Users have long complained about performance issues and it sucking up battery and last year Facebook s chief product officer, Chris Cox, took the unusual step of making his staff ditch their iPhones and move to Android until they sorted out the issues.But the problems have remained, and recently they led the Android blogger Russell Holly to dump the app, starting a chain reaction which revealed something rather interesting about the app s performance.Prompted by Holly s revelation that life on Android was better without Facebook s app, Reddit user pbrandes eth tested the app s impact on the performance of an LG G4.They found that when the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps were uninstalled, other apps on the smartphone launched 15% faster.They found similar results when testing for app loading performance.Over the course of a day my Huawei Nexus 6P had 20% more battery.
Four top level executives have suddenly left DocuSign: the company s chief operating officer, chief human resources officer, chief product officer and chief growth officer, Geekwire's Todd Bishop and Taylor Soper report.This comes after the odd experience DocuSign had with its CEO.The company had lined up a replacement for CEO Keith Krach, but the replacement backed out in March, accepting an offer at another company, DocuSign said earlier this year.Krach announced his resignation in October, although he agreed to stay on until a new CEO was found, and agreed to stay as chairman for three years.Krach joined DocuSign as the chairman in 2010 and took over as CEO in 2012.DocuSign has not yet formally announced the resignation of the four execs, but their names have been removed from the company's leadership page and at least one of them, COO Gordon Payne, has confirmed on LinkedIn that he left DocuSign in May.The other executives no longer on the leadership page are HR officer Peter Navin, growth officer Mike Dinsdale and top product officer Matt Malden.DocuSign, which allows people to sign documents electronically, raised almost $400 million of its total $528 million VC funding, most of it under Krach s watch.It was valued at $3 billion, although some of its investors, including Fidelity Investments has since written down the valuation of its stake in the company, indicating that the investor doesnt' think its worth as much now as it once was.Many highly valued startups are experiencing the same thing now.DocuSign was widely expected to be gearing up for an IPO, but these management changes may be a sign that the company is focused on other, more basic aspects of its operations.DocuSign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.NOW WATCH: Watch this beautiful footage of Saab s fighter jet that aims to compete with the F-16Loading video...
Michael Smith comes from streaming service HOOQ, where he was chief product officer, joining recent recruits Gabriel Lundberg, ex-Spotify, and Tiang Lim Foo, who led Evernote business development in Asia Pacific.The firm hasn t formally announced the hires, but each one has updated his LinkedIn account to reflect a new role, while Smith announced his arrival at Jungle on his blog earlier this month.Smith is well-known in Southeast Asia s tech space for his previous role with Yahoo, where, as director of global tech initiatives, he presided over Yahoo s ultimately unsuccessful acquisition of Indonesian location-based service Koprol and other media projects.Lundberg moved to Asia to help Spotify identify new market opportunities — although the Swedish music streaming firm has moved very slowly in the region thus far.That initiative, which Smith, Foo and Lundberg are part of, is spearheaded by former Yahoo head of international M David Gowdey and is designed to go beyond money to provide its portfolio with the expert counsel, experience and services needed to develop their businesses.There aren t too many teams with the number of years of experience in our sectors, and in Asia, Anand told us last September.
Four quadcopters shriek around the Miami Dolphins stadium at 110kph.But the third, lit yellow, mistimes it.Gury, now chief product officer, built a proprietary radio system video disconnecting used to be a problem and LED rigs, which make the drones easier to follow and lend a Tron-like aesthetic.DRL has six races scheduled across the US in 2016.The company has already raised $8 million £5.6m in funding from investors including the owner of the Miami Dolphins and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy enthusiast alert: Muse's 2015 album was titled Drones .DRL has released an online simulator that lets amateurs try a course.
Earlier, at EA Mobile, he managed teams that were responsible for games in the Simpsons and Star Wars franchise.Edited excerpts follow…Bill Mooney, Skillz Chief Product Officer is a fan of Diamond Strike.So many people watch football, soccer and basketball, and love it, probably have leagues, but obviously not as many are professionals like elite gamers in e-sports.E-sports is starting to bring new people into the fray, while turning people who might play occasionally into hardcore gamers.Skillz is making e-sports happen for the other 99 percent.Nearer term, we expect to see major e-sports tournaments coming up around titles that haven t been played this way before whether that s Word With Friends or something else.
By rebranding Demandware Commerce Cloud as its own, Salesforce will be able to combine e-commerce, order management, point-of-sale, store operations and predictive intelligence into its own platform.Demandware customers include L Oreal and U.K. retail chain Marks & Spencer."There are so many ways it accelerates our mission to transform retail," Demandware CEO Tom Ebling said in a conference call to discuss the deal.It will also help the company expand to new countries.Salesforce's Chief Product Officer Alex Dayon said the deal will increase its customers' insight into their business.The companies expect to close the deal, worth around US$2.8 billion net of cash acquired, before August, subject to customary closing conditions.
But mobile game publisher Tilting Point managed to turn around the fortunes of one indie game, Photo Finish Horse Racing.In the game, you can breed horses in an effort to come up with a racing champion.The title debuted in September, but was generating almost no revenue and no downloads.The lesson for game developers here is that if your game is not an instant hit at launch, all hope is not lost, said Samir El Agili, chief product officer of Tilting Point, in a statement.Our work with Photo Finish shows that good games can still rise in the charts, even after release, with the right team.And user acquisition became positive in terms of return on investment within 24 hours.Yes, it s a self-serving argument, as Tilting Point offers publishing services.Optimizing spend based on deeply segmented channel data made it possible to earn ROI back faster than ever.
Uber is working with Morgan Stanley and Barclays Plc on the proposed deal, the person said.Discussions are ongoing, and the plans could fall apart, said the person, who asked not to be named because the discussions are private.Barclays, Morgan Stanley and Uber declined to comment.As Uber expands around the globe at a rapid pace, the San Francisco company is spending aggressively.Last month, Apple Inc. invested $1 billion in Didi.While Uber is losing money in China, the company said its business in the U.S. and Canada is profitable, even as it faces a price war at home with Lyft Inc.Uber is not in danger of running out of money anytime soon.After raising $3.5 billion from Saudi Arabia s sovereign wealth fund this month, Uber said it has more than $11 billion on its balance sheet, including cash and convertible debt.The leveraged debt talks were reported earlier by the Wall Street Journal.Earlier on Tuesday, Jeff Holden, the chief product officer at Uber, said the ride-hailing industry would change when the money train stops.
Its new Sugar Intelligence Service will tap AI and offer predictive analyticsLarry Augustin, SugarCRM's CEO, speaks at the company's SugarCon conference on June 14, 2016.Tapping the company's recent acquisitions of Stitch and Contastic, the new technology will be designed to help businesses spend less time entering data into their customer relationship management software and more time learning from and acting upon it."In the CRM space, we want people to focus on what they're good at: relating to others, such as customers and partners," Rich Green, SugarCRM's chief product officer, said in an interview last week.Toward that end, the service will integrate data from a variety of external sources, including the Internet of Things IoT , with internal CRM data to provide a more comprehensive view of the customer.Also on SugarCRM's roadmap is Candace, an AI-powered intelligent agent that guides and assists users in interactions with customers, helping them plan meetings, build deeper connections, recommend best actions, and respond to late-breaking developments.Intelligent agents, meanwhile, have become increasingly common, including not just Apple's Siri but also Microsoft's Cortana.
You may have seen Facebook's Canvas ads — the social network's interactive ad format that combines videos, pictures, text, buttons, and all kinds of other stuff to make an advertisement that's hard to ignore.Today, Facebook says that people have watched over a hundred years' worth of video in Facebook Canvas ads in the four months since it launched alone.It's a great example of how Facebook's formidable tech expertise can translate into the kind of advertising revenue that keeps its market cap at a healthy $323 billion.As Facebook software engineer Rohan Kuruvilla explains to Business Insider, Canvas began in early 2015 with a challenge from Chief Product Officer Chris Cox to an assemblage of programmers, designers, and members of the Facebook Creative Shop in-house ad team.In a world without technological limits on the capabilities of a phone or browser, Kuruvilla says Cox asked the group, "what would you do if you could do anything?It takes less than ten minutes to make a basic Canvas, and people are spending from 25 second to a minute just fiddling around with these ads.You can read more about Canvas and how it was built in a blog entry shared today by Facebook.Here's a Canvas ad in action.Note how you can watch the video, and scroll down or side-to-side for more information:Hard problemsPerhaps most importantly, working on Canvas solved "so many hard problems" for Facebook's engineering team, Kuruvilla says.At a Facebook-hosted Canvas hackathon, Awan says, creative firms started coming up with choose-your-own-adventure Canvas ads that were linked together, and simple games, boosting the time people spent on them.Plus, Canvas has encouraged Facebook's own engineers to think like designers.
A few months back, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings got everybody s hopes up when he said that he would keep an open mind about introducing an offline viewing option to the Netflix experience.And just about two weeks ago, you might remember a report indicating that Netflix was not only testing such an option, but may roll it out to users sometime before 2017.For those of us who can t get enough of Netflix s ever-growing stable of incredible content, the inability to view Netflix videos offline has long been a frustrating shortcoming of the service, especially given that Amazon already offers such a feature for its Prime Video service.Somewhat quizzically, Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt in late 2015 even went so far as to claim that Netflix doesn t offer the feature because it doesn t represent a very compelling proposition.Undoubtedly it adds considerable complexity to your life with Amazon Prime – you have to remember that you want to download this thing.It s not going to be instant, Hunt later added.
During CE Week 2016, Seagate exhibited its latest storage solutions from its namesake and LaCie brands.At the event, Tim Bucher, Seagate s senior vice president and chief product officer, unveiled the new Backup Plus Hub, a desktop storage drive designed for backing up not only computers, but also files from devices like phones, tablets, and cameras.In addition to data transfer, two USB 3.0 ports on the front can be used to recharge your connected devices.The drive itself, however, is not meant to be toted around.As more and more consumers find themselves shifting toward mobile devices for their daily computing, there is now a greater need for backup solutions for those products.Bucher points to the incredible quantity of photos and other mobile content that people are now creating on their phones as a prime example of this newly emerging need.
Back in April when Microsoft and Facebook became the biggest tech giants to open their chat app platforms to developers and businesses, CNN was one of the first news organization to launch a chatbot on Facebook Messenger.Today CNN joined the Kik Bot Shop, one of the first news organizations to do so.When using the CNN bot, you can choose to read top stories or stories by topic, but the goal is to train the CNN bot to be smarter.The more you choose stories you like, the smarter the bot gets about your preferences are and what you want to read.Choose Save to tell the bot what you like.Choose the Next button to skip stories you don t care to read.CNN also created an account on Japanese chat app Line in April and will explore other channels soon.We are experimenting with Alexa and we re actively exploring all voice activated chat bots, said Samantha Barry, head of social news for CNN.Bots are  as important a growth platform as mobile has been  for the 24-hour news network, CNN chief product officer Alex Wellen told Digiday in April, and may play a fairly large role in how CNN attracts new readers and viewers in the future.Users of the Facebook and Kik bots may notice a difference in the kinds of stories they get because of Kik s large teenage audience, Barry said.It even changes how CNN tells the story of the Republican National Convention.
Predictive s chief executive Raj Sultanian will remain the chief executive of Predictive Inc.Newport Beach-based startup Predictive Inc. has acquired 2338 Technologies, a Silicon Valley software maker and developer.Terms of the deal were not disclosed.Predictive's PredictiveOps technology is currently in beta testing.The software subscription service uses data to help hedge fund managers.Predictive's chief executive Raj Sultanian will remain the chief executive of Predictive Inc.Carl Evans, 2338 Technologies' founder and chief executive, will become the co-founder and chief product officer and corporate counsel of Predictive.2338 Technologies was founded last year and has less than 10 employees.The combined company will be headquartered in Newport Beach and have offices in Atlanta and Chicago.2338 Technologies will be co-located in Newport Beach and Atlanta.Evans and Sultanian previously worked together at the internet-of-things startup SmartSense Technology.
Rubicon Project, the public ad tech company, has formed a partnership with "kid-safe" marketing platform SuperAwesome to create what they are claiming is the world's first kid-focused programmatic advertising exchange.The launch of "REX" means that marketers can now use Rubicon's automated tools to buy advertising to target children under the age of 13 online — with the guarantee that the ads they buy are safe and legal.To date, the entire online children's advertising market operated on a direct-deal basis, meaning advertisers couldn't use programmatic tools to buy ads targeted to children across a range of sites — they'd have to speak to each publisher's sales teams directly.In the US, the Federal Trade Commission introduced COPPA The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act in 2000, which places strict restrictions on marketing to children under the age of 13, particularly prohibiting the use of using behavioral data to target kids.Joshua Wohle, SuperAwesome's chief product officer, told Business Insider: "Programmatic in the conventional sense data/profile-driven is not possible in the under-13 space: There have been zero under-13 targeting options, nobody is doing this.With REX, we're enabling buyers to specifically target this audience based on the contextual first-party data we have associated with all of the publishers which run our AwesomeAds technology."SuperAwesome was founded in the UK in 2013 and has raised $7 million in funding.The company claims its ad platform reaches more than 250 million children each month and its client list includes brands such as Nintendo, Lego, and Warner Bros.In June, InMobi became the first mobile ad network to be punished by the FTC under COPPA after it was found to be tracking the geolocation of children without their parental consent, AdExchanger reported.InMobi was fined $950,000, lowered from an initial $4 million penalty, due to the company's "financial condition."Here's a diagram explaining how The Rubicon Project and SuperAwesome's REX will work:NOW WATCH: Britain could be chemically 'growing' military drones in the futureLoading video...
The expectation of at-your-fingertips access to money insight and management spans generations—and the next generation of innovative financial technology delivers.Services like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Netflix have become essential to modern life as increasingly, consumers aren t just willing to have all their data connected and aggregated online—they expect it.And financial services is the same category, says Jim Del Favero, chief product officer at the technology-based wealth management firm Personal Capital.Their expectation is no longer paper statements or poor-quality user experiences.Over 1 million users are tracking about 250 billion dollars on the Personal Capital platform, Del Favero says, and more than half of their usage is via mobile.They re users in their 30s, 40s and 50s with complex lives and complicated finances, and they want more transparency—and control—over their financial lives and wealth portfolio.
Pax Labs, the folks responsible for the Ploom and the Juul and the Pax loose-leaf vaporizer, have today announced some leadership changes.Former Deezer CEO Tyler Goldman will be taking over as CEO, and Pax co-founder James Monsees will continue on at the company as Chief Product Officer.Pax Labs launched in 2007 with the original Pax vaporizer.The company quickly picked up steam and began selling a second-gen Pax Pax 2 and an e-cigarette called the Juul.Juul uses a nicotine-salt solution in the vaporization process that people seem to like.The company says it s receiving 300 percent more demand for the product than expectations.
A personalized video channel for Apple TV, Rheo, has now closed on $2.3 million in seed funding, the company announced this week.It has also updated its application and expanded its content lineup, thanks to a new deal with Vimeo which brings the network s catalog of short videos, including its Staff Picks, short films, animations, music and more, to Rheo s service.Rheo, by way of background, was founded by notable product development veteran Alan Cannistraro, who previously spent 12 years at Apple working on apps like Remote, iBooks, and Podcasts.Rheo s newly joined Chief Product Officer Charles Migos, meanwhile, also worked at Apple for over a decade, where he recently created Apple News, and Microsoft, where he designed the company s home media experience.The idea for the startup came from Alan s belief that media has become too difficult to access in our new digital landscape, compared with traditional TV viewing in years past where you could just switch on the set.To find it, you have to search.
When Facebook first launched its News Feed 10 years ago, users went bananas.They absolutely hated the change.It was the most "inglorious launch moment in history," says Chris Cox, current chief product officer and one of the early Facebookers who worked on the first iteration of the format.It would also end up changing the way that we use the internet.Before the News Feed, you wouldn't see a collection of updates and stories when you logged onto Facebook.You'd only get personal notifications like how many people had 'Poked' you and if anyone had written on your Wall.Every browsing session was like a click-powered treasure hunt: You would search for specific people to look at their profiles and then just wander through the site from there.Most people won't remember what that was like: At the time of the change, the social network only had 10 million users, compared to its roughly 1.71 billion monthly active users now.The four main Facebookers who worked on the feature — Cox, Andrew "Boz" Bosworth, Ruchi Sanghvi, and Kang-Xiang — said on a live-stream with CEO Mark Zuckerberg today that they expected the update to be wildly popular.
With 15 million self-employed individuals in the U.S., fintech companies are spinning transactional data into personalized gold.Learn from industry leaders how to attract and retain the next generation of banking customers.Access this VB Live event on demand right here.If you sell things online, you re a small business.And most banks don t actually know who small businesses are, says Jim Del Favero, chief product officer at Personal Capital.You re going to get a spectrum of answers, says Alex Cram, co-founder and chief technology officer at Track Technologies.And according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of July 2016 there were over 15 million self-employed people in the country.