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Apple’s wireless AirPod consist of smart AI, namely Siri, which transforms these standard headphones into an interactive computer program right inside the user’s ears.This device was first brought to notice during 2016 and since has become widely accessible amongst the Apple device users.With the expertise of Apple technologies, Apple AirPod has stood out upfront in comparison to other earbud-style wireless headphones.Moreover, these headphones also provide crystal clear sound listening experience even in crowded places.Interestingly enough, you may have paired your wireless Airpods with your iPhone or iPad; still, these Apple AirPods can also be paired with your Apple TV.It is not a common practice to use AirPod with Apple TV as mostly all the family members access to the TV, still, if you are the only user, then paring the AirPods with your Apple TV can be quite convenient.Users can avail a number of benefits by pairing their Apple AirPod with their TV; some of such uses are mentioned below.Simply use the double tap feature on your AirPod to play or pause your TV content.Directly listen to your Apple TV audio.Apple TV will automatically get paused if the user removes the AirPod from their ears.AirPod would act as Bluetooth receivers and pause the Siri feature if connected to Apple TV.If you wish to try to pair your AirPods with your Apple TV and experience a different TV watching experience, then follow the steps mentioned below in proper order.
Two startups with ties to The University of Texas at Arlington have been selected for an international accelerator program, illustrating UTA's commitment to entrepreneurship and impactful research commercialization.SolGro Inc. was founded by a UTA student with technology developed by UTA physics Professor Wei Chen.The company has created a patented canopy system that embeds advanced nanomaterials into greenhouse glazing to convert wasted sunlight into usable light for increased plant photosynthesis, technology with the potential to improve agricultural industries.The other startup, Fade, founded and led by a UTA alumnus, is a mobile app that connects local barbers with new and existing clients through the convenience of 24/7 booking tools and in-app payments.Both companies were selected to join MassChallenge, an accelerator that selects early-stage startup companies to participate in four-month programs.Startups receive support from top experts, free co-working space, tailored workshops and office hours, and the opportunity to win a no-equity cash award.
Last year, music streaming service Spotify partnered with Google to bundle a free Google Home Mini smart speaker for all US-based account holders with a Spotify Premium for Family subscription.There exists a laundry list of reward programs like Swagbucks, and Shopkick that lets you collect points every time you shop at one of its partner retailers, and use them to trade for gift cards at places like Amazon, Starbucks, and Home Depot.You might be just browsing the web or shopping online, but there exists a 200-billion dollar industry that trades precisely in that kind of data.Customer retention as means to data collectionLoyalty programs and promotions are mostly a tactic employed by retailers and service providers to attract new customers, retaining existing ones, and prompt existing customers to increase their spending.Accumulate enough credits, you can redeem them on a variety of offers from Starbucks coffee to TV shows to movie premiers to concert tickets.
it's scalable and it's several management choices that helps the user to make each easy and computer program friendly websites.Magento uses E-commerce platform that offers corporations the last word E-commerce solutions and intensive support network.it's easy, fast and versatile to use.Why to Use Magento?Magento is associate open supply E-commerce software package.Magento is scalable and offers little organizations to create business.Magento allows looking and sorting of product in many ways in which.Magento simply integrates with several of the third-party sites that ar required to run effective E-commerce web site.AdvantagesMagento is user friendly E-commerce software package.Magento is compatible with smartphones, tablets and alternative mobile devices.Magento provides multiple payment choices, thus each traveller will build payment supported their most well-liked payment entranceway.Magento has several extensions that support the event of an internet store.DisadvantagesMagento uses larger space and memory.Magento takes longer time to make the tailor-made practicality.Magento is incredibly slow compared to alternative E-commerce sites.Magento desires correct hosting setting.If the hosting setting is improper, the user will face several issues.TokyoTechie incorporates a sturdy manpower of Magento developers in India.you may realize here certified Magento developers with years of trade expertise.
Organizations become successful when employees succeed in coming together to achieve common goals. It is not enough that individuals are great at what they do, they have to work together to accomplish organizational goals for the betterment of the company. This is where corporate training plays a crucial role in helping employees come together as an organization.Corporate training can be resource consuming, in terms of money, effort, and energy. They also do not have a significant immediate impact on the organizational bottom line. For these reasons, many businesses do not invest in good corporate training programs in India.The truth is, corporate training is an important component of organizational development. Training is more than helping individual employees become better at what they do. It actually helps bring all the employees together to work as a team, identify long term goals, and chart out the relevant strategy to achieve them. As technology improves in the workplace, the potential for development is huge. With the right corporate training, organizations can maximize their resource utilization. We have to realize that organizational development through corporate training is a lengthy process with no immediate, visible results. This is why there is a need for constant monitoring and analysis to ensure that changes are incorporated wherever necessary.Here are some of the reasons why corporate training is an opportunity for your organization:1. Team-buildingCorporate training helps employees come together as a unit, and work towards mutual benefit. This is an important advantage in the multi-cultural workplaces of today. Despite dissimilar cultures, biases, or work practices, corporate training helps in preventing conflicts in the workplace. It helps create a better understanding among employees and builds a harmonious working culture. With the right exercises and continuous development, employees can consistently improve their work skills and personal growth.2. Employee developmentSuccessful organizations are made up of successful employees. We have to remember that employees have been hired because of their competencies in their respective roles. With a well-thought corporate training program, the goal is to identify the strengths of the individual team members and nurture their capabilities into focusing on team goals. Regular training and development impart job-related skills that employees can use to advance in their career.3. Increased ProductivityEmployees take time to become the most productive version of themselves and contribute efficiently to organizations. It takes months or sometimes years to get a complete understanding of the business and deploy their skills in delivering results. This is why most organizations realize that it is more productive to develop existing employee skills rather than continuously hire new hands. Corporate training is an inevitable exercise for organizations that want to improve the productivity of their employees. At an individual level and organizational level, corporate training can have a significant positive effect on productivity at all levels.4. Improved Employee satisfaction and moraleWhen organizations invest in the training and development of their employees, they feel valued. Employees appreciate the investment that their company is doing on them in developing themselves and their skills. Corporate training creates a supportive workplace for all the employees, and employees also receive access to new sources of knowledge and self-improvement. So they feel more appreciated and challenged through training sessions, helping them develop their own value in the organization.5. Better decision making through corporate trainingBusinesses usually have a long decision-making process that involves a lot of stakeholders. Corporate training is a great way to ensure that all the stakeholders are on the same page in terms of organizational goals. Some areas in which corporate training can help improve:Individual employee goals have to be integrated with organizational goals for higher productivityWork habits are usually a response to the work environment rather than individual preferencesInterpersonal trust, support, and cooperationUniform and consistent organization development6. Addressing Employee WeaknessesMost employees will have their own strengths, and of course weaknesses in how they work. Training is an excellent opportunity to identify and then address any such weaknesses. With the right training and development program, all the employees can be brought to a similar level of understanding and skills. The management can identify any weak links in the organizational ecosystem and focus more on them.An effective training program makes sure that overall employees are knowledgeable, and can take over for each other if necessary. This is important to ensure that there is no break in output even in adverse situations.7. Brand buildingRegular corporate training can empower organizations in standing out from the competition. Employees will learn the best practices and can be trained to withstand business competition in the market. When the company comes together as a whole, it will have a better name in the market. And if employees are better trained, they will have better success in approaching customers even in saturated markets. When companies contribute more to enhancing skills and talent in the workplace, they have a strong, positive impact on the long term prospects of the company.ConclusionThe above are some of the main reasons for companies to invest in corporate training for their employees. The key is to identify the right programs that provide maximum returns for the money and the effort that goes into the training. Source : https://www.yatharthmarketing.com/best-7-reasons-why-corporate-training-program-is-important-for-corporate-companies/ 
Remember when it was revealed in January that Facebook used to pay teens and gather mobile app usage data from them through an app?Well, the company shut that program down after a huge backlash, but the app’s sorta making a comeback.Facebook today announced a new app called Study, that will collect your data in exchange for cash.The social network said it will use this data to “helps us learn which apps people value and how they’re used” and understand the community to improve its fleet of apps.It also likely hopes this is transparent enough to avoid getting the company in trouble.The Android app is only meant for adults residing in the US and India.
The DJI RoboMaster S1 looks like an autonomous sentry ready to protect the smart home of the future, and maybe someday it will be.Made to see, feel and hear the world around it, the S1 has 31 sensors to map its environment, which is more than what you'll find in one of the company's drones.Combined with its first-person view (FPV) camera, the rover can be programmed to do things like respond in different ways to claps or hand gestures or recognize and react to other S1 units among other thingsThe S1 is also a big RC car with a cannon that shoots squishy little gel beads and is just a lot of fun to race and do battle with other S1s.Named for DJI's annual RoboMaster robotics competition, the S1 (short for Step 1) comes disassembled into 46 parts, which DJI says can typically be assembled in about 2 to 4 hours.There are six 100-watt brushless servo motors for high speed and accuracy.
IBM launched its Quantum computer program in Africa today, announcing a partnership with South Africa’s Wits University that will extend to 15 additional universities across 9 countries.Quantum—or IBM Q, as the U.S. based company calls it—is a computer that uses quantum bits (or qubits) to top the capabilities of even the most advanced supercomputers.When launched in early 2019, IBM said “Q systems are designed to one day tackle problems…seen as too complex and exponential in nature for classical systems to handle.” It named future IBM Q applications in financial data, minimizing global financial risk, and optimizing logistics.It’s about the superposition of ones and zeros, to have three zeros, a one, two ones to create a qubit,” IBM Research Africa VP Solomon Assefa told TechCrunch on a call.“Because of that, and that it has so many difference states, the amount of computing you can do becomes exponential.”IBM Q operates out of IBM’s Yorktown Heights research center in New York and will be accessed from African universities via the cloud.
For some reason that we can't fully grasp, people continue to look to flying cars as a valid means of transportation in the future.Uber has really doubled down on this idea, having already named Los Angeles and Dallas as pilot cities for its UberAir aerial rideshare program, announced on Tuesday that it is adding a third city: Melbourne, Australia.The really wild part is that Uber plans on starting test flights as early as 2020 and hopes to have the program commercially viable and available to the public by 2023 -- which, if you couldn't tell, is an incredibly short timeline.It's not Australia's largest or most cosmopolitan city, though it's reasonably close on both counts.We wouldn't put it past Uber to just be huge Kylie Minogue or Dirty Three fans though."Australian governments have adopted a forward-looking approach to ride-sharing and future transport technology," Susan Anderson, regional general manager for Uber in Australia, New Zealand and North Asia, said in a statement.
Program top-of-rack switches to spread traffic, find faults…Silicon is, naturally, hugely important in the data centre as workloads grow ever-more demanding.But as more and more data flows through hyperscale data centres, so are interconnects, and network intelligence: these are crucial for numerous reasons, not least because a network outage can cost an investment bank user – by way of one example – millions per minute; yet current tools to identify network issues still often boil down to ping and traceroute: connectivity tools created over 20 years ago.Despite this, the networks that are interconnecting servers in hyperscale data centres are typically built using fixed-function Ethernet switches: rapid but not programmable hardware, which does not allow teams to improve the way packets are processed in their networks.The reason: programmable switches are typically slow and in a world in which speed is everything, the trade-off in terms of flexibility not been there.Intel’s acquisition this week of Barefoot Networks, a Palo Alto-based network hardware startup, puts the focus firmly on the growing importance of interconnects, and the flurry of innovation that has put them centre stage as legacy network hardware increasingly becomes an obstacle to progress at the hyperscale level.
Walmart took a huge price cut on one of the most versatile and advanced Instant Pot multi-use programmable pressure cookers.We monitor Instant Pot pricing at major retail sites, looking for the best deals on the highest-rated products.The 6-quart Instant Pot Ultra is the right size for four to six people.Whether you’re shopping for a gift for Father’s Day, an upcoming wedding, another occasion, or your own kitchen, Walmart’s deal for the 6-quart Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 cooker can help you save $70.The Instant Pot Ultra series replaces ten small appliances.You can use the Ultra as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/porridge cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, egg cooker, saute/searing, steamer, warmer, and sterilizer.
Many organizations face the dilemma of whether to invest in training programs for their employees. This is not new, businesses have to always consider the cost of training versus the benefits. Yatharth Marketing Solutions, one of India’s popular sales training and corporate training, has the answer. Mihir Shah, the CEO of YMS, puts it in perspective. “Training is actually non-negotiable for companies intent on growth. Whether a company is just starting out, or if they have been in the market for a while, training is crucial to make your teams successful. An employee can be at work for 8-10 hours a day. But productivity is about understanding how many of those hours have been effective in realizing organizational goals? And more importantly, how to improve this effectiveness in the shortest possible time?”Companies are dynamic workplaces today, where employees are expected to perform tasks beyond their traditional job roles. The trainers at YMS understand that there is nothing worse than employees who do not understand their roles. Only when organizations have knowledgeable and well-trained employees, they can achieve higher productivity. Here are five ways in which YMS helps you increase the productivity of your employees with a deeply researched, well-designed corporate training programs: 1. Saving Time and MoneyYMS has developed customizable corporate training programs for organizations in India for varied objectives. The program is for your organization to ensure that your employees are trained to make them more effective and productive. Successful employees mean that there will be significant savings in time and money for you. There will be a reduction in unprofitable effort, and time spent on correcting mistakes. With YMS, employees improve their performance and adding to the company revenues. 2. Employees get better motivationThe corporate training program by YMS helps employees acquire newer skills for better performance in all aspects of the job. For employees, this is a sign that their management is willing to invest in their growth and development. If there are any gaps in technology or process adoption, YMS’s training team will cover that.3. Refresh Employee SkillsAs organizations grow, employees who have stayed with the company might be falling behind on new key skills. YMS training team focuses on bringing them up to speed on the current market requirements. This helps you retrain employees on current skills, so you can increase productivity by preventing mistakes in daily functioning. Research shows that organizations spend significantly less on retraining current employees than on hiring new ones.4. Create a performance-based cultureWhen employees are clear on their attainable goals, they are inspired to achieve their goals. YMS corporate training helps organizations of all sizes to create a successful performance-based culture that incentivizes good performance. It is important to make it clear to employees what their goals are, and how to achieve them optimally.5. Prevent Employee turnoversResearch shows that the cost of employee turnover is significantly higher than those of retaining existing employees. Effective corporate training provided by YMS is able to build employee loyalty by showing employees how to be effective. Leverage training to show employees the benefits of an organization that invests prudently on training. YMS delivers one of the most comprehensive, and certainly one of the most sought after corporate training programs for organizations across the country. If you are concerned about your employee performance, YMS helps you understand if there are any gaps and how to cover them most effectively. Source : https://www.prlog.org/12774093-increase-your-employee-productivity-with-ymss-corporate-training-programs.html
What happened: Mobile payment platform Alipay on Monday launched a ride-hailing mini program, allowing users to book rides in around 33 cities in 10 countries worldwide, including the US, the UK, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).The mini program can be accessed inside the Alipay app and connects to ride-hailing platforms such as Grab in Thailand, Gett in the UK, and Careem in the UAE.The newly launched system allows users to interact with maps and text drivers in Chinese, call local police, and pay in Chinese yuan.According to Jiemian, the service will launch in more than 100 popular destinations across more than 20 countries this year.Why important: The mini program is an attempt by Alipay to address issues Chinese tourists face when booking rides outside of China, including communicating with drivers and understanding non-Chinese maps.Mobility giant Uber’s Chinese business was bought by Didi Chuxing in 2016 after a fierce competition for market share.
We’ll work with you to form a typical sense strategy, assist you to perceive your competitors, and show you which ones keywords square measure most significant to focus on to realize success. Hire an SEO Consultant to help with your SEO consulting needs. SEO, that stands for computer program optimisation, is that the method of up a website or app’s presence in organic (free) search results. TokyoTechie’s SEO consulting services provide your web site a powerful competitive advantage within the search results, because of our expertise and long history of obtaining sites stratified. Software recommendations: The search promoting trade is stuffed with tons of, if not thousands, of package solutions to assist track, analyze and improve your keyword rankings. SEO audits: With every audit we have a tendency to compile AN in-depth analysis of your site’s on-page optimisation and find immediate areas for improvement.
Toyota is a company that got a very early start on the whole gasoline-electric hybrid boom, made tons of money and then kept on iterating and improving that idea.As a result, its hybrid vehicles are some of the best in the world, but as the rest of the industry and the public's interest both move in the direction of full electrification, Toyota has to play catch-up.That's why Toyota has decided to speed up its electrification timeline, according to a report Friday by Reuters.In fact, it plans to get half of its sales from EVs by 2025.That would be a tall order for any company, but Toyota has vast resources, talented engineers and an iron will so we believe it can happen.Toyota's big hurdle on the road to electrification will come when it tries to find sources for battery cells in the kind of numbers it needs to meet its goals, but it's already looking to Chinese cell producers to help fill its needs.
Ten years ago, Sequoia Capital began quietly encouraging founders of its portfolio companies to consider which of their founder friends they might like to get behind financially.It cemented the firm’s ties to the founders who were already in its family.To learn more on the tenth anniversary of Sequoia’s “scouts” initiative — which has since been widely copied by other venture firms — we reached out to Sequoia’s Mike Vernal, the partner who today oversees the seed-stage program, as well as four scouts whose names you will recognize.What we learned in the process is that their experiences, while fairly different, have had an outsize impact on the way they lead as well, as well as on the founders whose paths have crossed with their own.Among those first scouts — one of now hundreds to work with Sequoia — was Jason Calacanis, a serial entrepreneur whose then startup, a search engine called Mahalo, quickly raised $20 million from Sequoia and others after its 2007 founding.Mahalo didn’t wind up putting Google or Yahoo out of business, but even back then, Calacanis, who’d earlier sold a blog network to AOL, had an established network that Sequoia realized was valuable.
Lyft is suing the city of San Francisco, claiming that the city is violating its ten-year contract with Lyft that would give the company exclusive rights to operate bike-share programs.San Francisco, however, says the contract does not apply to dockless bike-share, but only station-based bike-share.In its lawsuit, Lyft is seeking a preliminary injunction or temporary restraining order to prevent the city from issuing permits to operators for stationless bike-share rentals.Although SF previously allowed Uber-owned JUMP to operate its stationless electric bikes, that was supposed to be a one-time exception since Motivate, which Lyft eventually bought, was not yet ready to deploy its stationless electric bikes, the lawsuit states.JUMP’s pilot expires on July 9, 2019 but now the city is seeking additional operators to deploy stationless electric bikes.“We are eager to continue investing in the regional bikeshare system with the MTC and San Francisco,” a Lyft spokesperson said in a statement to TechCrunch.
MasterCard wants to make paying for items online both a little easier and a little safer — and it’s using some pretty fancy tech to make that happen.The company announced the new MasterCard Digital Wellness program, which is aimed at deploying new standards and implementing a ton of tech to enable businesses to protect their customers’ data.As part of the new program, MasterCard plans on deploying EMVCo’s (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) standards, which includes a new click-to-pay checkout system — replacing old key-entry checkout systems and making it much easier to make purchases.The system is compatible across systems, too — it can be used for all kinds of online shopping, multiple devices, and across cards.“We launched MasterCard Digital Fitness today because we believe that businesses shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety or choice as they build the best experiences for their customers,” MasterCard executive Jess Turner said in a statement.“Any changes to how we shop online must deliver enhanced levels of security, transparency, and flexibility for everyone”
Facebook unveiled its Level Up program for emerging game creators, or livestreamers, last year for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).Facebook will make it easier to find videos from streamers on Facebook, and it will boost new creators making E3 content.Custom stickers are available to share in chat through monthly Fan Subscriptions, a way for fans to support creators by pledging $5 per month in exchange for perks like exclusive content.Fan Subscriptions is in beta, but it’s available for partnered gaming creators.Facebook is also announcing that the Fan Subscriptions beta product is rolling out to gaming creators in the Level Up program as another way for gaming creators to earn money and grow their community.Facebook is expanding in stages based on active Level Up creators with engaged audiences, and it continue to add more creators from the program soon.