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Many britons want to see a ban for the hugs and kisses on the job.according to a new survey among 2000 employees in the Uk.To greet each other by hugs and unexpected kiss on the cheeks can create confusion and stress in uk workplaces, shows the survey made by the jobbsajten Totaljobs.One-third of the employees surveyed stated that they felt themselves affected by the uncomfortable greetings, and 25 percent say they avoid colleagues or customers on the basis of their approaches to health.the Survey also shows that three out of four employees would agree to a ban on physical contact in the workplace.− Regardless of whether it is an unwanted hug or a kindpuss at the inappropriate moment, shows our survey to greetings at work can be unpleasant and affect job satisfaction and productivity, says Totaljobs marketing manager Alexandra Sydney in an article in the british newspaper The Telegraph.
Most companies are not prepared for the fraud prevention rules that are going into effect in Europe by September, according to a report from Iovation and research and advisory firm Aite Group.This suggests we may be looking at a replay of the lack of preparedness companies showed with last year’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which forced companies to implement new privacy protections in Europe.The new report, entitled “PSD2: Advent of the new payments market in Europe,” includes original research and analyzes the consequences for the global online payments market around the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2).By September 2019, payment service providers in the European Economic Area (EEA) will have to comply with the directive’s requirements for strong customer authentication (SCA) and third-party access to bank accounts or risk getting their payment provider license revoked.In fact, a recent study by Mastercard found that only 25 percent of European online merchants are aware of SCA requirements under PSD2, 14 percent already support SCA, 28 percent mentioned they will be SCA-ready by September 2019, and 24 percent have no plans to support SCA.Since companies providing payment services in Europe are subject to the regulation, even businesses with headquarters outside Europe may need to comply.
Bitcoin's price has fallen more than 12 percent over the last 24 hours to $5,400, the lowest price for the popular cryptocurrency in more than a year.Bitcoin's plunge is part of a broader cryptocurrency sell-off.Ethereum has fallen more than 15 percent over the last 24 hours, while Bitcoin Cash is down 18 percent.Rival factions are pushing different, mutually incompatible versions of the spinoff cryptocurrency, and the two versions are scheduled to create separate, competing versions of the blockchain starting on Thursday.The schism could create confusion among users and damage the reputation of the cryptocurrency.That schism was motivated by a disagreement about the size of blocks in bitcoin's blockchain.
Russia gained varying levels of access to voter registration systems and election-related websites in seven states leading up to the 2016 election, according to a report from NBC News.Three intelligence officials told the news outlet that then-President Barack Obama requested a report on hacking attempts on the US election system in the last weeks of his presidency, and that was the analysis they gave him.Authorities in the states affected -- Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin -- told NBC that US intelligence officials informed them about the attacks but didn't say Russia was behind them.The state authorities and the intelligence officials all said they believe no votes were changed and no voters were taken off the rolls.A spokesman for the US Department of Homeland Security, which is charged with helping state and local election agencies protect their systems from hackers, called the report "factually inaccurate and misleading" on Twitter."As we have consistently said, DHS has shared information with affected states in a timely manner, and we will continue to do so," said the spokesman, Tyler Houlton.
A tiny Italian social network for climbers has won a legal battle with Facebook.Climbook can keep its name after a ruling by the Italian patent office.Founder Alessandro Lamberti said: "The giant must bow its head and we can keep our Climbook."A tiny Italian social network for climbers, called Climbook, has won a copyright battle against Facebook to keep its name.The US tech giant argued that Climbook was too similar in "structural, visual, phonetic, and conceptual" design, and that its services were "partly similar" to those of Facebook.This, The Local first reported, could create confusion users, which prompted Facebook to file a complaint three years ago.
Government plans to revise the number of children eligible for free school meals after Universal Credit is rolled out do not go far enough and will lead to confusion for parents, Labour MPs say.The Department for Education says about 50,000 more youngsters could benefit after eligibility becomes means-tested following the implementation of the controversial new benefits system.A public consultation into plans to revise entitlement criteria is now underway, but shadow education secretary Angela Rayner says it will only cause confusion as Universal Credit - which replaces the six main benefits - is rolled out in stages.“Frankly, it is astounding that the government have managed to get this far into the Universal Credit system before starting this consultation, on issues that will impact over a million children and their families,” she told HuffPost UK.“As the government lumbers between plans it will create confusion for parents in areas that currently have Universal Credit, and baffling inconsistencies between those with and without it, before uprooting it all again in only six months’ time.“Any expansions of eligibility for free school meals must be given the resources necessary, not just for those eligible for free schools meals, but in the funding for the pupil premium in the years ahead.
Speaking about the few basics of WooCommerce, it is a WordPress plugin which needs to be installed and activated just like any other plugin.In the following post, there is a list of the first few things developers must consider while customizing WooCommerce store.These pointers mentioned below will get you started on the right foot and ensure you have proper groundwork covered before you add products or set up any marketing methods.Define the character- Your store’s identity/name/logo and moreYour brand-new store is like a blank canvas, no identity, no distinguishing marks or anything.And that can be done by taking a few basic steps such as:-Adding the name of your storeUploading a logoCreate a catchy taglineChoosing the colors that actually represents your brandAlso, make sure that the visual elements you choose in your theme and use to represent your store should also be visible on your packaging or printed materials as well.And in case, you already have a logo, ask your Woocommerce development company to use those to guide the branding you are willing to create for your online store.Additional tip: - Avoid using one color scheme online and another on a manual or product packaging as this move can potentially create confusion.Themes, especially on open source platforms, can be easily switched in and out, so you don’t need to commit one for life.
Insurgent ridesharing startup Taxify is setting up shop in Paris, where the company claims to have already recruited almost 2,000 drivers.The move comes just one month after it was unceremoniously banned in London, over licensing issues.As was the case with its London launch, Taxify is offering enticing ‘teaser’ fares, with 50 percent off during the month of October.The company will only take a 15 percent commission from drivers, which is pretty decent considering Uber takes as much as 30 percent.These probably come subsidised from its deep-pocketed Chinese backer, Didi Chuxing.Taxify is confident it won’t experience the same regulatory issues that saw it booted from London.
You can trademark anything from sounds to smells to colors to holograms.In essence, your trademark is just another way of referring to your brand.Over the past eight years I've had the opportunity to file and acquire several trademarks and patents, one of which was the main reason my previous company was acquired.According to the USPTO’s 2014 report (page 6) they now have over 605,000 unexamined trademark applications on file.You shouldn’t brand your dairy product with the single word “Milk.” Or simply call your wonderful bonding product “Glue.” A generic word is non-distinctive, and trademark experts agree that non-distinctive trademarks are weak and don’t hold up in court.Get it clear and get it straight from the get-go.
p Windows 10 was a big improvement over Windows 8.1 in most important ways, but it made a big change to the way OneDrive syncing worked.In Windows 8.1, you could see all the files you had stored in OneDrive, but the operating system would only actually download and open the file when you needed to open it.At least for PCs that usually have Internet connections, this was a neat way to offer cloud file syncing without consuming gigabytes of space for infrequently used files on every computer you were signed into.But the behavior could be error-prone—apps could attempt to open the placeholder files created by OneDrive rather than the files themselves—and it could create confusion about which files were actually available offline.All OneDrive files are now downloaded to your PC when you sign in, though as with Dropbox you can choose to only sync selected folders based on what you need to have available at all times.In the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, OneDrive will change yet again.
the Javascript framework Angular is really popular among developers, despite the fact that the people behind it are doing their best to create confusion.Here is a closer look at the version numbering for Angular.The driving force behind Angular is Google, but even several independent individuals are involved.Now, it seems to have virrat to a part of the further development of Angular.Those involved have not done an absolutely perfect job purely educational.the Following has happened: In september released the transformational version 2 of the Angular, for both rejoicing and chagrin.
Pro-Trumplägrets Twitterbottar had a solid advantage of five to one against the Clintonlägret before the presidential election."They are roaring time," says a Oxfordforskare.Fejknyheter that revolved around on the internet before the presidential election is a hot topic of debate and has become a sore point for companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter.But there is one more dimension in how the news is spread according to a forskarrapport from the university of Oxford as the New York Times.The case of the bots, automated accounts, tweet out messages on various topics, often defined by a hashtag, such as Clinton.the Purpose of them is to create confusion as to the facts or to add to the confusion discussions according to sociologist Philip N Howard, one of the report's authors.
Pro-Trumplägrets Twitterbottar had a solid advantage of five to one against the Clintonlägret before the presidential election."They are roaring time," says a Oxfordforskare.Fejknyheter that revolved around on the internet before the presidential election is a hot topic of debate and has become a sore point for companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter.But there is one more dimension in how the news is spread according to a forskarrapport from the university of Oxford as the New York Times.The case of the bots, automated accounts, tweet out messages on various topics, often defined by a hashtag, such as Clinton.the Purpose of them is to create confusion as to the facts or to add to the confusion discussions according to sociologist Philip N Howard, one of the report's authors.
Reuters – Alphabet s Google faces a tougher regulatory landscape as U.S. President-elect Donald Trump s incoming administration looks poised to reverse Obama administration policies that often favored the internet giant in the company s battles with telecoms and cable heavyweights, analysts say.Google had close ties with outgoing Democratic President Barack Obama s administration, and its employees donated much more to defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton than to the Republican Trump.In the most concrete sign yet that the tech policy balance may be tipping in favor of telecom firms ahead of Trump s presidency, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday halted action on contentious regulatory reform measures opposed by companies such as AT and CenturyLink.In addition, the commission is now expected to reject FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler s high-profile proposal to open up the $20 billion market for rented pay-TV set-top boxes, according to two people with knowledge of the matter.That measure would have dealt a big blow to cable companies and created an opening for firms such as Google and Apple.Obama had thrown his support behind the initiative, a move AT decried as an improper intervention on behalf of what it called a Google proposal.Google has been much more actively involved in this than Apple has, said Jan Dawson, analyst at Jackdaw Research.I m not sure it s critical to Google s business at all that it be allowed to provide these next generation set-top boxes, but there was a business opportunity there.Cable companies have expressed concerns that rivals like Google or Apple could create devices or apps and insert their own content or advertising in cable content.The FCC s moves came a day after Republican lawmakers urged Wheeler, a Democrat, to avoid any contested regulations in the waning days of the Obama administration, saying new rules would be subject to review by the incoming Republican-led Congress and Trump s administration and could create confusion if reversed.The question is how far will the pendulum swing back in favor of telecom companies, said Hal Singer, senior fellow at the George Washington Institute of Public Policy.
the Phoney is an app that should be fun and create confusion.It does not like Apple who think it is too similar to imessage in color and form.It is imessage-look in combination with busfaktorn as a rallying cry kind of Apple.If not the manufacturer of the app makes the changes they will stop the sales of the app in the Messages App in the App Store, write Macrumors.com.How it could go through the audit is still a mystery, which Apple regrets.the Phoney works so that the user with ready messages in stickersformat can paste over the existing messages with variants, You are so smart You are my hero or I have no idea what I'm talking about .
After a few days with OnePlus 3 is positive and we ask ourselves if the current situation is to find a better phone for 3700 crowns. The metal structure is solid and special back cover feels HTC-inspired in its design. The software is like vanilla ice cream - it is simple and straightforward and almost always go home, but it may not be as fun and spexigt by any stretch of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. We wish all phones with buttons under the screen offered that option, but we suspect that manufacturers like Samsung believes that it can create confusion. Under optimal conditions, we have been able to careen out 5-6 hours of screen time before the battery gave up. Is there any particular item you would like us to take a closer look at?