Air pollution from traffic fumes can be as detrimental for one’s happiness as bereavement or divorce, according to a study.Researchers have said the effect of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) on life satisfaction is comparable to that of significant events in people’s lives, according to Press Association.The study, conducted by academics at the University of York, argues that “the welfare gains to society from reductions in exposure to NO2 can be substantive”.In the paper - titled Can clean air make you happy?Examining the effect of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) on life satisfaction - authors Sarah J Knight and Peter Howley, wrote: “Our results suggest a significant and negative association between mean annual ambient NO2 and life satisfaction, and moreover that these effects are substantive and comparable to that of many ‘big hitting’ life events.”The paper says: “We find that NO2 is significantly related with subjective wellbeing, albeit much smaller in magnitude than previous estimates after controlling for a variety of important spatial controls.
The new political atmosphere has breathed new life into the marketing strategy of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the world’s largest organization for LGBT health and advocacy, which has been an unwittingly positive recipient of the increased attention to LGBT rights and political resistance in the United States since the election of Donald Trump.“The election has definitely changed things for us,” said Jim Key, chief marketing officer.While it wasn’t the reason for the campaign, the political atmosphere has been “top of mind” since January, when it launched F*ck Without Fear, a new digital campaign to promote the use of PrEP (pre-exposure prophlaxis), for people at risk of HIV who don’t have HIV — and increased interest in resistance gear, marches and issues has also contributed to its success.The uptake of PrEP has been slow, and especially among the highest-risk group, gay men under 24, there are misconceptions about efficacy, side-effects and cost.On the search for something that would cut through the clutter, LGBT Center and its agency, Weber Shandwick came up with the tagline F*ck Without Fear.After holding focus groups to make sure it hit its mark, the company launched billboards, and a full digital campaign around the message.
Players looking to spice up their second run through Nier: Automata should definitely check out this downloadable content.Square Enix has announced new downloadable content for Nier: Automata, just a few weeks after the game launched in March 2017.The package has been dubbed “3C3C1D119440927,” in keeping with the brawler’s focus on androids and their relation to humanity.The DLC will give players three new colosseums to take on, as well as a variety of new sub-quests.Mastery of these challenges will grant rewards, including a range of costumes, new music tracks, and various other pieces of equipment and cosmetic accessories.Three of the game’s primary characters — 2B, 9S, and A2 — all receive costumes inspired by the predecessor to Automata, 2010’s Nier: Replicant.
One side effect of talking about the risk of killer robots so much is that everyone is now rushing to assure us exactly how they would prevent this.Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is the latest to reassure us, in an extremely vague way.Earlier this month, Google engineers published a paper outlining five principles of safety.Their principles were things like “avoid negative side effects” which, while not earth-shaking, at least were fairly concrete and illustrated with examples from a cleaning robot.Nadella’s, as outlined in Slate, are filled with jargon.must be designed to assist humanity”: Glad we’re clear on this one I was unsure for a little bit there.
Scifi nowadays tends to rely on CGI— and by rely, I mean completely depend on it.It’s not surprising, since scifi is about inventing people, places, and things that don’t exist, but it can sometimes feel rather lifeless.A new scifi short ditches the CGI to bring another planet to life.After all, Mother Nature can be pretty alien sometimes.Kinsetsu, by Clemens Wirth, is basically a two-minute mind trip.Using macro photography and practical effects, the short envisions what life on another planet, specifically Planet-9, would look like.
Just how wonder is POM Wonderful?Well, it turns out pomegranate can have some very beneficial health effects, including lowering the blood pressure.Let’s take a look at the evidence: View As:
This review, originally published on October 22nd for the show's UK release, has been updated to get you ready for the new "Doctor Who" spin-off show.Today's assignment is "Class", a new drama pitting teenagers against aliens.Right -- tuck your shirt in, and we'll begin!You don't need to have done your homework on the long-running sci-fi show "Doctor Who" to understand this new spin-off.Oi -- are you chewing?"Class" is set at Coal Hill, an East London school glimpsed in the opening episode of "Who" in 1963 and occasionally re-appearing right up until the latest season, when companion Clara worked there.
Sweden and New Zealand are the world's economies, which is the biggest risk of housing prices collapse, told credit luokittaja Moody’ Both countries, real house prices have risen in the past three years, more than 30 percent.the real price is the base year of the prices calculated in the price, which has been removed the price level effects of changes.the financial crisis in housing prices collapsed in many advanced economies, but other countries survived the crisis almost untouched.the crisis in the housing price collapse avoid those countries are Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Sweden, which are now the most riskisimpiä countries the bubble burst for both due to the speed of housing prices and household indebtedness crisis, prices stormed in Denmark 25%, Spain 30% and in Ireland, about 50% before the grounding.
Have you ever noticed that the voice-over on a fast food commercial is usually a guy, and that guy usually has a pretty deep voice?Advertisers have long known that humans have rather predictable associations when it comes to sounds, and a new study by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Vanderbilt University just provided some very concrete evidence to support of one those suspected mental connections: deep voices and low-pitched sounds force your brain to think something is big.In the paper titled Sounds Big: The Effects of Acoustic Pitch on Product Perceptions, the researchers discovered that viewers will inherently believe something is larger if it is paired with a deep voice or lower-pitched music.That mental association held true for everything from fast food to an advertisement for a laptop computer, and was proven to be quite predictable.“There is meaning in sound that transcends language,” the researchers explain in the study.“Structural differences in the sound of a spokesperson’s voice or a piece of background music can influence a consumer’s perception of product attributes through cross-modal inference.” The team expects that their work will inform future advertising efforts for various companies, now that it’s been made public, and expect that ad agencies who weren’t yet taking a scientific approach to how sound impacts perception will begin doing so in short order.
It started yesterday and runs for a week, offering plenty of incentive to get out into that thawing world catching and hatching mon: better egg hatches from low-level eggs, more candy, and 2X experience, specifically.As usual, you'll see this effects if you just play normally, but you may want to do some maximization to best utilize the limited time event.Eggs can now yield a broader range of valuable critters from 2km and 5km eggs as well as a small amount of extra candy from each egg hatched.The simplest advice here is also the most obvious: spend some money on extra egg incubators as hatch as many as you can at once.That's why this event works from the developer's perspective: it's a strong incentive for in-game purchases.So if you like to spend some -- but not too much -- on this game, this is a good moment to deploy a limited budget.
Kim Kardashian West has stirred up controversy on Instagram, after posting an ad promoting the same anti-morning sickness drug which landed her in hot water with the FDA a few years ago.The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star – who is not believed to pregnant – shared a somewhat bizarre image pitching the prescription medication, Diclegis, to her followers on Thursday (13 April).The post was complete with a caption laden with medical and legal information.The most recent ad contains a Photoshopped smartphone which features Kardashian West's original sponsored selfie from 2015.The personality was pressured to remove the photo by the FDA after failing to disclose the side effects of the drug.Unlike the previous iteration the latest picture is signposted as an ad from the outset, with the accompanying text being much less conversational and warning prospective customers of all the drug's risks.
Apple has released new updates to Imovie, Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor.Imovie 10.1.5 has various performance and stability fixes.A bug that made some clips taken on Iphone not appearing as they would in importdialogen have been fixed, as well as an error that could apply a red tint on imported movies from camcorders.Final Cut Pro reaches version 10.3.3 and have a pretty long list of news.A very nice news is that the Inspector window can be made wider so it will be easier to adjust the effects.Other news is, among other things, support for the Canon Log 3 and Sony Slog3 gammakurvor, improvements in the creation of dvds, and bug fixes for the import of the older libraries.
Editor’s note: A version of this post first appeared on Yicai Global, the English-language financial news service of Shanghai Media Group.Yicai Global is one of just two dedicated Chinese news feeds connected to the Bloomberg terminal.QQ, the social media and messaging app created by Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. , has rolled out a children’s edition of its news portal.Youngsters aged under 12 can access the targeted news by specifying their age on the platform.Unlike its adult news service, the version for kids will focus on popularizing science and educational content to prevent social and celebrity gossip from tarnishing the country’s youth.The messaging app had around 653 million monthly active users last year, up 1.7 percent form 2015, most of which are children and teenagers.QQ users tend to be younger than those on WeChat, another popular messaging app run by Tencent.It’s easy to see why the Shenzhen-based firm opted to release special features for children.Youngsters on the app will find additional emoticons, short video uploading and special effects.Some believe that social media content should also be age-rated.
The schedule reveals plans to give Instagram offline features that are already in testing, opening its Camera Effects Platform to developers so they can create more powerful photo and video overlays for people to use and a Places Graph for developers to do more with Facebook’s location database beyond the existing APIs.Most of the sessions for the two-day developer conference in San Jose deal with existing products and news.But three jumped out as describing additional functionality not yet announced.Now Instagram appears to be getting some developing-world features in sessions called “Building Offline Experiences for Instagram.” Mashable previously reported the session’s inclusion.Instagram’s mission is to help people connect through shared experiences.For people in low-bandwidth regions, we’ve begun testing offline experiences that keep the Instagram experience consistent and let people consume and engage with content, even if they don’t have service.
A new revelation indicates that Apple is looking to make battery management smarter in the near future, a move that could potentially have other beneficial side-effects, like preventing iPhones from exploding.The documentation describes means through which an Apple device powered by a battery, such as the iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, could benefit from a smart power management system that would be able to interpret various battery parameters and then prolong battery life so that it lasts until the user is able to recharge said device.Apple already offers means of extending battery life on an iPhone or iPad — the Low Power Mode — but that requires user interaction.“Users of battery powered devices generally prefer that the battery does not run out while they are using the device,” Apple says.“User level power management may try to extend the life of the battery by reducing power consumption at the cost of reduced performance as the battery approaches depletion.Most of the conventional systems perform such power management actions only when the battery is already very low.
Instagram is seeing continued growth in the number of people using its Snapchat Stories-like feature.Five months after launching, the company revealed that 150 million people were using Instagram Stories daily.And four months later, that number has grown to 200 million.Although Instagram said that 200 million people use the stories feature every day, it’s unclear what the breakdown is between creators and those who only view stories from friends and those they follow.To mark the occasion and encourage usage, the Facebook-owned subsidiary is launching new tools, such as a selfie sticker and the ability to pin stickers to your video Stories, and is even expanding access to geo-stickers to Chicago, London, Madrid, and Tokyo.Basically, more Snapchat features are being incorporated into the photo-sharing app.Seeing that Instagram’s main appeal is in sharing expressive works of art and creativity, more tools to facilitate that could help keep people interested in the service.There’s certainly no shortage of places where you can find ephemeral messaging, including Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook itself.With selfie stickers, the idea is to capture your facial reaction and let you quickly paste it onto a photo or video.After you’ve created a story, tap the smiley face and there will be a new sticker with a camera icon that lets you capture what Instagram calls a “mini-selfie.” You can apply different frame styles to this selfie sticker and apply it to your post, adjust the size, and use it in combination with the other special effects, filters, and stickers the app offers.This can come in handy when you want to have a pop-up bubble showing your reaction to a moment.
Once the coolest and most convenient way to explore the planet on a computer, the app has been largely cannibalized as Maps became ever more powerful.But Google hasn’t forgotten about it, and just sent out invites to the press for an event where it will unveil “the new Google Earth”.It will be held on April 18, just four days before Earth Day on the 22ndAs for what this new experience will look like, Google isn’t providing any hints.Still, I’m guessing it will be a major redesign of the software given Google is devoting a whole event to it.Earth has traditionally been the more powerful alternative to Google Maps, allowing you to do things like use a flight simulator or view the effects of global warming over time, so expect some cool new features to give you a reason to download it over Maps.
Xbox One is officially the first video game console to support digital purchase refunds by default.The new "self-service refund" system was announced on Wednesday on the console's "Alpha" preview ring, which is normally used to test and tease other upcoming features to the system's interface, and it confirmed that the refund process will soon land both on Xbox One consoles and the Windows Store marketplace on Windows 10 PCs.The announcement later appeared on support forums for Xbox's Alpha group, but its effects have already begun propagating to normal users, who now can follow the below steps to request online-purchase refunds for qualifying software.Shoppers have up to 14 days after purchasing a game or app to request a refund, and that will only work if the software in question has not been used for more than two hours while owned.Similar to Steam, Xbox and Windows 10 users will have to navigate to an "order history" section of their account to request such a refund, rather than any obvious tabs or buttons within a given game or app's landing page.However, this can only be done through a Web browser pointed to, as opposed to the Xbox One or Windows Store dashboards.
FB -0.05% Messenger now has more than 1.2 billion monthly users, the company said on Wednesday, up from 1 billion users in July.Messenger's user growth has skyrocketed since Facebook spun out the messaging service as a standalone app in 2014.Facebook has since bolstered Messenger with games, a chat bot platform, voice calling, video calling and a revamped camera with masks, frames, stickers and effects.Facebook said in February that 400 million people use voice and video calling on Messenger every month, and 1 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month.Messenger now has as many users as Facebook-owned WhatsApp, which reached 1.2 billion monthly users in February.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in February that in general, WhatsApp serves as a replacement for SMS services, whereas Messenger aims to be a more "expressive and rich environment" with a broad range of content.
While adult websites aren't known for their drive to keep up with the Joneses (in the usual sense, at least), one of the web's largest sites has joined the movement to get more women in STEM with a research-stimulating annual award.Pornhub announced today that the winner of its second annual Pornhub Cares Scholarship will be Michigan graduate student Natalie Nevarez, who's working to wrap up her PhD in biopsychology.Open to "outstanding women pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) exclusively," the scholarship competition was created to support and celebrate women whose contributions to STEM fields represent unique accomplishment as well as a desire to "make the world a better place."“We wanted to do our part in not only recognizing women’s outstanding accomplishments in the STEM fields, but also encourage them to continue to achieve both their academic and societal aspirations and make the world around us a better place,” said Pornhub Vice President Corey Price in a statement.Her academic achievements in STEM really stood out to us as did her inspiring personal story to give back and provide for her community.”Price commented by email that he and the rest of the contest's panel of judges faced an extremely difficult decision in awarding the scholarship.