Hello Readers, Today we have come up with a unique topic called Conversion Rate Optimization, popularly known as “CRO”.The main reason to present blog on this topic is, we came to know that many businesses will not concentrate on Conversion Rates.So, we thought to give some useful information about Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques […]Continue reading 
Cut off all vernacularsGenerally, app developers or app development companies go to the level of a casual user when marketing their apps.After all, Bill Gates once said you don't understand the term if you can't break it down into simpler terms.Therefore, you always need to cut down your jargon to make your sentences simple.So the 20 per cent commitment should be decided.You need to follow the right protocol to attract people while listing what your application can do.First of all, you have to prove to them that you understand their difficulty before people decide to listen or to buy your products.This is why you have to show your credentials, your qualifications, and your awards (if any) that you are an authority in the area.Many people "doubted Thomas" obviously.
In a rapidly evolving market, where everyone is trying to improve their digital footprint, online sales have become a massive focus in terms of both business development and marketing, as digital divisions within companies have become quite big, almost surpassing the old “direct” way of doing marketing.With this in mind, clickfunnels have also been a major trend within the industry, let’s analyze their rise and fall.Clickfunnels condense all the pieces of information a site normally has in one single landing page, which (technically) is supposed to increase the product’s conversion rate.Many digital marketers, in fact, forget about the fact that every single strategy they try to implement doesn’t just rely on the user’s potential perspective, but also has to be included within a series of algorithm replies and performances.Clickfunnels is a smart idea, as it simplifies the conversion process, but doesn’t take algorithmic variables into consideration: URLs architecture and authority, analytics monitoring and everything in between are, in fact, lost in paid ads strategies which are (in the long term) very likely to fade away.Mortgages providers, commercial bridge loans brokers and financial brokers have, in fact, adopted a variety of clickfunneling-related strategies and, unfortunately, their leads were far below the usual targets which were being hit with the “old” way of focusing paid traffic (and organic) to services’ landing pages.