the Empty premises increased in Finland.booth's branches, changing the pace open plan offices and many state offices.the metropolitan area office vacancy rate rose in the spring a new record high of 13%.Finland's largest office space broker Catella Property estimates that the premises vacancy rates accelerated from two directions: construction of new growth and office of the use case will be reduced.over the past Four years, office space in use has decreased in the helsinki metropolitan area about 200 000 square meter.Companies, however, want to change to modern buildings, so at the same time has completed more than 300 000 square meters of new office space.
Raw material prices rose to the end of the year is scheduled for the new Us president Donald Trump's choice in early November, the estimates of the confederation of research institute Etla.the Reason is Trump to drive a strong recovery, infrastructure, construction and it through the traditional industry.mining companies have got about buoyancy, which is reflected in the price of raw materials.
Transport and communications minister Anne Berner among the insurance trade magazine interview that motoring costs will be reduced in the next year, when part of the tax euros from the change in bus use the Same time, new bodies begin to produce motorists and heavy transport services, bus maintenance, rehabilitation and the Same time it becomes possible for new infrastructure projects co-financing, for example, the EU, the Nordic investment bank and the European investment bank.Also foreign heavy traffic will far, motorists bear the burden of yet to self-fuel taxes and vehicle-, car - and use the power to tax."the Calculations are very long and we will tell you the details mid-January.
the accident investigation board has issued a new balcony safety recommendations last summer balcony because of the accident.Last June a woman died after falling from the balcony of the Bay in the centre, while the balcony railing below have been fiber cement board is broken.the accident investigation board recommends that the minister for the environment, to draw up the new guidelines, according to which non-transparent railing construction are required in the same strength and impact resistance than glass under construction.the Railing to keep the ntsb said it takes people pouring into it.
the Finnish association of Architects limited grove group ceo Hannu lehto, according to the healthy competition.according to Him, affordable housing is possible to prepare, write trade magazine."If we are just given the chance, so we were able to build in Southern Finland, 100 000 € for two-room apartments.This happens, if we can make the formula your own pencil without zoning inspectors, boards and construction supervision of a number of unjustified restrictions," Grove argues."we Dropped a huge amount of housing costs, but we would follow still, all of the standards.This does not mean DDR-level traces, but the architect's professional skill there is to design preferably."
the Government was today, Wednesday, to deal with the opposition of the spacing issue regarding the vocational education cuts and reform.the Cuts after the whole vocational education should be the number to do early next year to start reform.South-Savo Education Ltd, managing director Arja-Leena saastamoinen foundation said he was concerned that the cut will jeopardize the continuity of the first and foremost investment required by sectors such as technology, construction and forestry machine operator training.”I don't know any other sector, which made such a harsh cut at once, even if student numbers remain roughly the same”, He said.a Total professional from the second grade is to cut funding roughly 25 percent,” He sums up.Stenbacka is the number of cuts in the same figures as the saastamoinen foundation.
Construction labor imports opening outside the EU countries can lead to a significant crime increase, claims the Builders."This is a good example of Sweden, where the need for discretion was removed in 2008.after Sweden blow the work permit of the criminal trade, because they can be used to get the Schengen area", said the release of the construction association chairman Matti ridge of the peninsula.the uusimaa ELY -centre is currently planning that the labour needs of the construction sectors with regard to be the construction industry without work in February was almost 10 000 construction industry unemployment fund the Worst unemployment areas of the builders of unemployment was, according to the association for well over 20%.
a Constant stream of people waited in line first thing in the morning thing for a new city car, the factory recruitment of a truck to Turku market square.Valmet Automotive to get around Finland more than a thousand employees."the Vibe is as good as it used to be, when Nokia was sought to work", describes the turku Tero Hyvönen, 45, rekrytiskillä after Hour commute each way is not next to the top block, but Hyvönen is ready to move to a new city hire, as long as the housing can be arranged."There is quite a construction boom going on.""the Employment length wasn't a speech, but I doubt it's any year, two processes is."
The construction has cost over 100 million.The silhouette has become one of Helsinki's landmarks, this is why it's central location on the sea shore.the Former parking lot has become a cultural shrine.the American Solomon R. Guggenheim foundation dream in that building would be about 130 million art museum on the market square next to Helsinki's south beach.Nicolas Moreau and Hiroko Kusunoki design the Lighthouse was designed to annually 550 000 visitors.the Finnish Oasis-the foundation of dreams in the sea the towering building is about 140 million mosque and cultural center a Part.
data released by Statistics Finland, on Wednesday, according to January-April was initiated 896 bankruptcy, which is 2.2 percent less than in the same period a year earlier. The number of employees applied for bankrupt companies had a total of 4 591, which is 10.0 percent more than in the previous year. Initiated by the number of bankruptcies filed in January-April, construction, trade, transport and storage as well as hotels and restaurants the main sectors. The largest number of bankruptcies increased trade main industries. The field was initiated 192 bankruptcy, which is 7.3 percent more than in the previous year. The number of bankruptcies decreased in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, industry and mining, as well as the main sectors of other services.
Among his many abilities is to tengyun , or mount a cloud and fly.The company we re introducing today is called Zhubajie .Scaling up the platform and innovating our products involved a strong element of trial-and-error along the way, said Zhu Yueming, founder and CEO of Zhubajie.Zhu Mingyue, founder and CEO of photo from Zhubajie But Zhu soon found that mere product innovation was not sufficient, as users tended to avoid paying commission and leave the platform once they privately set up contacts.Its major projects fall in three categories: graphic design, web construction, and marketingEmployers can publish a task in either a rewards system, where a best solution is chosen from all submissions, or in a bidding system, where a service provider is chosen for its qualifications and rate before the service is provided.Similar to Witkey, where users share knowledge, share experience, and purchase services and information, Zhubajie used to have three major income sources: commission, ad revenue, and membership fees.The program will negotiate with 120 cities and cover 36 of them within this year, and the company will establish a VC fund to support local enterprises.To build trust between customers and the platform, Zhubajie offers online services called Fuwubao , which guarantees that money is transferred effectively, and that compensation is available should a contract be breached.The platform now has over 15 million users, among which 10 million are service providers and five million are domestic and overseas employers, creating revenue of RMB 7.5 billion in 2015.Top photo screened from Zhubajie s official site
The forest industry's largest investment in the history, Äänekoski biotuotetehdas, to make a significant jytkyn economy and the construction of the factory during the production steadily improves. Biotuotetehtaan investment of EUR 1.2 billion more ETLA's calculations, the construction companies operating in Finland, net sales of approximately EUR 2.4 billion and economic growth directly reflected value-added almost a billion euros in 2015-2018. A significant part of the plant to be delivered from machines and devices designed and manufactured in Finland, operating companies. They are born biotuotetehtaan suppliers and their employees in the value chain, because the plant does not grow from the current number of employees. Metsä Group's Äänekoski new plant will be completed in the third quarter of 2017, and it produces 1.3 million tons of pulp per year. The factory also manufactures other bioproducts and energy.
New concepts should also be adaptable to different needs over the years. For larger two-room apartment in the triangle and the bathrooms and kitchens are the same size, more space in the kitchen can fall as necessary to acquire movable islets. YIT is not alone in riding the urban life style and living closer to adore a trend. The solution to the needs of modern living Hedman flashes stronger construction and flexible concepts. It means, among other things, adaptability in that the resident is able to self-edit the original, and over time the properties. " The problem is not a universal solution, but the concepts have to be flexible.
SAN JOSE -- In a major milestone to bringing Google Fiber to Silicon Valley, city leaders next week will sign off on the tech giant's construction plan to install fiber cables across San Jose -- a final step in launching the lightning-fast Internet service here.During construction, Google will also provide public outreach to communicate updates -- targeting areas with schools, hospitals, businesses, public transportation areas and event centers.The outreach will launch two to four weeks before construction begins.Google estimates 60 percent of its work will be underground while 40 percent will be aerial, using existing overhead utility poles for attachment of Fiber cables.The council will consider that agreement this summer.Follow her at
Colourbox United States to bring the Chinese steel producers over five times higher than customs duties, says the BBC. Large tariffs on Chinese-made, particularly cold-rolled steel plates, which are used in the manufacture of automobiles and transport containers as well as in construction. US Customs Order of the increase comes amid tighter trade tensions between the two parties. US and European steel producers have argued China's distorting the international market by selling at dumped prices of steel, as well as bringing oversupply from China. United States of America will charge the 71 percent anti-dumping duty manufactured from cold rolled steel in Japan. The decision itself affects only a small proportion of imports into China and Japan steel and does not have a major impact, but it is politically significant.
This fearsome carnivore was discovered by accident at a Chinese construction site in 2013.With its long snout and sharp, narrow teeth, Pinocchio rex looked much different than its cousin T. rex.
HEIKO JUNGE/AFP/Getty Images PALO ALTO -- A Tesla contractor said Wednesday it may terminate its relationship with a Slovenian company that records show paid as little as $5 an hour to workers expanding the electric car company's Fremont plant.The statement came after Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet that his company paid $55 an hour for the work.Eisenmann, a German manufacturer of industrial systems hired by Tesla, announced it would investigate allegations that its subcontractor ISM Vuzem paid a work force of about 140 Eastern European men substandard wages.LiPo Ching/Bay Area News Group The newspaper's investigation, "The Hidden Workforce Expanding Tesla's Factory," profiled Gregor Lesnik, a construction worker brought in from Slovenia to help build the new high-tech paint shop.Lesnik sued Vuzem, Eisenmann and Tesla, claiming he and scores of other Eastern European workers were brought to the U.S. on questionable visas and paid substandard wages.AdvertisementThe complex business arrangement brought several companies together to complete the plant expansion, designed to help Tesla boost manufacturing from about 50,000 vehicles last year to a half-million in 2018.Vuzem hired Lesnik and the other imported workers to build a ventilation system.Along with his tweet, Musk posted a portion of a letter from Eisenmann President Mark West to Tesla that said Eisenmann and Vuzem agreed to an hourly rate of $55.
Combustion Professor Bengt Johansson has left Lund University ... Photographer: Mats Nygren Five questions to Bengt Johansson, professor of internal combustion engine technology, which in anger have left Lund and moved to Saudi Arabia. I have been about the same as students here in Lund, they come mainly from India and China. There are some advantages. It has 120 researchers in the field of combustion technology, and now they want to build a business in engine technology and that's where I come in. During the construction period was 60 000 people involved. But of course it is not paid less here than in Lund and also tax free.
- It is a very serious offense against a property that has an important public function, said prosecutor Patrick Tilly, who leads preliminary investigation work, to TT. The prosecutor is a hundred percent sure that it is a sabotage behind the over 330 meter high Häglaredsmasten collapsed. But which track police work after he would not comment. - There is investigation secrecy and I do not want to speculate in any direction. It is not with a wrench that you have in sylådan, but you can find one on the construction market anything, he tells Swedish Television News. comments Welcome to have your say on new technologies.
In connection with the construction of a new subway line in Rome excavations not far from the Colosseum resulted in several discoveries that archaeologists call unique. This is among other things, the remains of buildings that belonged to the Emperor Hadrian mounted bodyguards, including the weapons bay, dormitories, kitchens and stables. Among the findings include coins, pottery and the building itself, where the remains are left in the form of low walls. Belonged elite soldiers The entire excavation area, about 900 square meters, is in excellent condition. - We will try to preserve as much of the site as possible in the future metro station so that when you are heading to the train can look down on everything and enjoy the view, says Andrea Sciotti, head engineer for the project. The construction of Rome's third subway line, which will have 30 stations, began in 2007 but has been delayed several times due to archaeological discoveries made.