A  credit inquiry report or record can be defined has the recorded inquiry  every time someone (or an agency), pulls an “inquiry” of your credit  history or if the agency simply gets a copy of your credit report.For instance, a concerned and relevant  agency can ask for your credit report if you have applied for a credit  card or a loan.Basically, a new creditor can decide to pull a  copy of your credit file which will be then used to evaluate whether or  not you are qualified to apply for a loan.In some cases, your existing  creditors may also want to pull your credit report if and whenever they  see fit or necessary to do so.They can do that to observe and evaluate  (if) there has been any significant change in the credit history.Understanding why credit inquiries matter: We  will start by talking about credit score formula, in the first place.The basic idea behind the credit score is to  evaluate (of course by calculations and not just mere arbitrary  estimation), how capable are for a new credit or how likely a customer  is to default on new credit extended to them.If you have a higher credit  score, say more than 800, then statistically, you are less likely to  default a loan extended to you.Note: It is very important for  you to understand the importance of timely or on-time payments.
https://baneylaw.com/blog/blogreaffirmation-agreement-failure-creditor-identity/This matter was before the court on a proposed reaffirmation agreement under §524 that was not fully completed...
Faraday Future founder Jia Yueting has filed for bankruptcy in a US federal court with plans to hand control of the company to his lenders, the firm said on Monday, marking what may be a turning point for the troubled electric vehicle maker.Why it matters: Faraday Future, or FF, will be no longer liable for Jia’s liabilities upon completion of the individual debt restructuring, which may help the cash-starved company seek new investors to fund mass production of its first model FF91 by its self-imposed September 2020 deadline.The restructuring allows for Jia to return to China and rebuild his reputation, which may help the would-be automaker reach its goals and “brings great impetus to FF’s capital raising efforts and planned future IPO,” according to a statement released Monday.Detail: Jia filed for Chapter 11 on Sunday with a plan to swap his debts for all of his equity in the Los Angeles-based EV startup.A creditor trust, jointly managed by a committee of creditors and a trustee, will be set up to receive Jia’s ownership stake in FF’s holding company, Smart King Ltd., to satisfy his debts.Creditors will only recover from 49% to 100% of what they are owed if and when the company goes public, according to filings.
Faraday Future’s founder and former CEO Jia Yueting has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware court in a bid to satisfy his myriad debts in China.The Chinese tycoon claims he still owes around $3.6 billion to more than 100 creditors, thanks, in large part, to the collapse of LeEco, the tech conglomerate he founded there.The bankruptcy filing marks a major turn in the story of Jia’s prolific history of taking on debt, which led to him being named to a national debtor blacklist in China and sparked his move to the United States in 2017.Before proceeding in court with Chapter 11, though, Jia is offering to satisfy those debts through a trust backed by the value of his ownership stake in Faraday Future.(This resembles but is separate from the plan Faraday Future laid out earlier this year for suppliers who are owed money, which was put together by Birch Lake Associates, a Chicago-based restructuring firm.)Jia needs 90 percent of people or businesses to whom he owes money to approve this restructuring plan by November 8th.
Indonesian firm Finmas has officially obtained a business license as a fintech lending platform from the country’s Financial Services Authority (OJK).With its new status as a licensed P2P lending firm, Finmas said it will continue to innovate, collaborate, and integrate new services for Indonesian consumers, merchants, and small and medium-sized businesses.It will also pursue new partnerships with various businesses and organizations across Indonesia, including retailers, ecommerce firms, financial services institutions, industry associations, and government agencies.In its 12 months of operations, Finmas claims its app has been downloaded by over 4.5 million users and has served over 1.2 million borrowers.It launched its mobile app in February to enable its users to apply for a cash loan whenever they need it for tuition, household expenses, consumer goods, emergencies, or business, among others.Finmas is a collaborative venture by local conglomerate Sinar Mas and Hong Kong-based financial services provider Oriente, which also operates Philippine fintech firm Cashalo.
It form of collateral for the two parties (particularly the party who lends money to someone if it comes to a dispute with the borrower).The loan agreement must to find information:accurate data of persons, that is, data of the creditor and the borrower (you need to put passport numbers),the subject of the contract - specify that the parties themselves loan if you have money, then enter amount of the loan,the period of time within which to return the credit install it on a particular day, if such a term niezostanie installed, in accordance with the civil code, the credit must be returned within 6 weeks from the date of termination of the agreement by the lender,repayment method - select a single way of repayment or in installments,
Day Gree to disclose the equity transfer progress, the face of Gree equity such high-quality subject matter, may be in the creditor of the nature of M & A loans and equity investments, both, the Gree Electric Appliances of mixed Change Fund, therefore optimistic about the Gree Electric Appliances the dividend every year, however the Gree mixed to any need for syndicated funds involved in the support, a lever can be added to enhance the Which equity investors of the proceeds of, Gree Electric Appliances the transfer of the stock of the lowest prices about, day Gree electrical announcement of the programmes mentioned transfer provisions, the final transfer price to public solicitation and approved by the state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Department approval of the results shall prevail, the Gree Electric Appliances is concerned, may Gree appliances the closing price is, as previously Gree electrical announcement, the Bank subsidiaries may make equity investment of the subsidiary may have more involvement, not the lack of a large financial institution-owned investment company involved in, recently have been related to institutional funding into the Gree verification of the account, according to Gree Electric Appliance, about the controlling shareholder intends agreement to transfer part of the company shares open solicitation transferee of the announcement, the Contracting margin does need to advance into the Gree group related accounts, assist in Magnolia investment involved in the Gree project bidding, above the wind and Thunder worked the working of silver the predecessor of the company, The Magnolia multi-bit Executive with ICBC deep roots, Gree electrical announcement of a potential equity transferee, the outgoing of the day happens to be the Gree electrical announcement of the open call for the transferee, the day before.
MatchMove, a bank-as-a-service platform, has inked an agreement to acquire a strategic stake in peer-to-peer lender MoolahSense.The acquisition is a “multimillion deal” for up to 20% equity in MoolahSense, the two companies told The Business Times.MatchMove also said it plans to take a majority stake in MoolahSense over the next 12 months.With the deal, MatchMove will be able to further strengthen its capabilities and provide financing to small and medium-sized businesses, according to a statement.It also gives MoolahSense the opportunity to leverage MatchMove’s regional network to tap new segments and extend its capability.Access to credit is a key challenge for SMEs, many of which struggle to achieve scale and optimization due to lack of credit and funding options.
If you’re unable to secure mainstream debt consolidation, you may want to consider a secured loan.Secured loans offer up an asset to the creditor as insurance against the loan in the case of non-payment. 
Peer-to-peer lending platform Funding Societies (aka Modalku) has announced new additions to its senior management as it scale its operations.Matt Lambie has joined as the chief technology officer.He will be responsible for web, mobile, and platform software development efforts, as well as technical operations, quality assurance, and information security, according to a statement.Prior to his appointment at Funding Societies, Lambie was the group CTO at MoneySmart.Deeraj Chowdhry is the new CEO for Funding Societies Singapore.He has over 20 years of experience in banking at organizations such as American Express and ANZ.
When Benedicto Haryono worked for his family’s agribusiness, he would travel to far-flung areas of Indonesia, where he saw communities that were underserved by traditional financial institutions.Financing options for many Indonesians comprise of “either local cooperatives or real peer-to-peer lenders, such as parents or friends.”This was true even in the more developed parts of the country, so in 2016, Haryono and co-founder Willy Arifin founded fintech startup KoinWorks.2 million users in the next two yearsSupport quality journalism and content.This content is a premium content.
If you are a small business owner, you will be aware about the troubles related to raising funds for the business.In order to expand the business or to maintain uninterrupted operations, you need to influx funds from time to time.It is possible to apply for small business finance in India (https://www.herofincorp.com/sme-commercial-loans) in order to raise quick funds that help meet the needs of the business.A lot of businesses have used small business finance for the purpose of achievement of their business goals.In order to apply for the loan, you need to provide proof of your business in addition to the pro forma income statement and the balance sheet.If your business is profitable and show the ability to generate profits in the future as well, the loan will be approved in no time.
The above mentioned transactions has to be analysed properly and recorded in a systematic way to avoid confusion of any type in future.The concept of double entry in a business transaction is necessary and important concept to be understood by the accountant or proprietor of the business.The various types of assets a firm or any business entity owns fall under the category of real account.Anything that cannot be touched or felt physically is known as Intangibles.The various types of Intangible assets included under real account are goodwill, patents and trademarks of registration firm etc.The transactions included in personal account are debtor, creditor, banks, goods purchased from suppliers, capital or drawings etc.
Advantages of Online Accounting Online gst return In the present aggressive business world, an independent company may experience hordes of everyday exercises that empower smooth activity of an organization.Be that as it may, with the presence of web bookkeeping couple of years back, the different tasks in business can be just overseen whenever, anyplace.Today, little and medium ventures can now bought bookkeeping programs online at amazingly lower cost.The program covers different capacities in the activities including invoicing, installment technique, finance, benefit and misfortune report, and so on.With bookkeeping framework, organizations appreciate precision and speed in their activity.This is the motivation behind why increasingly more SME's are moving to this program.Online gst returnWith bookkeeping programming, a business dispenses with the mystery in finishing their money related records, for example, monetary record, benefit and misfortune explanation, creditor liabilities and records receivable report.With free access on the web, entrepreneurs have the alternative to assess their monetary status whenever which would help them surveying their business.
Online food delivery startup Honestbee has received demands from creditors claiming S$6 million (US$4.3 million), and owes at least US$209 million to its largest creditors, The Business Times reported citing an affidavit filed by the company at a Singapore High Court pre-trial conference.Honestbee also has outstanding leases for three units at Boon Leat Terrace for its dining and retail concept Habitat and its space at Blk 2 Tampines Logis Park.It’s further saddled with leases for 19 vans from Goldbell Leasing and Think One Leasing, according to the documents.The embattled grocery startup’s chief executive Ong Lay Ann’s court affidavit shows that the company has also been served with four statutory demands for a total of S$940,942 (USD$681,000) since July 15 and 34 letters of demand for about S$5.1 million (US$3.7 million).Honestbee chairman Brian Koo, A Honestbee Pte Ltd, and venture investor Formation Group have expressed interest in investing up to US$10 million each in the company, according to letters attached to the affidavit.
Apple has revealed more details about its upcoming credit card, and the Apple Card will come with one unique restriction and one not-so-unique restriction.Thanks to the card’s customer agreement, which was posted publicly on creditor Goldman Sachs’ website this afternoon, we know now the Apple Card won’t play nice with a jailbroken iPhone, via 9to5Mac.And according to Reuters, it will also come with a ban on purchasing cash advances and cash equivalents, with the latter including cryptocurrencies, casino chips, and lottery tickets.It’s rare to have a line of credit that can be used for cash equivalents.A number of states also have laws on the books that prohibits the use of credit for items like casino chips and lottery tickets.It would seem neither Apple nor Goldman Sachs has anything in particular against cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin and other digital tokens would seem to fall under the cash equivalents umbrella.
The Apple Card, the company’s credit card that was announced at its services event this past spring, will begin accepting applications in August, the company confirmed during its 2019 third fiscal quarter earnings call.“Thousands of Apple employees are using the Apple Card every day in a beta test and we will begin to roll out the Apple Card in August,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said.The Apple Card will come in both a digital and a physical, titanium card form.However, the Apple Card won’t use a traditional 16-digit card number, CVV code, or expiration numbers as a personal identifier.Instead, it will generate those numbers randomly during each transaction to keep purchases secure.The numbers are also generated on-device, with the company promising that Goldman Sachs, the creditor, won’t be able to track and see where you’ve shopped, what you bought, or how much money you spent.
Indonesian ecommerce giant Tokopedia is teaming up with P2P lender Modalku, the Indonesian counterpart of Singapore’s Funding Societies, to provide loan facilities to its merchants.Dubbed Modal Toko, the feature lets Tokopedia merchants borrow up to US$21,500 (or 300 million rupiah) in financing.“Tokopedia sees a strong need in our merchants for easier, instant, and flexible financing.Since we launched the feature in April 2019, tens of thousands of merchants have been able to access financing through Modal Toko,” said Samuel Sentana, Tokopedia’s assistant vice president of fintech.Modal Toko’s loan approval process takes an average of one day.Once approved, the loan is disbursed directly into the merchant’s Tokopedia account, instantly available for cash withdrawal.
Chinese P2P lender Dianrong announced Thursday that it has raised new capital in a funding round led by Standard Chartered Private Equity (SCPE).Affirma Capital, a private equity firm spinout of SCPE, and Dianrong’s existing shareholders including ORIX-backed Dalian Financial Industry Investment Group (DFIIG) also participated in the round, according to a company statement sent to TechNode.The Shanghai-based online lender did not disclose the amount raised in the new round.However, in April, it was reported that the company was seeking to raise $100 million in a new round of funding.Guo Yuhang, the company’s co-founder, revealed at the time that he put $10 million of his own money into the company at the end of December to help the company weather the regulatory storm.The new capital will be used to boost the company’s registered capital and develop new business models, a company spokeswoman told TechNode.
Get More Bitcoin And cryptocurrency Free | just go For ItJudge Michael Wood, of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, has conceded the beset trade QuadrigaCX 45 days more Cryptographic forms of money.The Canadian judge consented to broaden a stay of procedures, first conceded a month prior to advance 45 days.Remarkably, Creditors can't sue the trade until the stay terminates or is lifted.Lawyers for Quadriga, Maurice Chiasson of Canadian law office Stewart McKelvey, clarified in the court on TuesdayChiasson has been speaking to Quadriga from the finish of January when the organization petitioned for lender assurance.