Inc. CRM 1.43 % over 17 years has built an $8 billion business selling software as a service delivered over the Internet.The company has been especially effective at selling new products such as its Marketing Cloud digital marketing and analytics service to its existing customers, said Credit Suisse AG in a report issued this week.Salesforce said it would bring in between $1 and $1.02 a share in adjusted earnings during 2017.The multibillion-dollar revenue stream makes Salesforce a mature cloud-computing business by some measures, but its core businesses are still growing at a rapid clip, said Brent Thill, an analyst with UBS.It doesn t feel like they re middle-aged or aging, he said.With adjustments, they totaled 24 cents, a penny ahead of analyst expectations.
The server outage that caused Salesforce to go down for almost all day last week could cost the company nearly $20 million, according to a note published by the financial services firm D.A."Depending on Salesforce s response and affected customers service level agreements, we estimate this outage could impact current quarter revenue guidance by $20 million," the note said.For a company that's on track to generate over $8 billion in revenue this year, a $20 million hit won't be much of a dent.But it could lead to more long-term problems, such as trust and reliability issues, as it's almost unprecedented for a cloud service platform to suffer a day-long server disruption.On top of that, as we previously reported, some of the smaller customers do not have service level agreements that would have compensated for the service disruption and data loss."While any repercussions arising from this outage remains to be seen e.g., increased customer churn , this outage is clearly a short-term headwind for a company trying to become a standard platform for business-critical enterprise applications that may cause customers to question the reliability of the platform," DiFucci wrote in a note.The estimated $20 million loss won't have any impact on Salesforce's first quarter earnings, as the outage happened during the company's second fiscal quarter.Plus, the company has been placing more focus on improving profitability in recent quarters, a positive sign for investors.Here is what analysts are expecting, according to Yahoo Finance:Q1 non-GAAP earnings per share EPS : $0.23, up from $0.16 in Q1 2015.Q1 Revenue: $1.89 billion, up about 25.3% from $1.51 billion in the year-ago period.We view as the company in our coverage universe most leveraged to this massive technology refresh and expansion cycle across the CRM market," Credit Suisse wrote in a note Wednesday.NOW WATCH: How to see everything Google knows about youLoading video...
This time it s, which has closed a new $150 million early-stage fund to invest in European startups.Hernández has founded multiple companies, including real estate listing site idealista, and has been a senior director of product at Google and the general manager at Flickr.He also has 10 years of experience investing, including founding his own VC firm in 2008, StepOne Ventures in San Francisco, in a bid to help European companies access the U.S. market.Mobile marketplace Wallapop, social network Tuenti, and retail CRM Index are some of Hernández s more notable investments.Meanwhile, new fund will be focused on seed and Series A rounds, and, says the VC, will be deployed alongside its existing $290 million growth fund, which invests at later stages and is used for subsequent funding rounds.In this regard, is talking up its ability to support its portfolio startups with capital and operational expertise through the full investment lifecycle, although that isn t entirely unique in European VC or elsewhere.
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has previously said his goal for the company is to hit $10bn in annual revenue.The cloud-based CRM company says the expansion of its London-based office will be necessary to house new hires.Salesforce has previously said it will recruit more than 1,200 people in EMEA this year, to help support a growing customer base in the region.Many of those roles will be based in the UK, which Salesforce describes as "one of the company's largest operations outside the US".Ed Vaizey, the UK minister for culture and the digital economy, welcomed the news, saying: "Digital innovation is at the heart of the U.K. economy and plays an important role in driving growth."Revenues are up across Salesforce as a whole, with the firm's financial results for Q1 of this year beating Wall Street's expectations.
After few discussions with my VP Sales I am considering purchasing a CRM.Salesforce is the leader and I want something super stable even after what happen recently and easy to use.My point is I would like to provide the best tools to my sales team that can be synchronized with Salesforce CRM.I am ready to purchase 5-10 software but it has to be very efficient and boost their productivity.Any advices with previous experiences are welcome!
Not sure how it works, but it helps you lose 20 pounds in a week while consuming the same calories as before.Thanks to the explosion of sensors to measure everything imaginable within the Internet of Things, enterprises are confronted with a never-ending buffet of tempting data.Finally we extract the nutritional value and put it to work to improve some part of our operations.Enterprises have evolved to consume data from CRM, ERP, and even the Web that is high in signal nutrition in this genteel, managed manner from which they can project trends or derive useful BI.The IoT and its superabundance of sensors completely changes that paradigm and we need to give serious consideration to our data dietary habits if we want to succeed in this new data food chain.Real-time data is critical to everything from in game advertising, which depends on near instant delivery of the right ad at a contextually appropriate moment, to recommendations and game features that are critical to the user experience and which are highly specific to moments within the game.
Co-founder and CEO Gil Allouche said the company s technology offers an effective way for businesses that sell to other businesses to find and target new potential customers through advertising.Companies connect their Salesforce and other CRM accounts, then Metadata uses third-party data to help them target their ads at people who are similar to the existing customers and prospects.Allouche said Metadata isn t looking at everyone in the sales database, but rather qualified leads who have actually expressed interest in your product: It makes our targeting very, very effective.We want to be the one place where B2B businesses can essentially have their demand generation machine on auto pilot, he added.As for where the ads actually run, Metadata runs search and social campaigns.The funding which was also revealed in a regulatory filing comes from 500 Startups, Right Side Capital Partners and various angel investors.
We ve all come across numerous Top 100 resources for startups -type posts at least once as we Google our way to entrepreneurial success.In this first installment we ll focus on what early-stage startups need to spend money on.We ll wrap up the series by enumerating some areas where entrepreneurs frequently want to spend money despite there being little, or even negative, ROI.For the purposes of this series, I m going to define an early-stage startup as a company that can fall into any of the following buckets:MRR is less than $10,000Number of recurring paying customers is less than 40Number of six-month-old recurring paying customers is less than 50 percent of total customersAll paying customers had a prior personal relationship with a member of the companyThe goal of this definition is to identify companies whose business is still in a state of flux.Nor does it take into account the time it takes me to upgrade the underlying DigitalOcean servers when our storage needs exceed the disk size of the current servers.In the next installment we ll look at places where free software is the way to go in the early-stage, including things like code hosting, CRM, status page, monitoring and customer feedback.
There's an update available for Microsoft's Dynamics CRM 2016, and it brings with it a brand-new tool to help companies tap the Internet of Things for their customer-service efforts.Announced on Monday, the Spring 2016 Wave of Dynamics CRM adds Connected Field Service, a new tool companies can soon use to leverage the potential of predictive maintenance via IoT devices.Available as a preview in June, Connected Field Service continuously monitors IoT-enabled devices for anomalies, generating alerts that trigger automated actions or service tickets and workflow according to service level agreements.Service technicians with the right skills and tools are then matched against the service requirement based on availability and proximity and routed to customer locations for preventive action.Also among the preconfigured solutions are portals for employees, partners and communities.A new feature called Learning Path, meanwhile, offers guided navigation capabilities designed to help new application users get up to speed quickly.
British Salesforce customers have been disproportionately hit by a price hike of the cloudy business' enterprise CRM system.The price for its Lightning Enterprise Edition software in the US increased by 20 per cent to $150 £103 per month, while in Blighty prices rose 41 per cent to £120.One customer got in touch with The Register to say that Salesforce has been keen to stress the new product contains more features "which is fair enough to a point but nothing mentions anything about a disproportionate UK price increase."Last week the 17-year-old loss-making biz bounced back into the black for the first three months of 2016, its first quarter of fiscal year 2017, reporting net income of $38m £26m .Revenue rose 26.8 per cent to $1.91bn £819m .Service Cloud Lightning empowers your agents to make your customers love you, and Field Service Lightning expands this power to your field service technicians."
Employees report they spend over 30 hours per month in unproductive meetings, with many of those hours on web conferences and conference calls.Building on best practices, here are four ways to make meetings worth more, not cost more.Create dynamic presentations that incorporate rich media, like video and web slides, and look for ways to engage people at every moment.Research from CSO Insights shows that over 60 percent of sales leaders say the lack of proper tools lengthens sales cycles, and nearly two-thirds of salespeople don t effectively leverage content during web-based meetings.To further increase sales teams more productive, make sure your meeting solution automatically logs all engagement activity for each meeting back to a CRM system like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.Market leading organizations are solving this personalization challenge by investing in broader sales engagement platforms versus single-point tools.
Hi, does anyone know of a third party company that will send unsolicited bulk B2B email legally on my behalf?I have a list of contacts in a specific industry that I purchased.These contacts are in my CRM and my sales staff calls on them but I'd like to be able to send a mass email to the uncontacted profiles.
The San Francisco-based marketing intelligence vendor InsideView today announced the launch of Tech Profiler, an add on designed to describe the technology stacks of hundreds of thousands of businesses.InsideView offers current company and contact information, and real-time insights, drawn from 40,000 data sources, for the use of B2B marketers.Tech Profiler, its first vertical add on, is intended to serve technology sales and marketing teams by surfacing best prospects based on tech solutions already in use.New solutions are often complementary to existing parts of a technology stack, or require other technologies to run."Tech Profiler shows us which technologies, such as CRM, our prospects are using, so we can walk into sales calls prepared and proactive, said Tracy Kinsey, Dynamics CRM Online Territory Manager at Microsoft an InsideView customer .Tech Profiler, which is available immediately, provides information on the usage of over 2,000 front- and back-end solutions from more than 100 technology categories--including marketing technology tools.
The market leader Salesforce extends the distance to SAP in the market for CRM systems, according to a new report. Overall, global sales of software for CRM, customer care, therefore, by 12.3 percent in 2015 and amounted to 26.3 billion dollars. - The acquisition activity that began to flow already in 2015 continued into 2015, with more than 30 significant acquisitions, says Julian Poulter at analysts Gartner who made the survey. This has resulted in increased competition in the top of the CRM market, and generate good growth worldwide, but only for cloud applications and software as a service. Also, Microsoft and Adobe are in the top 5 list. According to Gartner, the five largest suppliers accounted for 45 percent of the total CRM market.
The market leader Salesforce extends the distance to SAP in the market for CRM systems, according to a new report. Overall, global sales of software for CRM, customer care, therefore, by 12.3 percent in 2015 and amounted to 26.3 billion dollars. - The acquisition activity that began to flow already in 2015 continued into 2015, with more than 30 significant acquisitions, says Julian Poulter at analysts Gartner who made the survey. This has resulted in increased competition in the top of the CRM market, and generate good growth worldwide, but only for cloud applications and software as a service. Also, Microsoft and Adobe are in the top 5 list. According to Gartner, the five largest suppliers accounted for 45 percent of the total CRM market.
It expands an existing partnership and will help Salesforce expand internationallyA logo on the front of the Moscone Center in San Francisco.Salesforce has named Amazon Web Services its preferred public cloud provider for services like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and App Cloud, expanding an existing partnership to provide the backend for the software-as-a-service provider.The news means that Amazon, already the public cloud leader, will be getting money from one of the biggest success stories in the SaaS market."There is no public cloud infrastructure provider that is more sophisticated or has more robust enterprise capabilities for supporting the needs of our growing global customer base," he said in a statement.Of course, it would be strange for Salesforce to bet on Microsoft Azure.While it's partnered with the Redmond-based company in some areas, the two compete against each other in the CRM market.
The CRM company's introduction of Service Cloud Lightning Snap-ins is designed to help companies quickly deploy capabilities such as Cases, Knowledge, Live Chat, SOS, and Tap-to-Call to their mobile and web apps.The first is the Unified Snap-in SDK for web which will help to ensure that customers have a seamless experience on web.The company says that this will help to add a more personal touch to engagements with service agents.Mike Milburn, GM and SVP of Service Cloud, Salesforce said: "Customers today expect service that is smart, personalized and fast -- wherever and whenever they are interacting with a brand."The Service Cloud Lightning Mobile and Web Snap-in SDKs are expected to be generally available in June 2016 as will Cases.Live Agent will cost $75 per user, per month for users with a Service Cloud Lightning Enterprise license or great.
Now the customer relationship management CRM company is planning to use the AWS cloud for an even wider range of products.Salesforce disclosed a regulatory filing on Friday revealing that it had signed a four-year deal with an unnamed infrastructure services company worth $400 million.According to sources close to the matter this company is AWS, reports Fortune.Salesforce will also utilize AWS in select international markets to help bring new infrastructure online as part of its broader data center strategy."The company blog was full of praise for its new infrastructure partner, saying that AWS has "sophisticated and robust enterprise capabilities for supporting the needs of Salesforce's growing global customer base."The strategic move for Salesforce is expected to provide them more flexibility and global reach as AWS has data centres spread around the world.
The importance of the service means that any IT decisions about how it is run must be carefully thought through.CBR spoke to Ian Trenholm, CEO, NHSBT, and Anthony Evans, digital service manager, NHSBT, about the technology it is using.Before a move to Microsoft Azure almost two years ago, NHSBT had been using its own in-house service to manage all of its systems, but while they were stable, they struggled to deal with spikes in demand and were un-flexible."So if a celebrity goes on breakfast news and says, 'I'm very grateful for a blood transfusion', then people immediately try and go online and book a blood donation appointment.This month two NHS trusts were fined £365,000 for leaking information about thousands of NHS staff and hundreds of patients with HIV.NHSBT has architected its systems so that its on-premise estate manages some of the data that is very sensitive, but it has a secure high speed link between its internal database and the digital service that users see.
Nadella s visit follows the first visit to India by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who visited the country this month to drum up support for the company s plans to offer refurbished iPhones in the price-sensitive market as well as to get permission to set up its wholly-owned stores in the country.While Apple was largely seen as lacking focus on India until recently, when its China revenue fell 11 percent, while iPhone sales in India grew 56 percent year-on-year in the last quarter, Microsoft has been a long-time player in the Indian market.It announced in September last year the availability of Microsoft Azure services from local datacenter regions in the country, followed by Office 365 and CRM Online services.With the local cloud services offered by Microsoft, regulated industries such as the banking and financial services industries, government departments and state-owned enterprises will be able to keep their data on servers within the country.An issue that is likely to surface during Nadella s visit, his third since taking charge as CEO, will be Microsoft s bid to provide connectivity to rural areas on vacated TV spectrum.That move has run into opposition from mobile service providers who want the spectrum to be auctioned.