This week’s blog is dedicated to a topic, for obvious reasons, very close to my heart: financial freedom and empowerment for anyone of the female persuasion.I find it very odd that next to none of the dialogue around finance is tailored to a group that makes up exactly half the population.That which is out there, tends to be rather patronising: the colour pink features heavily, as does pictures of pre-school children, which I am not sure is appealing to a very wide audience.More: 
Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, just like other emerging technology, have been breaking boundaries with cross-industry applications that go beyond the initial financial focus.The main strength of blockchain technology is its featuresdecentralized storage, immutability, traceability, and transparency.It’s these features that have facilitated secure transactions, open collaboration, unhindered exchange of data, creation of agreements through smart contracts, and giving incentives to users to achieve better results by earning cryptocurrencies or tokens that have made the applications relevant in fields such as health, education and art industries among others.The industry is expanding and growing with innovations that promise to break the boundaries and solve problems of inefficiencies of traditional education models, limited access to credentials and education records, and documentation validity issues.Certification Point CertificationPoint is an online college (or trade school) project-based learning employment marketplace.The platformprovides credentials certifications to its users, including centralized credential management for businesses, service buyers, and college/trade school students for career management and networking.
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Tesla boss Elon Musk gave mixed signals on dogecoin and crypto, saying: "Cryptocurrency is promising, but please invest with caution!"
Square now holds 8,027 bitcoin, making it the third-largest publicly-traded holder of the digital asset after MicroStrategy and Tesla.
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Coinbase shares tumbled today to their their lowest point since the company began trading publicly on April 14. The market often moves in mysterious ways, but several drivers could be at play, including Coinbase’s high opening price at the time of its direct listing, its reliance on margins that are all but certain to drop […]
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With cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology together transforming the business sphere, many budding entrepreneurs are aspiring to enter the market with their own crypto exchanges.This is because, crypto business involves many benefits from globalization to quick, efficient transactions from their comfort spaces to many more!How to develop robust crypto exchange software that will sustain in the long run and help stand out from the existing competitors?Well, there are two ways to go about it.The first one is developing from scratch, which will cost an ample amount of time, money and require technical assistance.The other one is, hiring a reliable cryptocurrency exchange software development company.
Each token was worth just over $210 a year ago.
The bank will hedge with CME futures using Cumberland DRW as its trading partner, Bloomberg Law reported.
The inability to trade some of the hottest altcoins and fears of competition from other crypto exchanges is weighing on Coinbase stock since its debut.
Georgia Quinn, Leah Jones, and Catherine Coley come from various finance and tech backgrounds and say nudging their way into the boy's club was hard.
"We need to break up these big tech companies. They have too much influence and they pose a threat to our democracy," Warren said in a Thursday interview.
Put simply, cryptocurrency is digital money, which can be made in a way that it can be secure and anonymous in some situations.It is actually closely associated with internet that tends to make use of cryptography, which can be basically a process where legible data is converted into a code that can't be cracked so as to tack each of the transfers and purchases created.Get additional facts about bitcoins pros and cons Cryptography has a history dating back towards the World War II, when there was a need to have to communicate in the most safe manner.Considering that that time, an evolution in the very same has occurred and it has grow to be digitalized now where distinctive components of laptop or computer science and mathematical theory are becoming utilized for purposes of securing communications, money and information online.Numerous far more cryptocurrencies have considering that been introduced more than the past handful of years and these days it is possible to find a great number of available more than the internet.How they work This type of digital currency makes use of technology that is certainly decentralized so as to allow the diverse customers to create payments which are safe as well as, to shop money without the need of necessarily using a name and even going by means of a financial institution.
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Cryptocurrency mining could be suspended in the state of New York for a period of three years.
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Dogecoin's rally is being driven by social media and celebrity buzz and is shocking much of the financial world. Sound familiar?