Creative Commons licensed photo by Mark LatoneroChances are you re carrying around a smartphone and using it for all sorts of things including texting, checking email, navigation and finding a place to spend the night when traveling.For you it probably feels like a lifeline, but for refugees making the dangerous journey from Syria and other war torn countries to safer havens in Europe, it literally is a lifeline.As Wired documented, Many of these displaced people rely upon smartphones to find safe passage.Maps and GPS help chart the best course.Mark LatoneroFor the most part, this is a positive aspect to an otherwise desperate situation, but, as Data and Society Research Institute Fellow Mark Latonero points out, The tools that underpin this passage provide many benefits, yet are also used to exploit refugees and raise questions about surveillance.In another essay, Latonero warns about surveillance.
Hello fellow ppl from the internet.I am asking for your help to make a good table of context for my essay about the GH topic.In my studies we never talked about this topic so I am coming to my professor with something fresh and relatively unknown.What would be the best way to adress this and to which place of marketing i should compare it the most so he can accept my essay.they are little tough on stuff that doesnt have a ton of academic research, maybe its my problem not finding it in the databases to which we have access thanks
originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.I expect we ll see AI start to affect a wide variety of domains, including obvious ones that have never really worked before such as robotics.Here are some interesting domains which seem quite close but may not be on people s radar:Knowledge work: Today s AI assistants are in their infancy, but an exciting mature version would be something which has context on what you re trying to do, understands it, and can do something useful with that understanding.For example, imagine a tool takes a bullet point and expands it into a full-fledged essay.Imagine a virtual pair programmer, which can tell you that you ve made an off-by-one error, or can synthesize functions or refactor code for you.I expect that we ll see systems capable of extremely non-trivial dialog in upcoming years.
The meeting was sparked by a report alleging Facebook staffers suppressed conservative content in its Trending Topics feature.On Medium talk radio icon Glenn Beck penned an essay praising Zuckerberg s thoughtfulness, his directness, and what seemed to be his earnest desire to connect the world.'And in just 90 minutes Zuckerberg managed to quell attendees suspicions about Facebook s underlying motives, proving just how powerful a position he now finds himself in politically.I felt they approached it with a really humble attitude, said Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the group Tea Party Patriots, who attended the meeting.But how could Facebook, whose algorithms make billions of what are ultimately editorial decisions every day ever possibly prove it s being fair?Zuckerberg has been playing the trust game with users for more than a decade, on issues ranging from privacy to how its technology decides what to show more than a billion users in their News Feeds at any given moment.
Bill Gurley just wrote an excellent essay on the state of the unicorn market.Gurley covers the financial and emotional forces at play and offers great advice for founders of these highly valued billion-dollar-plus companies.As a result, many companies today operate with unsustainable burn rates that need to be reduced before all their money goes up in smoke.So I advise all of our startups to remain focused on growth while spending parsimoniously.We are all influenced in our investment decisions by psychological tendencies like recency bias and confirmation bias.If many of our portfolio companies are having a hard time raising follow-on rounds, we re more reluctant to fund a good idea that isn t quite an awesome idea.
Sure, we were able to have a conversation, but those deep, meaningful, thoughtful topics seemed few and far between.We spent the night skimming the surface, never sticking our heads below the water.In her timeless essay on cultivating wisdom, writer and creator of Brainpickings, Maria Popova explains the real reason why a lack of deeper understanding is hurting our society.We believe that having access to more information produces more knowledge, which results in more wisdom.Popova goes on to explain that wisdom is the application of information worth remembering and knowledge that matters to understanding not only how the world works, but also how it should work.And then follow them down the rabbit hole.
BackBlazeWindows malware tries to avoid 400 security products Malware authors are constantly trying to build their malicious files to remain undetected by security products and pack their malicious programs with anti-virus detection capabilities, but the newly observed "Furtim" malware is one of a kind in this regard.OK, technically, this is an essay about the changing nature of television—in fact, it tries to wrestle with the very definition of TV in the Internet age—but Film Crit Hulk uses Polygon s Monster Factory series as a launching pad.The country's Ministry of Communications has shut down Internet access in the entire country for the second year in a row just to make it harder for Iraqi students to cheat on their exams.The results of the Princeton Web Census research, which they claim to be the biggest to date, show that Google, through multiple domains, is tracking users on around 80 percent of all Top 1 Million domains.The company, later this year, will begin launching VR experiences in locations such as multiplexes and malls, using its connections with movie theaters and Hollywood talent along with new partnerships in the tech community to build the new business.If you are interested in supporting the project, sponsoring the next work or would like to find out more, please send a hello to [email protected] VimeoChina fakes 488 million social media posts a year China s government fabricates about 488 million social media comments a year -- nearly the same as one day of Twitter s total global volume -- in a massive effort to distract its citizens from bad news and sensitive political debates, according to a study.
While attending Google's developer conference, I/O, programmer Dan Kim noticed a booth selling a T-shirt with a popular saying: "Eat, sleep, code, repeat.I literally let out an 'ugh' when I saw it."Because, the truth is, the underlying idea of that phrase isn't so cute.It must be all consuming and the focus of your life.... a truly balanced lifestyle  —  one that gives your brain and your soul some space to breathe non-programming air  —  actually makes you a better programmer.To understand just how pervasive this indoctrination is, a couple of months ago, Alex St. John, a famous video game developer and exec, someone who has hired a lot of programmers over the years, caused an uproar when he published a controversial article in VentureBeat.St.St. John even wrote a recruiting slideshow filled with controversial and sexist ideas on how to find programmers preferably young and cultivate this idea in them.The sad thing is that for those that buy into this message, the stress of working like that has been known to literally drive some of them beyond burnout, even affecting mental health.For instance, some time ago a programmer named Kenneth Parker wrote a blog post about the hardest working programmer he ever knew.
And while things like Artificial Intelligence AI , virtual reality, 5G networks, nano and bio-technologies are constantly in the headlines, there is another less prominent but extremely important revolution happening: The User Experience and the interaction between users and new technologies.Here are the three trends we can t ignore, that are defining the way we interact with these technologies: 1: Transparency Transparent networks , transparent technology, or calm technology, * is the idea that strives to eliminate all existing friction between technology and humans.Or how the real world is increasingly merging with the virtual one to become a mixed reality.Analyzing and measuring our emotions in real time, using our brainwaves to interact without a gesture or word: massive data processing, along with the development of sensors and measuring tools, offers us a glimpse of great developments in this complex field.This is the inspiration behind the dive event, the first multidimensional, multisensory global event dedicated to innovation that puts user experience at the forefront.*calm technology is a concept developed in an essay by Amber Case, a cyborg anthropologist, who will talk at dive event, July 7th, Rennes France.
Ah, the heady days after Google I/O but before WWDC.And we re here to help unpack it all, starting with an excellent essay by Marco Arment about what happens to Apple if we go from mobile-first to AI-first.iPhone 7 rumors are flying fast, along with rumors for next year s iPhone, yes, already.Show notesApple working on a fix for iPad Pros bricked by iOS 9.3.2 by Susie Ochs6 Google I/O announcements Apple fans should care about by Susie OchsThe problem with Google s Allo: Who s it really for?Why Snowden and others don t trust Google s new AI-backed messaging app by Seung Lee for NewsweekReport: Apple is developing a Siri Speaker to rival Amazon Echo and Google Home by Oscar RaymundoIf Google s right about AI, that s a problem for Apple by Marco Arment at Marco.orgiPhone 7 rumors: Redesigned antenna lines but no OLED until 2017 by Caitlin McGarry and Oscar RaymundoApple s new store has a tree-lined Genius Grove and a fitting room for iPhone cases by Susie OchsNew Touch ID rules: Why you have to enter your passcode when you wake up by Glenn FleishmanOS X 10.12 may let you unlock a Mac using Touch ID on an iPhone by Roman LoyolaPrivate I: Knock twice to see the future of the Apple Watch as a security device by Glenn FleishmanTalk to us!Or you can point your favorite podcast-savvy RSS reader at: find previous episodes, visit Macworld s podcast page or our home on Soundcloud.
That company, which started as part of Google but now exists on its own, is best known for a 2012 game called "Ingress."Portals show up alongside important places in the real world.It's a clever, unique concept.A number of users took to the web soon after the game's release to report bad experiences.Reddit user Eheaubaut started the online conversation when they posted three years ago about a three-hour ordeal with some overzealous cops:I was out capturing some portals I live in a medium sized city and only one other person is playing that I noticed, only one portal was taken.Strangest night ever.Edit: So someone pointed out that I was DETAINED, and not Arrested.Sorry for the confusion.A number of other Redditors replied with similar experiences, including Mooksas, who wrote about a police officer who approached them for playing in an empty parking lot near a post office.In her essay for the website Piedtype, a self-described "grandma" said she understood why police had stopped her for looking suspicious playing the game.
Can product designers make decisions that are unethical?The tech industry has been busily debating that question since former Google design ethicist Tristan Harris posted a fantastic essay on Medium earlier this week.He writes:And this is exactly what product designers do to your mind.They play your psychological vulnerabilities consciously and unconsciously against you in the race to grab your attention...Are you upset that technology hijacks your agency?Simply put, your incentives are different from the tech industry's.It's one of the clearest examples of unethical design to me, and even worse, it's targeting younger users — many of whom are teens.Here's what a Snapchat score looks like — mine is pathetic:Consider:Snapchat is a service geared toward teens and young people.It quantifies popularity into a single number, the Snapchat score, which comes up frequently when adding new friends.How Snapchat calculates your score is mostly secret, but it's roughly the sum of all the messages you've sent and received.So the only way to increase your score — and hide how unpopular you actually are — is to use Snapchat more.The score serves one real purpose: to get people to use Snapchat more.An example of how it's pernicious: Take Katherine Pommerening, a normal 13-year-old who lives in Northern Virginia.Here's what happened when she switched user names, plummeting her score back down to zero, according to The Washington Post:Then, because she changed her username, her Snapchat score reverted to zero.The app awards about one point for every snap you send and receive.But it's less positive from the perspective of her teachers and parents — and maybe society in general.You should read Tristan Harris' post here.
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The secretive tech billionaire who recently admitted to funding a lawsuit meant to crush the media company Gawker is known for having some radical opinions.But in an essay published in 2009, he surprised many when he wrote that giving women the right to vote — by constitutional amendment in 1920 — was a blow to democracy.That he also seemed to blame social security and other New Deal-era benefits for the decline of democracy — a fairly common conservative and libertarian view — got less attention.Thiel told The New York Times he is seeking justice for a piece Gawker wrote in 2007 titled Peter Thiel is totally gay, people and for other Gawker articles over the years.It was known to a wide circle who felt that it was not fit for discussion beyond that circle, Owen Thomas told the Times.Thiel is also a delegate for Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate who has proposed building a wall to keep Mexican people out of the United States as well as a total ban on Muslims coming to the U.S..
Photo: BI ScreenshotCan product designers make decisions that are unethical?The tech industry has been busily debating that question since former Google design ethicist Tristan Harris posted a fantastic essay on Medium earlier this week.They play your psychological vulnerabilities consciously and unconsciously against you in the race to grab your attention...Are you upset that technology hijacks your agency?It's one of the clearest examples of unethical design to me, and even worse, it's targeting younger users — many of whom are teens.Consider:— Snapchat is a service geared toward teens and young people.Here's what happened when she switched user names, plummeting her score back down to zero, according to The Washington Post:Then, because she changed her username, her Snapchat score reverted to zero.
But the jury in U.S. District Court found that Google made "fair use," under copyright law, of Java elements that help different software programs work together.Similar exemptions allow artists and critics to quote or reuse small portions of someone else's work in a larger essay or creation.Oracle and its allies simply argued that the company should be paid for the use of its code.Google co-founder Larry Page testified in person, while Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison appeared on video.Google welcomed the jury's finding in its own statement.You can follow Brandon Bailey at or find his reporting at
For the U.S., as with Japan s own wartime atrocities that still deeply rankle the emotions of its Asian neighbors, the profound apology that matters is not about the past but the future.This approach may be helpful if it encourages the leaders of the world to stop pointing fingers and instead work together as a team for world peace and nuclear non-proliferation.MIT s Max Tegmark and Frank Wilczek point out the trillion dollar question — the amount the U.S. is now spending on modernizing its nuclear forces — none of the presidential candidates are addressing.The former British prime minister, Gordon Brown, was at the Istanbul summit in his role as U.N. special envoy for global education.Writing for HuffPost Italy, Roberto Sommella regards the election results in Austria — in which the Green Party candidate defeated the anti-immigrant Freedom party candidate by a smidgen of the vote — as a sigh of relief.In this haunting photo essay titled Memory of a Future, French photographer Laurent Kronental captures portraits of the elderly residents living in the huge, concrete grands ensembles housing estates around Paris that were built as a modernist experiment after World War II.
The startup, SocialWire later renamed Manifest , helped online retailers instantly personalize the shopping experience when their customers signed in with Facebook.But  we soon learned that it was hard to convince the big retailers to add our product recommendations to their websites.Marc Andreessen, in his 2011 essay, introduced the term as a moment in your startup s journey where things start to work.Great growth people are not necessarily the most knowledgeable marketers  —  they approach marketing like scientists.A great marketer should frequently experiment with new growth tactics.Have a thesis, run a low-cost experiment, measure the results, and — if it works –   implement change.
Lonely Planet organizes their guidebooks into four major sections:Plan Your Trip: This section covers all the vital information you need to make your trip a reality.It includes a quick cultural and etiquette primer, a map of the country, popular things to see and do, a month-by-month calendar of major cultural events, example itineraries, ways to save money on your trip, and tips for traveling with children.For each part of the city, the book highlights sights, activities, festivals, events, nightlife, entertainment, shopping, where to eat, and where to sleep.It saves the cultural rundown reading for later as a bonus, which is nice if you just want to get there first and ask questions later.So think of it more as a list of suggestions and not an essay exploring the wonders of various corners of the world.By narrowing their focus, Fodor s manages to provide the essential information you need while also amping you up with photos and descriptions that aren t all work and no play.
If you ve ever had to write a reference paper, essay, or lab report, you know what it means to struggle with an overwhelming amount of information to organize, or a blank page looking back at you.WriteWell helps you organize that information easily, and offers writing templates to help you get started with your paper.WriteWell has templates for college research papers, specific types of essays compare and contrast, argumentative, reference, and so on , news articles, scientific papers, and even cover letters and new job pitches.To make the most writing with WriteWell, you ll want to use it to create sections for your paper, and then jump into those sections—and a full text editor—to either do your writing, or to paste in your relevant text.The service is free to start, and you can sign up with an email address, see all of the features and templates, and see if it s something that would work for you.Free accounts are limited to three documents though, so if you want to keep using it, you ll need to upgrade to a paid plan, for $6/mo, or $60/yr.