“We do intensive research for all our content.We’re not shriveled-hearted gargoyles trying to trick people into paying attention to us.But it’s easy to think you’re putting the audience first, when it’s really the brand in the spotlight.What follows are four questions that marketers commonly ask when creating content.But let’s follow each one up with a question designed to center the content on the consumer.Four New Questions to Ask for Audience-Centric Content
The average salary for seven of ten surveyed content marketing and SEO positions in the U.S. increased in the past year – including an average $20,000 increase for SEO Manager.That’s according to the seventh annual “Inbound Marketing Job + Salary Guide” [free, registration required], released today by content intelligence platform Conductor.The report was based on job listings on four job sites – Indeed, Glassdoor, PayScale and LinkedIn.‘Intertwinined’ content marketing and SEOConductor’s Senior Manager of Content Strategy Christine Schrader told ClickZ that, between 2017 and 2018, there was only one position that saw an average salary increase: Content Director.But, this year, there were increases in seven of the ten.
The ability of the UGC to spread the truth about the brand and the connections with the audience is known by all of us.There is no doubt that UGC is more effective than a lot of money spent on branded photoshoots and advertisements.In this blog, we will learn a proper user generated content strategy for the UGC campaigns that can help you to grow.Having a user generated content strategy can help you in the following ways:To manage and organize your UGC in a well-defined manner.Now we are going to discuss the user-generated content strategy that you should follow while planning any user-generated content campaign.
Over the past year, AI systems have made huge strides in their ability to generate convincing text, churning out everything from song lyrics to short stories.Just take a look at this blog post answering the question: “What Photo Filters are Best for Instagram Marketing?” At first glance it seems legitimate, with a bland introduction followed by quotes from various marketing types.Freeborn’s picks include Finder (a blue stripe that makes her account look like an older block of pixels), Plus and Cartwheel (which she says makes your picture look like a topographical map of a town.The rest of the site is full of similar posts, covering topics like “How to Write Clickbait Headlines” and “Why is Content Strategy Important?” But every post is AI-generated, right down to the authors’ profile pictures.It’s all the creation of content marketing agency Fractl, who says it’s a demonstration of the “massive implications” AI text generation has for the business of search engine optimization, or SEO.“Because [AI systems] enable content creation at essentially unlimited scale, and content that humans and search engines alike will have difficulty discerning [...] we feel it is an incredibly important topic with far too little discussion currently,” Fractl partner Kristin Tynski tells The Verge.
The launch of Apple's upcoming streaming service, Apple TV Plus, is now only a few months away, but reports suggest that the tech giant is still struggling to piece together a coherent content strategy for its roster of TV shows, documentaries and films – whatever they end up being.According to the New York Post, Apple is looking to bankroll a number of small-budget feature films with Oscar potential, with a mind to matching the recent success of Netflix Original Roma – which scooped three Academy Awards this year, including Best Director for Alfonso Cuarón.Disney Plus: everything we know about Disney's streaming serviceSources told the Post that Apple was in talks with "elevated" directors who could help it fulfil its Oscar ambitions, with a planned budget of $5-$30 million (up to £25 / AU$45 million) for each title.For comparison, Roma cost $15 million (around £12 million / AU$22 million) to produce, with an additional $60m spent on Netflix's publicity campaign for the movie.While there's still a lot we don't know about Apple TV Plus – such as the pricing and how broad the content library will actually be at launch – we do know that Apple is gunning straight for prestige.
This guest post was written by Rudi Davis, Senior SEO & Content Manager at PR agency Publicize, specialists in PR for blockchain and other tech verticals.If you are an entrepreneur building a pre-seed stage blockchain startup, at the time of this publishing, you can still apply to join the Toronto Founder Institute's second Blockchain Founder Syndicate program.While blockchain technology may have made its public debut 10 years ago, developing an effective content strategy can still be a tricky task.Consider how you can articulate your use case and unique value proposition.Existing investors: You need to provide confidence to investors to ensure stability.Consider how you present your unique value proposition to users.
Three weeks after Esquire editor in chief Jay Fielden announced his exit, Hearst Magazines has named his successor.Michael Sebastian has been tapped as the new editor in chief for Esquire, overseeing its print and digital content, strategy and operations, said Hearst president and CEO Steven R. Swartz and Hearst Magazines president Troy Young.Additionally, Hearst promoted Nick Sullivan, who has been Esquire’s fashion director since 2004, to creative director, which is a new role.Fielden said last month that he “felt the lure of new possibilities” and had decided to “to press on in a new direction,” though he didn’t specify what that meant for him.In his new role, Sebastian, who has been Esquire’s digital director since 2017, will continue to report to Hearst Magazines chief content officer Kate Lewis.“Over the past two years, Michael and his impressive team have tripled Esquire’s site traffic and significantly expanded the brand’s digital footprint,” Young said in a statement.
HBO has canceled Vice Media’s nightly cable news show Vice News Tonight, but the company says it’s looking to find another home for a daily Vice News program.ET, will wrap in September.With the cancellation of the show, Vice’s executive vice president of news Josh Tyrangiel, who spearheaded the effort, will leave the company.In a memo to Vice staff Monday, Vice CEO Nancy Dubuc said Tyrangiel would remain at the company through the end of June and would consult with the company until the show’s closure.The cancellation of Vice News Tonight wraps a seven-year-long deal with HBO, which began with a weekly broadcast of Vice documentaries and later expanded to a daily news program.Dubuc pointed to “a lot of the leadership and content strategy changes” at HBO as reason for the show’s cancellation.
To create a successful content marketing program, you need to have both.Most companies struggle to see ROI from content marketing strategy because they fail to do both.Using tools is what helps you go from planning to implementing.You use tools to extend seed terms into long-tail keywords giving a clear idea what topics and questions interest your audience enough for them to search for answers.It sounds straightforward, yet it’s not that easy to figure out keyword meaning programmatically.One approach I find highly useful is using Google search results when identifying related topics.
IntroductionThe U.S has seen a massive increase in the amount of people deciding to leave the corporate world in favour of a self-employed lifestyle.Since 2001, the amount of people who are self-employed has increased by an incredible 1.5 million.Seeing more people taking control of their lives to create something they can be proud of is incredibly inspiring, but it also puts us in a position where competition is fiercer than ever.This isn’t to mention the rise in popularity of the internet, with 50 percent of the world now having access to a global market, making it even harder for businesses to be successful.You might be reading this, acknowledging the difficulties that new entrepreneurs and business owners have, but are you actually doing anything to make yourself stand out?The unfortunate truth is, many business owners just aren’t prepared to put in the effort it takes to be successful.This is especially true since the rise of the millennial dream, which has led people to believe that it is possible to achieve a positive work life balance while building up your business.Dreams and stories of four hour work weeks, and luxurious weekends away from the laptop, have made people blind to the true effort it takes to become successful.This image is praised by internet entrepreneurs who made their success online, and continue to rake in the cash by selling extortionate courses to others.We cannot blame this solely on those who are self-employed and want to maintain a life while building their business, however, as there is some research to support the idea that our productivity levels last only so long.One such study suggested that productivity levels dwindled after 50 hours, and completely tanked when people worked more than 55 hours.Our StoryAs someone who left the corporate world for a life of freelancing before launching a successful startup company with a friend and former colleague, this is something I can’t agree with.From the moment Digital Authority Partners became the idea we were going to put our everything into, we knew this was going to be hard work.Like most startup companies, we didn’t have the financial freedom to spend thousands of pounds on making mistakes, or to keep us afloat as we took things easy.Instead, I would sit at my living room table with a friend and former colleague—and, later, another person I trusted—to continue working on our idea.Initially, we started out by providing content strategy and digital strategy services to our clients.This meant that most of the hours we were putting in, about 16 a day, were dedicated towards acquiring new clients, getting our name out there, and establishing our business for what it was.At the start, we were just a small business, offering limited services to our dedicated clients.If we had worked no more than 50 hours a week each, there’s no doubt in my mind that we wouldn’t have gotten much further.Instead, by working these long hours, we were able to expand our services to include website development, analytics, and marketing services.These were all measured changes we made based on long, analytical discussions about the appropriate next steps for our business.There were definitely moments where our productivity faltered and we would struggle to continue, but even then, we working more than we would have been had we called it quits are 50 hours.After all, working 80 weeks and logging 70 hours of productivity is better than working 50 hours and logging closer to the actual amount of worked hours.Working hard isn’t something we found beneficial to building our business solely in the beginning stages.In fact, it’s something we continue to do to this day.Through our hard work, we have been able to build a business that helps healthcare companies with their digital footprint throughout America.Our successes as a small business run by four individuals allowed us to think about sizing up, and we now employee a great team of employees who, we’re sure would agree, love working for us.Finding employees wasn’t something that came easily, however, and it was only through hard work and analysing our hiring process that we discovered hidden talents that have helped us build up our company into what it has become today.The truth is, people often think of the big success stories when they first start out themselves—and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.It’s good to aspire to be as big as Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs.The problem comes when people start envisioning themselves as these people as they are at the moment, or in the case of Steve Jobs, was at the prime of his career.With their private jets, big family homes and expensive holiday’s, they are the epitome of success.But they didn’t get there without hard work—and that hard work took more than a few hours a day.They didn’t listen to their lessening productivity, as suggested by the study we have provided.Instead, they used determination and motivation for a better life to propel themselves forwards during the 16 hour day averages they worked, even when it was hard.This is where our inspiration behind working long hours came from.
In today’s world of digitization with cutting edge competition, one needs to stand out to catch everyone’s eyeballs. Saletify with its more than 4 years of expertise in delivering best SEO company in Pune focuses on improvising overall visibility and credibility of your website. Saletify analyzes and uses a variety of tactics, start from strategizing to implementing the set goals. SEO is crucial for improving the ranking of your website, services & products over the search engine. This provides maximum outreach to different users towards your website & services. Saletify with its team of experts carries out diligent keywords analysis after proper research, optimizes the website design to improve user experience, carries out code optimization by removing unnecessary parts, creates unique infographics to capture eyes, provides quality driven and keyword search optimized content strategy optimization.
YouTube is bringing all of its original content beyond the paywall and into an ad-supported environment.Today at the company’s annual Brandcast event at Radio City Music Hall in New York, the streaming video service announced plans to create an expanded slate of new and returning series from a range of mainstream celebrities and YouTube creators.According to YouTube, this year’s slate of scripted and unscripted content is focused around “music, learning and personalities.”YouTube chief brand officer Robert Kyncl previewed the Brandcast news earlier today in an interview with Adweek, during which he said Adweek’s cover last year featuring Cobra Kai, YouTube’s Karate Kid revival, prompted the company’s change in original content strategy.“To me it was incredibly funny and interesting that this content that wasn’t even ad supported was on the cover of Adweek,” Kyncl said.“That got us to thinking that maybe we should alter our strategy and lean into what we do every day and what we do best.
One year ago, YouTube made its biggest splash yet on the scripted originals front with Cobra Kai, its revival of the Karate Kid franchise.But despite that show’s success, the company has quietly shifted its original content strategy during the past year—and decided to offer all its future original programming for free, with ads, instead of restricting it to subscribers of its YouTube Premium services.Ahead of tonight’s Brandcast NewFronts event, YouTube chief business officer Robert Kyncl spoke for the first time about YouTube’s new original content plans, Adweek’s surprising role in the company’s decision to make its original shows ad-supported, its sports streaming strategy and the company’s latest efforts to address its ongoing brand safety problems.Adweek: What is your upfront messaging going into Brandcast?Robert Kyncl: That prime time is personal.I know it’s a simple message, but when you think about it, prime time always used to be a a scheduled appointment, whether it was Thursday night or Sunday night at 9 p.m. What has happened over the last 10 or 15 years is with the proliferation of content from the internet and the ability to create and consume much more diverse and broad content, suddenly people are able to get deeply personalized experiences.
I recently spent several hours of a Sunday afternoon making homemade pasta, a remarkably messy activity that gave me a deep appreciation for the complexities hiding behind a simple strand of spaghetti.We happily employ the products of content marketing without really understanding the intricate dance that led to their creation.Even those of us responsible for a step or two in that process lack a comprehensive, end-to-end view of content creation.If you haven’t been following along, here are the highlights.Content marketers with a documented content strategy:Are far more likely to consider themselves effective at content marketing
Verizon is partnering with Google to bring YouTube TV to its global customers.Customers will now be able to subscribe to YouTube TV through Verizon and get access to their favourite contents.The partnership will now also allow Verizon wireless mobility customers to stream the contents, which they like more through YouTube TV.For customers across platforms, Verizon will also be offering unique and high-value YouTube TV promotions.“As we pave the path forward on 5G, we’ll continue to bring our customers options and access to premium content by teaming up with the best providers in the industry and leveraging our network as-a service strategy,” commented Erin McPherson, head of content strategy and acquisition at Verizon.“We were first in the world to bring commercial 5G to our customers and now another first on the content front as we offer our customers’ access to YouTube TV on whatever platform they choose.”
Verizon has announced a partnership with Google that’ll allow the service provider to offer YouTube TV bundles with some of its products.The option will be made available to Verizon wireless, 5G Home, and Fios broadband customers, the company said in its announcement this week.YouTube TV enables subscribers to stream live television over the Internet, serving as an alternative to satellite and cable.According to Verizon, its customers will be able to directly sign up for YouTube TV and have it bundled with their existing plan.It’s unclear whether getting YouTube TV through Verizon will come with any sort of discount for the customer, but it seems it will at least simplify things by keeping everything confined to a single bill.When customers sign up directly, YouTube TV costs $49.99/month.
LinkedIn was created in the year 2002 as a social network platform to bring together professionals from various and diverse fields.Though LinkedIn has over 400 million members, there is the considerable number of people out there who have not been able to grasp the benefit and real potential of this platform yet.The chances of finding the compatible match are greatest on LinkedIn if one is focused enough about the kind of vendor, target audience and contacts one wants to reach out towards.Such a feature allows the businessmen and marketers to compare content and also optimize campaigns.Direct Sponsored Content and it’s advantage on LinkedlnA LinkedIn campaign can be formulated by this directly sponsored content strategy which can be useful to characterize one’s own target audience.
There was a 330-piece socket wrench set, a two-gimbal palm, 24 screwdrivers, a hex set, two claw hammers, eight pairs of pliers, and on and on.These results suggest that some marketers may have been on a technology acquisition binge in the last year but are not better about using the technology they have.If you look at Scott Brinker’s famous Martech 5,000 chart (which now lists more than 7,000 solutions), there’s an argument to be made that 80% to 90% of those products focus on how to manage, measure, and optimize content through specific channels.But, ultimately, no matter how much technology is thrown at it, content is created, managed, judged, optimized, and measured by people.Just as it’s not the things people buy that are responsible for credit card debt, it’s not the technology’s fault that marketers have an inability to leverage it to the fullest.We worked with one large company on its content strategy, and the lament from the content team was familiar: “Our biggest challenge is that we have so many different constituencies – all with different ideas and goals.”
Just days after Google and Amazon buried the hatchet over their longstanding streaming feud, Google has made another interesting inroad in its bid to bring yet more ubiquity to its YouTube-based premium video efforts.Today, Verizon (which owns TechCrunch) and the search giant announced a new partnership where Verizon customers will be able to subscribe to YouTube TV through their accounts to watch “on whatever platform they choose,” in the words of Erin McPherson, Verizon’s head of content strategy and acquisition.That will mean, in Verizon terms, getting a YouTube TV stream if you are a 5G wireless home customer as part of an internet bundle, or as part of your Fios subscription if you are a customer of Verizon’s fiber-optic TV, telephone and internet service.No details yet on how much it will cost or when it will launch.“More details, including pricing and availability will be announced later this year.”YouTube TV is an all-in-one bundle that essentially replaces the kinds of packages offered by cable TV providers that includes some 70 networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, cable channels like HGTV, Food Network, TNT, TBS, CNN, ESPN, FX and on-demand video, which also includes DVR options for each of the six accounts that comes with a subscription, along with recommendation algorithms (similar to Netflix’s) for each viewer.
Facebook met with a group of journalists last week at its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., to share several updates to its “remove, reduce and inform” strategy, which was introduced in 2016 for handling problematic content across its family of applications.Vice president of integrity Guy Rosen and head of News Feed integrity Tessa Lyons wrote in a Newsroom post last week, “This strategy applies not only during critical times like elections, but year-round.”Here is an overview of the updates shared by the social network last week.A new section was added to Facebook’s community standards (in English) last week, enabling people to track updates when existing policies are revised and new ones are added.Facebook said it will share specifics on the more substantive changes to its community standards.Steps are being taken to make group administrators more accountable for community standards violations.