This guest post was written by Rudi Davis, Senior SEO & Content Manager at PR agency Publicize, specialists in PR for blockchain and other tech verticals.If you are an entrepreneur building a pre-seed stage blockchain startup, at the time of this publishing, you can still apply to join the Toronto Founder Institute's second Blockchain Founder Syndicate program.While blockchain technology may have made its public debut 10 years ago, developing an effective content strategy can still be a tricky task.Consider how you can articulate your use case and unique value proposition.Existing investors: You need to provide confidence to investors to ensure stability.Consider how you present your unique value proposition to users.
No one will be astounded hearing that today Smartphones are a favored technique not just for leisure exercises like books reading, watching movie, shows, playing games and shopping yet additionally for business.It influences the market and designers to go mobile also.Then get ready to make your business a high revenue giving business and makeup the marketing strategy to avoid retention rate.Here we are outlining some verified techniques & working tips to improve mobile app revenue.So with that, when you thoroughly consider the design and choices of your app, focus on its navigation:Make it instinctive and simple, guaranteeing the procedure is proficient notwithstanding for newcomers.
Click on the toothbrush, toggle the flange and press 'Harp'.An editor on the Features Desk [no, not El Reg's – Ed] buzzed me earlier in the afternoon on the company-issued support mobile – you can't mistake it, it's the one with a one-inch mono LCD display and physical buttons – to complain that "the system doesn't work".OK, bits of it work, but as a whole it's a poorly conceived, hissing crater of failure.The system in question is a content management project we've been rolling out, but for most users "the system" is an all-purpose noun that encompasses everything in their work environment from the moment they step into the building.Books and magazines would explain what these things did and where they were, often with isometric diagrams to illustrate.Faced with an all-in-one display unit with everything built into the back – much like a smartphone when you think about it – the average Mo Public sees a computer as a single thing that goes wrong in its entirety.
It’s more than a few years ago, when PCs are new, parts are expensive and this pilot fish is working as a PC tech for a school district.“One day, I was called to fix a PC at a school library,” fish says.“After I fixed the PC, I noticed the keyboard was incredibly grimy due to many little fingers typing on it.“I snapped the keys out, shook out crumbs and dust, cleaned each key and reassembled the keyboard.”Next day, fish gets another call from the same school library.One of the library admins is complaining that her computer shows garbage on the screen when she types.
Instagram users began to complain that the photo-sharing app was down Thursday afternoon, adding to a series of outages including a several-hour failure at the PlayStation Network.While Instagram hasn’t commented on the outage, the hashtag instagramdown began to trend on Twitter just before 3 p.m. Pacific.Facebook, which owns Instagram, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.Users said that they could not refresh their feed, access accounts or upload photos or video.They also couldn’t update Stories, one of Instagram’s most popular features.The outage did not appear to extend to Facebook, which owns Instagram, along with Whatsapp.
Google is making it easier for iPhone and iPad users to verify sign-ins with the announcement that Apple device owners will now be able to use their Android device as a security key.The search giant recently revealed that it had developed a new Bluetooth-based protocol which allows smartphones running Android 7.0 or later to act as a security key for two-factor authentication.According to Google, 100,000 users have already started using their Android smartphones as security keys.The technology is currently limited to Chrome sign-ins but now Apple device owners will be able to utilize their Android smartphone to sign-in without the need for a physical security key.Security keys offer extra protection to users that are concerned their devices might get hacked and even Google's own employees used them to prevent phishing attacks.When the company announced that modern Android smartphones can now be used as security keys, it also highlighted the fact that its OS is now FIDO2 Certified.
It looks like we now know the number of users affected by a banned Facebook market research app, which paid users up to $20 a month to give the social media site access to how they used their phones.The app, which gained attention earlier this year after Apple blocked Facebook from offering to iPhone users, collected sensitive device data on about 187,000 users, the social network told lawmakers.In a letter dated March 1 to Sens.Richard Blumenthal, Ed Markey and Josh Hawley, Facebook said it had collected data on 31,000 users in the US, 4,300 of whom were teenagers.The rest of the data came from users in India, according to the letter.TechCrunch earlier reported on the letter Thursday.
You’re setting up a new account and just type in whatever pops into your head as a username.If that’s happened to you on Snapchat, or you just want a new identity, we have bad news.There is one thing you can do to makeover your image on Snapchat, though.The app lets you change the name that everyone sees when you’re sending snaps back and forth and posting stories.Most people don’t see your username, so changing your snap name is more productive anyway.A box will pop up with the option to change your name.
Spain's top professional football league, La Liga, has been fined $284k by the country's data protection agency for using the league's mobile app to spy on its fans.The app, which has been downloaded on millions of devices, was reportedly used by La Liga to monitor bars showing football matches in an effort to catch establishments that showed games on television without a license.Fans that downloaded the app did so to stay up to date with schedules, player rankings, statistics and league news but few realized that it also was able to determine when and where they're watching games.The Spanish newspaper El País reported that the league informed authorities that the app detected when users were in bars and would then use the microphones on their smartphones to record audio.By using a technology similar to the app Shazam, the La Liga app would then use the recording to determine if the user was watching a soccer game.If so, officials would use the location of their device to determine if the bar they were in had a license to play the game.
Huawei may be turning to new methods of making income — advertising on its smartphones.Angry users have begun to complain that Huawei is displaying advertisements on the lock screen of its smartphones, seemingly without warning or without making any sort of announcement.You can’t seem to switch off the “feature” without making some trade-offs.A number of users on Reddit reported finding advertisements on their lock screen.One user, who goes by the username Quacksnooze, posted a screenshot of a ad that suddenly appeared on their phone.Other users reported getting ads as well.
After at least a month of testing, Spotify is rolling out an updated library look for its premium users that will separate podcasts and music more clearly.Currently, the layout for a premium users’ library is tricky to navigate, with all your media — playlists, songs, albums, artists, podcasts, and videos — crammed together at the top.This new design, while not necessarily a monumental change to how people listen on the audio platform, makes the experience slightly more pleasant, especially considering that people haven’t loved Spotify’s podcast treatment.Podcasts on Spotify are currently only organized by shows that users follow, unplayed shows, and downloaded shows, which is to say it’s chaotic.In the new design, the podcast category will be broken up into three sections: episodes, downloads, and shows.The episodes tab will list new episodes or allow people to resume episodes they’ve already started.
 There are two simple ways for sending messages to others PCs via a local network. Some users use command prompt message like msg or net send. Other users prefers to install any simple application like LAN messenger for sending messages and file transfers via intranet connection in office.Check this simple guide at
Fintech startup Revolut is expanding beyond Europe for the first time.The service is going live for some users in Australia starting today.The company calls this a beta release and plans to gradually on-board new users every day.There are currently 20,000 people on the waitlist in Australia.Cryptocurrency exchange, metal cards and business accounts aren’t available just yet.But you can open an account, get a card, send and receive money — all the basic stuff.
A New Jersey team of researchers has reported the successful, long-term relief of chronic refractory shoulder pain in a wheelchair user with spinal cord injury (SCI) following a single injection of autologous, micro-fragmented adipose tissue into the affected shoulder joint.The article, "Autologous micro-fragmented adipose tissue as a treatment for chronic shoulder pain in a wheelchair using individual with spinal cord injury: a case report" (doi: 10.1038/s41394-019-0186-8) was epublished ahead of print on May 13, 2019 by Spinal Cord Series and Cases.Courtesy of the publisher, this Editors' Choice article is Open Access through June 30: shoulder pain is a common cause of functional decline among wheelchair users with SCI who rely on their upper limbs for mobility and everyday activities of daily living.When pain persists despite conservative management, current options for individuals with SCI have significant drawbacks.Corticosteroid injections offer only temporary relief and surgical interventions often require prolonged periods of recovery and have poor outcomes, which can add to the burden of disability.
Facebook is launching a market research app it is calling “Study from Facebook”, that will allow users to sell the social networking giant information about how they use competitor apps.The firm said it is intending to be as transparent and open as possible about the app, and will keep their data safe, but Facebook has not revealed how much it will actually pay for people’s data.The move comes as Facebook seeks a more “privacy focused” future for the social networking platform, a big change from Mark Zuckerberg’s previous stance on the subject.Facebook revealed the new Android app in a blog posting by product manager Sagee Ben-Zedeff.“Earlier this year, we announced that we’d be shifting our focus to reward-based market research programs, which means that all research participants are compensated,” Ben-Zedeff wrote.“We’ll run ads to encourage people to participate in this market research program.
Connecting your Instagram and Facebook accounts allows you to cross-post between the platforms at will — but you can also disconnect them whenever you want.While connecting your accounts is a quick and easy process, disconnecting them is even simpler.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.Facebook was a massive platform on its own, but now that the media monolith also owns Instagram, it likely owns at least two apps on your phone.Chances are that if you use one of the platforms, you likely use the other, and Instagram makes it easy to cross-post between the two if you simply connect your accounts.How to disconnect your Instagram account from Facebook
Facebook obtained personal and sensitive device data on about 187,000 users of its now-defunct Research app, which Apple banned earlier this year after the app violated its rules.The social media giant said in a letter to lawmakers — which TechCrunch obtained — that it collected data on 31,000 users in the U.S., including 4,300 teenagers.The rest of the collected data came from users in India.Earlier this year, a TechCrunch investigation found both Facebook and Google were abusing their Apple-issued enterprise developer certificates, designed to only allow employees to run iPhone and iPad apps used only inside the company.The investigation found the companies were building and providing apps for consumers outside Apple’s App Store, in violation of Apple’s rules.Apple banned the apps by revoking Facebook’s enterprise developer certificate — and later Google’s enterprise certificate.
La Liga, Spain's top professional soccer league, has been slapped with a €250,000 ($280,000) fine for violating user privacy after the league's official app activated the microphones on user cell phones, El País reports.The app spied on users in an effort to identify bars that were showing pirated streams of soccer games.Spanish users download the app to get game times, scores, and other information about soccer games.But the app also included a function designed to help the league identify venues that were streaming soccer games without paying the appropriate licensing fees.The app would use the GPS sensor to determine whether the phone was located in a bar or other venue that might show soccer streams.If it was, the app would listen for audio from a copyrighted game.
Following its launch in the UK in April, Coinbase is rolling out its cryptocurrency debit card to more European countries, despite users reporting numerous problems.The cryptocurrency exchange will be launching its Coinbase Card in six more European nations.As of today, the crypto-funded debit card will be available to users in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, and the Netherlands.The debit card lets users spend the cryptocurrency they hold on Coinbase anywhere in the world, providing the store accepts Visa cards as payment.Coinbase’s UK CEO Zeeshan Feroz told CNBC the goal of the card is to make payments with digital currencies as seamless as paying with cash.Coinbase hasn’t stated how many debit cards are now in circulation, but Feroz did say the company “blew past” the initial 1,000 cards that were offered to users for free, and has seen “extremely strong uptake.”
Google will now allow iPhone and iPad owners to use their Android security key to verify sign-ins, the company said Wednesday.Last month, the search and mobile giant said it developed a new Bluetooth-based protocol that will allow modern Android 7.0 devices and later to act as a security key for two-factor authentication.Since then, Google said 100,000 users are already using their Android phones as a security key.Since its debut, the technology was limited to Chrome sign-ins.Now Google says Apple device owners can get the same protections without having to plug anything in.Security keys are an important security step for users who are particularly at risk of advanced attacks.