”We expect to have over a million users in February”, says co-founder Daniel Weilar.the Company's turnover is still modest.It has just launched in Denmark, soon in Finland and plan to expand in a country per month in the next six months.When he left the role in december 2017, heard his friend Peter Lindkvist themselves with a business idea.He had seen an american livequiz-program by the name of the HQ Trivia and wanted to start something similar in Europe.Four months later, on the 16th of march 2018, the company launched the first live broadcast of Primetime in Sweden.
The Swedish quizbolaget Primetime, has quickly reached a big audience to compete in a live trivia quiz the night before.In may, the app has been downloaded over a million times, and frågeshowen in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, sweden and Poland.Already in its first year of operation, the company was profitable, the parent company Sventertainments fresh of the financial statements.in the Primetime sales in the last year, to 3.5 million, with an income of 130,000 dollars.”We're in the middle of the stage, in different countries now,” says Daniel Weilar, Primetimes, the co-founder, who last year left his position as managing director of News 24 in the group.the Revenue comes from sponsors who pay to be there and the design of each of the live program.