On Saturday, June 8, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in your local time zone, get together with fellow Pokemon trainers at your favorite spots to look for the Normal-type Slakoth.During the monthly community day event, the slothy Slakoth will spawn more frequently in the wild.While you are out you may encounter a Shiny Slakoth, and if you evolve a Vigoroth during the event and up to 1 hour after, you can obtain a Slaking with a special move.(For a refresher, here's our guide to how to play Pokemon Go.)Lure Modules will last 3 hours, and eggs you place in an incubator during the event will hatch in a quarter of the distance they normally would.Eggs in incubators prior to the event's start time won't qualify for the time boost.
Memorial Day sales are officially here, and Walmart has discounted a variety of best-selling tech items.A standout deal from the sale event is the Apple Watch 3 that's currently on sale for $199.The Series 3 is a health-focused smartwatch that also functions like an iPhone.The Apple Watch tracks calories and activities and measures workouts like running and yoga to help meet your fitness goals.The waterproof watch includes GPS technology so you can also track how far you've gone and monitor progress made.The smartwatch offers heart rate monitoring and will notify you when an unusually high or low heart rate is detected.
A collection of iPhone 11 smartphones (iPhone 11 era, I should say, who knows their name), appeared in a database this week.A Eurasian database by the name of the Eurasian Economic Commission pushed the codes to the public via database listings for a collection of new iPhone devices.These are the 2019 iPhone code-names: A2111, A2160, A2161, A2215, A2216, A2217, A2218, A2219, A2220, A2221, and A2223.Imagine our surprise when we saw that the same database listed the same sort of information at the same time as they generally do each year – for the past several years at least.If this tradition holds with the release dates of the phones, we’ll see late September in-store dates for each of Apple’s next smartphones.The R model corresponds with the codes A2111, A2161, and A2215 for different regions of the world.
With Sony skipping this year's event entirely, Microsoft's Xbox E3 2019 conference has the chance to steal the whole show.And it looks like that could be the case, with rumors circulating that E3 2019 will finally be the year that Microsoft unveils the next Xbox console (or consoles plural as the case may be).We're expecting Microsoft to go full force with hardware this year, revealing details of the next-generation Xbox along with any games we can expect to see on the upcoming console.Despite this potential focus on hardware, we're expecting Microsoft to have some software exclusives up its sleeve too at this year's Xbox show.We're also hoping to see more about what Microsoft has been working on with its newly-acquired studios, which include the likes of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice developer Ninja Theory and Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian Entertainment.For a long time a new Xbox seemed like a dream, but now Microsoft has confirmed a next-generation Xbox is in development – and rumors suggest there's more than one console in the works.
Huawei says it is working on its own mobile and laptop operating system in the event it can't continue using Google's Android for its phones, or Microsoft's Windows for its laptops.It's fighting talk, but Huawei's alternative operating system will almost certainly fail.Apple and Google's dominance is illustrated by stats showing how the mobile OS ecosystem was once much broader, but shrank in just a few years.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.Chinese tech giant Huawei has bullishly said it will have its own mobile and computing operating system ready by 2020 in the event it is prevented from using Google's Android or Microsoft's Windows after being blacklisted in the US.Theoretically, this means that all Huawei phones released after 2019 would run on its proprietary software, just as iPhones and iPads run on Apple's iOS, almost every other phone runs on Google's Android, and most laptops run on Windows or MacOS.
One of the world’s top Fortnite streamers filed a lawsuit this week claiming that the popular e-sports organization Faze Clan has been financially exploiting him.The lawsuit paints Faze Clan as abusive, pressuring the streamer to do dangerous stunts and drink underage, but the story is ultimately one about getting out of a contract, so that the increasingly successful streamer can stake out on his own.It’s a new situation for e-sports, but not for online video creators in general — YouTubers faced similar issues some years ago when they relied on organized networks to grow, but have since abandoned them for more lucrative individual opportunities.Faze Clan is an organization that works with players and streamers to help them secure brand deals and play in tournaments.The organization has denied all allegations and, just a couple of days after the lawsuits was filed, Tenney is backtracking on some of it, too.Tenney said in a YouTube video published last night that “all the stuff about the gambling, the stunts, the drinking” wasn’t accurate.
After going to the same conventions, concerts, and pop-up shops all utilizing the same effects, organizers must constantly find new and creative ways to impress their audiences.If you’re tired of outdated strobe lights and boxed contraptions, then consider projection mapping.With projection mapping, your guests can feel as though they’ve stepped into a completely different environment.Other times, companies will orchestrate a projection mapping show to reveal a new product and get people talking.The projections can be as simple as flat indoor stage graphics or as complex as moving video on industrial landscapes.Regardless of how projection mapping is utilized, there’s no doubt your audience will take notice.Why is Projection Mapping Beneficial?As mentioned earlier, many event goers are tired of seeing the same presentations over and over again.This is especially useful if your business is putting on an event or advertising your product in multiple cities.If you’re lugging around a large LED panel and decide it would look better against a different wall, the contractors will charge extra to move it.
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It is basic human nature to form communities around work, common interests, and passions.Hosting UGC campaigns to display earned media for your brand to your audience is a great way to leverage the ongoing trends for your brand promotion.What it did was, it embedded a social media hub on the home screen of its official website which displayed photos of actual users and customers of their real-estate projects fetched from their social media profiles, and thus displays social proof of the quality of their projects.In order to spread this cause, the brand encouraged the dog owners themselves to post selfies with their dogs using the hashtag #HollywoodSelfie on social media.During one of its events/conferences in Dubai, SMW actually displayed user-generated social media content to boost audience engagement and interaction with event happenings.Attendees and non-attendees could share their feedback, opinion, join in a conversation and be a more integrated part of the whole event.
Dixons Carphone has confirmed it will not stock Huawei’s 5G handsets following the decision of EE and Vodafone to suspend all pre-orders.The Huawei Mate X was expected to be one of the first 5G smartphones to be available in the UK, forming part of both EE and Vodafone’s launch line-up.However last week, the US Commerce Department prohibited American firms from doing business with Huawei, a move which means the company’s handsets will no longer receive updates for the Android operating system from Google or access to its popular applications.As a result, EE has, dropped the Mate X – at least temporarily - while Vodafone appears to have followed suit.BT Consumer CEO Marc Allera confirmed the decision at EE’s 5G launch event in London, explaining that customers needed the assurance that they would receive the support they were entitled to over the lifetime of a two-year contract.And now Huawei 5G devices will be absent from the shelves of the UK’s largest mobile retailer.
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In fact, major brands are launching UGC campaigns to drive user engagement and spread brand awareness.You must remember the famous UGC hashtag campaign #RedCupContest hosted by Starbucks.It invited it’s customers to share their creativity with the seasonal Christmas special red Starbuck cups.It discovers user-generated content from multiple social media platforms via hashtags, mentions, keywords, tagged, and other sources in real-time and collects them all at one place where you can manage and monitor your aggregated user-generated content.A good social media aggregator allows you to manage, monitor, curate, customize, schedule, post, analyze, track, and do all other associated operations on the aggregated user-generated content.You could also achieve the same purpose by displaying user-generated content on a social wall at any event or as digital signage or embedding it on your official website.
“If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a library!”From the birth of social TVs like (Instagram TV) IGTV to the trending of epic disappearing stories on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even Whatsapp, video marketing has been the hottest marketing trend for 2018 and the vogue seems to persist even more in 2019!Just scrutinize all other marketing options – a blog, an infographic, storytelling via articles and social media updates etc.More than 180 million internet users watch video content online every month and the numbers keep on increasing continuously.It helps to provide the human overtone to your brand’s voice.A Social Wall displaying an event video or a user generated content video expressing their happiness and satisfaction with your brand and it’s services is the most engaging thing for audiences at an event.
Niantic's Harry Potter AR game is launching at some point this year, and it looks like players on EE will be getting access to exclusive in-game content in the form of locations like Inns and Fortresses that will offer quests and high tier rewards for those on the network.The partnership was announced at EE's 5G event this week, where it also confirmed the roll-out date for its 5G service.The first trailer for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite dropped last year, although it didn't actually reveal anything about the game.And neither did this month's trailer, although it had my attention when it showed a couple of fuzzy kittens playing with a golden snitch.Just like Niantic's hugely successful Pokemon Go, players will "encounter fantastic beasts and iconic characters," casting spells as they explore and interact with the AR world."A calamity has befallen the wizarding world, causing artefacts, creatures, people, and even memories to mysteriously appear in the Muggle world.
Whichever event it may be-conferences, trade shows, convocations, graduations, seminars, and others, Twitter is surely one of the first social media platforms that come to your mind.Keeping in mind the fact that organizing an event is no child’s joke, one very important task is aggregating Twitter posts at one place where they could be managed, monitored, tracked, and analyzed before displaying them to your audience.Twitter is the place where most people come and share their experiences, give feedback and reviews about anything and everything they use.When you aggregate Twitter feeds, you are actually aggregating user-generating content from various sources to display it to your audience to build your brand authority.These feeds also encourage other users to tweet and contribute to the Twitter feeds being displayed.A Twitter aggregator does the work of aggregating and displaying curated real-time Twitter feeds automatically.
Be it a brand, or be it an event, or even a conference or a graduation ceremony, Twitter is the place where the buzz swirls.Today, in this article we will focus on Twitter Aggregation and why is it so important for brand promotion in events and on websites!On websites, in events, as digital signage, or anywhere you want to display user experience and feedback as social proof for your brand.A Twitter aggregator tool helps you a long way in aggregating Twitter feeds for embedding on your websites or displaying them on a digital screen for events or digital signage.and aggregates them together where you can moderate, curate, and customize them before displaying them on a website or a digital screen in events or for digital signage.Aggregating Twitter feeds via hashtags, keywords or mentions gives you the opportunity to aggregate relevant user-generated content related to your brand and showcase it to create brand trust and loyalty among your consumers.
So today we have compiled a few reasons why you should use “user-generated content” on your website, e-commerce platform or any event, conference or meeting you are planning!So, when user-generated content comes directly from the users themselves, it increases customer trust in your brand.UGC is the best possible way to increase brand trust and loyalty among your prospective audience.This helps you increase your audience reach even beyond your target audience.By posting images and videos of their experience with your brand products and services, they are making a pitch for the quality of your products and services.Drives Sales And Conversion RatesIf you own an e-commerce website, then displaying user-generated content helps you bring the point of sale closer to the point of inspiration.
The unmatched performance, high scalability, real-time app development, single codebase, data streaming services, and event-driven, non-blocking I/O model have compelled from large enterprises to SMBs to build or re-engineer the apps using Node.js technology.Going ahead, it offers a mechanism to add additional request processing “middleware” in the request handling chain at any point which provides flexibility to the developers to create compatible middleware packages that address the development problems.With velocity testing tools, the code testing starts as soon as it’s written, and the green or red dots indicate the testing results.Besides, chai’s assertion can be extended to new context through plugins, and the developers can build their own plugins or use the existing plugin pattern.Leveraging CMS to build complex web applications saves a lot of development time and efforts as the readymade plugins don’t require developers to code from the scratch for building and deploying functionalities.This makes keystone the best fit for building full-fledged, high performant, and dynamic applications under tight deadlines.
In that direction, aggregating Instagram feeds for your website embeds and event displays is a great step.It aggregates Instagram feeds for both Instagram Personal accounts and Instagram Business accounts via hashtags, usernames, and other sources.It also comes with a powerful moderation panel that lets you curate and filter out irrelevant content that is not good enough to be displayed.It also lets you know about the sentiments of the users linked with the Instagram feeds being displayed on the Instagram wall.Other add-on features like banners, tickers, profanity filter, auto-load, preloaders, full-screen announcements, and many more also help you to beautify your Instagram feed wall.With the onset of live Instagram walls and Instagram hashtag content being displayed on these walls at events, brands and businesses have begun to adopt the channel predominantly for boosting their business.