Indeed, it s most startups first luxury purchase.It s an interesting move for SPiN to open now as tech funding is becoming harder to come by.Today in San Francisco, SPiN ping pong club opens its doors to their fifth location it would ve been the sixth if the chain hadn t shut down in Dubai due to a much milder drinking scene .With 19 STIGA tables, two bars, a VIP lounge and an outdoor patio, SPiN is a competitive force by day and bougie club by night.And a lot of famous authors, musicians, and crazy mixtures of celebrities would somehow show up at our parties.But the atmosphere felt a bit over the top to me.
Apple Inc. s Tim Cook outlined his vision for his company in India in a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday where they also discussed cybersecurity and data encryption.The Apple chief executive officer on his first trip to India opened a development center, dined with Indian celebrities and met corporate executives.Cook s four-day visit comes as Modi s administration reviews Apple s application to open retail stores in the world s second-largest mobile population.Modi in a Twitter post on Saturday thanked Cook after the Apple executive launched an updated version of a mobile application named after the premier.Cook in return thanked Modi for a great meeting.Already looking forward to next visit to India, he wrote on his Twitter account.The men also discussed Modi s initiatives for renewable energy, according to the statement.Cook has left India and visited an Apple store in Dubai, according to pictures posted on his Twitter feed.An Indian telecommunications ministry official said May 3 that the country had rejected Apple s request to import and sell refurbished iPhones to Asia s third-largest economy.India is a market where most phones are bought outright and aren t subsidized by carriers through calling plans.The challenge for Apple is that its products are beyond the reach of many in India, where most people live on less than $3.10 a day, according to World Bank data.As China s market becomes more saturated and people across the globe upgrade their smartphones less frequently, Apple, Samsung Electronics Co. and other vendors are keen to sell to India s middle class, which is projected to quadruple to 200 million by 2020.
LG certainly has, so it gave a champion climber two of its CordZero vacuum cleaners, and pointed her in the direction of a suitable building — the idea being the suction created by the cleaners through special cups would be enough to see her scale the outside.To make sure there was no actual doom-plunging going on, the stunt was carefully orchestrated by LG, as a way to show the power of its cordless CordZero Cyking vacuum cleaners, and the amazing ability of pro rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle.The cleaners aren t exactly like the ones you ll buy from the shops, having been modified to make them suitable for use during the climb, including the addition of those all-important suction cups.She then had to lug all that to the top of a 33-story building located in Songdo, Incheon, in South Korea, using only her upper body strength and any grip she could get from her climbing shoes.Amazingly, she completed the mission in just half an hour, and that includes a stop to grab a pair of fully charged CordZero packs.There are echoes of the famous scene from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, where Tom Cruise scaled the outside of the Burj Khalifa hotel in Dubai, but arguably Blair-Coyle s achievement is somewhat more impressive.
AliCloud eyes Indian data centre build to compete with Western cloud expansionAlibaba is set to open a data centre region in India, a move that would bolster its AliCloud public cloud services in the country against the expansion of western cloud rivals such as AWS and Microsoft.AliCloud, the public cloud computing division of Chinese e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba, could even launch the data centre before Amazon Web Services AWS does, according to Indian newspaper The Hindu.GrowthLast month, Alibaba s AliCloud posted a revenue increase of 175 percent, reaching revenues of $165 million £113m in the quarter ending March 31.AliCloud has also worked to focus on Big Data, and new features from the cloud vendor include Big Data computing engines and data analysis tools.In Alibaba s native China, the cloud vendor offers a range of infrastructure and cloud features, ranging from networking solutions to big data analytics, but its US efforts are limited to compute, storage, relational database services and load balancing.AliCloud is growing like crazy more than 100 percent per year and it is now opening data centres outside of mainland China US, Hong Kong & Singapore opened; more planned in Japan, Germany and Dubai and it is now a top ten player in cloud infrastructure services; but all that being said its current revenues are barely 5 percent the size of AWS and AWS itself is growing its revenues by more than 60 percent per year, he said.
In the earn-a-quick-buck culture of Taboola Web, one guy has a neat trick that, for once, doesn't require your credit card details.Mark - who also goes by the name Rofe, for some reason, and wants us to know he lives in Dubai and definitely not London - explained how he gamed Uber's referral program to get £1,500 worth of free rides thanks, Giz .Mark realised that a lot of people were using Twitter to search for Uber codes, and so he paid a student in Prague to build a bot that would search for relevant tweets and reply with his invite code.His referral code would only give him £10 off his next trip, but Mark - sorry, Rofe - says if his journeys went much over that, he'd get out and book a second Uber.If you've gone to this much effort already, why not game the system entirely, eh?Also, "Uber reserves the right to suspend your account and revoke any referral credits if they were earned against our terms."
Dubbed the Office of the Future , the new-age building was developed using special cement mixtureThe world's first fully functional 3D printed office has been unveiled in Dubai.The prototype structure, shaped like a giant TV, is also cost and energy efficient and was built, or rather printed, in just 17 days.The 2,700 square feet, one storied office will be home to the Dubai Future Foundation and has enough space to incorporate a small management office, space for employees and two multi-functional areas for hosting workshops and exhibitions.The office was developed using a massive 3D printer – 20ft tall, 12ft in length and 40ft in width – which has an automated robotic feature that implemented the printing process, the Gulf News reported.So we're expecting factories and technology providers here locally in Dubai to match the local demand," said Saif Al Aleeli, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation."We have witnessed some attempts in different countries of 3D printed buildings but we noted that they are not functional.
The film, later titled Episode IV - A New Hope, spawned a franchise and a following of astronomical proportions.The most recent Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, broke box-office records, pulling in $936 million domestically and more than $2 billion in ticket sales worldwide.What s more, the combined lifetime domestic gross of all eight Star Wars movies also exceeds $3.2 billion.Even if you re on the dark side I find your lack of faith disturbing , you can t deny the film s impact on this earth.The space saga has its own Wookieepedia when it was launched in 2005, that was a big deal , a Death Star in Dubai, and many more things in its honor.Star Wars: Episode VIII hits theaters Dec. 15, 2017 and will almost certainly break more records and lead to stranger merchandise and themed weddings.
3D printing is slowly but surely changing the way we look at manufacturing and how we approach problem-solving across a wide array of industries.Whether it s a home-based product like the ThingMaker from Mattel, a 3D printing BioPen that lets doctors draw cartilage implants during surgery, a prototype that prints metal in midair or an industrial-grade machine like HP s new Jet Fusion 3D printer, advancements in manufacturing technology really are impacting the world around us.The latest example of this comes from Dubai where the first functioning 3D printed office building is now in commission.The facility, which Dubai first announced in the summer of 2015, was printed using a special mixture of cement, gypsum reinforced with glass fiber and plastic that has undergone a range of tests in China and the UK to ensure its reliability.Designers went with an arc shape for the exterior for both safety and stability purposes.According to Emirates 24/7 News, labor for the project included one staffer to monitor the printer s function, seven people to install the building s components on-site and a team of 10 electricians and other specialists to handle electrical and mechanical installations.
Dubai-based Mark Rofe racked up £1,500 of free Uber rides in a year by using an automated Twitter botNow that everyone has Uber, you would think dishing out sign-up codes to new users in return for £10 of free credit would be almost impossible.Mark Rofe, a British-born digital marketing manager who lives in Dubai, set up a simple piece of software that automatically scans Twitter for anyone looking for referral codes.By treating Twitter's search function like Google, Rofe was able to fine-tune his bot.The bot was then hosted for $5 £3.40 a month on Digital Ocean, a cloud computing platform, and left to do its thing."From Twitter's point of view there isn't really an incentive to close the bot account , it doesn't impact them...I believe my bot is genuinely useful."Rofe would not show us the bot or tweets it has sent, but explained how it "specifically targets users who have included highly relevant keywords which suggest they are looking for an Uber code.
Pope Francis appears to have the same YouTube viewing habits as a millennial.The leader of the Roman Catholic Church professed his admiration for beauty vlogs during a private Vatican meeting with a host of global web stars.To preach beauty and show beauty helps neutralise aggression, said the Pope during his roundtable meet-and-greet with the young web influencers.Also present were Dulce Candy, a Mexican-American beauty vlogger who, as a child, entered the U.S. by illegally crossing the border, and comedian Hayla Ghazal, a Dubai-based social media star of Syrian descent, reports the Guardian.Moments after the meeting concluded, Pope Francis conducted a high-profile conference on education, with notable attendees including George Clooney alongside his wife, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney, and Hollywood actors Richard Gere, and Salma Hayek.This year alone, he has held rare meetings with the Chief Executive of Alphabet, Eric Schmidt, and Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom — shortly after which he launched his very own account on the photo-sharing app.
Pope Francis has described himself as a tech dinosaur.Photograph: Pacific/REX/ShutterstockPope Francis demonstrated his digital credentials on Sunday by holding an intimate meeting with YouTube stars, throwing his support behind popular beauty videos and encouraging his celebrity guests to help young people create virtual identities.Photograph: Giorgio Onorati/EPAThe eclectic group of 12 YouTubers addressing the pontiff included Louise Pentland, a British videomaker behind the Sprinkle of Glitter channel, who was praised by the pope for her fashion and beauty clips.To preach beauty and show beauty helps neutralise aggression, said the pope, sharing a table and laughing along with the video bloggers.The YouTube personalities were invited to the Vatican from six continents and included Hayla Ghazal, whose comedy clips from Dubai are aimed at changing attitudes to women in the Middle East, and Dulce Candy, a Mexican-American who crossed the US border illegally as a young child.Migration was a common theme of the audience, with the pope saying he would never forget the wire fence he saw dividing the US and Mexico during a visit to the border in September.
Pope Francis advises vloggers to help youth craft their own virtual personalities and help followers who feel lost.Pope Francis, who has confessed to being "a disaster" when it comes to technology himself, expressed admiration for beauty and fashion videos during a meeting with an eclectic group of YouTube stars on Sunday, 29 May.Representing more than 27 million subscribers globally, the diverse group of celebrity YouTubers included Dubai-based Syrian Hayla Ghazal, whose YouTube channel aims to empower women and help introverted teens in the Middle East, as well as Mexican-American YouTube personality Dulce Candy who crossed the US border as an undocumented immigrant in 1994.To preach beauty and show beauty helps neutralise aggression," Pope Francis said, according to the Guardian."You can create a virtual identity; you belong to this circle at least virtually.He has previously met with Silicon Valley leaders including Instagram's chief executive Kevin Systrom as well as Google's former CEO and current Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt.
MoreIn this Tuesday, May 31, 2016 photo, a woman passes in front of what the United Arab Emirates says is the world s first functional office building made using three-dimensional printer technology, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Dubai hopes the project will kick-start its plans to transform the sheikhdom into an incubator for emerging technologies.AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili DUBAI, United Arab Emirates AP -- There are office printers that spit out documents and others that always seem to jam.Looking like a mashup of a "Jetsons" abode and an Apple Store, the compact office was printed out layer by layer over 17 days at a cost of $140,000, said Saif al-Aleeli, the CEO of a government initiative called the Dubai Future Foundation that is behind the project.Features include a tree-shaded outdoor garden deck and LED lights that automatically adjust to the brightness outside."We really believe that this technology will revolutionize the construction, the development sector as well as other sectors, including the medical sector and consumable products."
Dubai says it has completed the world s first 3D-printed office building.And it s not just for show: The office is supposed to be a functional workspace, with phone hookups, water, electricity and air-conditioning.Situated inside Dubai s Emirates Towers complex, the single-story office measures 2,690 square feet and will be the temporary home of the Dubai Future Foundation, according to a press release.Government of Dubai The small, rounded buildings in the foreground are entirely 3D-printed.The building cost just $140,000 to erect, thanks to minimal labor and costs involved in the construction process.The UAE and Dubai hope to become leading global centres of 3D printing by 2030.
Flying around the world fueled only by sunshine, the Solar Impulse is now two-thirds of the way through the first-ever attempt to fly around the world in a solar-powered aircraft.The plane is currently making final preparations for its trip across the Atlantic from the eastern United States.Swiss pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, who have alternated legs since the attempt began in Dubai in March of 2015, told Business Insider that although flying the strange, wider-than-a-Boeing-747 aircraft is very challenging, they both very much enjoy it."For Piccard, whose exploits include being the first — along with partner Brian Jones — to fly around the world in a balloon in 1999, the finicky Solar Impulse took some to get used to.Borschberg, a former fighter pilot in the Swiss Air Force who currently holds eight various aviation world records, agreed.Its carbon fiber bones, visible through the slightly translucent fabric skin, add to the illusion.All around it, a team of mechanics and engineers are preparing for the transatlantic crossing.Air conditioning units were brought in to keep its batteries cool hum under each wing, and the cockpit's carbon fiber shell sits on the ground beside the aircraft, revealing the complex systems underneath.Behind the pilot's seat, which fully reclines to allow rest periods and a little mobility, several green oxygen tanks keep the pilot alive at altitudes of up to 28,000 feet — nearly the height of Mount Everest.They must wear cold-resistant flight suits in the un-pressurized, unheated cockpit.Piccard and Borschberg have their own strategies for dealing with the stresses of extremely long flights.Borschberg practices meditation derived from yoga, while Piccard, a psychiatrist, practices self-hypnosis.Borschberg found that he can sleep for about 20 minutes every two hours.From the way the pilots talk about their flights, its clear there are two things keeping the Solar Impulse aloft: sunlight and some very heavy duty math.Each trip requires serious number crunching by engineers and meteorologists who must calculate the route and timing with the widest margin for error.Piccard even brought with him Belgian meteorologist Luc Trullemans, who assisted him during his around the world balloon flight."He's a genius," Piccard said.Borschberg will next fly the Solar Impulse from Pennsylvania to John F. Kennedy International in New York City, making a few circles around the Statue of Liberty for good measure.From there Piccard will pilot it across the Atlantic, the last major barrier to overcome on the journey to Dubai.The flight will roughly retrace the same voyage Charles Lindbergh undertook almost exactly 89 years ago, when he became the first to cross the Atlantic non-stop.
Uber, which was founded in March 2009, has raised more than $11bn till dateUber Technologies has raised $3.5bn £2.43bn, €3.12bn from the Public Investment Fund PIF of Saudi Arabia, the sovereign investment fund of the kingdom.While the deal does not cash out any of Uber's existing investors, it continues to value the ride-hailing giant at $62.5bn.Travis Kalanick, chief executive at Uber, said: "We appreciate the vote of confidence in our business as we continue to expand our global presence.It added that expanding its service in Saudi Arabia would benefit the people, especially Saudi women as they are not allowed to drive because of fatwas or religious edicts, issued by Muslim clerics.It faces competition from Careem, a Dubai-based startup backed by Saudi Telecom Company, Al Tayyar Group and others.Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman had recently said he intends to sell less than 5% of Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil giant, and use the funds to create a PIF worth $2tn.
According to company lore, when founder Alan Yau was preparing to open the chain s first restaurant in London in 1992, he overheard a man scolding his young son in their native Japanese.One word in particular, which roughly means determined one or naughty child, so caught Yau s attention that he decided to run with it as the company name—even though it required the restaurant to replace its existing signage, menus, and trademark registration.Wagamama s biggest push outside the UK is in the US, where it plans to open multiple restaurants over the next three to five years in addition to its current four in Boston, CIO Richard Tallboy says.Wagamama will focus initially on New York, where the build is underway for its US flagship restaurant—a two-story, 7,000-square-foot space on Fifth Avenue that overlooks Madison Square Park—before it branches out nationwide.Tallboy cites a range of benefits:• Because Oracle Hospitality Simphony Cloud Service is centrally managed, Wagamama can roll out and upgrade its payment, ordering, Qkr!, gift card, data analytics, and other features globally—to franchisees as well as to company-owned restaurants—at the same time.• Centralized administration also delivers a consistent brand standard and customer experience across restaurant locations, whether in London, Boston, Cyprus, or Dubai.
Today, in an avocado orchard north of Los Angeles, the clean-cut, 53-year-old Australian millionaire wears a thick, black flame-retardant jet suit.Martin Jetpack has letters of intent with three Chinese companies for as many as 100 craft, and the Dubai Civil Defense has agreements to buy 20 more for first responders.Tyler, a sprightly 82-year-old with a halo of thick white hair, made a career inventing and operating mounts that keep movie cameras stable, mostly on helicopters—work that earned him three Academy Awards for technical achievement.Tyler used the photos to build his own rocket belt from scratch, and hired Suitor for flying lessons.In a copter, he explains, you re surrounded by cockpits and windscreens and controls.Mayman traveled to Asia, the U.K., the Czech Republic and, finally, Geldrop, a town of 28,000 people in the Netherlands where a firm called AMT was selling a 25-pound turbine with 180 pounds of thrust—a compact but powerful engine intended for large drones.
Image: J R/Flickr They like to do things big in Dubai, including a newly-approved concentrated solar power project that will generate 1,000 megawatts of power by 2020—and a whopping 5,000 megawatts by 2030.Located on a single site within the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, the plant will consist of five facilities.Conceptual image of the new plant image: DEWA Concentrated solar power plants, unlike solar energy drawn from photovoltaic cells, use a large array of mirrors called heliostats to concentrate a large area of sunlight onto a small area, typically on top of a tower.Electricity is generated when the concentrated light gets converted to heat, which drives a steam turbine connected to an electrical power generator.An advantage of CSP is that thermal heat can be stored easily, making it possible to produce electricity after sunset.Incredibly, the new plant will deliver power at less than 8 cents per kilowatt-hour, down from the typical 15 kilowatt-hour rate.
They like to do things big in Dubai, including a newly-approved concentrated solar power project that will generate 1,000 megawatts of power by 2020—and a whopping 5,000 megawatts by 2030.Located on a single site within the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, the plant will consist of five facilities.Conceptual image of the new plant image: DEWA Concentrated solar power plants, unlike solar energy drawn from photovoltaic cells, use a large array of mirrors called heliostats to concentrate a large area of sunlight onto a small area, typically on top of a tower.Electricity is generated when the concentrated light gets converted to heat, which drives a steam turbine connected to an electrical power generator.An advantage of CSP is that thermal heat can be stored easily, making it possible to produce electricity after sunset.Incredibly, the new plant will deliver power at less than six pence per kilowatt-hour, down from the typical 15 kilowatt-hour rate.