As Gaga offers a $500,000 reward for her dogs' return, extremely unnerving video captures the violent attack Wednesday night in Hollywood, California.
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A gunman shot Lady Gaga’s dog walker and stole two of the singer’s French bulldogs in Hollywood Wednesday night along with possible accomplices, according to reports.The hospitalised male victim was in unknown condition, the LAPD told People. However, a source told the New York Post that the man was “recovering well.”KABC in Los Angeles reported the victim “appeared to be alert” and was talking to paramedics as he was about to be placed in the ambulance while holding one of the dogs. Lady Gaga, who was in Italy, offered a $500,000 reward for the retrieval of the dogs, according to multiple outlets.A third dog had run away but was recovered, TMZ noted. Gaga’s bodyguard was spotted carrying the dog away.Police said the shooter, who had a semiautomatic handgun, fled with perhaps other suspects in a white car.Gaga’s father, Joe Germanotta, told Fox News on Thursday that the dog walker is a friend of the family: “Our whole family is upset,” he said.READ MORE:15 Things You Probably Never Knew About Lady Gaga's Born This Way As The Single Turns 10Lady Gaga's Inauguration Performance – And Her Outfit – Get The Thumbs Up On Social Media
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Raw dog food diets are controversial.While some suppose this is the way puppies had been supposed to consume earlier than puppies grew to become pets, others suppose dry dog meals is the right weight loss plan for our four-legged furballs. 
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House of Paw Pet Boutique is one of the high-quality pet retail outlets that are imparting incredible daring raw dog food and cat food in the industry.They are the first-rate pet store in Regina. 
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Dogs and humans have lived side-by-side since the distant past. Scientists have wondered how far back the history of dogs spans in the Americas and what route dogs use to enter this part of the world. Researchers from the University at Buffalo have used a small bone fragment from a dog found in Southeast Alaska that lived in the region … Continue reading
Photo illustration by William Joel | Video by Daniel Valls The cyberpunk dystopia is here! (If you weren’t aware: I’m sorry. You’re living in a cyberpunk dystopia.) The latest sign — aside from corporations controlling many aspects of everyday life, massive widespread wealth inequality, and the recent prominence of bisexual lighting — comes in the form of robot dogs deployed to do jobs human police used to. Yesterday, as the New York Post reports, the NYPD deployed Boston Dynamics’ robot “dog” Spot to a home invasion crime scene in the Bronx. The video was taken by videographer Daniel Valls, of You can hear a voice say “that thing is creepy” as the robot prances past the camera. The Post reports that a spokesperson for the NYPD said the robot is in a test phase, presumably to... Continue reading…
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The lips have a clear black pigmentation, fit snugly to the jaws.Their chest is narrow, deep, and well developed.The back is of medium length, athletic with a short, strong loin.Mainly such dogs are white.It can take the most decisive actions to protect the owner or area.However, a caring attitude, timely training for obedience, and early socialization can help your pet behave normally.Your dog loves outdoor games.