Bristol Council has unveiled new measures to control the local rise in Covid-19 cases – and created a whole new sub-tier of lockdown for itself in the process.England is currently under a three-tier system, with alert levels set at medium, high and very high – translating to tier 1, 2 and 3 of restrictions. But that wasn’t enough for Bristol, where there are currently 340.7 new cases per 100,000. Home to around half a million people, the city declared it is now under “tier 1+”, an entirely new sub-tier altogether. "We regard ourselves now as being in Tier 1+" Ms Gray said— Amanda Cameron LDR (@AmandaSCameron) October 28, 2020The government’s tiered system, announced on October 12, was intended to improve the functioning of test and trace (which isn’t exactly going brilliantly) and clear up some of the confusing public health messaging.But with Bristol City Council going rogue by putting itself in a new tier all of its own, we’re not sure things are getting any simpler. So let me get this right: Tier 0 (Scotland only)Tier 1 (UK)Tier 1+ (Bristol only)Tier 2 (UK)Tier 3 (UK)Tier 4 (Scotland only)Tears (Me)— Conrad Quilty-Harper (@Coneee) October 28, 2020Inventing a whole new subtier for Bristol is very Bristol.— Rachael Krishna (@RachaelKrishna) October 28, 2020Tier 1 plus you know. Business class Covid.— TransJamaican (@Whitb_xx) October 28, 2020explaining how Tier 1 Plus fits into the system— Toby Earle (@TobyonTV) October 28, 2020What does tier 1+ actually mean? It’s important to note that tier 1+ isn’t a national strategy – it was created locally by leaders in the South West but implemented first by Bristol City Council, explained the city’s director of public health Christina Gray. Ms Gray said the Tier1+ concept was a local one, and not a national one. She said it had been discussed by local authorities throughout the South West but Bristol was the first one to try it— Amanda Cameron LDR (@AmandaSCameron) October 28, 2020She added: “The tier 1+ is because we recognise the importance of maintaining people’s livelihoods, and the hospitality sector is the most difficult to manage safely.“In order to keep open, we need to drive down infections.” Tier 1+ doesn’t actually mean there will be any new restrictions for members of the public to follow – up to six members of different households will still be able to meet indoors, unlike in tier 2 where this is forbidden. What it does mean, however, is that the council will enforce the current rules more effectively, with eight Covid marshals targeting busy areas of the city especially in the evenings and at weekends. Bristol Live reported that tier 1+ boiled down to three main components – “using data to provide messages on how to safely use public spaces, taking on parts of Test and Trace, and ensuring compliance.” Bristol City Council is also using £3 million in funding from government to boost local resources for test and trace, which Rees said was “failing” on a national scale, as well as concentrating on more targeted approaches to reducing transmission – particularly amongst 30- to 60-year-olds, where case numbers are on the rise.The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has clarified that it is not introducing a plus system.“There are three local Covid alert levels which are enshrined in law and we are not considering the introduction of a ‘plus’ system,” a spokesperson said. “Bristol is currently at medium and local leaders have the authority to bring in some additional measures for their area, and we welcome local efforts to break chains of transmission.”So... what happened to the three-tier system? When Boris Johnson announced the three-tier system it was billed as a way of simplifying the local lockdowns and boosting the effectiveness of test and trace. Millions of people across some of England’s biggest cities are now living under heightened restrictions under tier 2 and 3, with the government already facing significant backlash from Manchester’s leaders over “disgraceful” financial support.Inconsistencies between different cities have also been pointed out, with Liverpool told gyms had to shut under tier 3 while they stayed open in Lancashire under exactly the same tier – a move Liverpool’s mayor Joe Anderson described as an “inconsistent mess”.But with cases and deaths rising, there is some concern that even tier 3 doesn’t go far enough – with calls reportedly being made for tier 4, or tier 3+. Leicestershire Live reported on Tuesday that Whitehall officials were discussing a fourth tier of restrictions, and local circuit breaker lockdowns, in regions where tier 3 restrictions hadn’t brought the virus under control. Under tier 4, or tier 3+, restaurants and non-essential retail such as clothes shops could also be forced to close – similar to the current “firebreaker” lockdown across the whole of Wales. The three-tier system only applies in England, but Nicola Sturgeon was met with some accusations of complication Westminster’s public health messaging after introducing a five-tier system in Scotland earlier in October. The Scottish first minister said the additional two steps, 0 and 4, “sensibly add” to the English system – with 0 being the “closest to normality we think we can safely get to”. Tier 4 is stricter than the English tier 3, and is closer to a full lockdown involving the closure of non-essential shops. Schools would remain open under all tiers, even under the toughest restrictions.Related... Boris Johnson Urged To Impose Stricter Lockdown After Worst Death Toll Since May Opinion: Paying For A Boots Covid Test Is Morally Indefensible Victoria Derbyshire Apologises After Saying She Would Break Rule Of Six At Christmas
Coronavirus local infection rates should be reported on news and weather bulletins like pollen rates or UV rays, a cross-party group of MPs has said.Alongside the reinstating of daily No.10 briefings, this would help make the public more aware of progress in controlling the virus, according to a new proposal for a “national coronavirus exit strategy”.The New Zealand-inspired plan would see Covid-19 infection rates brought to very low levels for a sustained period, with transmission then minimised by controlling the UK’s borders, and the virus finally eliminated with a nationwide vaccine rollout, it is claimed.The group argues that the three-step Covid secure UK plan offers “an alternative to living with the virus” and will avoid repeated lockdowns and economic damage before a vaccine is available.The plan is backed by senior MPs including Liberal Democrat Layla Moran, Tory Dan Poulter, Labour’s Clive Lewis and the SNP’s Philippa Whitford, as well as leading medical and science experts Devi Sridhar, chair of global public health at Edinburgh University, and Martin McKee of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.The proposals come after four months of evidence sessions held by the all party parliamentary group (APPG) on coronavirus with health professionals, bereaved families and science and medical organisations. It is backed by the campaign group March for Change.The first stage would focus on getting the reproduction R rate of the virus below 1 for a “sustained period”.This would be achieved by introducing a locally-led test and trace system with the response to outbreaks also led at a local level, and financial support available for people who need to self isolate.Infection screening of people in frontline roles should be boosted while travellers should be Covid tested on arrival in the country.The group also calls for “clear, unambiguous and simple messaging” from the government, criticising rules such as “one metre plus” which it argues are “open to misrepresentation”.National broadcasters should also be asked “to report on the local level of infection present as part of each news and weather bulletin, as with the pollen and UV rays” across TV, radio and the internet, while the group also says daily coronavirus briefings should be reinstated. Once the virus is brought under control, the group argues that most new cases would be brought to the UK from people traveling from abroad.Stage two of the plan would keep cases in England at lower than 10 cases per million population per day over a seven day rolling average by ensuring there is testing and screening at all UK entry points, alongside quarantine for travellers at regulated locations.Screening should also be introduced at public transport hubs while test and trace would continue to keep rates low.Eventually, the government should embark on a mass vaccination programme – the third stage of the plan – to eliminate the virus.But the group stressed: “It is vital that any government exit strategy does not depend solely on the development of an effective vaccine in the short term.”Moran, who chairs the APPG, said: “The Covid secure UK plan is based on the principle that by focusing on saving as many lives as possible in the immediate term, you will also save jobs and be able to open up the economy sustainably.“The UK government’s current plan stops at ‘getting R below 1’ but says nothing about what should happen next, as we saw in the first wave. “The Covid secure UK plan builds on this and gives a clear path to the next phase of the response and rebuilding the economy, by concentrating our response at the UK’s entry points.”Poulter said: “The closest equivalent to the plan is New Zealand.  “By bringing their numbers right down and pushing the focus of their response to their borders, they have been able to reopen stadiums to fans and go back to some form of normality.“Like New Zealand, we are an island or group of islands and we can leverage our geography to our benefit in battling the pandemic.”McKee added: “The UK government’s approach is based on a false choice or ‘balance’ between saving lives and protecting jobs and the economy. This has given us the worst of all worlds, with some of the highest death rates and greatest decline in GDP anywhere.“We are doing too little to break the chain of disease transmission while hitting people’s jobs and incomes.“We now have examples from several countries, in Asia but also elsewhere in Europe, that the countries that have controlled infections most successfully have experienced the smallest hits to their economies.“The Covid secure UK plan provides an achievable alternative for the UK, where we save lives, restore confidence, secure jobs, and allow us to open up the economy sustainably.”Related... BAME People Hit Harder By Covid Due To Decades Of 'Injustice, Inequality And Discrimination' Our Antibody Response To Coronavirus Could Decline Over Time, Study Warns Why We Need To Stop Saying 'When Things Get Back To Normal'
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Summary - A new market study, titled “Synthetic and Natural Waxes: Global Markets” has been featured on WiseGuyReports.Synthetic waxes are long-chain hydrocarbons that are the closest substitutes for petroleum and mineral waxes.Due to high heat resistance and higher set times, these waxes are widely used in a number of industrial processes.The synthetic waxes segment is expected to register the highest growth in demand among all the wax segments during the next five years.Natural waxes represent approximately REDACTED of the global wax demand (the total wax market also includes paraffin wax, which is not in the scope of this report).Synthetic and natural waxes find their major applications in candles.
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