Summary:This report studies the global Adventure Tourism market, analyzes and researches the Adventure Tourism development status and forecast in United States, EU, Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia.This report focuses on top players in the global market, Such as·         Austin Adventures ·         G Adventures ·         Intrepid Travel ·         Mountain Travel Sobek ·         Natural Habitat Adventures ·         REI Adventures ·         TUI AG.·         ROW Adventures ·         REI Adventures ·         InnerAsia Travel Group ·         Butterfield & Robinson Management Services, Inc. ·         Abercrombie & Kent Group The Department of Market, by Region / Country, is included in this report·         United States ·         EU ·         Japan ·         China ·         India ·         Southeast Asia Market Segments by type can be divided into product·         Land-based Activity ·         Water-based Activity ·         Air-based Activity Market Segments can be split into the market by application·         Solo ·         Group ·         Family If you have any special requirements, please contact and we will provide you the report as you want.Enquire about Report at - of Content·         Chapter One: Industry Overview of Adventure Tourism·         Chapter Two: Global Adventure Tourism Competition Analysis and Forecast by Players·         Chapter Three: Company (Top Players) Profiles·         Chapter Four: Global Adventure Tourism Market Size by Type and Application (2013-2018·         Chapter Five: United States Adventure Tourism Development Status and Outlook·         Chapter Six: EU Adventure Tourism Development Status and Outlook·         Chapter Seven: Japan Adventure Tourism Development Status and Outlook·         Chapter Eight: China Adventure Tourism Development Status and Outlook·         Chapter Nine: India Adventure Tourism Development Status and Outlook·         Chapter Ten: Southeast Asia Adventure Tourism Development Status and Outlook·         Chapter Eleven: Market Forecast and Analysis by Regions, Type and Application (2018-2025)·         Chapter Twelve: Adventure Tourism Market Dynamics·         Chapter Thirteen: Market Effect Factors Analysis·         Chapter Fourteen: Research Finding/Conclusion·         Chapter Fifteen: Appendix·         Methodology·         Analyst Introduction·         Data SourceGet a Sample copy of this Report at -  Related Report:Anti-Drone Market Size, Analysis, Trend & Forecast Report, 2014 – 2024Industry Insight Globally, the anti-drone market size was $ 329.02 million in 2016 and It is expected to register a CAGR of 24.1% over the forecast period.Unused air vehicles (UAVs) seem to be increasing in the world and Represents a new danger for the security system.For More Detail - Us:Frank n Raf is one of the eminent companies in Market Research and Consulting Services headquartered in Pane, India and soon will be in The United States.With regard to market research and consulting services, we give our customers more choices.In the services we offer, we provide deep and transparent industry insights, syndicated search reports, customized search reports and excellence.Contact Us:Frank n Raf Market Research LLP401 – ‘A’ Wing, Amar Synergy,Sadhu Vaswani Chowk, Pune Station,Pune – 411014Maharashtra, IndiaPhone: +1 347-321-6773E-mail:
Activision took a shot at making its own battle royale game when it added Blackout to 2018's Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.The publisher will now take the mode to the small screens as Call of Duty: Mobile.A blog post from the publisher revealed a 100-player battle royale mode will be included in Call of Duty: Mobile.The action will take place across 12 multiplayer maps from the previous Call of Duty games.Once equipped, they can begin eliminating other players in hopes of being the last survivor.Players can select between six different classes:
The US has warned businesses and other organisations on the potential spying threat of using drones manufactured in China, potentially adding a new front to the US’ trade conflict with the world’s second-largest economy.The warning, which comes after the US Department of Commerce placed China’s Huawei on a trade blacklist last week, says organisations using drones for tasks related to national security or critical infrastructure are particularly at risk.It does not refer to a specific company, but DJI, which like Huawei is based in Shenzhen in southern China, is the world market leader for aerial cameras.The company made up nearly three-quarters of global sales last year, according to research firm Skylogic, and accounted for more than 70 percent of the US market for drones costing more than $500 (£393).The US’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, a subsidiary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), issued its warning notice on Monday, according to CNN and other outlets.Directed to US businesses, it highlights the hazards of using drones manufactured or sold by companies “operating under the control or influence of a foreign authoritarian state”, since the devices’ cameras and sensors are “capable of collecting and transferring potentially revealing data about their operations and the individuals and entities operating them”.
Come for the enterprise tech, stay for the tortured punsMost of us not fortunate enough to dwell in gated manors in the countryside hive to endure a simple truth – noisy neighbours can bee annoying.One Spanish couple had 80,000 of them, living in their bedroom wall.For nearly two years, the Granada residents were kept awake by a persistent buzzing next to their heads.According to The Local, each night they would puzzle over the sound's origin."Is it the neighbour's washing machine?
It is seen that with the coming of modern technology in the vast range of drones or UAVs, the photography skill too getting high with passing time.It is seen that the area of taking photos from different angles are now changing in a great manner.And in recent time, the taking of images via the drone is said to be the latest way of having a nice photo of anything.But to take the photos in a perfect manner from the drone, you need to know some of the basic things.How to fly the drone for photography?When it comes to the flying of drone, you must fly it as a local oval or in parks.Get accommodated with the drone controls in order to fly it in a better way.It is seen that the camera has got about wide angle lens or about 20mm equivalent.So it very difficult to anticipate the real position of trees and buildings.
A Civil Aviation Authority spokesman told Business Insider that it will begin with virtual tests, but in the future, it will look to do physical tests.Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos predicted that drone delivery would be in place by 2018 but his plans are yet to materialize.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.A UK government aviation agency is helping to make Amazon's dreams of high-speed drone delivery come true.On Tuesday, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced that its newly formed innovation team would be launching a virtual testing space, known as an "Innovation Sandbox," where a group of companies would have the chance to "discuss, explore, trial and test emerging concepts."A CAA spokesman told Business Insider that while the testing will begin virtually, it would eventually be done in a physical space.
DHS warns of ‘strong concerns’ that Chinese-made drones are stealing data – CNNWhat happened: The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned in an alert issued Monday that the US government has “strong concerns” about certain Chinese-made aircraft “that takes American data into the territory of an authoritarian state that permits its intelligence services to have unfettered access to that data.” Users were cautioned when purchasing drones from China to take extra steps to protect data, like turning off the device’s internet connection, while organizations involved in national security and critical functions are told to be “especially vigilant as they may be at greater risk of espionage.”Why it’s important: While no specific drone manufacturer was named, nearly 80% of drones in the US and Canada are made by Shenzhen-based DJI, the world’s largest commercial drone maker, according to the CNN report citing a study from Skylogic Research.The warning comes after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order last week effectively banning the sale and use of Huawei telecom equipment.DJI drones, now widely used in US infrastructure and government departments, have been banned from the US Army since 2017 amid allegations that the company collected and shared sensitive US data with the Chinese government.
The US Department of Homeland Security is reportedly warning about data security issues when using Chinese-made drones.The government is concerned commercial drones made in China and used in the US are being used to steal data or infect networks with malware, according to CyberScoop and Politico.An advisory against using these drones would include Chinese drone maker DJI's extensive portfolio, including the DJI Spark.and the DJI Mavic Air, which CNET has reviewed as being "a folding 4K mini drone that's close to perfect."The reported warning follows networking equipment from Chinese tech giant Huawei being blacklisted by the US government and Huawei essentially banned via an executive order from Trump last week, and Google removing Android updates from Huawei phones.Huawei is seeing a slight reprieve, though; the US Commerce Department has created a temporary license until Aug. 19 for Huawei to keep existing networks and provide software updates to existing phones, according to Reuters.
With the help of a eventkamera can the university's drones avoid throwing projectiles.See the swerve around the football.Drönarnas capacity to read their environment is becoming increasingly sharper.We have seen solutions that allows them to avoid static objects as well as move in dense swarms without colliding.Now, researchers at Zurich university have developed technology that will help drones to dodge the flying projectiles.On a quadcopter, they have mounted a so-called eventkamera.
Ugh, the Gregorian calendar is so boring.That’s why we’re disrupting monthly series with a lunar cycle-based series about the best patents of the last synodic month, picked by the PatentYogi team.Since my last post, the US patent office issued over 29,948 patents and published over 33,636 patent applications.A 3D map of a surface to be painted is sent to the paintcopter, along with painting instructions.Disney has specified that paintcopter will be used for painting large uneven structures like 3D sculptures and rides in their amusement parks.However, our social media feeds often become cluttered with posts from too many sources.
A month after launching a full-fledged drone delivery service in Canberra, Australia, Wing has announced the trial of a similar service for a suburb in Helsinki, Finland — its first such effort in Europe.Part of Google-parent Alphabet, Wing has been working on its drone delivery platform since 2013.The flying machine features fixed wings but also uses rotors to control its flight, and weighs about 5 kilos; for comparison, DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro quadcopter tips the scales at about 1.4 kilos.It can transport packages of up to 1.5 kilos and fly up to 12.4 miles (20 km) on a single charge.The drone uses a tether to lower orders into a customer’s yard.In a blog post announcing the pilot scheme, the company said the density of Vuosaari’s population made it “a great place” to launch the service.
BEER-SHEVA...May 20, 2019 - The first experimental robot drone that flies like a typical quadcopter, drives on tough terrain and squeezes into tight spaces using the same motors, has been developed by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers.The hybrid FSTAR (flying sprawl-tuned autonomous robot) will be introduced at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2019 in Montreal on May 21.It was developed in the BGU Bio-Inspired and Medical Robotics Lab by Prof. David Zarrouk, senior lecturer in BGU's Department of Mechanical Engineering, and head of the Bio-Inspired and Medical Robotics Lab and his graduate student, Nir Meiri.FSTAR can fly over obstacles or run underneath them.It also adjusts its width to crawl or run on flat surfaces, climb over large obstacles and up closely-spaced walls, or squeeze through a tunnel, pipe or narrow gaps.It can run on the ground at a speed of up to eight feet per second (2.6 m/s).
According to the new research report on the "AI in Agriculture Market by Technology (Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics), Offering, Application (Precision Farming, Drone Analytics, Agriculture Robots, Livestock Monitoring), Offering, and Geography - Global Forecast to 2025", The AI in agriculture market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.5% to reach USD 2,628.5 Million by 2025 from USD 518.7 Million in 2017.The rapid growth of the AI in agriculture market can be attributed to various factors including the growing demand for agricultural production owing to the increasing population, rising adoption of information management systems and new, advanced technologies for improving crop productivity, increasing crop productivity by implementing deep learning techniques, and growing initiatives by worldwide governments supporting the adoption of modern agricultural techniques.Machine learning-enabled solutions are being significantly adopted by agricultural organizations and farmers to enhance farm productivity and to gain a competitive edge in business operations.Moreover, in the coming years, the application of machine learning and computer vision in various agricultural practices is expected to rise exponentially.Download PDF Brochure @ learning AI technology expected to hold the largest market share during the forecast periodAmong various technologies, machine learning technology is estimated to lead the AI in agriculture market during the forecast period.The increasing adoption of machine learning technology by farmers across the world is the major factor fueling the demand for this technology in the agriculture industry.Machine learning allows farmers and agribusinesses to make better decisions based on findings in real time.Precision farming application accounted for the largest share of the AI in agriculture market in 2016The major factors driving the growth of the AI in agriculture market for precision farming application include the increasing focus on farm productivity due to rising population and need for improving food quality.
Forgive the pretension, but I’ve been on a lot of VR studio tours.They’re cozy, friendly and I might even get a cup of tea out of it.Over the course of the day I’m led on a frankly dizzying tour of the Blood & Truth team’s facilities.Then an environmental artist shows me how the team digitally mimicked London’s arresting skyline with the help of drone flights, procedural generation and (of all things) some old textures from Sony London’s The Getaway.After that I’m whisked down another flight of stairs where the game’s design lead takes us through challenge missions on a 70-inch TV.Just outside, the effects team shows us the work that’s gone into an Uncharted-worthy set piece in which a crane cuts through a building.
The battle between drones and anti-drone technology is heating up.As drones are now highly maneuverable, special technologies are being developed to neutralize them for reasons of security and even for military applications.And even the public has been known to take down drones by shooting at them.Most drones just aren’t very good at avoiding incoming objects, especially if those objects are moving fast.Drones can often avoid static obstacles like buildings or trees, but even the most advanced drones struggle to react to dynamic objects and adjust their trajectories accordingly.This makes them vulnerable to being shot down or interfered with, but it also means they are not great at avoiding collisions with other drones or with people or aircraft.
According to MacRumors, Cult of Mac and a variety of social media reports, Apple employees are having a unique day at Apple’s spaceship campus — one filled with rainbows.Last week, drone videographer Duncan Sinfield discovered that Apple had erected a gigantic new rainbow stage at the heart of its Apple Park campus, and this morning Apple employees learned what it meant: a huge celebration that may culminate in a private performance from Lady Gaga herself.Swag in the morning, food truck rally for dinner, then a laser show and concert of GArGAntuan levels once the sun goes down.Man, my life is amazing.A post shared by Todd Burlingham (@hipstertodd) on May 17, 2019 at 1:29pm PDTAnd most importantly, there was reportedly a full explanation on Apple’s own internal network:
In an announcement on Friday, Alphabet’s Wing revealed that it will start delivering items by drone in Helsinki later this summer.The deliveries will be made in the city’s Vuosaari district to residents who place orders through Herkku Food Market and Cafe Monami.The company will deliver a number of food items, including meatballs, pastries, and snacks.The Helsinki deliveries will be made as part of a pilot that tests food drone deliveries made to residents.Alphabet has partnered with the two aforementioned food sources, Cafe Monami and Herkku Food Market, a gourmet supermarket.The company provides examples of products it will deliver by drone, including a two-person lasagna meal, a ‘movie combo’ with popcorn, candy, and soda, plus a chicken caesar salad.
With a valuation of over $1 billion and $190 million in new financing, Zipline has become the latest contender to be the leader in the game of drones.The competition to be a leading vendor of delivery drone services is fierce, but Zipline has already built its billion-dollar business selling its hardware and services as a supplier of medical supplies across emerging markets.It may be among the most tested drone delivery services in the world.Zipline said it will use the new funds to expand its medical supply delivery services across Africa, the Americas, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.The company said it aims to serve 700 million people with its drones within the next five years.“There is a growing feeling around the world that technology is not benefitting the vast majority of people, said Zipline chief executive Keller Rinaudo in a statement.
Wing, the Alphabet-owned drone startup, will launch a delivery service in Finland’s capital Helsinki next month.The trial will make deliveries to residents in the city’s Vuosaari district, which Wing notes is the capital’s most populous area.The service will offer products from two shops: the gourmet supermarket Herkku Food Market and local restaurant Cafe Monami.When Wing first announced its intention to launch a trial in Finland, it said that delivery flights would cover a maximum of 10km with packages weighing 1.5kg or less, and with delivery times expected to be around 10 minutes.Since making the announcement, Wing has been running test flights in Teisko, a municipality to the north of Helsinki, to ensure that its drones are up to the task of flying in harsh conditions.Wing says it’s been hosting community events in Vuosaari to prepare local residents for the drones that will shortly be flying over their neighborhood.
I've been completely loyal to Apple products since 2007, when the first iPhone launched.But I recently tried going a week without using any Apple products to see how I would fare.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.But when Apple revolutionized the smartphone in 2007, I became hooked.I was so concerned about whether non-Apple products would actually work that I kept my iPhone and MacBook Air with me at all times, even while traveling.My backpack, which also held my DJI Mavic Air drone, weighed over 15 pounds with all of the devices and their respective chargers and accessories.