Attendees at the NOAH technology conference in Berlin have accused an on-demand dating app of inviting escorts to attend a sponsored party at the event this week.Darja Gutnick, founder and CEO of 12grapes, a Berlin startup that has developed a piece of software to help companies assess the performance of their staff, said she left the party early at 11pm because she wasn't comfortable with the situation.I decided to hang out a bit and observe the situation, although feeling more and more uncomfortable, since clearly the only 2 categories of females that were present were girls in short skirt and high heels or wifes of investors walking hand in hand into the tempodrom.Das hätte mal im Schweden oder der USA passieren sollen.Deutsche Startups tweeted a photo of what appears to be a flyer from the dating app Ohlala inviting women to come and mingle with CEOs, investors, and executives at the Noah party.I hope that the event has taken no harm and I apologize one more time to all organizers and participants that I have brought in an awkward position.An Axel Springer spokesperson emailed Business Insider the following statement: We didn't know anything about that and are irritated as well.
If you ve recently been to Burning Man, the end-of-summer week-long music festival and temporary art community that sets up in the Nevada desert, you ve most likely seen the Scorpion Art Car.The skin is steam punk-style with rivets and textures … and don t forget the light show.The auction closes this coming Thursday evening, so you ve got a few days to get the money or some friends together and make your best offer.Even when partially disassembled, the vehicle is 11.5 feet wide and must be hauled on a semi with oversized load signs, and in some states escorts.If you buy Fluffy prior to Burning Man 2016, which runs August 28 to September 5, you can take possession at the event and work with the current owners learning how to set it up.Be prepared to take notes, because it requires six people and a whole day to set it up and another day to take it down — and we re talking about the folks who designed and built it.
If the four thieves hadn t gotten jammed up at the door on their way out of the Apple store with all their loot, they would ve matched the speed of a very similar heist at the same San Francisco shop four days earlier.That one took 11 seconds.And it appears both grab-and-go incidents were part of a Bay Area crime wave underway by a group of young men prone to wearing hoodies as they sweep up tens of thousands of dollars worth of electronics while customers and salespeople look on.San Francisco police have released video from inside the Chestnut Street shop on the evenings the thefts occurred, calling the crimes retail grand theft.The first video, from Nov. 25 — shopping extravaganza Black Friday — opens with a half dozen shoppers and an equal number of salespeople in the front portion of the store at 5:40 p.m.. Three young men in hoodies come in, take a few steps then start running around snatching devices that appear to be mostly iPhones from two nearby tables and along a counter.The young men work so fast they don t even appear to stow much of the loot, instead gathering it in their hands and arms as they rip more devices from their moorings.The employees look on.The video from Nov. 29 opens with just one customer and two salespeople at the front of the shop, when four thieves, again in hoodies, come through the door.This time, the iPhone bandits hit the floor running, grabbing devices off the same two tables and counter area.One employee escorts the customer toward the rear of the shop, while another two approach the phone filchers as they re heading out, one of the employees making a shooing motion.The first thief to hit the doors has some problem, perhaps of the push-don t-pull variety, and the other three pile up behind before they burst onto the sidewalk.So this time, it s 12 seconds from start to finish.Reports suggest the thefts are the work of a group which has proven itself capable of violence.On Wednesday, thieves hit an Apple store in downtown Burlingame at around 7:45 p.m,  KTVU reported.Police said six to 10 young men in hoodies took about 45 seconds to steal $20,000 in iPads and iPhones off tables, according to KTVU.The thieves pushed two security guards to the floor and tried but failed to steal a gun from one of them, the station reported.It was the third time the same store had been struck in the past month, the station reported.And there have been 11 such crimes by young men in hoodies in Apple stores in the Bay Area since late October, according to KTVU.
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There is little doubt the lurid, unverified, accusation that President-elect Donald Trump has a fondness for hiring escorts to partake in urine-based sex acts caused a splash.Yet many more headed straight to Pornhub, one of the world's well-known adult websites, for the truth about "golden showers", "watersports", "piss-play" and other popular fetishes.It found people searching for "golden shower" increased by 102% compared to the usual daily average and that searches for "watersports" increased by over 70%.Other popular related terms included "piss", "pissing" and "pee".Meanwhile, "watersports" ranked 6th overall.The demographic most likely to search for golden showers is men over the age of 65, according to a Pornhub graph compiled on the term.
A flock of sex-crazed Canadian iPhone owners were disappointed to discover that Apple’s voice-enabled virtual assistant Siri might not be the best travel companion when it comes to locating escorts.Canadian outlet The Toronto Star reports the virtual assistant has curiously been directing users seeking paid sexual pleasures to a certain bar in Toronto, which definitely appears to be the wrong place to find them.Not too long ago, Meltdown eSports Bar co-founder Alvin Acyapan began receiving cryptic late night calls asking whether the establishment happens to also offer sexual services.“I thought people were getting the wrong number or maybe it was a prank by someone listing our phone number on some unscrupulous website,” the owner told The Star.However, the peculiar occurrence kept repeating for months until last Sunday an anonymous caller revealed it was Siri that tipped him off to look for prostitutes in Meltdown.As the Canadian outlet has confirmed, it turns out that all local searches for ‘prostitutes’, ‘hookers’ and ‘escorts’ on Apple’s voice-enabled assistant seem to lead to the video game bar.
For the last few months, a bar in Toronto dedicated to e-sports has been getting a weirdly high number of requests for sex workers.It’s not normally two things that go hand-in-hand, but as it turns out, Siri is to blame.According to Alvin Acyapan, the co-owner of Meltdown Toronto, Siri will respond to a request for prostitutes or escorts by recommending his bar.A screenshot the bar posted to Twitter shows the mechanism in action.It’s not just that Siri is mis-hearing “escorts” for “esports” — that would make sense — but it appears to specifically recommend Meltdown as a place to find sex workers.It’s unclear if this is a location-specific bug or if Apple has since fixed it, because it appears that right now, Siri will just default to “I don’t know how to answer that” if you ask about prostitutes.
The surroundings are beautiful, but the tall walls of San Quentin, the oldest prison in California, make it almost impossible to be able to enjoy any of it from the prison yard.When I first entered the facility, one of the media escorts said heaven was on our right and hell was on the left.To my left was the adjustment center, where San Quentin’s more violent criminals are imprisoned.Down the hill and past the yard — where one prisoner played the trumpet while some played basketball and others jogged — is where The Last Mile’s Code.7370 is situated.What used to be a printing factory is now the headquarters of the most innovative element of San Quentin.Yesterday, The Last Mile, in partnership with the California Prison Industry Authority and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, hosted its third-ever graduation and demo day for programmers and designers at San Quentin.
Robot brothels could circumvent the laws banning human prostitution.Whether that matters to you is another thing entirely!We enjoyed an extra hour in bed, spent the morning playing video games, and then took a brisk walk into town to visit the robot brothel.Or at least that’s what folks may be saying in a year or so, if the Spanish company Lumi Dolls has anything to say about it!Describing itself as the “first sex dolls agency of Europe” (a description that’s a bit less E.U.than “ewww!”), the growing business is attempting to circumvent laws banning regular brothels by introducing lifelike androids to the mix.
p Imagine taking shelter from a downpour under a large umbrella, when an unkempt gentleman in a trench coat and no pants joins you to avail himself of the same protection./p p That’s the situation Google finds itself in with respect to a law that shields companies running websites from liability over material posted by others./p p For the Mountain View tech giant and many other Silicon Valley companies operating sites that host third-party content, the protection from Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) is vital to their business interests.That would be Backpage, a website that hosts ads for escorts, and that has been the subject of many legal cases alleging that the site facilitates not only prostitution, but sexual exploitation and trafficking of children.Backpage’s ads, like, for example, Twitter tweets or material served up in Google Search, are produced by third parties./p p But now a consumer-advocacy organization has issued a report this week cataloguing Google’s financial support of groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation that are fighting changes to Section 230.
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There are exceptions, usually in difficult, high-profile murder cases such as the O.J Simpson trial in 1995 in the US and the Jill Dando murder trial in 2001 in the UK.A site visit by the Dando jury needed a convoy of five vehicles to transport the jurors, lawyers, judge and their police escorts to the scene, passing through police barricades surrounded by neighbours, journalists and other spectators.But rapidly progressing technology in imaging, robotics and artificial intelligence may be able to avoid these issues by virtually teleporting judges and jurors to crime scenes without even leaving the courtroom.For example, in the murder trial of music producer Phil Spector in 2007, the defence lawyers claimed a large fountain at the scene caused a witness to mishear Spector admit to the crime.By visiting the scene, the jury were able to judge how likely this was, as well as gaining a better understanding of how the sequence of events may have unfolded.Part of this reconstruction process is photography and sketching, with the latter still largely done by hand.
Capcom has announced an escorts tournament for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite called ‘Battle for the Stones.’ The competition will feature nine qualifiers and seven EVO champions, according to Capcom, to be joined by various tournaments leading up to the ‘Battle for the Stones’ Finals event to be held in Anaheim, California.The contest will feature a total of three online qualifier tournaments for three different regions: the NA, EU, and LATAM.Joining that will be half a dozen Infinity Stone Tournaments held around the world.Capcom explains that those latter tournaments will get winning players an Infinity Stone with a special power.The stones are then available for use during the actual ‘Battle for the Stones’ tournament, enabling players with them to bend the tournament’s rules in some way for an edge.Those powers won’t be revealed until each stone’s tournament arrives, though, leaving everyone to wonder what the players are battling for.
But that didn’t stop me last week from telling TCL what’s what about the Palm brand.Nor, will it stop me from talking about HTC and where its focus should be.Google has done its best University of Alabama impression and thrown some steak dinners and escorts at HTC, its new starting quarterback.I don’t watch football – that’s still a thing right?Anyway, Google picked up a few good men and women from HTC, plus some intellectual property, for the bargain price of 1.1 billion dollars, also known as “the revenue Google acquired in the time it took to write this article”.But, to me this looks like a desperate, yet necessary move to keep HTC afloat.
When a demure, unassuming young girl with a buzz cut has special powers that allow her to throw a van in the air or save someone who’s falling from a cliff with her mind, you know you’re up for almost anything.You may recognize Seimetz from her role as Becky Ives, Eleven’s estranged Aunt who holds the camera’s focus easily in her brief yet effective arcs across the show’s two seasons.But apart from her role there, Seimetz and Lodge Kerrigan also write and direct every episode of Starz series The Girlfriend Experience, a critically acclaimed, serialized reboot of the Steven Soderbergh film of the same name about the life of high-end escorts in Chicago.The professional hedonism of the infamous midwest city depicted by that show is a long way from the supernatural happenings of Stranger Things‘ Hawkins, Indiana, but Seimetz is an artist with many talents.Fresh off the world premiere of Stranger Things 2, Seimetz spoke with Digital Trends about how her experiences on the Netflix mega hit, musings on the show’s upcoming third season, and how season 2 of The Girlfriend Experience will shake up TV conventions.It’s so remarkable that everyone is responding to it in the way that they have.
Slide 1 of 8: For the first time in years, seven of the US Navy's 11 nuclear aircraft carriers are at sea simultaneously, according to USNI News.The USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76), USS Nimitz (CVN-68), and USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) are in the Western Pacific on operational deployments.They have full air wings and carrier escorts.The USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) and USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) are in the Eastern Pacific, while the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) and the brand-new USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) are in the Atlantic.Those four carriers are on training missions or doing workups before deployments.All the carriers - including the ones converging on the Western Pacific - are on planned operations, but they all come during President Donald Trump's 12-day trip to Asia.
Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes teammates have been robbed at gunpoint ahead of the Formula One race in Brazil in an incident the world champion said had left them “shaken”.The sportsman tweeted soon after midday on Saturday that some of his team were “held up at gun point [sic]” after they were leaving the circuit in Sao Paulo on Friday night.He said gun shots were fired and one person had a weapon held to their head in an incident that was, “so upsetting to hear”.Mercedes confirmed valuables were taken from the team but said “everyone was unharmed”.In a later tweet Hamilton lamented the level of danger surrounding the event saying, “this happens every single year here”, and called on F1 teams to “do more” to protect those involved in the sport.Mercedes-AMG F1 replied to the tweet thread saying it works with “specialist security advisors and train our personnel in case incidents like this occur”.
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Dodgy punters blacklisted on National Ugly Mugs databaseA study into the effect of the internet on professional sex workers has shown the online world keeps them safer, happier in their job, and more able to weed out creepy customers.Researchers at the universities of Leicester and Strathclyde in the UK interviewed 641 courtesans – with a roughly 80/20 per cent female to male split – and found [PDF] more than three quarters found using online channels to find and vet punters made them safer in their trade.Online forums also gave then a valuable tool in staying safe and countering loneliness or depression."Girls are very open because obviously we started talking about the safety from the very get-go," Milena, 32, an independent escort providing BDSM services.As a result only five per cent of workers said they had been physically abused in the last year, although online abuse was fairly commonplace.