The Canon Printer Error B200 in certain Canon printers recommends a plausible equipment issue related with the printhead or even the printer.On the off chance that printing gets obstructed because of the error, turn off the Canon printer for an hour or more, unplug its capacity link, open up the spread, and check for objects that stop up the printhead, for example, paper cuts.Expel such outside items on the off chance that you happen to see it, and turn on the printer by shutting its spread.In the event that that neglects to determine the B200 error, you would need to connect with printer administration experts to physically clean the printhead or clear any plausible equipment issues.Note that not every such error get made plans to flawlessness since Canon printer models change, yet they have a high achievement rate in certain printer models.Have a go at cleaning the printhead physically first, and if that neglects to determine Error B200, run a spout check in the subsequent advance.In any case, it is prudent to connect with Canon printer bolster experts on the off chance that you have any questions on performing printhead cleaning physically.Steps for Manual Cleaning of Canon Printhead Mood killer the Canon printer and disengage its capacity ropes.Continue with the cleaning simply after the printer is chilled off.Open up the printer spread that lets you see the ink cartridges.