There’s a great video of Bill Gates speaking to a venture capital firm called Village Global going around today, in which Gates says that Microsoft losing mobile to Android is his “greatest mistake ever.”“So the greatest mistake ever is whatever mismanagement I engaged in that caused Microsoft not to be what Android is,” says Gates, adding “Android is the standard non-Apple phone platform.But I want to focus on what Gates said next, because it is incredibly relevant to the current conversation about platforms, regulation, and antitrust.Here it is, with my emphasis in bold:It’s very tricky for platforms... these are winner-take-all markets.There’s been a lot of great work exploring how this plays out over the past few years — you might be familiar with Ben Thompson, who has laid out a very refined argument about the network effect called “Aggregation Theory.”
Often times, we experience an incident where a speech recognition application is activated in the middle of a meeting or a conversation in the office.Sometimes, it is not activated at all regardless of numbers of times we call out the application.It is because a mobile phone uses a microphone which detects sound pressure to recognize voice, and it is easily affected by surrounding noise and other obstacles.Professor Kilwon Cho of Chemical Engineering and Professor Yoonyoung Chung of Electronic and Electric Engineering from POSTECH successfully developed a flexible and wearable vibration responsive sensor.When this sensor is attached to a neck, it can precisely recognize voice through vibration of the neck skin and is not affected by ambient noise or the volume of sound.The conventional vibration sensors recognize voice through air vibration and the sensitivity decreases due to mechanical resonance and damping effect, therefore are not capable of measuring voices quantitatively.
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We never cared about other girls in the class. We enjoy each other's company. From having lunch together, helping with studies, going to bike lessons, working on a project together and getting the first prize, sharing our success and seeing other girls feeling jealous of us.We were "best friends forever".I still remember while creating my Gmail ID, my password was his name followed by his mobile number because I knew I could never forget it. And I never told her!After 10 he chose the flow of science and I chose the diploma in EC. His university was very far from my hometown, so we did not meet for 3 years. In those days, his university did not allow cell phones, so he rarely called me. But she always wrote me letters.Yes, it was in 2010 when we both used to write letters to each other. I still remember the day he called me on my birthday but he did not want me because it is too bad to remember birthdays! However, I did not care, I did not tell him it was my birthday, I was happy that she remembered me and called!He completed his university in 2012 and joined the engineering university in his hometown. I finished my diploma in 2013 and joined the same engineering school as a side entrance.It was in the cloud nine that we are both in the same university and the same branch. We will be partners again!Unfortunately, my happiness did not last long!We were both in the same branch, but different division. So our classes differ, class schedules differ and the group of friends too!She had an incredible group of friends as she struggled to adjust to the life of the shelter.During the first days of college, she talked to me every time we met. After a few days she just smiled when she saw me, and after a few more days, she did not see me at all!I was badly hurt! My childhood friend who always enjoyed me now ignores me for other girls!One day, I was so angry with her that I used rude words in the state of 'messenger hike' to express my anger. I deleted your number after that. But I did not change my Gmail password.After a few months, when I used to log in to my Update gmail password made me remember her and all the happy moments of us.My heart told me to try one last time! I saved your number and sent you a text message. She responded with the screenshot of my "walking messenger" and asked me the reason.I thought that she could have never seen my condition since she does not use "walking messenger". Perhaps one of our mutual friends has sent you the screenshot of that state!We had a worse conversation that day. They officially said goodbye to each other. I regretted my mistake of updating my anger and sending you a text message again after a few months!And now it was over! I have erased his number again. This time I changed my Gmail password too!We graduated from the same university in 2016 without even looking at ourselves. I do not know what she felt, but my heart broke every time I saw her on campus!After engineering, I still remembered her and missed her. After all, she was the only good friend I had in my childhood! One day I saved his number on my mobile. I opened the whatsapp and saw his profile. Your DP was visible! I updated a random status and looked at the people who saw it, I saw his name on it!I was glad that in all these years she would never erase my number!I thought about sending him a text message, but I never did it because I did not want to repeat my mistake. She could have moved on. She has too many friends and she does not need me anymore!For a couple of days we both continue to see each other's condition. In the new year, she sent a text message "Happy New Year". I was so happy that I had tears of happiness in my eyes and I wanted to say that I missed you, but I just said "thank you, the same for you"
A new technology discovered by UConn School of Dental Medicine researchers records cellular communication in real time - providing a closer look into the dynamics of cell secretion and a greater understanding of how cells repair tissue.In a study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Kshitiz Gupta, an assistant professor (who goes by just his first name), and Yashir Suhail, a postdoctoral fellow, in the Dental School's Department of Biomedical Engineering, unlocked a breakthrough technology platform.Whereas humans exchange words, cells deliver and receive messages through secreting proteins and changing their behavior accordingly.When we listen to humans speak to each other, we can understand how words are placed into sentences and how the conversation moves back and forth.Communication between cells is necessary to maintain most functions in the body and can also help the body properly respond to an external cue - such as an ailment or injury.Current technology only allows broad snapshots of these protein secretions.
In the past few years, the conversation about cryptocurrency has taken on the tenor of a religious debate, with people either identifying as evangelists or skeptics, maximalists or minimalists.Tipping one side of the scale are the maximalists — people such as venture capitalist and blockchain industry influencer Tim Draper — who believe Bitcoin’s global impact will be more significant than technological developments in the Iron Age, the Renaissance, or the Industrial Revolution.On the other side of the scale sit the minimalists, luminaries like former World Bank chief economist and Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, who thinks the cryptocurrency should be outlawed and that it “doesn’t serve any socially useful purpose.” The Oracle of Omaha, successful investor Warren Buffett, also sits in this minimalist camp, prophesying that Bitcoin “will come to a bad ending” and that it’s “rat poison squared.”The debate between maximalists and minimalists has defined the cryptocurrency space since Bitcoin was launched.Gartner’s 2018 CIO survey, for example, showed that only 1 percent of CIOs were engaged in any form of blockchain adoption, and 77 percent reported that their organization had no interest in the technology.Despite this lack of engagement among CIOs, 82 percent of Fortune 100 companies have either explored, implemented, or invested in blockchain.
At a recent event hosted for founders by the venture firm Village Global, one of its most prominent investors, Bill Gates, sat down with Eventbrite cofounder and CEO Julia Hartz to discuss founding a company and the tough decisions necessary at nearly every turn in order to create and sustain a thriving enterprise.As part of that conversation, Hartz asked Gates about his views on work-life balance, and whether they have evolved from an earlier point in Gates’s life, when he has said that he “didn’t really believe in vacations.”His reply, in short: no, not in a company’s earliest years and especially not if that company is building a software platform.As Gates told Hartz, “I have a fairly hardcore view that there should be a very large sacrifice made during those early years, particularly if you’re trying to do some engineering things that you have to get the feasibility” or proof that a project can be performed successfully.In fact, Gates is still kicking himself for taking his eyes off the ball and allowing Google to develop Android, the “standard non-Apple phone form platform,” as he describes it.“That was a natural thing for Microsoft to win.”
Today, we’re going to break down those differences and see how the Sony WH-1000XM3 stack up against the Bose QC 35 II headphones.Whether you’re commuting a few blocks or across the country, both headphones are travel-friendly.If you’re a one-bagger looking for the lightest headset, consider the QuietComfort 35 II.You can use a slew of gestures to skip tracks, adjust volume, access your voice assistant, or allow background noise in so you can have a quick conversation without removing the headphones.Sony uses more future-proofed hardware than the older Bose QC 35 II.Both the Sony and Bose noise-cancelling headphones afford more than 24 hours of playback on a single charge.
McCann New York was awarded the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Good for its “Generation Lockdown” campaign for March for Our Lives, the student activist nonprofit organization formed in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.The campaign highlighted that 95% of public schools engage in lockdown drills to prepare students for the proper course of action in the event of an active shooter.To highlight the issue, McCann New York created a video featuring a child named Kayleigh addressing a shocked room of coworkers as the group’s active shooter training coach.The PSA concluded by informing the audience of attempts to pass the Background Check Expansion Act introduced by Connecticut Senator Christopher Murphy in January.The campaign’s case study video highlights its 22 million views in one week and its impact in shaping a conversation around the trauma children face from active shooter drills and the threat of gun violence at schools.It also generated $15 million in earned media and caught the attention of Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris.
Israel Mirsky is the executive director of global technology and emerging platforms for OMD Worldwide.This shortsightedness represents a serious missed opportunity to engage all brands and agencies in a meaningful — and actionable — discussion about corporate social responsibility in the act of media planning.At Cannes this year, the ad industry's leading voices are discussing their responsibility to society and the issues swirling at the intersection of news and and advertising.Conversations around the safety of children on major platforms, fake news, misinformation, disinformation, brand safety and a crisis in consumer trust are rapidly gathering momentum, most notably in the launch of the Global Alliance for Responsible Media.The alliance of major clients, all five major advertising holding companies, and the major platforms calls for more collective responsibility in media practices, including "working towards a media environment where hate speech, bullying and disinformation is challenged, where personal data is protected, and used responsibly when given, and where everyone, especially children, are better protected from harm."The US has lost more than 1,800 newspapers since 2004 and one in three Facebook users live in an area without a significant amount of local news coverage.
Another day, another dead or dying Google product.This time, Google has decided to shut down "Hangouts on Air," a fairly popular service for broadcasting a group video call live over the Internet.Notices saying the service is "going away later this year" have started to pop up for users when they start a Hangout on Air.Hangouts on Air, by the way, is a totally different and unrelated service from "Google Hangouts," which is also shutting down sometime in the future.Hangouts on Air was popular with podcasters, since it was a super easy way to get a group of people together, on video, and have the conversation broadcasted live.Hangouts on Air started life on Google+ and transitioned to a part of YouTube in 2016, where live group video conversations could be created in the YouTube interface and then be recorded as a video for your YouTube channel.
Most of the value is accruing to the large incumbents in a space, however, and the entrance of Google and other big tech companies makes it difficult to identify where there are compelling opportunities for entrepreneurs to build new empires.TechCrunch media analyst Eric Peckham recently sat down with Paul Murphy, Partner at European venture firm Northzone, to discuss Paul’s view of the market and where he is focusing his dollars.Below is the transcript of the conversation (edited for length and clarity):Eric Peckham: You co-founded the hit mobile game Dots before moving to London and joining Northzone last year.Are you still bullish on investment opportunities in mobile gaming or do you think the market has changed?There’s a whole generation of people that have been trained to play games on mobile phones.
U.S. agencies made a solid showing in the Mobile Cannes Lions category on Thursday, racking up half of the 10 gold awards as well as another Grand Prix win for Burger King’s “Whopper Detour” campaign from FCB New York.Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ “Lessons in Herstory,” an app that uses augmented reality to insert overlooked women of history in textbooks, was the top winner in the gold category with two awards.Other gold winners included Droga5’s “Bagelgate,” a successful lobbying effort to schmear the official bagel emoji on behalf of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and Wavio’s “See Sound,” a device from agency Area 23 that translates household noises into mobile alerts for deaf people.Burger King’s “Whopper Detour” rounded out the five U.S. gold wins, adding two more top prizes to its Grand Prix, two golds in the Direct category and four golds in Media.Ari Weiss, president of the Mobile Lions jury and North American chief creative officer of DDB Worldwide, said the judges brought a range of perspectives and expertise areas that helped in selecting a well-rounded pool of winners.“We saw a new spirit of creativity in mobile this year,” Weiss said, “from evolutions and social commerce to hacks that changed perspectives for the better, to tweets that ignited a cultural conversation, and new experiences that blurred the boundaries between digital and physical world.”
Richard / Drew Associated PressSlack debuted Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker "WORK."Trading early Thursday saw the company's stock up over 50% from its reference price $26 per share.That values the company at just under $20 billion.In a Twitter thread from 2016, Slack cofounder and CEO Stewart Butterfield explained the app's name was originally an acronym that stands for "Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge."Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.
As part of this year’s Women Trailblazers issue, we asked our honorees to pick four iconoclastic women from throughout history who they would invite to a dinner party—and to imagine what the conversation would be like.Several names came up more than once, including Michelle Obama, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a certain Celtic queen.And there were quite a few would-be guests who were or are just as outstanding but are less known.It depends on who you ask and how you define “long way.” For now, let’s dive into these dream-team dinner parties, where the sky is the only limit, and even that is up for debate…Chief Brand Officer, AT CommunicationsQueen Elizabeth, Angela Davis, Madonna and Audrey Gelman, founder of the Wing.
Today we’re presenting the fourth and final installment of my conversation with Naval Ravikant about existential risks.This interview first appeared in March as two back-to-back episodes of the After On Podcast (which features fifty unhurried conversations with world-class thinkers, founders, and scientists).Ravikant is one of tech’s most successful angel investors and the founder of multiple startups—including seed-stage investment platform AngelList.The theme of today’s installment: there’s hope.If there’s one thing that any religious, national, or political mindset should agree on, it’s that we don't want some maniac wiping us all out.This creates an extreme good-guy-to-bad-guy ratio, which itself could be decisive—even if lone destructive actors become massively empowered.
The London-born actor with a long resume that includes stage, films and television shows like Mad Men and The Crown gives an amazing performance as Valery Legasov, a real-life (and now deceased) scientist drafted by the Soviet government to control the harrowing effects of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion and find out what went wrong.Legasov doesn't want to be there -- his tight facial expressions betray a mix of fatigue and exasperation -- but he has no choice.Here's a transcript of our conversation, lightly edited for clarity.It also had almost Homeric themes.I grew up in Southern California, so when Chernobyl happened, it just seemed so far away.But in the UK, farms and animals in northern Wales were monitored.
Twitter’s veritable firehose of data has its uses, particularly in the fields of AI and machine learning.Chik-fil-A recently began tapping it to spot signs of foodborne illness at its restaurants, and scientists at the Joint Research Center — the European Commission’s science and knowledge service — earlier this year detailed a prototype that gauges real-time flood reports from Twitter users.Now, in a new city logistics study (“Unsupervised Machine Learning to Analyse City Logistics“) spearheaded by a Mines ParisTech team, tweets were analyzed by a machine learning algorithm to track conversation trends concerning city logistics, particularly around issues like low emission zones and urban distribution centers.“This paper … examines how [it can] contribute to … observation and analysis.”In the course of their work, the team leveraged two key machine learning techniques known as dimensionality reduction and clustering.The former reduces the number of variables under consideration by obtaining a set of principal variables, while clustering groups objects in such a way that objects in the same group have more in common compared with objects in other groups.
Facebook users fed their appetites in May, as amaranth, chifa and foodie were among Facebook IQ’s Topics to Watch for the month.Amaranth and associated topics quinoa, chia seed, flax, corn tortilla, flour, seed, ginger, hemp, coconut and cereal saw conversation rise 4.8 times compared with May 2018 and 0.9 times versus April, primarily driven by women 35 and older.Demand for superfoods continues to grow in the U.S., and amaranth is an increasingly popular choice.”Both genders in the 35-through-49 age group propelled year-over-year conversation growth of 1.6 times and a month-over-month doubling for chifa and associated topics New York, Chinese Peruvians, arroz chaufa, Afro-Peruvian, Son Cubano, Peruvian cuisine, pisco, fusion cuisine, umami and Peru.Facebook IQ wrote, “As Chinese immigrants settled in Peru in the mid-19th century, their cooking techniques fused with local methods to create chifa, a new cuisine that gained a large following in the region.Some of chifa’s most notable dishes are arroz chaufa, a fried rice dish that incorporates soy sauce, scallions and meat; and lomo saltado, a steak-based stir fry that blends a Peruvian yellow chili paste with soy sauce.
Vous avez peut-être rencontré le terme chatbots, mais que sont-ils et pourquoi sont-ils une grande opportunité.D'autres fois, un chatbot peut être alimenté par l'intelligence artificielle.Ce service chatbot peut être interagi via une interface.Ce service peut comprendre différents types d’objets fonctionnels et amusants.Il est possible de le diffuser en direct sur des produits de discussion tels que les messages texte, Telegram, Slack et même Facebook Messenger, etc.Si vous souhaitez acheter quelque chose en ligne, accédez à un site Web et naviguez jusqu'à ce que vous trouviez ce que vous voulez afin de procéder à l'achat.Si un tel site Web a un bot, tout ce que vous avez à faire est d’envoyer un message sur Facebook dans lequel vous indiquez ce que vous voulez et au lieu de parcourir des centaines d’articles, vous n’avez qu’une conversation avec le bot qui ressemble plus à ce qui se passe.