Jay Stafstrom Every night when the sun goes down, Florida's net-casting spiders emerge, startling onlookers with record-breaking, enormous eyes.Now, a new study shows that the two giant eyes among the spiders eight total peepers make the key difference in helping the spiders to see better at night, and zero in on prey walking nearby.Stafstrom captured 29 Deinopis spinosa spiders and used a toothpick to paint a layer of dental silicone over each spider's two large eyes.The results were similar; the spiders with impaired sight were less likely to capture prey in this case, crickets than were the able-eyed spiders.The spiders' large eyes likely help them hunt at night, during low-light situations, Stafstrom said.Copyright 2016 LiveScience, a Purch company.
As innovators slap the smart label on everything from batteries for power tools to picture frames, a dentist in Chicago has founded the dental health startup ONVI to launch the world s first video-enabled smart toothbrush.However creepy it might be to tune into a live feed of your own mouth during a brushing session, the company hopes Prophix helps people track missed spots and attend to problem areas.With nearly 35 years of dental experience under his belt, ONVI founder and Chicago native Dr. Craig Kohler remains one of a small group of dentists who turn to live video during procedures.With today s advancements in technology, it is finally possible to bring this never-before-seen dental solution into the home with Prophix.In addition to a live video feed, the toothbrush also allows users to take snapshots during brushing sessions in order to help them track their daily sessions.Adopters of this innovative new toothbrush not only receive the camera-touting toothbrush and companion application, but also three additional interchangeable attachments outside of the standard rotating head.
FBI agents, one armed with an assault weapon, reportedly raided the home of a security professional who discovered sensitive data for 22,000 dental patients was available on the Internet, according to a report published Friday.He said it started when his doorbell rang incessantly and someone banged hard on his door.One was pointing a big green assault weapon at me, Shafer told Daily Dot, and the baby s crib was only feet from the door.Enter EaglesoftA FBI agent told Shafer the raid stemmed from an incident in February, when Shafer discovered a file transfer protocol server operated by Eaglesoft, a provider of dental practice management software.Shafer contacted DataBreaches.net and asked for help privately notifying the software maker, and once the patient data was secured, the breach notification site published this disclosure.This would not be the first time a company seemingly attempted to chill Shafer s speech about their security issues.
The computer tooth design software and milling machine are photographed at Oasis Dental Office in Dublin, Calif., on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.With new software and computer aided design systems and equipment, dental offices are able to digitally scan a tooth, design a crown, mill the crown, and install the crown all within one office visit."Gann was able to transform her mission impossible into dental reality thanks to an emerging technology that has melded the digital realm with the world of dentistry.In conventional dentistry, patients needing a crown typically undergo a numbing of the mouth, then are asked to bite down on a gooey substance to help create the impression for the temporary and the permanent crowns.You get a better restoration in less time.""The patients think it's like magic," Petrush said.
Southern Finland toughest growth companies top 30 list for all the companies reach growth of more than one hundred percent. Both turnover of only EUR over three million. Reasonable growth of the average company's operational performance has improved markedly. The improvement has been achieved, as well as cost discipline, that of the growth tulosvivun thanks. Companies' balance sheets are mostly strong, with a median equity ratio has risen slightly and is at a good 44 per cent. TOP 30: Uusimaa, Kanta-Häme, Päijät-Häme and Kymenlaakso Place Company Domicile EUR million Growth% 3 years. 1 male Ltd Helsinki 3.3 642.1 2 Lifting Solutions Ltd Helsinki 3.3 547.6 3 Unity Technologies Finland Oy Helsinki 118.0 345.9 4 Hausia Ltd Espoo 28.7 305.6 5 Sisco Housing Ltd Helsinki 12.1 262.6 6 Odeal Ltd Helsinki 16.7 240.9 7 Elite Roofing Ltd Bay 10.8 236.5 8 Privanet Group Group Helsinki 8.4 226.4 9 Adlibris Finland Oy Helsinki 18.5 211.8 10 Super Cell Group Helsinki 2109.2 199.7 11 SCM Finland Oy Helsinki 3.0 178.9 12 Finland rebate Group Eagle 1.9 167.8 13 Tower Property Advisors Ltd Helsinki 5.2 166.8 14 Attendo Dental Practice Ltd Helsinki 3.5 149.8 15 Plumbing Expert Porvoo 2.6 147.5 16 Nosh Company Ltd Hämeenlinna 3.3 145.5 17 Passion Logistics Espoo 2.1 143.6 18 Helsinki Hospital Ltd Helsinki 3.5 142.2 19 A twinkle in kindergartens Group Espoo 14.3 138.3 20 Frosmo Ltd. Helsinki 2.5 136.7 21 UpCloud Ltd Helsinki 2.0 133.8 22 Skyr Finland Oy Helsinki 22.0 132.4 23 KSK Logistics & Infra Ltd Lohja 11.0 128.1 24 4-Motion Ltd. Helsinki 1.9 126.1 25 Cloudator Ltd Helsinki 5.3 114.8 26 Booxmedia Ltd Helsinki 1.7 114.6 27 Mankkaa Taxi Ltd. Espoo 3.8 114.0 28 Allied Travel Consultants Oy Ltd Helsinki 6.9 108.3 29 Fitness24Seven Ltd Helsinki 8.7 107.3 30 Mobila Electronics Ltd. Vantaa 6.1 106.1
We do not have a tool to tell us where to specifically focus or to indicate whether we re improving the health of our teeth and gums or not.We both graduated from City University in July 2015 and that summer we started our mission to get this technology into the hands of people and take the skills we learnt during our Biomedical Engineering degree and use it to create a positive impact.The user will immediately be shown where their inflamed gum and plaque areas are located as well be provided with personalised care in order to help the user improved.Our mission is to improve the oral health of individuals globally using digital technology.The dental sector has been standstill for far too long and we aim to positively disrupt this ancient system by providing the world s first immediate digital check-up in the hope that the unbelievable statistics associated with poor oral health drop.We aim to re-create the way everyone takes care of their teeth and we would love you to join the PlaqueChecker team, so please subscribe to follow our journey on www.plaquechecker.com and follow us on Twitter- @PlaqueChecker.
Robert "Bob" Greifeld, chief executive officer of Nasdaq OMX Group.Photo: Bloomberg, Billy H.C. KwokUnfazed by China s lingering economic slowdown, the head of the Nasdaq sees a new wave of technology companies leading the charge of mainland firms going public this year in the world s second-largest exchange by market capitalisation.The vast majority of those interested in listing in the US ... are from TMT the technology-media-telecommunications sector , where there is a range of opportunities, Greifeld said.We have a decent shot of having at least 10 initial public offerings IPOs come to the US from China this year.Data from the New York-based Nasdaq showed that the average number of Chinese companies listing on the exchange has reached 11 annually over the past four years.Founded in Beijing, the company is developing what it has described as the next generation of cancer treatment, which includes novel molecularly targeted and immuno-oncology therapeutics.
GIFKlaus Teuber is a name that s probably not immediately recognizable to you but might ring a bell in the back of your mind because as the inventor of Settlers of Catan, his name graces every box.Surprisingly, board game design was originally Klaus hobby, but after selling 25 mil copies of Catan, he no longer has to work in a dental laboratory—or really ever again.Great Big Story recently traveled to Germany to meet Klaus, and his family, and picked his brain for some gameplay strategies.Don t waste your time chasing the longest road early in the game.You might think it s your secret weapon, but it will end up hindering the growth of your settlements.The entire video is a charming look at the mind of a legend, so dig in.
At Monday's Planning Commission meeting, commissioners unanimously approved a use permit 5-0 for Facebook to move its wellness center, as well as a music practice room, to 923-925 Hamilton Ave. Commissioner Andrew Barnes was absent and Vice Chair Drew Combs, a Facebook employee, recused himself from the discussion.The new offices and music room, less than 1,000 feet from their current location on the East Campus, north of Bayfront Expressway at the Willow Road intersection, will be twice as large, according to a Facebook official."We basically outgrew our facility on the East Campus," said Steve Tsuruoca, a senior project manager with Facebook.Facebook will use 19,500 square feet of the 24,000-square-foot existing one-floor office building for medical, dental and vision services offices, with the remainder housing the music room and flexible space.The site would only be open to Facebook employees and their dependents over the age of 12, and the tech company said most patients would visit the site "by walking, bicycling, or using the intra-campus shuttle van service," according to a staff report.Advertisement"I think that Facebook has certainly done well at alleviating the traffic fears of the community," Commissioner John Onken said.
Last month, dental technology startup ONVI introduced a toothbrush with a camera built in, so users could get a close up look at their teeth as they slowly rot away in their heads.The verbosely named Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected is a Bluetooth-enabled electric toothbrush designed to track and help improve people s brushing habits.When I sat down with the company ahead of launch, a spokesperson stressed the need for truly meaningful innovations, since, anybody can create a connected toothbrush, adding that, at the end of the day, most people who go the lengths of buying a fancy $200 electric toothbrush probably don t need, say, a twice daily reminder to brush their teeth.In other words, don t just add connectivity to your toothbrush for the sake of adding connectivity to your toothbrush.The brush itself features three intensity settings, pressure sensors with a built-in haptic buzz when you press too hard and a timer.The Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected will run $200 when it starts shipping in July.
The Series D round of funding was led by Blackstone Tactical Opportunities and Insight Venture Partners, along with existing investors unnamed which but previous backers include strategics like Capital One, Dell Ventures, DFJ, Fairhaven, Khosla, KKR and Ten Eleven .The company is already working with over 1,000 companies and millions of endpoints, with clients including government agencies and large businesses, and says that its billings have grown over 1,000 percent since first being launched in 2012, and customer numbers 785 percent in that period, making it one of the fastest-growing among all security startups.We re enthusiastic about supporting the terrific management team at Cylance, a company well-positioned for growth with a strong foundation in the cyber-security space, he said in a statement.Cylance tells me that this latest round will be used to ramp up its sales and marketing globally, with target customers running the gamut from the largest financial institutions to the smallest dental office in Malaysia.In fact, right now Cylance is mainly working companies in the former of these two categories but will soon be launching more tools and pricing for SMBs, which was always the bigger ambition, said McClure.Our goal of reinventing endpoint security by using machine learning to think like a cyber hacker has been achieved and we now must ensure that it is put in the hands of security leaders inside enterprises, organizations, governments and small businesses as quickly as possible.
Jake Winebaum, founder & CEO of Brighter, a Saas-enabled dental marketplace, has been a serial entrepreneur for 35 years, with many pivots and adventures along the wayIn an interview with Mayfield Partners, Jake takes us on a journey from his first startup in college to his idea to disrupt the healthcare industry with Brighter, a provider of information and services around dental benefits.The company s investors include Navin Chaddha at Mayfield, Bill Gurley at Benchmark, Stewart Gollmer at Tenaya and Gabe Ling from General Catalyst.Jake himself, is a self-proclaimed accidental entrepreneur who co-founded LA-based incubator ecompanies, which resulted in successful startups such as Jamdat, Boingo Wireless, and Business.com, where he served as the chief executive.In this podcast, Jake shares his key learnings, how hiring the right people is critical and why it s necessary to have three careers.
If you're worried that your brushing technique may not be up to scratch, Philips has just the thing for you.It then sends this data to your smartphone via Bluetooth and presents you with a "3D mouth map" that identifies the areas of your gob where you're brushing too fast, too hard or neglecting completely.Why advertise with usThe Sonicare app will highlight the areas needing improvement in various colours, and will even give you tips on how to improve your technique: after brushing, the app will give you feedback on which areas of your dental cleansing ritual need improvement, meanwhile a "TouchUp" feature will advise you to go back in for a second attempt if it thinks you've missed a spot.Egbert van Acht, CEO, of Philips' health and wellness unit, said: "At Philips we're constantly exploring how we can create meaningful innovations within our oral healthcare portfolio to make people's lives better.The mouth is the gateway to the body and as increasingly sophisticated diagnostic technology is built into oral health devices, data captured could help identify wider health issues."The Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected is listed by the company as "coming soon", with an anticipated price tag around the $200 £140, €177 mark.
On the other side of the Atlantic, UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced the introduction of a soda tax.For example, governments in both countries have grown alarmed with low savings for retirement – resulting in large part from the transition from plans with defined benefits to plans with defined contributions a euphemism for save for your own retirement .The best prospect for labeling to have an effect is through a kind of Tell-tale Heart effect, whereby food retailers and producers change their offerings or improve the nutritional content of existing selections in response to feared consumer reactions, even if such fears are only imaginary, like in the eponymous Edgar Allan Poe story.All forms of junk food, not just soda, have become progressively cheaper than healthy alternatives in recent decades.A comprehensive approachOne possible rationale for a soda tax is that the government should start by attacking the most egregious problems, and sweetened drinks are an especially attractive bull s-eye for policymakers given their lack of almost any nutritional component.But to have any prospect of significantly improving diet, a more comprehensive junk food tax would have to be levied on a much broader range of sugary, fatty and nutritionally poor foods and drinks.
Remedy Labs is opening up its medical insurance service to more people with the goal of preventing excessive billing and charges from taking place.It claims that it has saved its undisclosed number of customers an average of $1,000 per year after discovering errors for half of them.Started by former TaskRabbit executive Victor Echevarria, John Schulte, and Marija Ringwelski, Remedy has some Mint.com-like characteristics.To ensure protection of people s privacy, the company requires you to digitally sign an authorization form giving it access to your data.When you have a doctor s appointment for a vision, dental, or medical-related issue, the insurance bill will be analyzed by Remedy s technology and network of specialists who will ascertain whether the charges are accurate.The company integrates with all major insurance providers within the U.S. and will charge you if there s any money saved — Echevarria said that 20 percent is charged as commission with a maximum fee of $99 per bill.According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. spent in 2014 $3 trillion on health-related issues, making up 17.5 percent of the country s Gross Domestic Product GDP .That s a lot of money being passed around for hospital care, physician and clinical services, and prescription drugs.And how often are we really looking at our medical bills to see if we re being overcharged?It s not necessarily the major operations or procedures that we might pay extra for.
Don t have time in this busy, busy world to spend four minutes per day on dental hygiene?This ability may be affected by lack of knowledge of the correct brushing technique, lack of manual ability to perform the right motion, or lack of time to dedicate the necessary two minutes.In fact, statistics show that nearly 70% of the population does not brush the right way, so we believed it was necessary to introduce a new device, capable of making toothbrushing independent of human skills.The two outer brushes respectively brush the vestibular and lingual/palatal surfaces of each tooth, while the central brush cleans the occlusal surfaces.The easily-guided rotation movement from bottom to top reportedly removes plaque in the same way a manual or standard electric toothbrush would — but in a toothpaste-spitting 2.5 seconds per quadrant of your mouth.The GlareSmile brush will eventually set customers back €150, but early bird backers can get their hands on it complete with USB cable for €99 $112 .
View photosMoreMechanical engineers Abdullah Mojeb Aldar L , 26, and Fahad al-Musalam, 24, move a 3d-printed model of QatarÕs Al Bayt stadium, which will host a World Cup semi-final in 2022, at a laboratory at Qatar University in Doha, Qatar June 16, 2016.Qatar has sought to allay concerns about its summer heat and moved the competition to the cooler month of November.But Qatar still experiences sand and dust storms in winter months."We're looking at aerodynamics, how changing the shape of the stadium affects the dust, heat and wind inside," Ghani said.Like an open-top car, you want air flying over not swirling inside," he said, pointing to smoke billowing around a cavernous black stadium inside the wind tunnel.3D printing has been used by engineers to build prototypes for decades but has recently become more widespread, with uses including the production of dental crowns and light aircraft parts.
Take a stroll through Kickstarter or Indiegogo and you ll find no shortage of weird, useless, and downright stupid projects out there — alongside some real gems.A self-replicating machine that makes other self-replicating machines sounds like the premise of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller flick — but it s also the concept behind a nifty new Kickstarter campaign.Taking the laziness level up a notch, a brilliant company called BoatsToGo has developed a new hoverboard attachment that allows you to operate your self-balancing scooter while lounging in a lawn chair.If you own a few of them, you can daisy chain them together and use them like a surround sound system.Don t have time in this busy, busy world to spend four minutes per day on dental hygiene?Unlike your regular boring toothbrush, GlareSmile features three rotating brushes that allegedly allow it to clean every dental surface at the same time; brushing teeth simultaneously with oscillation and rotation motions.
The Prophix is going to empower people to take better care of their health, said Onvi founder Dr. Craig S. Kohler.In fact, there s a whole wave of them either on the market or coming soon.They are all based on a similar proposition; by connecting your toothbrush to a smartphone app — iOS only for now, but the Android app is on the way — your toothbrush will be able to get more data on how you brush, which can help users and their dentists take better care of their teeth.Where many of the connected brushes, including a Bluetooth-enabled model by Oral-B, simply projects user brushing data on a chart, the Prophix lets you modify and spot clean your teeth based on what s actually there.In addition to the standard electric toothbrush, the Prophix comes with interchangeable heads that offer other dental tools, such as a mirror, a prophy cup that cleans under the gum line, and a rubber gum stimulator tip.If the prospect of using all those tools seems daunting, that s OK: The Prophix tracks your brushing and offers tips on how to brush more effectively.
Man, you do not want to see dead tooth nerves on your dental x-ray.It s arguably the most dreaded dental procedure, but if a promising new type of filling pans out, no one need ever suffer through this often-painful process again.Perhaps you are one of the fortunate few to whom the concept of a root canal is a mystery.Dentists typically treat cavities by drilling away the decay and plugging the hole with a filling made of gold, porcelain, a composite resin tooth-colored fillings , or an amalgam of some sort usually an alloy of mercury, silver, copper, tin and sometimes zinc .And more often than not, the tooth does not go gently into that good night.When that happens, you need a root canal to save the tooth.