The revolution brought up by the digital transformation has caused businesses and customers to significantly change several working parameters.While there is an increasing number of customers, there is also an increase in the number of issues arriving at a company’s helpdesk.And it has been of huge success for businesses that we’re able to provide their customers with a strong Cloud Self-Service option.From any Helpdesk software having options of self-service, customers generally have high expectations regarding the quality and speed of service.Let us see how Averiware can help your business improve customer experience through Cloud Self-Service portals.Five Advantages of Cloud Self-Service Portal1.Cloud-Self-Service Portal is Cost-EffectiveWhen Cloud Self-Service portals function as an option for the customers to resolve their issues, it reduces the need for expert support from your side.Therefore, Cloud Self-Service portals are cost-effective as they reduce the amount of support staff needed for a concerned category of customers that readily use Cloud Self-Service options and resolve their issues.2.Improves Agent ProductivityWhen most of the customers prefer using Cloud Self-Service portals and get their issues resolved by themselves, customers with greater issues are left with the expert agents and those agents have more time to solve their issues.