Our nursery is committed to valuing diversity by providing equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice for all children and families.
Uxbridge Nurseries is set in the St John’s Church Hall across the Bishopshalt School.The building has been fully refurbished to the highest standards and has well equipped rooms by age group.
Our Uxbridge Nursery is set in the St John’s Church Hall across the Bishopshalt School.The building has been fully refurbished to the highest standards and has well equipped rooms by age group.
Different studies suggest that children, including infants from the ages of 3 months to 5 years, can benefit significantly from the daycare environment.There are plenty of advantages that day care nurseries offer to your little ones.Let’s get to know about some of the primary ones.
Daycares are reopening all across the United Kingdom with the safety measures provided by the government.However, parents still have concerns for their child’s safety as the COVID-19 epidemic is still prevalent in the UK.Around 60% of parents admit that they have concern for their child’s health and are not sure about sending their kids back to daycare nurseries.We can’t say about every preschool, but we are taking all the safety measures we can at our daycare to protect your children.Let’s find out why it is safe to send your child back to our nurseries.
At Cheeky Chums Pinner, this year we celebrated Diwali for a week.We started our celebrations by making clay Diya lamps, cutting and sticking with Rangoli patterns and setting up a display/interest table.Parents were invited to our Diwali party, were we ate traditional Indian food like Mathiya, Samosas and Jalebi.It was so nice to see our parents taking part with the activities, Rice and Chalk Rangoli patterns, Diya Collage Cards .
The children showed enthusiasm about moving onto “Big School” so we encouraged a stage presentation for parents, families and friends.The children rehearsed at various times of the day and were keen to put on a performance.The ceremony began with an opening by me, welcoming the family and friends to our graduation followed by the French song by the children.The audience was left to watch a short slideshow, of some of the children enjoying and playing in the Preschool.Parents were amazed to see the children playing!
As a young parent, you are always seeking the best for your kids.Be it opportunities, education, nutrition, or care; your children should always get the best.Unluckily, finding the best childcare is a challenging task.Even if you do find child care, it is tough to ensure that it is the right one for your child.Since there are so many child care institutions in the country, any parent can confuse them.The parents can also assume all of them to have the same purpose and offer the same child care services.
There are a few things you can do during the weeks following the big day.These things will help your child bring out their emotions and soothe their jitters.But there’s one thing: let’s not make a huge deal about the first day, or it will end up scaring your child rather than getting them excited.
The children at Cheeky Chums Uxbridge held an exhibition of their artwork on Wednesday 4th of May and Children worked for weeks creating various ark work (Photo frames, handprints, canvas, and bookmarks).All this lovely art work of our children was displayed in an exhibition room.Parents were invited to come along and make a small donation towards their children’s art.Almost all the parents showed their enthusiasm by being present there.