There is a moment burned into my memory.It’s the 1970s and I am a teenager. The TV is on in the living room, my parents are in their recliners, and I’m sitting on our brown plaid sofa. We are watching Barbara Walters interview Anita Bryant, a prominent anti-gay activist. Walters asks Bryant what she would do if her child came out as gay. Bryant’s response is immediate and harsh: She says she would disown her child. I don’t remember exactly how Walters responded, but it must have been with something like disbelief, because my father, referring to the news anchor, said, “She just can’t understand that, can she?”But I understood: My parents would disown their son if he was gay. My parents would disown me if they knew I was gay. So I retreated as far as I could into the closet I was hiding in, and I resolved to never tell anyone my secret.My family attended a fundamentalist church whenever its doors were open. They preached that God loved everyone ― except homosexuals. Gay men and lesbians were irredeemable. There was no salvation for me. There was no love for me.I finished high school still deep in the closet and chose to attend a fundamentalist-affiliated university. The closet there was very big and contained many students. I know this because looking back, I realise that many young men made passes at me. Sadly, I was so scared and repressed that I honestly didn’t understand what was happening at the time, but now I can only smile at my naiveté. If I had known then, I’m not sure how I would have reacted.But one supposed vice that I did embrace while at that religious college was drinking. I loved it. I was sure I seemed sophisticated holding a glass of liquor, but, even more importantly, drinking allowed me to stop worrying about my sexuality, at least for a bit, and that feeling was heavenly. I had found serenity, I thought. But what alcohol really gave me was a new way to continue to repress my sexuality – a new way to hide from the world and convince myself that it couldn’t see who I really was.I reached the pinnacle of repression when I married a woman. I honestly loved her. She was and still is a wonderful woman. We lived together for many years and parented three children, all while I continued to drink. And drink. And drink. I was miserable, and at some point, the martinis just didn’t bring joy or peace – real or pretend – anymore.I realised that all those years of drinking were killing me. I was killing myself. The tragic part was that I felt so low, I really wished for death. I just couldn’t take it – any of it – anymore, and I clearly saw that I had to end the life I had been living one way or the other. So, in 1998, when I was 35 years old, I came out to myself and my wife. My wife reacted with love and told me to find myself. I didn’t immediately tell our children since they were still very young at the time. In 1999, I joined Alcoholics Anonymous and began the work of cleaning up my messy life. Thank heavens for the joy and support I found in those meetings. I was finally facing who I really was and accepting it. Sometimes I was even able to laugh at myself. I was gay and always had been! Who did I seriously think I had been fooling by pretending otherwise? But I had fooled many people, even myself, and it felt incredible to no longer spend all of my time and energy keeping up that facade. It was also at AA that I first revelled in drag, and my alter ego, Miss Constance Havoc, was born. Then, in 2000, my wife and I separated, a necessary but still gut-wrenching event for both of us.In 2001, I called my mother and came out. She was horrified. She didn’t say anything about how this would affect my relationship with my father and her, but she was very upset. I always assumed she told my dad, but I never directly asked. For the past 19 years, I never thought my dad didn’t know I was gay. Our weekly phone calls continued as they always had, although I never overtly mentioned any of the men I was dating. I thought that I was keeping the peace and that because I wasn’t discussing my new life with him, he was too.It never occurred to me that my mother had kept the truth about my sexuality from my father.At one point, I lived with a man and my mother even met him. She was polite but distant, and whenever she was in the same room with him, she almost held her breath. Still, it never occurred to me that my mother had kept the truth about my sexuality from my father.At some point in the last two years, my niece gave my father an iPhone, which he was especially excited to learn to use so that he could receive photos of his great-grandchildren. From there, it was only a matter of time before he joined Facebook and, I’m assuming, discovered my profile, which shows me as an out and proud gay man.On Jan. 4, 2020, at 9:56 a.m., my phone rang. It was my father calling. When I answered, he told me, “It’s about this homosexuality. Your mother and I can’t condone that. You are not to contact us in any way ever again.”My heart was pounding harder than I imagined was possible. My vision blurred. I felt like I was being physically attacked. Before the call ended, my father added, “Am I making myself perfectly clear?” I told him he was and hung up. There I was – disowned at the age of 56 because I’m gay. One of my daughters, who was visiting me at the time, cried when I told her about the call. She immediately began to consider how this would affect her relationship with her grandparents. I texted my other children, my therapist, my psychiatrist and a few more people I am close to. They immediately offered me their support. My son was in such disbelief that I had to repeat what had happened several times. My other daughter was also upset and reassured me that she loved me. Everyone I reached out to was shocked, but they also made it clear they wouldn’t abandon me. They all wanted me to know that despite my parents’ rejection, I am loved unconditionally by them.Because I came out as a grown man, I hadn’t faced many of the difficulties that other LGBTQ people face early on in their lives. Being disowned by my parents had such an unbearable weight to it. It felt like I was boxing and got punched right in the head, and now I was out cold on the mat.Over the following weeks, I had nightmares and they all involved my father. I took a few days off from work. I switched to weekly therapy sessions and monthly visits with my psychiatrist. I started attending AA meetings again, and when I revealed what had happened, the other members of my group were all supportive.By late April, the nightmares stopped. I went on a handful of dates with a new man I’d met and we’ve been texting daily while we’re separated by our state’s Covid-19 stay-at-home order. I’m working from home and the break has actually been good for me. I can work at my own pace. My life feels like it’s on an even keel for the time being.Of course, not everything has felt good. At one point my 24-year-old daughter called me in tears and asked if I would ever disown her. She honestly wondered if she could do something that would cause me to stop loving her. I began to cry too as I made sure that she knew my love for her is and always will be unconditional. I do not know if I can ever forgive my parents for the trauma they have inflicted on my children.Ultimately, my children have been the key to beginning to heal. This experience has made it clear that I have a relationship with each of them that cannot be broken by anything my parents have done or may do in the future. My children accept me completely, and I feel grateful that I’m able to share my life ― and who I really am ― with them. I tell them about the men I date. They’ve seen me perform in drag. And, I’m happy to say, they tell me about their lives too. We don’t judge each other and we hold each other in the highest regard.My 24-year-old daughter called me in tears and asked if I would ever disown her. She honestly wondered if she could do something that would cause me to stop loving her. I began to cry too.Recently, I had a chance to talk to my oldest friend about being disowned at the age of 56 by a 90-year-old man. “It’s ridiculous,” we both said at the same time. As I continue to heal, I am less shocked and less hurt and, really, all I can think is, this is ridiculous. I’m an independent adult. I have a full life. I’m finally able to be who I really am. What could my father possibly think he’s accomplishing?Then, just a few weeks ago, the most beautiful thing happened.My mother, who is suffering from dementia, sent me a card for my 57th birthday. It was obvious that my father had nothing to do with it. Inside the card, there was a note that read, “We love you.” There was no preaching. No venom. And, even more incredibly, it was the first time in my life that she used the word “love” without being prompted. Because of her dementia, her critical self has disappeared and, at the age of 89, it appears she’s turned into the loving mother I never had.Sadly, I do not feel I can reach out to her. My father would intercept anything I sent her, and he always answers the phone so I can’t call. But I’m going to keep this beautiful card as a reminder that somewhere inside of her, she holds love for me and that, maybe, it’s never too late to find and receive and send out love into the world ― exactly as you truly are.Despite everything we’ve been through, that feels like a gift. I think I’ll accept it.Jake McPherson trains certified peer specialists in mental health. This article first appeared on HuffPost PersonalHave a compelling personal story you want to tell? Find out what we’re looking for here, and pitch us on [email protected] from HuffPost UK Personal My Virginity Is Empowering, Not Embarrassing While You ‘Eat Out To Help Out’, This Is The Reality For Waiting Staff Being Deafblind Is Like Living In A Dark, Chaotic Nightclub – Forever
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German software giant SAP launched a handful of activities to keep employees connected amid the coronavirus crisis, including a wine tasting session and a Tinder-like app for connecting colleagues for virtual lunches, Bloomberg reported. The company noticed that many of its single employees missed the in-person interactions of the office: "We realized we needed to address their loneliness and isolation, but do it in an open and positive way," an exec told Bloomberg.  The company has 100,000 employees across 180 countries and one of the biggest, unexpected challenges of the shift to remote work was finding ways to keep them connected, former co-CEO Jennifer Morgan told Business Insider in April. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. German software giant SAP created a slew of employee-bonding activities as the coronavirus crisis has kept most of its employees home since March, according to Bloomberg, including an in-house app where employees can swipe left or right on each, a format popularized by the dating app Tinder. If employees match, they can coordinate a virtual lunch over video call.  That custom-built app and SAP's other initiatives came to be after its human resource team noticed that many of its single employees were missing the social interactions they'd typically have at the office, according to diversity and inclusion officer Nina Strassner.  "We realized we needed to address their loneliness and isolation, but do it in an open and positive way," she told Bloomberg reporter Benedikt Kammel. In shifting its employees scattered across 180 countries to remote work, one of the biggest, unexpected challenges was actually helping workers who lived alone feel safe and connected, former co-CEO Jennifer Morgan told Business Insider in April. "Because I have a family — as many people around me do — I didn't realize that, with 100,000 people, there's a lot of people who are alone," she said.  So, the staff created a variety of activities its employees could enjoy from home, including film screenings, video game competitions, and wine tastings where bottles were delivered for free and sommeliers guided participants, according to Bloomberg. Around 1,700 workers also attended a virtual barbecue led by expert butchers.  While those experiences are focused on SAP's German workers, different regions are employing their own new initiatives to keep company morale alive during isolation, too. In North America, the company is hosting a "Tour de SAP" Peloton competition, spokesperson Lesa Beber told Business Insider. And in the San Francisco Bay Area, the company has reworked its annual summer paint night and escape room tradition by coordinating small groups that can meet and do the activity together.  "We take every opportunity to listen to our employees ," Beber told Business Insider via email, "And ensure we are doing everything we can to ensure they are comfortable and feeling empowered."Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Inside London during COVID-19 lockdown
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating Baidu’s iQiyi (IQ), aka “the Netflix of China,” after an activist crew of short sellers alleged the video streaming platform cooks its books. “The SEC‘s Division of Enforcement is seeking the production of certain financial and operating records dating from January 1, 2018, as well as documents related to certain acquisitions and investments that were identified in a report issued by short-seller firm Wolfpack Research in April 2020,” said IQ in its quarterly earnings release, published Thursday and shared by CNN. The Wolfpack Research report in question boldly claimed that IQ, a Nasdaq-listed company, was committing… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Netflix
In January 2019, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez were publicly outed as a couple the same day Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, announced their divorce.   The National Enquirer had been investigating Bezos and Sanchez for months and had obtained leaked photos and texts the couple had sent, including the now-famous message where Bezos called Sanchez "alive girl."  In the 18 months since, both Bezos and Sanchez have finalized their respective divorces and have embarked on a whirlwind romance that's taken them from Wimbledon to a yacht in St. Barths to the Taj Mahal.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. It's been a turbulent 18 months for Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez.  In January 2019, the bombshell news broke that the Amazon CEO and his wife, MacKenzie, were getting a divorce after 25 years of marriage. Hours later, we learned that Bezos was in a relationship with Lauren Sanchez, a TV host and helicopter pilot who, along with her husband, had been friends with the Bezoses.  Despite a tumultuous few months that involved leaked texts, blackmail, a billion-dollar divorce, and maybe even interference from the Saudi Arabian government, Bezos and Sanchez are still going strong.   Here's how their relationship became public and how they've spent the last year and a half as a couple. SEE ALSO: A history of the 30-year feud between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, whose love-hate relationship spurred the success of Microsoft and Apple It all started on January 9, 2019. Shortly after 9 a.m., Jeff and his wife, MacKenzie, issued a joint statement on Twitter that they were divorcing. "As our family and close friends know, after a long period of loving exploration and trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared lives as friends," the statement read. "If we had known we would separate after 25 years, we would do it all again." MacKenzie is one of Amazon's earliest employees. The couple has four children together.  A mere few hours later, a second bombshell dropped: Bezos was in a relationship with Lauren Sanchez. Sanchez started her career as a news reporter and anchor — she was a longtime anchor of "Good Day LA" on Fox 11 and worked as a correspondent on "Extra."  More recently, she's worked as a helicopter pilot and founded her own aerial filming company in 2016 called Black Ops Aviation. Bezos has hired Sanchez's company to film footage for his rocket company, Blue Origin.  Sanchez has also had TV and film roles, including as the host of the reality show "So You Think You Can Dance" and playing an anchor in movies like "Fight Club" and "The Day After Tomorrow," according to her IMDB page.  At the time, Sanchez was married to Patrick Whitesell, the co-CEO of WME, a Hollywood talent agency. Sanchez and Whitesell had been married since 2005, but at the time the news broke, the couple had been separated since the fall, according to Page Six.  The couple was friends with Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos because they had houses near each other in Seattle, Page Six reported.  The National Enquirer said it had conducted a four-month investigation into Bezos and Sanchez's relationship and had obtained texts and photos the couple had sent to each other. The Enquirer said it had tracked the couple "across five states and 40,000 miles, tailed them in private jets, swanky limos, helicopter rides, romantic hikes, five-star hotel hideaways, intimate dinner dates and 'quality time' in hidden love nests."  Page Six, which published the news a few hours before the Enquirer, reported that Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos knew that the Enquirer report was coming out and had timed their divorce announcement to get ahead of the news. The gossip site also reported at the time that Bezos and Sanchez started dating after Jeff and MacKenzie had separated the previous fall, and that MacKenzie knew of the relationship.  The Enquirer said it had gotten its hands on "raunchy messages" and "erotic selfies," including a text that reportedly read: "I love you, alive girl." The tabloid said it also had racy photos of both Bezos and Sanchez, including one that was too explicit to print. Source: Business Insider Almost immediately, questions arose about the Enquirer's motives for investigating Bezos and Sanchez and the tabloid's connection to President Trump. A feud has simmered for years between Trump and Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post, a frequent Trump target. The Enquirer's publisher, AMI, is run by David Pecker, a longtime Trump ally.  By the end of January, The Daily Beast reported that Bezos was funding an investigation into who had leaked his private messages to the Enquirer. Bezos' personal head of security, Gavin de Becker, headed up the investigation. De Becker said at the time that he thought the leaks were "politically motivated," which AMI denied.  The investigation initially pointed to Michael Sanchez, Lauren's brother and an outspoken Trump supporter, as the person who leaked the photos and texts, which Sanchez denied.  Then, in February, Bezos dropped a bombshell of his own: an explosive blog post titled "No thank you, Mr. Pecker," in which he accused Pecker and AMI of trying to blackmail him. Bezos wrote that the publisher had been threatening him with the publication of explicit photos he'd taken of himself unless he stopped investigating who was leaking his photos and texts to the tabloid. AMI also demanded that Bezos no longer claim the publisher's investigation into his personal life was influenced by political motivations, Bezos wrote.  As a result, Bezos published the emails he'd received from AMI. "Rather than capitulate to extortion and blackmail, I've decided to publish exactly what they sent me, despite the personal cost and embarrassment they threaten," Bezos wrote. Bezos also hinted in the post that there may have been a link between the investigation into his relationship with Sanchez and the Saudi Arabian government — specifically, that he might have been a target of the Saudis because he owns the Washington Post, which provided "unrelenting coverage," Bezos said, of the murder of its journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed by Saudi agents. The "Saudi angle" of Bezos' own investigation into the leaks seemed to have "hit a particularly sensitive nerve" with Pecker, Bezos wrote.  For its part, the Saudi Arabian government denied any role in the situation and called the whole saga a "soap opera."  Things quieted down for Bezos and Sanchez publicly for a few months, until April, when Jeff and MacKenzie finalized the terms of their divorce. Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos both released statements on Twitter saying they had "finished the process of dissolving" their marriage and would be co-parenting their four kids. MacKenzie said she was granting Jeff all her interests in the Washington Post and Blue Origin, as well as 75% of the Amazon stock they owned and voting control over the shares she retained. Her remaining stake in Amazon is estimated to be worth about $38 billion, placing her among the richest women in the world, according to Forbes. One day later, Sanchez and Whitesell filed for divorce. TMZ reported at the time that the couple asked for joint custody of their two children. The couple reportedly finalized their divorce in October.  The Bezos divorce was finalized in July. A few days later, Bezos and Sanchez made their first public appearance as a couple at Wimbledon. The couple was seated behind the royals at the men's Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic at the All England Club.  The pair was spotted again in August on what appeared to be a fabulous European vacation: They were seen strolling through Saint-Tropez and cruising off the coast of Spain, in the Balearic Islands, aboard media mogul David Geffen's superyacht, the Rising Sun. Other guests reportedly included Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and the founder of Thrive Capital, Josh Kushner, along with his supermodel wife, Karlie Kloss. (The group was pictured in an Instagram post that has since been deleted.) Bezos and Sanchez were then seen on fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg's sailing yacht off the coast of Italy. The couple appears to be close friends with von Furstenberg and her husband, IAC Chairman Barry Diller. Source: Page Six In December, Bezos reportedly threw Sanchez an elaborate 50th birthday celebration that included both a private dinner and a star-studded party attended by von Furstenberg and Diller, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, and Timothée Chalamet. Source: Page Six Around the holidays, the couple jetted off to French-speaking Caribbean island St. Barths, relaxing on yachts and meandering around the island with Sanchez's son, Nikko Gonzalez. Source: The Cut In January, Sanchez accompanied Bezos on a trip to India. Sanchez attended Bezos' visit to Mahatma Gandhi's tomb and walked the red carpet with Bezos at an Amazon Prime Video event in Mumbai.  A few weeks later, Sanchez traveled with Bezos to another international event — this time, a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris, France.  Since February, Bezos has been embroiled in a legal spat with Michael Sanchez, Lauren Sanchez's brother. Sanchez filed a defamation lawsuit against Bezos in February, claiming Bezos and his security consultant, Gavin de Becker, falsely accused him of providing Bezos' nude photos to the National Enquirer. Sanchez claimed in the suit that Bezos told journalists he had handed over the images to the tabloid, but he says he never had the photos in his possession.  Bezos said in a court filing of his own that the suit amounted to "extortion" and directly threatened free speech. Bezos sought to dismiss Sanchez's lawsuit under a California law that's intended to protect against frivolous lawsuits.  In the lawsuit, Sanchez used the word "fiancé" to describe Bezos' relationship to Lauren Sanchez, implying that the couple is engaged. Here's the full sentence from the lawsuit (emphasis ours): "While Mr. de Becker's initial asserted theory was that Mr. Sanchez had sold out his sister for $200,000, Mr. de Becker soon realized this theory would not hold up because, among other reasons, it was inconceivable that Mr. Sanchez would ruin his relationship with his sister and her current fiancé, the richest man in the world, for financial gain." Bezos isn't described as Sanchez's fiancé anywhere else in the suit, and Bezos and Sanchez have never confirmed that they're engaged. In December, Page Six published photos of the couple on vacation, noting that Sanchez was wearing a large diamond ring on her right hand (engagement rings are worn on the left hand).  At the time lawyers for Michael Sanchez said in a statement, "Michael's complaint speaks for itself." Representatives for Bezos and Sanchez did not respond to requests for comment. News broke in February that Bezos had reportedly purchased the Warner estate, a massive Beverly Hills compound, for $165 million. The purchase was the most expensive home sale in California history. Prior to the sale, The New York Post reported that Bezos and Sanchez had been house-hunting in Los Angeles and touring mansions throughout the area for weeks. The Warner estate was built by Hollywood mogul and Warner Bros. cofounder Jack Warner in 1937. It spans eight acres and is situated in the Benedict Canyon neighborhood of Beverly Hills. It's an incredibly private property that's surrounded by tall hedges, blocked off by a large gate, and completely hidden from view from the street. The compound is home to multiple dwellings, including two guesthouses and a 13,600-square-foot mansion. The estate also features a pool, tennis court, and manicured gardens, as well as a nine-hole golf course and a "motor court" with its own garage and gas pumps, according to Architectural Digest. 
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Illustration by William Joel / The Verge Just when you thought dating during quarantine couldn’t get any worse Continue reading…
Epic Games sued Apple and Google on Thursday for booting its popular video game "Fortnite" from their app stores, accusing the companies of engaging in monopolistic behavior. It's the latest escalation in a long-running fight between the tech giants and app developers, who claim Apple and Google unfairly wield their control over mobile app marketplaces and operating systems to stifle competition. The lawsuits also come as lawmakers and regulators are growing more concerned that tech companies have become too powerful and are threatening to crack down. Here's what you need to know about Epic's feud with Apple and Google and why it matters. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Why did Epic sue Apple and Google? On Thursday morning, Epic announced a permanent 20% discount on the in-game currency players use within "Fortnite" to purchase upgrades and customize their characters. But Epic said it couldn't offer the same discount to mobile players because Apple and Google take a 30% cut of all in-app purchases. Instead, Epic introduced a way for players to pay it directly within the iOS and Android apps, saying it could then pass along the savings to them. But in bypassing Apple and Google's payment systems, Epic broke their app store rules, and the companies swiftly removed "Fortnite." Epic immediately fired back with dueling lawsuits and a video roasting Apple's most iconic ad, accusing the tech giants of engaging in monopolistic behavior with their app store policies, the latest broadside in its ongoing battle with the companies. Why does Epic say Apple and Google's policies are unfair? For years, app developers like Epic have taken issue with the 30% commission Apple and Google charge on in-app purchases, which developers say the companies can only get away with because they dominate the mobile operating system market (most smartphones run on iOS or Android) and make it nearly impossible to download apps outside of their own app stores. In its lawsuit against Google, Epic claimed that through a variety of legal, technical, and design obstacles including "scary, repetitive security pop-ups" to warn users about non-Play Store app downloads, Google had "installed itself as an unavoidable middleman for app developers who wish to reach Android users and vice versa." Epic also said in an FAQ on its website that Apple doesn't treat all developers the same, and allows "thousands of apps" including "Amazon, Grubhub, Nike SNKRS, Best Buy, DoorDash, Fandango, McDonald's, and StubHub" to collect direct payments. Who else is on Epic's side? Several major developers have already rallied behind Epic. Spotify, which sued Apple over separate but related antitrust issues last year, told Recode's Peter Kafka that "Apple's unfair practices have disadvantaged competitors and deprived consumers for far too long." A spokesperson for Match Group, which owns dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, Match, and OkCupid, told Business Insider "we fully support Epic Games' efforts today to show how Apple uses its dominant position and unfair policies to hurt consumers, app developers and entrepreneurs." Others have yet to speak out on Epic's lawsuits specifically, but have taken issue with Apple's in-app payment policies in the past. Subscription-based email app Hey sparred with Apple in June, and Stratechery author Ben Thompson tweeted that other developers had experienced similar issues. What have Apple and Google said in their defense? Apple said in a statement following its decision to remove "Fortnite" that its policies "create a level playing field for all developers and make the store safe for all users." Apple also said developers like Epic "have benefited from the App Store ecosystem — including its tools, testing, and distribution that Apple provides to all developers." Google issued a similar statement in response to Epic's lawsuit, saying it has "consistent policies that are fair to developers and keep the store safe for users," adding that "the open Android ecosystem lets developers distribute apps through multiple app stores." Why does this fight matter? As Business Insider's Troy Wolverton wrote, Epic's deliberate violation of Apple's policy appeared to be part of a calculated ploy to lure Apple into an "antitrust trap" by provoking it into "flexing its enormous power" over app developers. Epic's move thrusts both Apple and Google back into the antitrust spotlight just weeks after their CEOs were grilled during a congressional hearing by lawmakers who argued the companies were unfairly using their size and market power to stifle competition. Apple CEO Tim Cook was specifically questioned about how Apple treats developers, and while Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google parent Alphabet, fielded more questions about how Google uses search results to favor its own products, regulators have raised similar concerns about its Play Store and Android policies. Apple and Google are both currently facing multiple antitrust lawsuits and regulatory investigations, and Epic's case could add fuel to the fire. Additionally, Epic may prove to be a more fierce challenger simply because its own success as a company isn't as dependent on either Apple or Google. While "Fortnite" is available on iOS and Android, a substantial amount of users play the game on desktop computers or gaming consoles like Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4.Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: How waste is dealt with on the world's largest cruise ship
I tested a $47,500 MINI John Cooper Works GP, the fastest street-legal MINI in history, and a car intended to be used for track attacks more so than everyday life. The 2021 MINI JCW GP is a two-seater with a punchy, 301-horsepower, turbocharged four-cylinder than matched up with various go-fast goodies, from an eight-speed automatic to special brakes and a race-ready suspension. The MINI JCW GP has no business on civilian roads, but it is actually sort of versatile, given its considerable cargo space.  If you aspire to the race track, the JCW MINI GP is a relative bargain for this much machine. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. MINI has a long and illustrious competitive history, dating all the way back to the original marque's heyday in the 1960s. The famous "Italian Job" getaway is nothing compared to what MINIs have done in actual racing. And since the revival of the brand under BMW ownership, the "John Cooper Works" moniker — taken from old-school race tuner John Cooper, who gave his name to the first MINI Cooper in 1961 — has signaled that a MINI could be taken to the track. And trusted to do its job as a legitimate high-performance machine. One of my personal favorite cars of all time is the MINI JCW, which I tested years ago and am still scared of. Last year, MINI brought out the JCW GP, the most intense and fastest vehicle it's ever produced. The car was meant to hit the street — er, the race track — mid-way through 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic appears to have slowed things down. In the US, you're still limited to pre-ordering a GP, for $1,000. Only 3,000 will be made, and the car is already advertising its bona fides. It lapped Germany's legendary Nürburgring in under eight minutes, according to the MINI. That's up there with some older Porsche 911s and Ferraris. MINI loaned me a 2021 JCW GP — base price of $44,900, but $45,750 as-tested — in an awesome "Racing Grey Metallic" paint job. My challenge was to figure out if I could fake a race track somewhere in the New Jersey suburbs. I failed, but I had a good time.  Here's how it went:FOLLOW US: On Facebook for more car and transportation content! I was rather lucky to get a crack at the MINI JCW GP hardtop, 2021 edition. This MINI is limited to 3,000 units and is currently still at the taking-reservations level. If you want one, you'll have to put down $1,000. Yes, the styling is nuts, but the familiar MINI cues are ever-present, starting with the classic MINI headlights. They're surrounded by model-specific black rings. The intricate dual-wing dominates the JCW GP's silhouette, overhanging the hatch. Yes, it looks bonkers. But it also provides useful downforce at speed. The "reversed wing profile ... generates maximum downforce with the lowest possible aerodynamic drag," MINI said when the JCW GP was announced prior to last year's LA auto show. Aerodynamics abound on this MINI. The front end also incorporates downforce-inducing elements. The dual exhaust pipes signal that this MINI means business. Four-piston aluminum brake calipers clamp down on ventilated front rotors. The rear brakes don't get the same treatment, but my tester did have lightweight, 18-inch JCW wheels all the way around ... ... Plus a quartet of Hankook high-performance tires. The powerplant for the JCW GP is a very special thing! It's a unique GP motor: a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that cranks out 301 horsepower with 331 pound-feet of torque. Controversially, unlike the MINI JCW, the GP lacks a manual transmission — because MINI doesn't have a manual that can handle the engine's power output. Thus, you get an eight-speed automatic coupled to a limited-slip differential. Fuel economy, for a car with this much pep, is sort of stunning: 24 mpg city/30 highway/26 combined. A chili-red bar spans the rear cargo area, which is quite commodious at 33 cubic feet. Let's take a look at this hot hatch's interior. Be forewarned: It's cozy. The GP is a two-seater, with just about anything that could add weight — such as rear seats — removed. A small GP logo adorns each seat, right where a racing harness could be fitted. The interior was rendered in "Carbon Black Dinamica" and leather. The multifunction steering wheel inspires confidence when you grab it. The small, all-digital cluster is a study in displaying only what you need to drive fast. Each of the 3,000 MINI JCW GPs produced will be numbered. My tester was number 250. I adore MINIs for spirited driving, and the focused nature of the cabin really gets you in a track-day frame of mind. When the new MINI arrived back in 2000 — yes, two decades ago — a large speedometer occupied the center stack, an homage to designer Alec Issigonis' original from the 1960s. The space now awkwardly hosts BMW's rectangular, 8.8-inch infotainment screen. I'd rather have the speedo, but the system is effective: it handles Bluetooth pairing, USB device integration, GPS navigation, and audio perfectly well. The system is controlled using this buttons-and-knob interface between the seats. Otherwise, the climate controls are straightforward, and the switchgear is carried over from several previous generations of MINIs. The start/stop engine switch, in bright red, is one my favorites in the entire auto industry. So what's the verdict? I've often thought that if I wanted to obtain a perfect weekend track car, the JCW MINI would be just what the doctor ordered. Yes, it's moderately terrifying. But it would be perfect for setting some zippy personal lap times. The JCW MINI GP is all of that and more, more, more. Beyond more rear wing — the JCW MINI doesn't have one — the GP's engine makes 75 more horsepower, bringing the total oomph above 300 horsepower and combining with a speed-optimized chassis to offer an enviable power-to-weight ratio. I'm inclined to poke fun at that big ole rear wing, which challenges the best that some 1980s Porsche 911s had to offer, not to mention a few Subaru WRX STi's and of course the Honda Civic Type R. But the wing is, well, sort of necessary to keep this fling-able two-door stuck to the asphalt. Interestingly, for a machine that can blast to 60 mph in about five seconds, the GP feels composed and stable. It doesn't feel like the quickest street-legal car MINI has ever produced.   Still, the word "hardcore" suggested itself to me behind the wheel of the GP. MINI really thought it through. "Model-specific modifications include a reinforced crankshaft with enlarged main bearing diameter, specific pistons, bushless connecting rods, and a new torsional vibration damper with optimized cooling," the brand said when the GP was revealed last year. Added to that is a new turbocharging technology, plus a new air-intake arrangement, all intended to jack up the ponies. It translates into an exhaust note that's downright gnarly. There wasn't much I could do on civilian-grade roads to test out the GP's mighty, race-ready suspension, but you can certainly feel the firmness in everyday motoring. It's sort of unpleasant at times, but given how this car looks from the outside, you expect it. Let's just speculate on how the GP would handle a track. The straightaways would be a thrill, as all 301 horsepower gets laid down, the drivetrain counteracts any torque steer, the aero maintains drag-race stability, and the transmission zings through its gears. The front brakes are divine, so a slam-down to take on a corner would be followed by either brisk automatic or quick auto-manual downshift, then an effort of getting back on the throttle, pronto, to re-establish grip up front and power out. The steering is assured, so the entire maneuver could be executed with an attitude of supreme self-confidence. I had to make do with some windy country roads, a feeble test for a maniac ride like the GP. But I at least caught a glimpse of what this car could do in its natural environment. That isn't the everyday highways and byways of normal life. But if you reckon you could at some point buy a racing helmet and start thinking about your own hot laps, there are worse ways to spend $47,500. In fact, the MINI JCW GP gives you so much legit performance in one high-strung package you might be foolish to look elsewhere.  
Elite Introductions is Australia’s #1 personalized matchmaking service for executives and professionals, founded by Trudy Gilbert.In today’s show, she shares tips on how to have more successful video dates during Coronavirus.Dating during COVID-19 can be challenging.Trudy shares quick and easy video dating tips that will lead to more successful video dates during these crazy times.Contact Us:☎ 1300 158 229✉ [email protected] These include:● How to use Good lighting to look at your best● How to be more engaging with framing and eye contact● Look special and feel special by dressing up for your online date● Get creative and have a little fun with these interesting suggestions● Giving each other time and space to see the attractive real you that your best friends know and love.Trudy Gilbert from Elite Introductions shares some great tips during this crazy time of social distancing.
This story is part of Black Ballad’s takeover of HuffPost UK, a week-long series by Black women on parenting, family, and our post-Covid future.When I tell people I found the sperm donor for my child on social media, they visibly cringe. It’s only when I take the time to explain the shortage of Black donors in sperm banks that their judgement starts to wane. I went through the process three years ago, but it’s sad to see that since then, little has changed. I approached finding a donor much like online dating. To optimise my chances, I selected a bank that boasted being Britain’s “largest provider of donor sperm”. I made a list of traits I’d like the donor to have – and a few dealbreakers. I wanted a donor who was Black like me, because I’d be raising the child alone and didn’t think I’d be able to provide the right support for the child’s other culture. The sperm bank’s website invited me to filter my search according to race, hair colour, eye colour, and height. When I selected Black for race and pressed enter, I was told that “unfortunately”, my search didn’t come up with any options. Hoping this was an issue with that particular bank, I tried two other British sperm banks – but the result was equally disappointing.One bank came back to me with two potential donors. I rang a few days later to ask for more information, but one of them was no longer available as he’d met the 10-family limit each donor is allowed to create. The other had requested his sperm only be given to heterosexual couples so, as a single woman looking for a donor, I wasn’t eligible.Related... I'm A Black Mum Who Gave Birth During Covid-19. I've Never Felt More Vulnerable I had no choice but to widen my search to Europe. Many American banks aren’t compliant with the British Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) regulations and can’t be used by our clinics, but I was surprised by the many options for Black donors available at Danish sperm banks.Their detailed profiles included psychological assessments, voice notes from the donor and childhood photos. I selected a donor and immediately began the process. But, I soon realised it was significantly more expensive to buy sperm from Denmark (£2,000 - £2,800 as opposed to £850 - £1,150).After my two rounds of IVF, I couldn’t afford to continue the process. This is how I ended up looking for a donor elsewhere.Private donation isn’t recommended by the HFEA, but I had no other options. I visited donor introduction sites and found the same lack of choice – or that donors were looking to co-parent. When I put my dilemma to other single mothers I followed on social media, they suggested looking for a sperm donor group on Facebook.There, I found a niche group for Black donors where women openly discussed their experiences – calling out deceitful donors, for example. After months of lurking, I saw a profile of a donor I liked and was able to chat to a mother who’d used him to conceive her daughter before starting the process with him.Related... Sharmadean Reid Is Fighting For A Workplace That Actually Works For Mums I was lucky – this private process is still high risk. These donors don’t always have the full medical work-up of a clinical donor. Tests for sexually transmitted diseases can be arranged, but genetic screening and psychological evaluations are difficult to organise.Certain sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV, may not be detected initially if tested at the wrong time – with a sperm bank, the sample would be frozen and only released when a second test confirmed no infection. Those using informal donors are often using fresh sperm and don’t have this luxury. The limited choice of properly processed sperm donors has led many women to look to high-risk sources.When choosing these risky options, women and their future children are also opened up to uncertain future relationships and potential legal battles. Not all men offering to donate are sincere and several women who have written about this on online forums have found themselves in uncomfortable situations when they meet their donor to collect the sample. The shame and secrecy associated with the use of unregulated websites adds to the blanket of silence. The population of the UK is 13 times bigger than Denmark (67 million versus five million) and the proportion of immigrants is similar (8% and 10% respectively), but there has been little research done to understand why there are so few Black donors in the UK, compared to Denmark, and what can be done to motivate men to donate their sperm. This lack of research continues to expose women, particularly Black women and their children, to unnecessary risks. Nor can we continue to rely on Denmark for Black donors when it’s unclear how Brexit will affect customs and trade.A homegrown solution is required now, more than ever.This article was commissioned for HuffPost UK by Black Ballad, the lifestyle platform that tells stories of human experience through the eyes of Black British women and elevates their voices. If you would like to read more, become a Black Ballad member to get unlimited access to content, events and discounts, and to connect to its community of like-minded women.Related... Why Black Ballad Is Taking Over HuffPost UK A Shortage of Sperm Donors: The Brexit Dilemma We Didn't See Coming 'Infertility Doesn't Discriminate' So Why Are Women Of Colour Suffering In Silence? Revealed: The Shocking Healthcare Racism Endangering Black Mothers
Power couple Annie Hwang and Jason Cui built Jemi, a Patreon alternative that landed them a coveted spot in Y Combinator's Summer 2020 batch. Jemi helps creator entrepreneurs to sell merchandise and experiences, such as autographed pictures, 1-on-1 virtual hang outs, and acting classes. So far, they've brought on ex-Guns N' Roses lead guitarist Bumblefoot, Olympic figure skater Karen Chen, and actor Sean Whalen, who is best known for his roles in the horror film 'The People Under the Stairs' and the 1996 thriller 'Twister'. Business Insider spoke with Whalen about why he choose Jemi over alternatives like Patreon.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Annie Hwang and Jason Cui met on the first day of college at Harvard, where they later started dating. After graduating in 2018, they worked as product managers and launched their tech careers. After the coronavirus pandemic struck, the power couple started brainstorming new ways to get audience members to interact with, and pay, content creators that use live streaming platforms like TikTok. In April, they launched the private beta version of Jemi, a Patreon alternative that landed the couple a coveted spot in Y Combinator's Summer 2020 batch. "We want to build this next generation of creator entrepreneurs," Hwang told Business Insider in an interview.  The country's ongoing shelter-in-place orders means that many actors, comedians, and musicians are unemployed and turning to live streaming, she explained. Creators "deserve to be monetizing their time and individuality," Hwang added, noting that "not all creators are making money." Jemi allows creator entrepreneurs to offer merchandise and experiences, such as autographed pictures, 1-on-1 virtual hangouts, and acting classes. The startup takes a cut from each transaction, Cui explained, though he didn't reveal specifics.  When Jemi launched in April, Hwang started reaching out to creators. So far, Jemi has brought on ex-Guns N' Roses lead guitarist Bumblefoot, Olympic figure skater Karen Chen, and actor Sean Whalen, who is best known for his role in the films 'The People Under the Stairs' and 'Twister'.  "We're not going after the typical celebrities," Hwang said. "They see themselves as content creators." Whalen, who most recently appeared in the 2020 film 'American Pickle' starring Seth Rogen, told Business Insider in an interview that, before he discovered Jemi, he'd been looking for new ways to make money from his TikTok live streams, where many of his 100,000+ followers tune in weekly. Whalen said that Jemi has been helping him make extra cash, as "there's no production going on" in the film industry.  "I gave Patreon a try," he said, "but my followers weren't into the subscription model." Die-hard horror fans from the Midwest Many of his followers, Whalen explained, are die-hard horror fans that come from rural parts of the Midwest. "They know me as Roach from The People Under the Stairs or from Twister," he said. The actor's name also got a boost from Netflix, which added Twister to the streaming platform at the beginning of June (before removing the film 2 months later). Whalen, who sells merchandise like autographed photos, DVDs, and Blurays, said he also tried including links to his PayPal and Venmo accounts on his TikTok live streams. But many of his fans would tell him "I don't have Venmo! I don't have PayPal," the actor said, explaining that the payment platforms aren't as popular among fans in rural areas.  Jemi made the process simple: Followers make one-time purchases by inputting their shipping and credit card information, all in one place. "Almost everyone has a credit or debit card," the actor said of his fanbase.   Since switching from Venmo and PayPal to Jemi, Whalen says his sales have increased by more than 30%. On his Friday TikTok live streams, his busiest days, he said that he sells about 40-50 items in 2 hours, and that Jemi makes it easier to manage the influx of requests.  There have been some hiccups, Whalen admitted, but he also said that the young entrepreneurs who founded the company "are willing to learn, and there's no ego around that."SEE ALSO: A former Apple TV designer built a livestreaming startup to challenge Twitch, and he's betting the key to winning will be live rap battles Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Here's what it's like to travel during the coronavirus outbreak
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Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates and Apple cofounder Steve Jobs began building their companies right around the same time, and it was a natural catalyst for their rivalry.  While the two founders had periods of civility, at other times, they were at each other's throats.  Jobs insulted Gates' taste and imagination, while Gates once described Jobs as "weirdly flawed as a human being." But the two execs appeared to get along better later in life, and when Jobs died in 2011, Gates said that they "spurred each other on, even as competitors." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs never quite got along. Over the course of 30-plus years, the two went from cautious allies to bitter rivals to something almost approaching friends — sometimes, they were all three at the same time. It seems unlikely that Apple would be where it is today without Microsoft, or Microsoft without Apple. Here's the history of the love-hate relationship between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.SEE ALSO: Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have feuded for over a decade about space travel. Here are 9 rivalries between some of the world's biggest tech CEOs. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs weren't always enemies — Microsoft made software early on for the mega-popular Apple II PC, and Gates would routinely fly down to Cupertino to see what Apple was working on. Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson In the early '80s, Jobs flew up to Washington to sell Gates on the possibility of making Microsoft software for the Apple Macintosh computer, with its revolutionary graphical user interface. Gates wasn't particularly impressed with what he saw as a limited platform — or Jobs' attitude. Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson "It was kind of a weird seduction visit where Steve was saying we don't really need you and we're doing this great thing, and it's under the cover. He's in his Steve Jobs sales mode, but kind of the sales mode that also says, 'I don't need you, but I might let you be involved,'" Gates later said. Source: Fortune Still, Gates appeared alongside Jobs in a 1983 video — a "Dating Game" riff — screened for Apple employees ahead of the Macintosh's launch. In that video, Gates compliments the Mac, saying that it "really captures people's imagination." Source: Business Insider Microsoft and Apple worked hand-in-hand for the first few years of the Macintosh. At one point, Gates quipped that he had more people working on the Mac than Jobs did. Source: Yahoo Their relationship, already kind of rocky, fell apart when Microsoft announced the first version of Windows in 1985. A furious Jobs accused Gates and Microsoft of ripping off the Macintosh. But Gates didn't care — he knew that graphical interfaces would be big, and didn't think Apple had the exclusive rights to the idea. Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson Besides, Gates knew full well that Apple took the idea for the graphical interface from the Xerox PARC labs, a research institution they both admired. Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson When Jobs accused Gates of stealing the idea, he famously answered: "Well, Steve, I think there's more than one way of looking at it. I think it's more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it." Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson From there, the gloves were off between the two founders. "They just ripped us off completely, because Gates has no shame," Jobs once said. To which Gates replied: "If he believes that, he really has entered into one of his own reality distortion fields." Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson Jobs thought that Gates was a stick in the mud, far too focused on business. "He’d be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger." Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson Gates said Jobs was "fundamentally odd" and "weirdly flawed as a human being." Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson But Gates respected Jobs' knack for design: "He really never knew much about technology, but he had an amazing instinct for what works." Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson In 1985, Steve Jobs resigned from Apple after a power shift to start his own computer company, NeXT. But even though Jobs was no longer working for Microsoft's biggest competitor, it didn't improve relations between the two. Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson Jobs thought that if NeXT lost and Microsoft Windows won, "we are going to enter a computer Dark Ages for about 20 years," he told Playboy in 1985. Source: The Telegraph Still, Windows was winning. By the late '80s, it became clear that Microsoft was just about unstoppable on the PC. Fast-forward to 1996, when Jobs appeared in a PBS documentary called "Triumph of the Nerds" and ripped into Gates and Microsoft, saying that they made "third-rate products." Source: PBS Jobs went on in that same documentary: "The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste. They have absolutely no taste. And I don't mean that in a small way, I mean that in a big way, in the sense that they don't think of original ideas, and they don't bring much culture into their products." Source: PBS By the late '90s, Apple was in serious danger of going under. When then-Apple CEO Gil Amelio moved to buy NeXT in 1996 and bring Jobs back to Apple, Gates tried to talk him out of it. Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson Gates said this to Amelio: "I know his technology, it's nothing but a warmed-over UNIX, and you'll never be able to make it work on your machines. Don't you understand that Steve doesn't know anything about technology? He's just a super salesman. I can't believe you're making such a stupid decision." Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson But by 1997, Jobs was Apple's CEO. At his first Macworld keynote, he announced that he had accepted an investment from Microsoft to keep Apple afloat. Bill Gates appeared on a huge screen via satellite link. The audience booed. Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson Gates clearly admired Jobs, even if they didn't always see eye-to-eye. When Apple introduced iTunes, Gates sent an internal email to Microsoft that said, "Steve Jobs' ability to focus in on a few things that count, get people who get user interface right, and market things as revolutionary are amazing things." Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson When Apple introduced the iPod in 2001, Gates sent another email: "I think we need some plan to prove that, even though Jobs has us a bit flat footed again, we can move quick and both match and do stuff better." Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson But Jobs was still pretty down on Microsoft, especially after Steve Ballmer took over from Bill Gates as CEO in 2000. "They've clearly fallen from their dominance. They've become mostly irrelevant," Jobs once said. "I don't think anything will change at Microsoft as long as Ballmer is running it." Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson Conversely, Gates thought much of Apple's post-iPhone success came from Jobs himself, and not from Apple's "closed" philosophy. "The integrated approach works well when Steve is at the helm. But it doesn't mean it will win many rounds in the future," Gates said. Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson And Gates didn't think too much of the iPad. "[I]t's not like I sit there and feel the same way I did with iPhone where I say, 'Oh my God, Microsoft didn't aim high enough.'" Source: CBS MoneyWatch But Jobs didn't think much of the Windows ecosystem either: "Of course, his fragmented model worked, but it didn't make really great products. It produced crappy products." Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson Jobs didn't even have any mercy when Gates decided to quit Microsoft in 2006 to focus more on his foundation. "Bill is basically unimaginative and has never invented anything, which is why I think he's more comfortable now in philanthropy than technology," Jobs said. Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson Still, in a weird way, the two men clearly respected each other. Appearing on stage together at the 2007 AllThingsD conference, Gates said, "I’d give a lot to have Steve’s taste." Source: The Wall Street Journal And Jobs once said, "I admire him for the company he built — it’s impressive — and I enjoyed working with him. He’s bright and actually has a good sense of humor." Source: "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson After Jobs died, Gates said, "I respect Steve, we got to work together. We spurred each other on, even as competitors. None of [what he said] bothers me at all." Source: Yahoo Ultimately, both men claim quite a legacy: Jobs built Apple into what is now the world's most valuable company, while Gates is the second-richest person on Earth. Source: CNBC, Bloomberg
The English town of Lyme Regis is part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. It was here in the 1830s that William Buckland, better known for the discovery of the first dinosaur, Megalosaurus, collected fossils with another pioneering paleontologist, Mary Anning. One of their discoveries was the remains of fossilized crinoids, sometimes known as “sea lilies.” Close relatives of sea urchins and starfish, these flower-like animals consist of a series of plates connected together in branches with a stem. The specimens from Lyme Regis, dating back to the Jurassic period over 180 million years ago, look like polished brass… This story continues at The Next Web
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Heatwaves undoubtedly bring a certain joy at the opportunity to be out in the sunshine. But as the planet heats and weather records tumble, increasingly normal bouts of baking heat aren’t all sun and games. Aside from the grief and guilt, we may feel about the human causes behind increasingly frequent spells of hot weather, heatwaves can also harm our mental health in hidden but surprisingly severe ways. Chief among them is their tendency to make our blood boil. Historic studies dating back to the early 19th century found that hotter regions tend to have higher violent crime rates than… This story continues at The Next Web
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Welcome to TNW’s beginner’s guide to AI. This multi-part feature should provide you with a very basic understanding of what AI is, what it can do, and how it works. The guide contains articles on (in order published) neural networks, computer vision, natural language processing, algorithms, and artificial general intelligence. Among the most common misconceptions surrounding machine learning technology is the idea that video games dating back to the 1970s and 1980s had built-in “artificial intelligence” capable of interacting with a human user. If you’re curious but in a hurry, video game “AI,” in the traditional sense, is not what people refer to in… This story continues at The Next Web
A "monumental temple complex" that dates back to the Iron Age and several buildings that housed the early kings of Ulster may be hidden underground at Navan Fort, according to a newly published study.
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