky has worked on both sides of that coin and in a variety of different live streaming setups and scenarios.His breadth of experience will be hugely important to have on our product team and will ensure an even deeper understanding of areas where streamers and broadcasters need help, need specific capabilities and features, and will generally help us to provide the best and most useful streaming technology possible.GamesBeat: What are some early ideas that he is working on?Howe-Marshall: Currently we have Spooky looking towards future version releases of XSplit Broadcaster, implementing application wide improvements in both user experience and feature set, in a bid to further widen the scope of what can be achieved with live streaming and recording software.Spooky will be directly influencing product development, and providing critical feedback on currently proposed features so that we can continue to iterate and improve upon our rapid release schedule.
Ten years ago, implementing a technology stack in your business was a more straightforward task, primarily because the problems themselves were more straightforward.In general, companies set an internally focused process improvement goal, with technology insertion viewed as a means to an end.Much, if not all, of the internal process improvement companies once sought has been done, and their goals have shifted to managing external relationships with customers.As has always been the case, implementing the right technology stack in your business is still a process, which, at its core, is a carefully orchestrated symphony among top company executives, those mid-level and upper-tier managers whose initiatives and voices your business relies on the most, and, finally, those subject matter experts who really know what it takes to get it done.To ensure success, create a visual, interactive road map of both your current and planned technology stack, so everyone on the team has a systemic understanding of which technologies your company uses, why they re using them as well as what s changing and why.Maybe your company recently hired a new chief marketing officer who wants to use Pardot as part of the organization s email marketing campaign.
You may notice JPMorgan Chase taking over your Snapchat feed this weekend — that is, if you're anywhere near a college campus.The bank is rolling out a massive campaign to honor college graduates around the country.It's part of a plan to help recruit them as employees."You have to reach people where they are and they're on Snapchat," JPMorgan's chief marketing officer, Kristin Lemkau, said."It's the largest themed ad buy on Snapchat, according to the firm.Starting Sunday, you'll see JPMorgan ads on Snapchat's "Graduation Live Story" as well as on 80 different campus stories and several Discover channels."Investment banks are turning to increasingly creative ways to remain attractive career choices for millennial employees.Citigroup, for example, is giving junior staff the opportunity to take a year off and do charitable work while still earning 60% of their pay.A second initiative will let junior bankers spend four weeks in Kenya running a micro-finance project.The banks are also rewarding top performers by fast-tracking them to promotions, and encouraging mobility between departments and cities.
Frustrated by the difficulty of finding dates while living in London, Dutchman David Vermeulen started InnerCircle, a matchmaking website focused on highly educated singles.The concept was initially set-up in such a way that we could easily roll-out internationally.His site is now available in five cities and has 93,000 approved suitors, with another 95,000 on a waiting list.Amsterdam has become a preferred destination for companies aiming to start small and grow into the broader European market.And the Dutch government has earmarked 100 million euros through 2019 to give an extra boost to startups it decides have the potential to grow and create jobs.Amsterdam s global outlook pulled in John Staunton, an Irishman who in 2013 co-founded Countr, an application that helps store owners manage cash registers.When it started in 1996, the company only worked with hotels in the Netherlands, but it soon noticed customers were searching for reservations in Spanish beach towns and other vacation spots abroad.In 2005, competitor bought the company for $133 million, and last year, the Netherlands accounted for two-thirds of Priceline s $9 billion in revenue.Startups intending to focus on a single market would do better in France, Germany or the U.K., said Pepijn Rijvers, s chief marketing officer.
Among the many changes, we re seeing:a plethora of new concepts and retreads of old ones — for example, account-based marketing, predictive intelligence and native advertising;a growing number of channels for communication.Make it about the business Marketers have always held a crucial role powering the revenue team, Lara Shackelford, EVP and chief marketing officer of Altify, told me.Whether marketing for a startup, an SMB small or medium-sized business or an enterprise, be aware of the following and incorporate what s right for the business.That means:understanding your buyers, what makes them buy, and the content that engages them;being aware of the technology and data to deliver expected results;having business acumen; andactively taking managed and appropriate risks to better drive revenue.Much of this data is driven by the new platforms and emerging channels that marketers use to communicate.Says Howard, Good marketers in today s world must be able to sift through all of these systems and information to truly focus on what will drive the business.
Twitter is about to get a little less complicated.The company said it s getting rid of some of its rules, which can be confusing and sometimes alienating to new users of its social-media service.Media attachments, such as photos, GIFs, videos and polls, will no longer count as characters against the limit.The company s product, notoriously difficult for newcomers to understand, has been steadily tweaked over the past couple of years to be more intuitive.Still, the San Francisco-based company has had trouble expanding and retaining its base of about 310 million monthly active users, making further changes necessary.This is a part of our overarching and ongoing strategy to refine our iconic product, Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland said.Last week, Bloomberg reported that links will also soon stop counting against the character limit, according to people familiar with the matter.We are always and will continue to look for ways to refine the experience, Berland said, declining to comment specifically.Twitter shares reached an intraday record low Tuesday after Michael Nathanson, an analyst at MoffettNathanson, said the company is less likely to be a takeout candidate, given declining interest from users and advertisers.He downgraded the company to "sell," saying it has yet to see "meaningful payoff" from initiatives to draw in new users.
From Marketing Land:5 essential skills that great link builders knowMay 25, 2016 by Julie JoyceThink that building links is all a good link builder needs to do?Competitive threats to Google, and what they mean for youMay 25, 2016 by Eric EngeIf the majority of your digital marketing is aimed at boosting your rankings on Google search results, contributor Eric Enge contends you might want to rethink your priorities.Why you should be looking at Facebook s Audience NetworkMay 25, 2016 by Andrew WaberIf you haven t started using Facebook s in-app advertising network, it might be time to hop on board.Recent Headlines From Search Engine Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Search News & Information:Online Marketing News From Around The Web:AnalyticsDoes Data Analytics Help Deliver Superior Customer Experiences?, www.emarketer.comGet Ready for Predictive Content Analytics, www.cmswire.comBlogs & BloggingBusiness IssuesApple Opening Siri, Developing Echo Rival, www.theinformation.comDoes Google Really Think It Doesn t Have to Pay Taxes in Europe?, www.thedailybeast.comEurope Seeks Greater Control Over Digital Services, New York TimesMicrosoft is laying off 1,850 to streamline its smartphone business, takes $950M charge, techcrunch.comUber taps Foursquare s Places data so you never have to type an address again, techcrunch.comYahoo Participates in Capitol Hill Encryption Panel, yahoopolicy.tumblr.comContent Marketing4 Content Trends Every Marketer Should Be Following, contently.com4 Reasons to Publish Your Content Marketing Piece Today, www.verticalmeasures.com5 Ways Sales Can Leverage Content Marketing to Close Deals, contentmarketinginstitute.comDebate over short-form vs. long-form content irrelevant, www.mobilecommercedaily.comDos and Don ts for Repurposing Content Across Channels, movableink.comEliminating Your B2B Content Marketing Headache, www.97thfloor.comHow to Calm Your Content Anxiety in 5 Simple Steps, www.copyblogger.comHow To Monetize Relevant And Engaging Content?Reward Creators, adexchanger.comConversion OptimizationCopywriting, Design & UsabilityDisplay & Contextual AdvertisingThe 7 Best Ways to Fight Banner Blindness, www.jeffbullas.comDomaining1,000th new gTLD goes live, domainincite.comE-CommerceAlibaba Faces U.S. Accounting Inquiry, www.nytimes.comHow to Deal with Negative Customer Feedback for your eCommerce Business, vwo.comMega-menu design trends in ecommerce: 2014 vs 2016, econsultancy.comReport: E-commerce growth driving rush for warehouse space, www.retaildive.comEmail MarketingHow to Ask for Email Addresses A Simple Script that Works Anywhere!, blogs.constantcontact.comThe Ultimate Guide to Email Design Best Practices for Marketers, www.convinceandconvert.comThree Things Email Marketers Should Do to Stay Competitive, www.marketingprofs.comGeneral Internet MarketingCustomer service is the new marketing, myemma.comFour Traits of a Successful CMO, adage.comHow the Availability of New Data Is Changing the Way We Do Influencer Marketing, www.convinceandconvert.comMarTechMobile/Local MarketingReputation ManagementCustomFive Effective Ways to Build a Strong Online Reputation, www.marketingprofs.comSocial Media3 Ways to Grow Your Audience on Snapchat, www.socialmediaexaminer.comFacebook Faces More Potential Privacy-Related Legal Issues in EU, www.adweek.comFacebook Shuttering Ad Exchange FBX, adage.comHow online retailers can price for profit in the age of data, www.internetretailer.comInstagram Partner Program Adds Media Buying Specialty, www.adweek.comTwitter open-sources Heron, its real-time stream-processing engine, venturebeat.comWhat Our Data Revealed for Brands on Facebook vs Instagram, www.newswhip.comYou Will Be Immediately Impacted by Twitterâï¿ ï¿ s Revamped 140-Character Limit, Some images used under license from
Facebook "in feed" ads will still be displayed.It has also cut a deal with Three Italy and Digicel in the Caribbean.The move marks another significant milestone in the growth of mobile ad blocking.Digital publishers and app developers will be watching closely — they stand to lose out on revenue should the trend really kick off.Speaking to Business Insider, Three chief marketing officer Tom Malleschitz explained the mobile carrier wants to improve the mobile experience by ensuring:Customers don't pay data charges to receive adsTheir privacy is protectedTheir experience isn't "degraded" by excessive, intrusive, or unwanted ads." That implies that Three would look to enact some kind of "acceptable ads" procedure, whereby ads that are not likely to aggravate the consumer pass through the blocker.Adblock Plus has its own "Acceptable Ads Policy" which has critics, internet advertising trade body the IAB is trying to work with the industry to create "LEAN" advertising standards that it hopes everyone will adhere to, and Google is also looking to steer its own acceptable ad standard for the industry.Three is planning on working with a different industry body and publishers on a new set of ad standards.Malleschitz said he couldn't comment on the partner while the negotiations are still ongoing.Three says it isn't breaching net neutrality lawsWe also asked whether regulators might take notice of a mobile carrier deciding which ads are and aren't fit for the web.Then it will decide where to go next.NOW WATCH: An in-wall vacuum makes sweeping so much easierLoading video...
REUTERS/Dado Ruvic Reuters - Twitter Inc said senior executives Jana Messerschmidt and Nathan Hubbard are planning to leave the company in its latest management shuffle.Messerschmidt, who leads the company's business development program, has spent six years at Twitter while Hubbard has led its commerce and media division for nearly three years.Ali Jafari, who runs the social media company's Amplify video ads business, will now head the units under a unified structure.Twitter, whose user growth has been stagnating, has come under considerable pressure to convince investors that it can turn itself around.Chief Executive Jack Dorsey has added a number of executives in the past few months, including American Express Co senior executive Leslie Berland as Twitter's chief marketing officer.Technology website Re/code first reported the news of the latest departures on Thursday.
Three has announced that it will hold a 24-hour ad-blocking trial in mid-June, and will soon begin contacting customers to get them to sign up for it.Though plenty of us use ad-blockers on desktop computers, they re far less popular on mobiles, and this move represents the first instance of network-level ad-blocking in the UK.The mobile operator says it will reduce data costs, improve customer privacy and deliver a better mobile experience with its ad-blocker, but insists that it doesn t want to kill off adverts altogether.The current ad model is broken, said Three UK chief marketing officer Tom Malleschitz.Read More: Which UK Network Offers the Cheapest Roaming Charges?It'll be interesting to see how or indeed if Three manages to roll it out properly, as the company faces a long list of legal battles relating to competition rules.
Three has announced that it will hold a 24-hour ad-blocking trial in mid-June, and will soon begin contacting customers to get them to sign up for it.Though plenty of us use ad-blockers on desktop computers, they re far less popular on mobiles, and this move represents the first instance of network-level ad-blocking in the UK.The mobile operator says it will reduce data costs, improve customer privacy and deliver a better mobile experience with its ad-blocker, but insists that it doesn t want to kill off adverts altogether.The current ad model is broken, said Three UK chief marketing officer Tom Malleschitz.Read More: Which UK Network Offers the Cheapest Roaming Charges?It'll be interesting to see how or indeed if Three manages to roll it out properly, as the company faces a long list of legal battles relating to competition rules.
Motion AI, a Chicago company that lets anyone easily build a bot without touching a line of code, has announced it is open to business after several months of private testing.What, another bot-builder?Dozens of other startups have launched to build bots for developers, especially after Facebook kicked off a bot craze last month that now has tens of thousands of developers building bots on Facebook Messenger alone.But Motion AI stands out because it hand-holds you through building every aspect of the bot s flow, including deployment across most of the bot platforms Facebook, Slack, SMS, email, Web and so on .These modules will soon be featured in a store to be launched in about a month where customers can take whatever module they need as they put together their bots, according to founder and chief executive David Nelson.For example, Motion AI s modules let you easily build a customer service triage bot.Here s a video of the bot he made, depicting an unofficial Apple support bot.It also lets you import artificial intelligence or natural language processing services, like Facebook-owned or, into your bot without having to spin up servers of your own.Nelson, who has a software development background, said the module idea came to him last year when he noticed developers spending significant amounts of time reinventing the wheel each time they built a bot, piecing together the same services.He d rather let developers customize the date-night planning bot themselves, to make them fit the specific needs of, say, Kik s younger audience or Slack s business audience.Last November, Motion AI debuted its flowchart-style bot-building concept on Product Hunt, building up more than 7,500 people on its closed beta wait-list.In December, the company raised a $700,000 seed round, with backing from 1QBit a quantum computing company , Fiverr s chief executive Micha Kaufman, former Yahoo chief marketing officer Kathy Savitt, and a number of other angels.The company has four employees.
After cruising across the Bay Bridge, past Treasure Island and Alcatraz and all those ships in the harbor, one of the first things you see is a billboard for Twilio.And that s all it says, though it also includes a white circle with four little white dots in the middle.But on the 40-mile stretch of highway running from San Francisco to the heart of Silicon Valley, it s just the ordinary.This is a company that helps coders build software that can handle money.Click to Open Overlay GalleryChristie Hemm Klok/WIRED10X Faster than SAS3 SSDsIf you hop on 101 in Silicon Valley and drive north past Mountain View home to Google and Menlo Park Facebook , you ll pass a billboard for the Supermicro Lightning-Fast All-Flash NVM Express Application-Optimized Storage Solution.Chief marketing officer Rosanne Saccone says the company pays $15,000 to $20,000 a month for the billboard, which buys more than 830,000 impressions a week.
That s the argument made by Clara Shih, chief executive and co-founder of Hearsay Social Inc., a maker of digital marketing software founded in 2009, and a director of Starbucks Corp. SBUX -0.25 % Ms. Shih—who has written a new book on the subject called The Social Business Imperative —argues that every company needs to accept the fact that it, too, must become a technology company.Is it fair to say you re a digital ambassador to the company?It really has become everyone s job, whether you re a CEO, chief marketing officer, front-line salesperson, customer support.I think having Kevin Johnson—having been an executive of Microsoft and Juniper JNPR 0.61 % —appeals to Starbucks in that this is a technology executive who really infuses that DNA into Starbucks.They realized that all the actuarial tables show that the more active you are, the longer you ll live, the healthier you ll be.They said, instead of being this passive assessor of risk, what if we became an active coach?
Photo: Yuri Arcus/Getty ImagesChina's quest for internet domination has taken an unusual detour: Exotic domain names.Chinese entities have hovered up half of all domain names with new popular generic top-level domains gTLD extensions such as .online, .luxury and .xyz, according to Christian Voss, chief marketing officer at domain trading marketplace Sedo.For global businesses, not having a .com extension reflected poorly on their brand image, Voss said.For example, the rights to offer the .shop extension - mostly to e-commerce players around the world - was snapped up by GMO Registry in Japan for about US$42 million."China is a market for everybody now," Voss said at the sidelines of RISE 2016, a technology conference in Hong Kong, adding websites such as, for example, was suddenly becoming more valuable.Generic words and phrases, particularly the "category killers," tend to fetch a lot of value in the domain trading market, he added.
With a CV encompassing iconic brands IBM, BMW, Intel and Dell, Ken s close working relationship with Steve Jobs first at NeXT and then at Apple, was a natural progression.Under her leadership, the company has become the largest global ticketing and event technology platform and received multiple awards for workplace culture and performance.SPEAKERS at The Europas Conference and Awards 2016 include in alphabetical order Jason Ball – Senior Director, Qualcomm VenturesHarry Briggs – Partner, BGF VenturesNic Brisbourne – Managing Partner, Forward PartnersEileen Burbridge – Managing Partner, Passion CapitalJess Butcher – Co-founder, BlipparSuranga Chandratillake – General Partner, BaldertonJames Cook – Technology Editor, Business InsiderSonali de Rycker – General Partner, Accel PartnersTracy Doree – Founding Partner, Spring PartnersJulia Hartz – CEO, EventbriteJohn Henderson – Principal, White Star CapitalBrynne Herbert – Founder, MOVE GuidesChristian Hernandez – Managing Partner, White Star CapitalTaavet Hinrikus – Co-founder & CEO, TransferwiseAndy Hobsbawm – Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer, EVRYTHNGSaul Klein – Partner, LocalGlobeGreg Marsh – CEO, OnefinestayElizabeth Varley – Founder & CEO, TechhubRobin Wauters – Co-founder & Editor-in-chief, Tech.euMichael Schneider – Founder, ServiceWendy Tan White – General Partner, Entrepreneur FirstSitar Teli – Managing Partner, Connect PartnersIda Tin – Co-founder & CEO, ClueBeatie Wolfe – ArtistIn addition we ll also have:Ruth Anderson – Director, KPMGIrra Ariella Khi – CEO, Vchain TechRiku Asikainen – Angel Investor, Finnish Business Angels NetworkAzeem Azhar – Chief, The Exponential NetworkRoss Bailey – Founder & CEO, AppearHereTina Baker – Partner, JAG Shaw BakerAnna Bance – Co-founder, Girl Meets DressLawrence Barclay – Principal, DN CapitalEric Benz – Chief Community Officer, CreditsRomain Bertrand – UK Country Manager, eHarmonyOphelia Brown – General Partner, LocalGlobeSimon Campbell – CEO, The SandpitJas Chana – Technology Entrepreneur, Youth Health ParliamentVincent Dignan – Founder, MagnificStéphanie Duchenois – President, Paris AngelsNuno Folhadela – CEO, Bica StudiosIsabel Fox – Head of Venture, White Cloud CapitalKirstin Hancock – Head of Sales & Marketing, Blue MaestroMelissa Jun Rowley – Founder, Toolbox.orgBethany Koby – Founder, Technology Will Save UsJonathan Luff – Co-founder & Partner, Epsilon ApJonathan Macdonald – Founder, Thought Expansion NetworkLama Mansour – Co-founder, Bold GadgetsDave Matthews – Founder & CEO, NewAerLiberty Mawhood – COO, L MarksSimon Montford – Founder, WEB3IOTFergal Mullen – Partner, Highland EuropeMadhumita Murgia – Head of Technology, Telegraph Media GroupEvan Nisselson – Partner, LDV CapitalDonna North – Co-founder, DressipiMark Roden – Founder, DingMichael Ronen – Co-founder, SplashEvan Rudowski – Managing Partner, Atlantic LeapAnita Schjøll Brede – CEO & Co-founder, Iris AICalogero Scibetta – Operations and Business Development Manager, EverledgerKen Segall – Author & Speaker, former Creative Director at AppleEmma Sinclair – UNICEF AdviserPatrycja Slawuta – Chief MindHacker, Self HackathonAlessandra Sollberger – Co-founder & CEO, EvermoreJewell Strong Sparks – Global Head of Innovation Scouting and Inclusion, Metro Group Business InnovationMark Tluszcz – Co-founder & CEO, Mangrove CapitalDimo Trifonov – Founder, 3nderSarah Turner – Co-founder & Angel Investor, Angel AcademeTICKETS:Tickets to this include all day access to the conference on June 14th in addition to the awards dinner and ceremony and after party in the evening.PATHFOUNDERSApplications are now open for PathFounders – PathFounders is an invitation-only event for start-ups in fund-raising mode.Remaining sponsorship options are now strictly limited and we will be closing these at the end of the week, please contact [email protected] now.LMarksmesh:ine GmbHeOfficeIris CapitalUCLFabricSnupps Inc.Snupps Inc.ModafirmaTelovalNauta CapitalGorilla Theory LabsFacebookDeutsche Telekom AGVTB Capital plcspintop venturesYour.MDAtomicoCrowdcube LtdWiggin LLPApp StoreSapientNitroXING AGHighland EuropeIBA IT UK ltdVestel VenturesTech NorthServer DensityEdition Digital LtdInterchangePinipaFitwellDynamo Communications LtdCognianceEden VenturesAuthentiqUltrahapticsOrrickDN CapitalWomen Who CodeCurveCognianceMMC VenturesNexmoMade.comVortexaDimosoSyndicateRoomDigital ShadowstibitPwCSeedupsScamalytics LtdLuxDeco.comYou Too Me NowVimpelcomChartMogulTagsonomy SLExcession Technologies LtdFuneralbookerChatSimTelecticKnowledge PlazaBeringea33secondsKemp LittleForward PartnersihorizonSmith & WilliamsonUnicef UKKPMGVchain TechFinnish Business Angels NetworkThe Exponential ViewJAG Shaw BakerGirl Meets DressQualcommCreditseHarmonyBGF VenturesWevolveMachinalisThe Social Project500 StartupsAtlantic LeapEQT VenturesSilicon Valley BankLevel39Sky FuturesEventbriteSky FuturesChatSimPortugal Capital Ventures SAPortugal Capital Ventures SADancrsSyndicateRoomBritish Consul 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Even in the Western world, the shaadi - or wedding - mentality is prevalent in South Asian communities.Despite targeting an audience that is largely based in North America and the United Kingdom as well as India, co-founder and CEO Shawn Sheikh describes the high demand for their service, which pushed him and co-founders Sahil Diwan, Chief Technology Officer, and Casey Rondinella, Chief Marketing Officer, into putting the South Asian community s needs into action.I think by using comedy, we can bring to light the issues that are going on in our community, Jus Reign says.Not Like Other Dating AppsThis isn t the first app on the market to address the needs of the broader South Asian community.However, most existing apps and web platforms - from well-known agencies like to recent startups like Dil Mil and TrulyMadly - merely digitize the shaadi mentality by generating matches based on arbitrary appearance and career-based factors.Really the word dating means different things to different people, and that s what we want to focus on - the ability to get what you want out of our app based on how you use it.
Here s why:Today s B2B marketers have to move beyond the lead generation role of simply filling the sales funnel with individual, named leads.This effort is delivering results.According to ITSMA, 84 percent of B2B marketers say that ABM delivers a higher ROI than any other approach.And they identified and built individual relationships with everyone involved in the buying process, while simultaneously tracking and responding to accounts as a whole.But while ABM may be taking marketing s center stage, it s worth noting that effectively implementing it requires the same things as any approach: the full support of the company, a distinct value proposition, and the ability to clearly communicate it.Simon Spencer, SheerID s director of marketing operations, and Kevin Bobowski, Act-On s chief marketing officer, will co-present a session titled Putting the B Back in B2B Marketing.
Lavelle has been with Mizzen Main since its launch in 2012, when her husband, Kevin, the company s founder and CEO, started the menswear brand.Right now, the series includes appearances from Houston NFL star and brand ambassador J.J. Watt, world-ranked tennis player John Isner, Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arietta and CrossFit competitor Jason Khalipa.By midday, I try my best to get a workout in during lunch, ideally something outside in the sunshine, because it really is such a great way to recharge for the day.I can find myself working on a number of things from product design, to e-commerce management, logistics and fulfillment snafus, inventory challenges — and the list goes on.This year, we expanded our product base, adding men s performance chinos to our collection.Ladies, always trust your instincts!
You have a million ways to livestream your gameplay to sites like Twitch and YouTube, but one of the more professional solutions is getting an update.Xsplit Broadcaster and Gamecaster, the game-livestreaming tools of SplitmediaLabs, are getting an update today, and the company is highlighting its growth.With millions of people livestreaming their gameplay, Xsplit is seeing more than 200,000 people a month sign up for new accounts.We re incredibly proud of what we ve managed to accomplish, SplitmediaLabs chief marketing officer John Howe Marshall said in a canned statement.Today, the tech firm is aiming to keep that momentum with its latest update.The company breaks it down in the following video.Highlights of the update include the option to incorporate YouTube chat into your videos, the option to have unlimited scenes, and a new plugin store that can make the Broadcaster software even more powerful.While Xsplit is popular, it faces competition from a number of simple options like Nvidia s Shadowplay and Microsoft s Xbox Gamebar.But most people looking to have a lot of control over their videos use Xsplit or the Open Broadcaster Software, which is completely free.