the Competition is in its infancy, but the Hyundai seems to be the first with an autonomous car-sharing.on top of that their self-driven electric cars, the roll-out of the state of California.Recently, flying the flag Alphabets subsidiary of Waymo for the use of their car service to be driven by a completely driverless car.The south Korean manufacturer is investing heavily to, among other things, in the autonomous community of technology, and is now announcing Chevrolet will pull the trigger for a self-driven bildelningstjänst in the state of California.With the start of the fourth of november, the autonomous community of the copies of the company's electric car, With Elecrtric rolling in Irvine, california.The new autonomous community of the bildelningstjänsten is going to be a hot Botride.
When the Ubers ceo Travis Kalanick last summer suggested a collaboration for Tesla's ceo, Elon Musk, so was rejected.It claims the Fortune reporter Adam Lashinsky in his new book, Wild Ride, which will be released next week.the Book also claims that Musk a few days later went out with their own efforts to develop a self-driven bildelningstjänst under the name ”Tesla master plan part 2”.This should have happened after Apple entered with an investment of 1 billion u.s. dollars in Ubers hardest competitor Didi Chuxing.Today has been Uber sold its chinese operations to Didi.Uber is partnering today with Daimler and Volvo on the self-driven cars.