It is tiring and complicated and hiring professional commercial movers sometimes doesn’t make it any better.Everything, from preparing and organizing, sorting the luggage accordingly, to eventually moving out all the household items demands meticulous planning.The pandemic has made it even more hectic.Protocols that must be adhered to before getting a moving permit, and the uncertainties about the likelihood of getting infected while moving means it is even worse.But make no mistake; moving is still possible and it's even less risky and more stress-free thanks to a few commercial movers.Forget about masking up, sanitizing, and having to limit the number of packers doing the job.Paperwork is a No-No!It's OK to pack stuff up inside ordinary shipping boxes or those made from thicker cardboard.It is perfectly acceptable even to wrap up your valuables and fragile items, regardless of whether you are moving alone or you are hiring a commercial moving company.However, there's one thing that's admirable about Portland local movers – the ban on paperwork.You could ask about their new operations protocol, whether they have had a Covid-19 case amongst their personnel and whether they sanitize their moving vehicle after work.Like every business today, Portland movers and pretty much all commercial and residential moving companies across America must show clear adherence to strict Corona virus safety measures.