Join us for this live webinar on Web Personalization Thursday, October 22 at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern.A few years ago, if the theme of “personalization” had emerged in your marketing circles, most industry people would have referred to Amazon as the gold standard.Amazon still is the Prime, free-shipping standard when it comes to knowing what products I want and when I want them.By way of personalization, Amazon transformed online shopping into a web experience (and we know how many times “customer experience” comes up in marketing meetings).Companies of all sizes are following Amazon’s lead and many have been seeing huge results.In fact, according to VB Insight analyst Andrew Jones, in his latest report on website personalization, 87 percent of those companies have seen a lift of at least 5 percent in their most important metrics.
Interactive video is an innovative approach to marketing that can increase audience engagement, especially among millennials.Still, many in marketing and advertising remain in the dark about the opportunities interactive offers and how to best leverage its capabilities, including data and customer insights.Although interactive video is getting easier to create, marketers and advertisers still struggle to understand how it works and how they can leverage it for their brands.And if so, what do you need to know to reach your goals?Brands are putting more and more content on the Web, increasing competition for consumers mental bandwidth, thereby lowering the odds of any meaningful engagement.Creating an immersive and tailored experience leads to longer view times, increased interactions, and more social sharing, which is exactly what content creators are looking for in 2016.
And despite the overflow of data available to marketers today, some still struggle with identifying who you are.In her blog post, Principal Marketing Manager for HubSpot's optimization team Pamela Vaughan defines personas as fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers.Taryn Collins, content manager and Web editor for cloud platform Acquia, points out that personas are representations of real customers while segments are groups of actual customers that share similar traits.In a blog post, Gartner's VP of Content Publishing Heather Pemberton Levy writes that personas are built from a combination of the following data points:Demographic income, geography, level of education, age Psychographic values, opinions, interests, aspirations, attitudes, and lifestyles Ethnographic observations of customers in their daily routines Transactional historical customer relationship data, first- and third-party purchase data, post-sale services Behavioral: engagement across channels Buffer Content Crafter Kevan Lee also encourages marketers to check their site analytics for traffic trends; do some social listening to see what problems or concerns customers are talking about; conduct surveys to learn about customers' goals, values, and pain points; and collect feedback from other departments, like customer service.Once marketers obtain this information, Lee says they should stitch it together to bring the persona to life.There's no perfect number of personas one needs to create, but Levy says four to eight is typical.
Hedge fund Corvex Partners has revealed that it owns 10 per cent of the veteran streaming music company – and that selling out to a larger company is preferable to pursuing a "costly and uncertain business plan."In a US Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Corvex expresses dismay over the return of founder Tim Westergren as CEO.The hedge fund doesn't think it's worthless – just that it would be worth more to shareholders if it sold now at a premium."Pandora's logged-in mobile user base, deep reach and engagement, and differentiated song recommendation engine are unique assets, and we believe a large, well-capitalized acquirer could further accelerate the company's competitive advantages over time through synergies in areas such as technology and engineering, ad monetization, and customer acquisition and marketing.Simply put, we believe Pandora can become an even more differentiated product and a more valuable business as a part of a larger enterprise," Corvex notes.Corvex points out that Pandora has made only modest gains since IPO relative to the market.
From Marketing Land:Data provider Acxiom opens up its turnkey marketing analytics environmentMay 17, 2016 by Barry LevineCalled Acxiom Marketing Analytics Environment or AMAE, it offers the first full integration of the company s 2014 LiveRamp acquisition.9 reasons you should attend SocialPro in Seattle this JuneMay 17, 2016 by Marketing LandAre you a professional social media marketer focused on driving results for your company or clients?Botnet hijacks search results to siphon Google AdSense for Search revenueMay 17, 2016 by Ginny MarvinThe click-fraud botnet Redirector.Paco has infected nearly 1 million computers worldwide since 2014, according to researchers.Email provider Bluecore, UGC platform Olapic team up to use consumers photos in marketing emailsMay 17, 2016 by Barry LevineThe collaboration points to the growing incorporation of user content into more marketing channels.Google launches their new mobile-friendly testing toolMay 17, 2016 by Barry SchwartzGoogle revamped the mobile-friendly testing tool after its launch back in November 2014.The Biggest Mistakes in Usability Testing, www.uxmatters.comAmazon Wants Alexa to Take Control of Your Smart Home, www.wsj.comConnexity, Inc. Launches Enhanced AudienceView, connexity.comFirst Intentionally-Initiated Out-of-Stream Format Displays Both Direct Response and Engagement Ad Creative, www.vibrantmedia.comLatest Hootsuite App Dynamically Manages Social Between Desktop and Mobile, hootsuite.comMavrck Launches Beta Program for Pinterest Influencer Activation Engine, www.mavrck.coNetLine Advances with Account-Based Marketing Platform Powered by First-Party Intent Data, www.prnewswire.comProgress Announces New Digital Transformation Solutions to Combat Digital Denial, www.businesswire.comFive Questions You Need to Ask Before Purchasing New Technology, www.marketingprofs.com30 Practical Tips for Producing Great Facebook Live Videos, www.problogger.net5 Best Practices to Consider Before You Use Livestreaming Video, blogs.constantcontact.comTwitter is testing a Periscope live-streaming button inside its mobile apps,
However, this didn t happen overnight; here s where many marketers have gone wrong:You followed the wrong metricsAs marketers, when we sit in meetings with executives, they say the same thing over and over: Show me the data.We know the best marketing efforts are tracked, analyzed, tweaked or even tossed out based on the results that they show.However, the data that we have been leaning on is frequently from discrete campaign results that miss the true impact of a campaign s broader implications.You didn t treat your users like individualsA recent study we conducted found that users hate it when they are delivered the same generic experience as the next person.It s up to us to break out of the bad habits that I listed above and enter a new age of mobile engagement where we bring better, more personalized and more thoughtful mobile engagement to our users.He oversees global marketing, branding and advertising.
Measuring beyond surface metricsTraditional content marketing performance data is limited in its depiction of valuable user engagement.Demonstrating valuable ROI return on investment means marketers must measure beyond conventional vanity metrics to better understand if, why and how the content is providing emotional value.The takeaway: To measure digital emotion, focus on metrics that show the impact the content is having on the viewer.Synthesizing the viewer and the content in this way lays the groundwork for a unique emotional experience that standard linear video is simply unable to deliver.This interactive dynamic also helps marketers pinpoint opportunities for improving their strategy, helping to identify specific areas for increased investment.About The AuthorErika Trautman, founder of Rapt Media is passionate about the evolution of online storytelling.
Bhavin TurakhiaThe most successful companies are built on great people, and how well they are able to hold on to good talent.Startup cultures are defined by the leadership of a company and the people that work for organisations.Also Read: How to find the right business partner for your startupCompanies slowly adopt the collective conscience of their leadership, and so in a sense, they become an extension of the personalities of their founders.Competitive founders tend to birth startups that are progressive, and CEOs that tend to take time over-analysing data to come to decisions will probably create slower moving organisations.A startup s culture in the early days becomes its guidebook, and eventually grows to represent the identity by which it is perceived.A recent Forbes article that summarised the findings of an employee engagement study conducted by Tinypulse hypothesised that  employees who give their work culture low marks are nearly 15 per cent more likely to think about a new job than their counterparts.The knowledge that you are changing the world, or creating something that is potentially earth shattering is profound.Also Read: The trick to attracting Millennials to your startup brandFor good talent, it s the reason why they will wake up to come to work every morning.Another aspect to this is adopting a flat organisational structure — flat structures are more conducive to ideation, discussion, and rapid development and execution, which is exactly what startups need.Perks and the WorksThis comprises the likes of flexible work hours and vacation days, no dress code, free food, an ever buzzing workspace et al.
Facebook founder Mark ZuckerbergFacebook could soon let users make video responses to posts.To comment with a video, a user clicks reply in the same way that they would normally write a text response.The videos won't autoplay in the newsfeed, Facebook said.The move is not a surprise as the company has been aggressively pursuing videos to grow audience engagement.In September 2015, Facebook has launched its Live Video platform in the USA.One of the biggest broadcasts on Facebook Live to date saw BuzzFeed staff put elastic bands on a watermelon until it exploded.
Firebase Analytics: a brand-new app analytics platformGoogle s Cloud Platform business acquired Firebase in 2014, and it s now being relaunched as Google s new, free developer platform with a suite of products.The analytics piece is designed to track the engagement metrics and in-app actions that developers care about — average revenue per user, lifetime value and so on.Google announced that app ads will now reach more users on YouTube and will soon be available in the ad slots at the top of the Promotions tab in the mobile Gmail app.Automated targeting & biddingWith the 80/20 rule shown to apply to app users — 85 percent of app revenue comes from 17 percent of users, according to a RadiumOne study — Google is currently testing automated ad targeting and bidding in Universal App Campaigns to reach users most likely to take the actions that advertisers have prioritized.Our models evaluate countless signals and unique insights into intent, and constantly learn and adjust, meaning every single optimization is based on the freshest, most relevant data, explained Sissie Hsiao, product management director for mobile app ads in the blog post outlining these changes.The automated optimization is in testing now, and Google says it will roll out in the coming months.
To learn more and subscribe, please click here.Typically, users pay a lot of attention to apps right after they download them, but that engagement falls off a cliff after the first day.To change this, app marketers need to properly employ push notifications by personalizing them for their customers.In fact, a recent study by Localytics revealed that 52% of users find these messages annoying.Another issue is the sheer volume of apps out there in the app stores.Cutting through the noise of an overcrowded app market is critical for any app developer looking to build a viable user base.US app-install ad revenue will grow to over $7 billion by year-end 2020, according to BI Intelligence estimates.Mobile app install advertisers have traditionally invested heavily in display and interstitial ads, but are moving to mobile video and native install formats.86% of developers currently use in-feed video app-install ads, and video ads are seen as the most effective app-install format.As formats like video rise in popularity, older formats are losing their appeal for install campaigns.New approaches, including deep linking and app streaming, are more contextualized and interactive than older ad formats.In full, the report:Forecasts app-install ad spending in the US through 2020.Explores which app-install ad formats developers believe are most effective.Discusses what the most popular platforms and ad networks are doing to attract ad spending.Investigates new tools for marketing apps, including deep linking and app streaming.To get your copy of this invaluable guide to the IoT universe, choose one of these options:Subscribe to an ALL-ACCESS Membership with BI Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report AND over 100 other expertly researched deep-dive reports, subscriptions to all of our daily newsletters, and much more.But however you decide to acquire this report, you ve given yourself a powerful advantage in your understanding of the fast-moving world of the IoT.
Even more remarkable, the robot seems to have tapped into this tender side all on its own.The robot, dubbed the Home Exploring Robot Butler HERB , uses a series of algorithms to solve problems and move objects around.But consider the fairly complex set of actions you re following when you do so.Your brain tells your arm to reach up and pull the fridge open.Then you navigate obstacles in the way some old pasta sauce, maybe, or a stick of butter , close your fingers around the drink, remove your arm while clasping it and push the refrigerator shut.We are also actively developing ... algorithms that simultaneously learn the rules of engagement as they solve problems.
Take-Two s results, though, handily beat Wall Street s expectations, which were marginally more optimistic than what the company projected three months ago.Analysts had expected adjusted revenue of $306 million and profit of 26 cents a share, according to Thomson Reuters.Adjusted revenue counts all sales in the quarter, and can exclude other factors Wall Street and companies don t consider a regular part of business.The increase in digital sales was driven by new content released for Grand Theft Auto Online, Chief Executive Strauss Zelnick said.For the upcoming full year, Take-Two expects adjusted revenue of $1.5 billion to $1.6 billion, on par with fiscal year 2016 s haul of $1.56 billion.We see the results moderating in this year, Mr. Zelnick said, citing a drop-off in player engagement in Grand Theft Auto Online, which came out in September 2013.
The money s starting to flow into Instagram.Thanks to the visual social network s growing active user base, major ROI on direct response advertising, an average annual follower growth rate among brands of 100 percent and new advertising formats and capabilities being rolled out regularly, companies are investing heavily in Instagram-based promotion.For influential Instagram users seeking to cash in on the size and engagement levels of their followings, the outlook couldn t be brighter.Let s take a look at three emerging platforms that offer compelling monetization approaches.
Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg met with political conservatives to explain how the social network comes up with its trending news topics, seeking to quell concerns that liberal-leaning news and sources were favored by the company s editors.I want to do everything I can to make sure our teams uphold the integrity of our products.The participants had a constructive discussion, and Facebook got feedback on its community standards, trending topics, and ways for conservative groups to make better use of the social network, a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.The meeting at the company s Menlo Park, California, headquarters included a training session on audience engagement, a meeting with Zuckerberg and other executives, an explanation of trending topics -- and a demonstration of Facebook s virtual-reality technology, Oculus, Facebook said.Zuckerberg sought to clear the air after an anonymously sourced report in Gizmodo last week alleged that his team of human editors leaned toward liberal sources in selecting stories for the trending news feature.Still, the conservatives invited to the meeting, including talk-show host Glenn Beck, think-tank leader Arthur Brooks and political commentator S.E.Cupp, were aiming to understand better how Facebook presents its news.
Push notifications are a cornerstone of every mobile app s engagement and retention strategy, yet we know so little about them.Previously I ve written about why 60% of users opt-out of push notifications and why some pushes are getting 40% CTRs.Today, we ll look at some push notification data from Leanplum, a mobile marketing automation tool, which breaks down 671 million pushes to uncover some interesting trends, particularly on time of day targeting for push notifications.
Ruby Tuesday managed a significant reduction in its drop-off rate.Ruby Tuesday now has better analytics on factors such as employee retention and training, helping business leaders understand the engagement level of employees.Improving the application process is just one part of a broader digital transformation across the business at Ruby Tuesday, including elements such as shifting more of the company s marketing to digital channels.Reduced IT support, increased innovation focus: Ruby Tuesday s HR team still needs IT support for some activities, but now less of that HR-related IT effort is spent on maintenance activities.With the time saved on application maintenance, Collins HR analysts and the HR IT team can spend their time on more strategic goals, such as exploring whether to use options like those raised by the Oracle optimization team.Collins HR team piloted its first HR system implementation within four months, a breakneck pace for such a large organization.
Gone are the days when everyone was infatuated with the concept of email and the phrase, You ve got mail had you frantically checking your inbox.Once you develop a relationship of trust with your audience, you can start converting your hard-earned visitors into actual leads.You want to educate your prospects about the core value proposition of your brand.Your first six emails should focus on your back story, describing specific obstacles that you had to overcome to achieve results or success with your service or product.In the second half of this article, I ll discuss how to encourage slower converters by leveraging broadcast emails to increase engagement and get more sales out of your existing list.Every so often, a prospect might receive a newsletter that lets them know that the company is still operating, but this one-size-fits-all approach isn t viable to yielding a higher ROI in your business.
That is, it determines the leading trends in specific areas of interest for brand clients by crawling videos, publishers sites, social media and other online sources.Netflix, for instance, might be releasing a new political series that is targeted at viewers aged 18 to 35, so Taykey might find the leading political trends and then locate stories about them.This is more useful to brands than a Google Trends, founder and CEO Amit Avner told me, because those kinds of general trackers tend to feature broad pop culture topics like Justin Bieber.Four categories will be presented and changed daily.Here s a detail screen you see after clicking on one of the trending topics:When a brand employs Taykey in a paid engagement, it chooses the categories where it wants to see trends.In addition to the free service, Taykey is also announcing a new Campaign Dashboard for its regular service, including the capability to determine the trends that lead to the most effective ad engagement.
See more of Folny s artwork at Artstation.While Disney s Star Wars canon has been spreading itself across all sorts of mediums, it s mainly focused on books, so we don t really know what a lot of these fascinating new characters look like.That makes it all the more interesting when we finally get official looks at some of these book-based heroes.The above image is the first official image released of Ciena Ree, one of the two lead characters in Claudia Gray s brilliant novel Lost Stars, released last Fall in the first wave of The Force Awakens merchandise.Ree was an Imperial Academy graduate who worked her way up the ranks in the Imperial Navy before eventually commanding a Star Destroyer in the Battle of Jakku, the engagement that lead to the sandy planet being covered in the scrap Rey scavenges in The Force Awakens.Revealed by the latest episode of The Star Wars Show, the image was commissioned for use by Fantasy Flight Games, who make several Star Wars table top games like Armada and X-Wing Update: Fantasy Flight have just confirmed that Ree will be part of an expansion for Star Wars: Armada .