Samsung currently has several foldable smartphones, such as the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2 which are both 5G models. Presently, all foldable phones in ... The post Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 to use two hinges and a sliding keyboard appeared first on
Phones with flexible screens are all the rage. Here are the companies that have jumped, or plan to jump, on the novel design.
A few days ago, a new patent for another foldable smartphone from Huawei hit the public domain. According to reports, Huawei is developing a relatively ... The post Huawei 5G foldable phone uses a clamshell design – low version of Mate X appeared first on
When Samsung gets around to launching another foldable phone, it may well have this intriguing design change.
The iPhone maker's biggest event of the year shifts online as the coronavirus rages across the globe.
Image: JerryRigEverything Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 has survived having dirt dropped on it in a new durability test from YouTuber Zack Nelson (aka JerryRigEverything), backing up Samsung’s claims that its hinge is more durable on this year’s device. Nelson’s test involved dropping a handful of dust and dirt on Samsung’s new foldable, and he reported the phone continued to feel just as smooth to open and close. That indicated the worst of the dirt hadn’t made its way inside the mechanism. Durability was one of the key promises Samsung made when it announced the Z Fold 2 back in August. To illustrate its point, the company even used a clip from Nelson’s original Galaxy Fold durability test. He found that a handful of dirt dropped on the foldable would immediately... Continue reading…
US buyers get a sizeable price cut over the original asking price, too.
Flip Phone wants to buy your old smartphones for cash
The new expected launch date would come a year after the Z Flip 5G release date. And a new Z Fold phone could appear in the interim.
Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip usually costs $1,380 if you buy it new, but Back Market is selling refurbished units for $799. If you’ve wanted to own one of these but couldn’t justify spending the equivalent of two Xbox Series X consoles and a PS5 digital edition on a phone, now’s your chance to jump in. This version of the Z Flip is compatible with GSM carriers, including AT&T and T-Mobile. This isn’t the Z Flip 5G that was announced more recently; it’s the one that supports LTE. In the review, which you can watch above or read here, The Verge’s Dieter Bohn lauds its performance and battery life, as well as its “solid-feeling, smooth hinge” design. Keep in mind, though, that its foldable glass is still fragile to scratches, and its cameras... Continue reading…
Didn't Motorola release a Razr in February? Yes, but this one is better.
ASUS today announced the availability of two different ZenBooks: the ZenBook S and the ZenBook Flip 13. While both have somewhat similar specifications (especially when it comes to the CPU), they’re both also quite different in terms of build and marquee features. They’ll both be available soon as well, with both laptops launching in the next few weeks. ZenBook S … Continue reading
It seems that twisty secondary screens aren't exactly cheap to design.
See how Samsung's two original foldable phones stack up against one another, spec by spec.
Motorola has announced a virtual smartphone event that will likely showcase its next Motorola Razr.
Despite its name, this new foldable is the direct follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Here's everything we know!
Samsung may have the lion’s share of attention when it comes to its foldable screen in the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip but it is hardly the only display company playing around with the screens of the future. Although it hasn’t launched any commercial product yet, LG has long been showing off its flexible screens that even go beyond … Continue reading
Samsung today opened pre-orders for a new version of its foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip. This new model doesn’t change a whole lot from the original, but it is outfitted with 5G capabilities. So, if you live in a place where your carrier is already offering 5G (or will be soon at any rate), this could be worth considering … Continue reading
Image: Samsung Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5G, the 5G version of the foldable phone it released earlier this year, is now available for preorder as an unlocked device on Prices start at $1,499.99, a $70 premium over the previous LTE version. Along with 5G connectivity, that price gets you a slightly upgraded Snapdragon 865 Plus processor. Otherwise, the two phones are almost identical. Samsung is widely expected to announce a host of new devices at its Galaxy Note 20 Unpacked event on August 5th, including the new Galaxy Z Fold 2. The Z Fold is a tablet-sized device that folds to become the size of a smartphone, while the Z Flip is a more traditional flip phone device that folds in half to become more compact. The Z Fold 2 will reportedly also... Continue reading…