Donald Trump's win has got investors to believe that euro rate will fall to the same level with the dollar.the Last time the currencies were at parity years in 2002.Investors, the probability that the euro will sink to parity by the end of 2017, 45%.Yet a week ago the probability was estimated at only half of this, when the market was Hillary clinton's victory in the Us presidential election.Trump promises the U.s. economy accelerated, and a tax cut of now add to expectations the federal economic growth and increase pressure on the United states central bank fed's early rate hike.Deuche Bank strategist George Saravelos predicts the euro will drop to 1.05 to the dollar for the end of the year and 95 cents by the end of 2017.
the UN climate summit in Morocco in Marrakech, the convening of the state signed the meeting at the conclusion of the statement, which calls for global warming anti-work to be more topical than ever.the climate conference, whose purpose was to accelerate the development of the Paris climate agreement the executive, ended between Friday and Saturday night in Morocco in Marrakech.the Paris agreement was last Friday, has been ratified by 111 states.the statement stresses that the climate of momentumista of no return, as "the driving states in addition to the science, business and global action at all levels".This can be considered as an indirect message to the Us presidential election winning Donald Trump, which is, inter alia, called climate change the chinese invention as a hoax.the Marrakesh meeting, under the published studies according to the different countries by emissions reduction commitments are not enough to make global warming stop would be Paris agreement in accordance with the objectives under two degrees above pre-industrial levels.
Donald Trump the choice of the next president was confirmed last night.Trump wins the electoral college vote was generally considered certain, but in theory the situation could change if less than 40 electoral votes would have changed its position, telling The Business Insider.Completely without the gravel sound, the vote is still going, as two of the electors slipped out of the front.One of them voted for John Kasich and the second to Ron Paul.the Final vote was 304 votes Trump, 227 Clinton and seven votes for other Win the vote, Clinton would have needed a total of 38 electoral votes, the translation "unfaithful".
the next president of the rising Donald Trump has appointed former campaign director kelly ann Conway, 49, advisor to the president, told the Reuters news agency.Conway said to have been a strong Trump of the election campaign vakavoita imaging scenes.Trump, according to Conway, this was a vital role in his victory possible."He's my agenda tireless and tenacious advocate, and he has the exact näkymys about how our message is communicated to effectively move forward."New job in Conway will be the president's key advisors, particularly in communication.
Donald Trump's election victory has boosted u.s. consumer economic confidence to its highest level since January 2004, told the university of Michigan.the University published by the confidence index reading in December was 98,2, when it in November was a 93.8, and in December last year 92,6.Up to 18% of the respondents mentioned spontaneously it expects Trump's actions to affect the economy positively.the university of Michigan, this is an all-time high: for example, Ronald Reagan received in 1981 to less than half the number of similar mentions of positive expectations.Almost same amount of respondents, 16 per cent, although was waiting for Trump economy from the negative effects.
In the first trading day has been on the Helsinki stock exchange riotous rise.on Monday afternoon stock exchange general index OMX Helsinki exceeded the 9000-point barrier.the Last index has been over 9000 points in the spring of 2015.the OMX Helsinki index has produced during the year by 4.7 percent.the Rise is largely a good December.Donald Trump the choice of the Us president as well as Trump's election promises of infrastructure investment and regulatory hölläämisen prevent stimulate, inter alia, raw materials, shares and banking sector.
future Us president Donald Trump's administration possible support of the European union degradation would be "madness", said in his post to stop the United states, the EU-ambassador Anthony Gardner reporters in Brussels.Gardner said the news for example Time.He among other things says that Trump's administration has already inquired, what states will follow britain's example and leave the European union."it Is madness to think that by supporting the European fragmentation we drive our interests.It is absurd," Gardner criticized.the Brexit campaign frontman Nigel Farage was the first british politician, who met with Trump in his election after his victory in November.
Russia is the biggest threat to international freedom order, assesses Us vice president Joe Biden in the last large-scale speech on Wednesday.He urged the united states to cooperate with Europe to oppose Vladimir Putin.Västyvä the vice president warned that Putin is trying to is likely to affect several European corridors elections in Europe this year.the Russian has been accused of meddling in the Us presidential election in which Trump was elected as the new president."president Putin under the power of Russia to use all means nakertaakin of the European integration project, to test the western division lines and to return to the sphere of influence of determine the policy," Biden said."Because in many countries in Europe, elections must take place this year, we should expect that Russia will continue to seek to get involved in the democratic process.
Sdp, fresh vice-president criticise the Saturday, the government postponed the plans and indicated that they were part of the president Antti rinne of the teams that aims to win in the next few years held viisissä election.the New vice president of triad Sanna Marin, Maarit Feldt-ranta and Ville Skinnari stated in a joint press conference his intentions to fight the government's social and health care services reform, which is based on service activities for the transfer of publicly owned companies.Feldt-beach view, the sote-reform should be to prepare together .however, He did not specify cooperation partners in its detail.Together , Feldt-Beach characterize future Sdp-driven sote-the is not Intended that the reform would be returned completely to the starting box.
Us fresh president Donald Trump has attacked the fresh support for the measure the opinion polls by saying they're fake news.the CNN/ORC International announced Friday opinion poll, according to which Trump has the lowest approval ratings of previous presidents.Trump's support is 44%, told the Independent. All the negative polls are fake news, just like CNN's, ABC's, NBC's polls in the election.I'm Sorry but, people want border security, as well as extreme background checks.Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election.
the Us federal police FBI director James Comey has called the country's justice ministry publicly rejected president Donald Trump's wiretapping claim, told the New York Times.the NY Times, according to sources Comey presented a claim to the ministry during the weekend.according to the Newspaper situation, where the United states supreme police authority to question a sitting president's honesty, is very exceptional.president Trump has claimed that Barack Obama had ordered his phone get ears on during the election campaign.Trump is, however, not provided any evidence to support the allegation.
the Swedish people's party president Anna-Maja Henriksson, according to the sote-reform is causing a strange situation of their municipalities, who have taken care of their mission and their finances so well, that have managed to keep the municipal tax rate to low, write the New English.the Sote-reform may well stay half way, estimates Henriksson New Finnish municipal election in an interview.He was astonished, why the basic in the Finnish social affairs and health minister have nothing to say about the social and health sector reform."Who was last heard of when some basic Finnish minister had said something important to the social and health care reform."This is now the industry's largest reform, and it is a little amazing that it only the minister of social affairs and ministry of health, which is this issue of opinions on this issue seems to be a basic service of the minister."the Sote-reform is taking the municipality except a significant portion of the obligations is also significant money in the pot.
municipal elections the number one issue should be the status of the province after the reform, whereas the Economic election panel almost with one voice.Panelists require the election of parties and politicians answer the question of what will be on the role of decision-makers in the future and how it differs from the provincial administration.”How the provinces with the establishment of its own municipal status, roles and responsibilities are changing and what this means for the people and the municipal organisation, the economy, services and decision-making?How local people's participation and influence will change?What is a municipality of the province the establishment and province migrating tasks after?” he lists.Several panellists recalled that the provincial reform of mixed municipal and provincial tasks, especially social and health services.
Hackers suspected Russian Pyotr Levashoc was arrested on Friday in Barcelona, the american authorities on request.levashovin have shown to have links with the Us presidential elections, the outcome of the vote, told Reuters news agency.Questioning police accused Levashovin developed a computer virus, which should contact Donald Trump to victory in the elections.the Suspect was arrested currently in Barcelona on vacation with his family.He is accused to have created multiple trojans viruses and spam programs.Levashovin is believed to be Peter Severa -under a pseudonym.
Sunday's election in Turku in the constituency of more than 500 votes received realtor Jethro Rostedt (ioc) not to make any campaign work, trade press reports.Rostedt told the trade magazine that his campaign menni more like coin-tossing.When it came around a lot of votes, so I must be grateful!"as an entrepreneur working Rostedt not believe that the policy that busy man schedule problems."Those meetings are every two weeks.there Is nothing of this schedule, the plan need to be made.
pension insurance company Ilmarinen director, economist Jaakko Kiander guess is that the municipal election results will affect both the true finns and the social democrats, chairman of the pattern."the Result can improve the true finns Jussi Halla-aho's chair", Kiander said the Economy election tebatti.according to him, the Halla-aho of the selection at the June party at a meeting with Timo soini of the successor also would complicate the work of the board.Myself demarin background Kiander to keep the Sdp election results modest: "It can cause the president to discuss the launch of again," he surmises.Antti Rinne was elected Sdp chairman for a second three-year term after a vote in early February at the party the Party however, there is still a spirit of revolt, which can cause the requirements ylimääärinen party meeting be convened before the 2019 parliamentary elections.
Success Kummola does not, however, it's all had time to celebrate, for he had the results of the election announced at the time of traveling in New Zealand.the municipal election in Kummola campaigning strongly, inter alia, that ”private motorists, the kyykytys will stop”.What does this mean and how are you going to drive this forward?”in my Opinion, this green policy is partially related to particle emissions generated huge amount of it after a hundred metres to around two miles.”you Mean this, therefore, that the private motorist will not beat about the bush?”At the moment, for example, one house is forced to circulate, that this doesn't make any sense.
Success Kummola does not, however, it's all had time to celebrate, for he had the results of the election announced at the time of traveling in New Zealand.the municipal election in Kummola campaigning strongly, inter alia, that ”private motorists, the kyykytys will stop”.What does this mean and how are you going to drive this forward?”in my Opinion, this green policy is partially related to particle emissions generated huge amount of it after a hundred metres to around two miles.”you Mean this, therefore, that the private motorist will not beat about the bush?”At the moment, for example, one house is forced to circulate, that this doesn't make any sense.
the European union's 27 member states brexit plans remain unchanged, the Uk surprisingly-for the election-regardless of the error, told the european council president Donald tusk spokeswoman."the British elections do not change the EU27 plans", a spokesman said the British broadcaster, according to the BBC."we Expect that the European council approves the bhrexit-negotiation of the guidelines 29. April and that the instructions are ready 22. may.This will allow the EU27 to start negotiations."Also, British prime minister Theresa May's spokesman has stressed that Britain will continue to prepare the negotiations of the part of the former rate, write Independent-journal.May declared today, Tuesday, that Britain should hold early elections 8. June.
the municipal election candidates suspected of committing bribery in närpiö in Ostrobothnia, tell the police.närpiöläisen candidate suspected of called advance voting during the facebook in people to vote, after which they were promised coffee / invitation, however, does not directly called upon to vote for the suspects, told police on Thursday.Police questioning of parties and witnesses and find out what has happened.