Australian team uses Sir Isaac Newton's parlor trick to suck more photons from sunlightUNSW's Mark Keevers with the cell.Image: Rob Largent/UNSWUniversity of New South Wales boffins have laid hands on another record, with a solar cell demonstrating 34.5 per cent conversion efficiency.A simple prism - the device that led Isaac Newton to theorise about the nature of light based on the colours he found in sunlight - is the basis of the demo.The Keevers/Green work used a four-junction module 28 cm2 in area, embedded in a prism.A silicon cell is installed on another face of the prism, to capture energy from the infrared portion of sunlight.In the short term, manufacturing costs mean the beam-splitting approach is more likely to turn up in commercial-scale kit such as the heliostat technology being developed by RayGen and others.
View a little like the world-saving stones from sci-fi classic The Fifth Element, a new device is expected to have a big impact on renewable energy.Built by Mark Keevers and Martin Green from the University of New South Wales UNSW , the unique prism could help make solar panels cheaper and more efficient.The prism has a sunlight-to-electricity conversion efficiency rate of 34.5 percent, Keevers told Mashable Australia.The number has been independently confirmed by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory USNREL , Keevers added.The USNREL has been contacted for comment."Right now, this is a proof of concept prototype," Keevers said.
Stop using switches, we are well no animals either? With a Knocki on any surface in your home, you can tap on the wall to turn the lights on, change the channel or snooze a little longer. Shut up and take my money, seems to be the instinctive reaction on Kickstarter. In one hour drug Knocki their demanded 35 000 dollars, and less than a day later, the figure has multiplied. Knocki is a small box that can be attached to any surface and can be programmed to recognize up to ten different tapping patterns. Play Replay with sound Play with Sound 00:00 00:00 Kickstarter Alert icon arrow down icon arrow-left icon arrow-right icon arrow-thin-left icon arrow-thin-right icon arrow-up icon backer badge icon bar-chart icon bell icon bookmark icon fire-assets icon calendar icon cart icon chat icon check icon clipboard icon clock icon close icon closed-caption icon Compose icon conversion icon Direct-left icon direct-right icon Direct-up icon download icon drop-down icon embed icon expand icon facebook-box icon facebook icon flag icon globe icon grid icon heart icon help icon image icon info icon instagram icon kickstarter circle icon kickstarter icon leaf icon link icon location pin icon lock icon mail icon menu icon Move icon music icon Pause icon pin icon pinterest icon play icon plus-circle icon plus icon report icon ribbon icon Search icon share icon star icon stop icon while icon thumbs-up icon tools icon trash icon tumblr icon twitter icon unlink icon user icon video icon view-all icon vine icon volume-up icon volume icon write icon youtube icon
Helping online shoppers navigate complex buying decisions may help ecommerce retailers improve conversion rates, reduce returns, and earn loyal, repeat shoppers.Products that are new to the market and thus require more study by the consumer before deciding to purchase can also be categorized as complex, explained IBM s Robin Schwartz in a 2005 interview about IBM s enterprise guided selling solution.The guided selling solution should help shoppers make relatively complex buying decisions with ease regardless of whether the product itself is complex or simple.Another store said, Cooking surface sufficient for 45 burgers.If you ask a potential kayak buyer if she has a lot of room to store the kayak, and that shopper says no, you should presumably limit kayak recommendations to short kayaks or kayaks that can breakdown for storage.But you will need to weigh the time it takes to set up and integrate a solution against your resources and goals.
From Marketing Land:VR is coming to the Google Play store this fall with DaydreamMay 18, 2016 by Ginny MarvinGoogle s new Daydream platform is set to deliver virtual reality to Photos, YouTube, Street View, apps and movies.Amazon reaches $100B in annual salesMay 18, 2016 by Amy GesenhuesCEO Jeff Bezos says Amazon is the fastest company ever to reach the $100 billion sales milestone.Google I/O Live Blog: Home voice-activated assistant, Allo messaging app announcedMay 18, 2016 by Danny SullivanGoogle announces its rival to the Amazon Echo, unveils yet another messaging app.How to understand the value of content and measure digital emotionMay 18, 2016 by Erika TrautmanColumnist Erika Trautman explains why marketers need to go beyond surface metrics and instead focus on delivering personalized content.Recent Headlines From Search Engine Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Search News & Information:Online Marketing News From Around The Web:AnalyticsContent MarketingConversion 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t Share Company News on Social Media, www.marketingprofs.comVideoAbout The AuthorAmy Gesenhues is Third Door Media's General Assignment Reporter, covering the latest news and updates for Marketing Land and Search Engine Land.
We develop the key components that need to control the stream, through a new material technology that we have developed. It is called silicon carbide, says Christian Vieider, president of Ascatron. An electric car has such a large box that converts the power from the battery to the motor, which enables you to accelerate and brake. Ascatrons goal is to reduce energy loss in this conversion. They go all the time and need to convert power from the huge stack voltage to a few volts to sevrarna. Two Italian private equity firm, Quadrivio and Como Venture, and two Chinese private equity firms, Rise Leads Investment and Not Bridge Technology, enters the company.
Over the past several years, mobile app install ads have swelled in popularity because they drive significant downloads and have a clear return on investment for developers.Facebook in particular has seemed to dominate this area, partially through ad placement on the prime real estate of its News Feed.On the search giant's end, that's a significant improvement from last year, when it claimed only "hundreds of millions" to Facebook's 1 billion app installs.Although Facebook is expected to have higher net display ad revenues than Google, according to eMarketer, the search giant's growth in this area seems strong."We've more than doubled our volume," Sissie Hsiao, product management director for mobile app ads, tells Business Insider.The company is now expanding the previously Android-only tool to iOS, with the program launching in beta today.By expanding its universal ad campaigns, Google makes itself an even more attractive to option to developers, and sets itself up to capture more of the mobile app install ad spending, which BI Intelligence estimates will reach $5.4 billion in 2016 in the US alone, rising to as much as $6.8 billion in 2019.NOW WATCH: We dare you to oversleep with Dwayne The Rock Johnson s new motivational alarm clock appLoading video...
Many peoples impression about selling and closing is based upon experiences they ve had in B2C transactions.Whether a retail store, buying insurance or buying a car, chances are the buyer and seller won t ever do another transaction.B2B salespeople often enjoy the benefit of multiple meetings/conversations.Related: Why 'Smarketing,' or Integrated Sales-and-Marketing Strategy, Is the Future for Small BusinessBefore earning the right to close, buyers need to be aware of:The business outcomes they want to achieveThe reasons they can t achieve the desired resultsThe capabilities neededSome type of proof i.e.Unfortunately the old concept of selling is alive, if not well.One of the most powerful motivators for buyers is a clear understanding of the potential benefit on a monthly basis so they understand delaying decisions means deferring benefit.
I was focused on making money.I cut corners on our website s development and seriously limited our advertising spend.Related Article: Don't Let It Happen to You: Top 4 Mistakes That Kill eCommerce BusinessesSpend Money on the Components That Your Customers Interact WithIf you re going to create a website using a free, do-it-yourself website builder, you re going to run into problems.Related Article: Sales Ahead: 30 Tactics Proven to Increase E-commerce Conversion INFOGRAPHIC The Value of Search Engine OptimizationThe best sources of reliable, cost-effective traffic to a site are Google, Bing and Yahoo.The reason is simple.Forget the sale for a moment; the opportunity to make a sale will elude you if you can t grab the target market s attention.The beauty of a blog is that it s easy to post content that s trending and creative, without needing to code a new page for a website.
My company is a conversion rate optimization and personalization agency, and we offer a free conversion rate report card.I was wondering if y'all had some advice on how to spread the good word.Thanks!
Hi everyone, I completed a degree in chemistry before I realised that the labour market for chemists has died an absolute death.So I found myself in an entry-level role for a tech/marketing agency, and before I knew it I had the GA individual qualification, managing our client's GA data and actioning.But I also found myself developing an interest for general digital marketing too, I love reading about conversion rate optimisation, split-testing etc...But in my role there's not a lot of opportunity in that area, so I've made the decision to go back to school and study for an MSc in Marketing analytics.I'm just about to start learning some SQL.Thanks for any advice you have about breaking into digital marketing
Conversion tracking isn t just about measuring your return on investment ROI using the Facebook ad platform.It actually helps you increase the revenue you generate from your Facebook ads I'll explain how later .And that s the goal of any advertiser isn t it?Or in other words, to get back more than you spend on the ads.In this post I m going to make it easy for you to set up Facebook conversion tracking in your own business.You'll learn how to choose the best conversion tracking method for your business & exactly how to implement it properly so you can start seeing better results from your Facebook advertising campaigns.
The cinema tech giant is working with Google on the project, which will use its Jump platform and is expected to take 18 months to be developed.Given the specs, it ll be an industry camera that isn t for consumers — unless you want to part with serious amounts of cash.Beyond that, IMAX said also that it will provide Google with existing cinematic footage for conversion into VR content.Aside from bringing VR footage to screens, IMAX is also looking to bring VR screens to people.Through an alliance with Sweden-based Starbreeze — which is down to provide headsets and games — IMAX plans to launch VR centers in six locations worldwide, starting out with Los Angeles, before expanding to China and other places.As was mentioned at a panel session at our recent Disrupt event, the form factor and cost of a headset limits it to early adopters and those with disposable income, while the idea that it is left at home also limits potential usage scenarios.
In essence, Pal is a third-party strap for the Pebble that has two distinct but connected features: a GPS module and an extended battery.That battery is a 250 mAh pack that can extend the Pebble Time's life up to 7 days, the original lengthy operating time of the original Pebble.Despite its looks, the Pal strap isn't actually built for rugged use, thought it might survive some rough handling and a few splashes of water.Powerstrap hopes that other app developers will utilize its GPS-based API to create more interesting uses for the strap, like geocaching and maybe even games.PlayReplay with soundPlay withsound00:0000:00Kickstarteralert icon arrow-down icon arrow-left icon arrow-right icon arrow-thin-left icon arrow-thin-right icon arrow-up icon backer-badge icon bar-chart icon bell icon book icon brand-assets icon calendar icon cart icon chat icon check icon clipboard icon clock icon close icon closed-caption icon compose icon conversion icon direct-left icon direct-right icon direct-up icon download icon drop-down icon embed icon expand icon facebook-box icon facebook icon flag icon globe icon grid icon heart icon help icon image icon info icon instagram icon kickstarter-circle icon kickstarter icon leaf icon link icon location-pin icon lock icon mail icon menu icon move icon music icon pause icon pin icon pinterest icon play icon plus-circle icon plus icon report icon ribbon icon search icon share icon star icon stop icon tag icon thumbs-up icon tools icon trash icon tumblr icon twitter icon unlink icon user icon video icon view-all icon vine icon volume-up icon volume icon write icon youtube iconSold on the idea?Backers will be able to choose from six color options of Graphite Grey, Sky Blue, Emerald Green, Maple Red, Sunburst Yellow and Snowcap White.
As LinkedIn s Senior Content Marketing Manager Jason Miller said, Content marketing is no longer a numbers game.It s one thing to live and breathe content strategy, but those efforts will fall flat if B2B marketers aren t optimized for sales-qualified leads and revenue.Prioritize relevant, low-hanging-fruit keywords that are in striking distance of page one.Next, map keywords by theme to relevant content topics and landing pages; consider user intent of the searcher to improve landing page conversion rate.We helped the client create an e-book and infographic to highlight the product s benefits and key pain point solutions.The battle for buyers time and money is only going to become more competitive; focusing on relevance in content and search rankings will be key to winning strategies.
Guarantee your marketing automation success with persona-based contentMay 20, 2016 by Jeffrey L. CohenLooking to kick your marketing automation up a notch?Columnist Jeffrey L. Cohen explains why you need a persona-based approach to creating content.Recent Headlines From Search Engine Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Search News & Information:Online Marketing News From Around The Web:AnalyticsCustomer experience metrics: a brief guide on how to measure CX, www.usertesting.comWhy It s Time for Marketers to Rethink Metrics and Perfomance Indicators, www.adweek.comBusiness IssuesContent MarketingContent Creation Hacks: How to Quickly Produce Valuable Content, www.socialmediaexaminer.comInfuse Your Content with Small Stories for a Big Effect, www.convinceandconvert.comThe misappropriation of native advertising, www.mobilecommercedaily.comUsing Dimensions & Segments in Google Analytics to Propel Your Content Marketing, blog.kissmetrics.comWhat Key & Peele Can Teach Marketers About Contagious Content, www.convinceandconvert.comConversion OptimizationHow to Conduct Solid, Data-Driven Conversion Research, www.bruceclay.comCopywriting, Design & Usability5 WordPress Plugins Your Are Not Using But Should Be, www.ducttapemarketing.comCut the Crap and Write Better Now, www.copyblogger.comSix must-do s for a successful customer experience program, econsultancy.comWhat makes ASOS s online customer experience so enjoyable?, econsultancy.comWhite Space Design: Your Secret Weapon for Great Landing Pages, www.wordstream.comDomainingDomain Name Buyer Broker Can Help Buy Domains, www.domaininvesting.comICANN to publish board meeting transcripts, domainincite.comE-CommerceAlibaba to IACC: We have the tech, scale to combat counterfeits, www.retaildive.comEBay taps mobile to introduce first-ever virtual reality department store, www.mobilecommercedaily.comHow to Write Traffic-generating Meta Descriptions, for Ecommerce, www.practicalecommerce.comOmnichannel engagement boosts purchase frequency, www.mobilecommercedaily.comThe complicated relationship between luxury brands and resale sites, digiday.comThe Most Important Mobile E-Commerce Features, www.marketingprofs.comThe untapped brand-building potential in e-commerce, www.internetretailer.comEmail Marketing8 Email Segmentation Examples That Can Boost Conversions, conversionxl.comRetail Marketing Email Campaigns That Work!, smallbiztrends.comGeneral Internet MarketingCMO s discuss platforms, app vs web, and the new marketing media mix, www.tune.comFive Modes of Persuasion You Need in Your Marketing Campaigns, www.marketingprofs.comInternet Marketing IndustryMediaocean Acquires Industry Leading Media Planning Tool ColSpace, www.mediaocean.comMarTechHiring a MarTech Lead?Not So Fast, www.cmswire.comHow the Convergence of Marketing, Ad Tech Led to Richer Data Insights, www.adweek.comMobile/Local MarketingApp Search – Whiteboard Friday, moz.comEnd of status quo in mobile app acquisition marketing, www.mobilecommercedaily.comFive implications of Android Instant Apps for marketers, econsultancy.comGoogle shows off its latest Project Tango experiments, venturebeat.comHow to do real user performance measurement for Google AMP sites, www.soasta.comRetain Your App Users With Predictive Analytics, www.cmswire.comThe mobile commerce barrier: what retailers can learn from Apple s playbook, www.internetretailer.comSocial Media3 Ways To Revamp Your Social Strategy, simplymeasured.comCandid Shane Smith Sizes Up Vice, Media Industry, adage.comHow to Start a Conversation on Social, simplymeasured.comIs Facebook Dead to Brands?Not So Fast, www.adweek.comMeet the Chinese Trolls Pumping Out 488 Million Fake Social Media Posts, foreignpolicy.comMillennials on LinkedIn, www.adweek.comNow you can embed Reddit posts on other websites, techcrunch.comSocial Benchmark Study: Number of brand posts on Facebook surged in 2015, www.quintly.comVideoAbout The AuthorAmy Gesenhues is Third Door Media's General Assignment Reporter, covering the latest news and updates for Marketing Land and Search Engine Land.Some images used under license from
The basics, plus a 30,000-foot-view of the new pixel: Learn and master the foundational concepts: the base code, events, and custom conversions.One Pixel to Rule Them AllIf you used the old conversion pixels, this might sound familiar: You go to the pixels section of your ad manager, and you see a list of hundreds of conversion pixels.Which conversion pixel do you choose if you d like your ad objective to be Leads?Now, we can comfortably set our ad set conversion objective to Lead and get some sleep, knowing Facebook is properly nurturing our new campaign into a healthy, optimized, ROI-churning beast.However, now when you visit your custom conversions area in your account, you ll see that you can select an existing custom conversion and then click Actions and Edit or Delete one.When he's not building sales funnels, I'm usually programming Javascript meteor ftw , playing golf, or hanging out with his son Anders.
Image: Ellagrin/getty imagesWith over 1.6 billion monthly active users, there is no doubt that Facebook is the place to be when it comes to looking for platforms to scale your growing business.Here s a list of seven apps that your company should consider if Facebook is a part of your growth strategy.Image: yotpoWhile Facebook has been known to be a brands go-to marketing channel, oftentimes your actual customers can generate enough hype around a product to drive sales.With Yotpo s Dynamic Ads feature you can use tools to share customer reviews and photos organically, as well as incorporate them into paid ads — a tool so valuable, Facebook used it as a case study.This allows prospective leads and/or interested page visitors to easily sign up for more information.The Shopial app is a timely one for ecommerce, as it essentially acts as a bridge between the store's website and Facebook store, allowing you to easily add and advertise specific products to boost engagement and eventual conversion levels.
I noticed a trend in the success stories of exit-intent popups, high conversion rates.Sounds great, right?But what happens after the user converts?What damage could you be causing by using a generic popup that's quick to convert a user?I look at the value of improving exit-intent technology for businesses and their users.
The signup form is one of the most potent elements on your page and a powerful method of capturing leads to later turn into sales.Thereby its makeup should be based on sound research and approached with great care.This includes the form s makeup, as well as placement.Placement is important to ensure your form lives where the majority of your traffic goes and is prominently displayed.And while there are many locations on a page to place your signup form, only a few areas ensure optimal conversion rates.This article will cover the best places to implement them, along with some examples of how they might look.