Samsung is gearing up to launch a new smartphone that uses parts from its ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled last year after a series of battery fires.Called the "Note Fan Edition", the company says the new mobile will utilise parts from the 2.5 million recalled Note 7 handsets to minimise the environmental impact of the faulty units.While the handset will share much of its design with the old phone, the South Korean tech giant says it gets a new battery that has been "enhanced with multiple safety designs and a rigorous eight-point battery safety test".This is expected "to calm the fans that the Fan Edition is aimed at", says Alphr, referring to the fault in the design of the original Note 7's battery that resulted in multiple device fires and the recall of every unit sold.The Fan Edition is expected to recover some of the £2.5bn lost as a result of the fiasco, adds the website.It is also believed to be a response to environmentalists who called for Samsung to handle its defective Note 7s using methods that would "reduce the amount of so-called e-waste", reports the BBC.
The new Ghostbusters movie will be in theaters soon, and ahead of that premiere comes a new trailer.Don't worry -- it's not terrible, though it's getting a bunch of hate anyway.The trailer just arrived, and it s fun — there s a bunch of Chris Hemsworth in this one, including a scene where he gets possessed by a mischievous ghost.The movie has been controversial since its announcement, and for a big reason: it features an all-female ghost-fighting team, and a whole lot of people have an issue with that.It didn't help that Sony's first trailer was pretty crappy, the combination of which resulted in a very high dislike-to-like ratio on YouTube.Troves have already pounced on the thumbs-down button for the new trailer, though, and at this point it's hard to take it as anything more than a ridiculous Internet tantrum.
Image: cgc76Remember that Facebook built a wacky 360-degree camera to record immersive video?Well, now it s shot its first film, which allows you to explore New York s Grand Central Terminal.Mark Zuckerberg posted the video to Facebook overnight, calling it a preview of what a full-length virtual reality movie will feel like.Especially if you re a fan of train stations!You don t need a VR headset to watch the video, but it does work better on a phone than a PC, because you can wave your handset around like a loon to see what s happening around you.Facbook
That s mainly because although the various smart bulbs, locks, thermostats and smoke alarms are great at talking to smartphones, they re not that good at talking to each other.See also: Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen reviewThrough the Works With Nest platform, the company has announced partnerships with major providers August, Misfit and Belkin WeMo, along with a host of other lesser-known manufacturers.This means, for example, owners of the WeMo switches can use that to turn on a home fan if it senses the temperature on the Thermostat creeping up.Those who own the August Doorbell Cam will be able to view footage from a Nest Cam within the August app.Video is a powerful aspect of smart security in the connected home.The integration with Nest lets our Doorbell Cam and Nest Cam work together to bridge the gap between activity happening inside and outside the home, explained Jason Johnson, CEO of August.
Seriously, look at this thing:A photo posted by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson @thorbjornsson  on Apr 17, 2016 at 1:27pm PDTHis name is Ástríkur, and the pup even has its own Instagram page under the handle @asterix astrikur.Scattered among his Instagram videos of weightlifting at the gym are cute snippets of Ástríkur and Björnsson out for daily walks and runs.You can barely spot the puppy among the similarly colored grass, but just look at this adorable workout:Björnsson captioned the video: "The most cardio I've done in years!!Björnsson refers to himself as Obelix, the fictional pal to Asterix.You can follow both Björnsson and Ástríkur on Instagram at @thorbjornsson and @asterix astrikur.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.More from Tech Insider:The nation's top spy says hackers are spying on presidential candidatesThis wearable exoskeleton could one day turn your grandparents into cyborgsA new trailer for the 'Ghostbusters' reboot is here and it's much better than the firstSunday s 'Game of Thrones' director was surprised by fan reactions to this brief character interaction14 Stanford students reveal their ultimate dream jobsNOW WATCH: The Mountain from 'Game of Thrones' follows an insane meat and egg fueled dietLoading video...
GIFThe first trailer for the new Ghostbusters focused on this new group of heroes coming together as a team, but our latest look at the film dives a bit deeper into the story, and delivers a whole lot of Ghostbustin badassery to boot.Not everyone was a fan of the first trailer, but this a much better look at the film.There s some good jokes, tons of spooky ghost action, and, as ever, the twin joys that are 1 Kate McKinnon s face in every scene she s in and 2 Leslie Jones ... well, everything.Check it out below.Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15th.
New APIs make it possible to programmatically create spreadsheets and presentationsAn integration between Salesforce and Google Slides makes it easier to create a presentation using data people already have.Google is updating the developer tools for its Docs productivity suite in an effort to make it easier for companies to integrate third-party applications with its presentation, spreadsheet and word processing software.In addition, Google also announced a new Slides API that will allow users to automatically populate slide decks with information from outside sources.That's useful for making sure that information shared within an organization using Google Sheets is up to date and accurate.For example, Trello is working on a feature that would let users take items stored on a "board" in its application and turn them into slides with a couple of clicks, without having to go through all the trouble of building a slide deck by hand.Security-conscious businesses might not be a fan of these integrations yet.
We've rounded up a selection of handy shortcuts that will make you more efficient, save you time, and give you six pack abs without ever having to hit the gym*.*results may vary1 Back upIn case you missed it, there's now a back button in iOS 9.It's admittedly a little limited right now, but it's early days yet.So all those flight detail attachments and even web pages can be saved to iBooks in the form of PDF documents, there for safekeeping until you need them.You re a big emoji fan, peppering all your sentences with little yellow faces whenever possible.If a call comes in during a meeting and you're not comfortable firing off a quick I'm-sorry-I-cant-pick-up text with your boss eyeballing you, then fear not - there's a way that you can politely dismiss a call with an almost instant explanation.
"We've already had some indications of that," said James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, according to AP.But the revelation is not totally surprising: The Chinese government reportedly hacked both Obama and McCain in 2008, and hackers tried repeatedly to break into the campaign accounts of Obama and Romney in 2012.The Romney campaign was "under constant attack," Digital Director Zac Moffatt told Time Magazine."Four or five times a week."According to CNN, Clapper said both the FBI and DHS were working to educate the campaigns about cyber threats.Hackers working for foreign governments can gain valuable insight into a presidential candidate's mindset before they take office, or uncover private communications that might give their country a leg up in diplomatic negotiations.In 2008, for example, a letter Sen. John McCain sent to the president of Taiwan was intercepted by hackers from China.And on the flip side, the US government does much the same thing to many world leaders, as the massive leaks out of the National Security Agency from former contractor Edward Snowden have demonstrated.The Clinton and Trump campaigns did not immediately respond to a request for comment.Read the original article on Tech Insider.More from Tech Insider:12 of history's greatest philosophers reveal the secret to happinessThe nation's top spy says hackers are spying on presidential candidatesThis wearable exoskeleton could one day turn your grandparents into cyborgsA new trailer for the 'Ghostbusters' reboot is here and it's much better than the firstSunday s 'Game of Thrones' director was surprised by fan reactions to this brief character interactionNOW WATCH: Hackers showed us how easy it is to secretly clone a security badgeLoading video...
Lian Li has built its brand on the promise of quality, its name synonymous with aluminum building materials and a premium price point.The Ebonsteel Series is being introduced with three cases: the PC-K5, PC-K6 and PC-K6S, all of which are mid-tower designs that are said to offer competitive air and liquid cooling support, convenient build features and support for full ATX boards.The PC-K5 features two removable drive cages that accommodate video cards of up to 250mm in length when installed or cards up to 400mm in length when removed, seven expansion slots, a 250mm long power supply and a CPU cooler up to 160mm in height.There are two 120mm intake fans on the front panel, a 120mm rear exhaust fan, HD audio jacks, a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, power and reset buttons plus LED indicators at the top and openings for two additional 120mm fans or a radiator.The front bezel hides two 120mm intake fans that draw in air from vents on the side of the bezel.On the bottom are four rubber feet and a removable dust filter positioned under the PSU mounting area.
MusicianThe Canadian crooner has followed the path of countrymen Justin Bieber and Drake, parlaying a rabid online fan base into a major label record deal—and a spot on our list.Fellow 30 Under 30 2016 honoree Andrew Gertler, founder of management company AG Artists, recognized his talent, became his manager and got him a deal with Island Records.1 on the charts in the U.S., Canada and Norway thanks in part to hit single Stitches.He spent the summer opening for Taylor Swift in preparation of a headlining tour of his own.Seriously, I m 17 … the way I keep myself sane is by thinking of it as fun.Photo:
Casemaker Lian Li has introduced an upcoming line of steel-based mid tower cases aimed at system builders on a budget seeking value.Although they branch away from the company s typical aluminum-based focus, they still offer Lian Li trademarks including vibration-dampened PSU mounts, drive cages, removable mesh filters on fan mounts, and so on.But Lian Li said on Tuesday that the PC-K5 will support ATX or mATX motherboards and provide two hard-drive cages that store up to a maximum of four 3.5-inch drives or four 2.5-inch drives.As for other features, the upcoming PC-K5 will include two 5.25-inch bays, one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, and HD audio inputs on the top panel.System builders will even be able to add two additional 120mm fans, but if water cooling is your thing, then a radiator measuring 120mm x 240mm x 60mm can be installed on the top fan mount.The company said it borrows from its J-series line of cases that cover the drives and power supply with steel panels so that the motherboard and expansion cards are the focus of attention.
Leicester!The domestic season wrapped up last weekend, but there s good news for even part-time footy fans looking for a new bandwagon to jump on – Euro 2016 kicks off in France on June 10.And almost everyone gets caught up in the excitement of international football, especially with three Home Nations teams to cheer on if you re from one of the countries who didn t qualify, well… here are some top phone apps to distract you for the next month or so .We ve teamed up with our friends from FourFourTwo to create The Road to France, in association with Continental.It s a site that contains everything you need to know about Euro 2016 – whether you re a lifelong football fan who will spend the next month stadium-hopping in France, or just a casual fan getting caught up in the fervour.Read about how technology is changing football for both spectators and players and the essential apps you need to follow Euro 2016.
Microsoft Lumia 435 Microsoft's mantra was for many years a large volume, low costs, and the company announced plans to acquire Nokia's puhelinbisnekset, Microsoft seemed old to continue their line, writes ZDNet. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced last July that the company will cut the number of new phones to be launched and focuses instead on a certain market areas, with emphasis on high-quality devices. Three Nadellan key markets were business users, pioneering / fan-customers, as well as the value of phone buyers. No, of course not certain whether Nadellan and his team objectives are still exactly the same as at that time. ZDNet According to market increasingly moving speeches that Panos Panay of Microsoft's team has puskenut forward the creation of new phones and new types of devices. In the meantime, Microsoft's telephone system has largely been passed on only to support the existing Lumia handsets, as well as to root out the Nokia losses.
One Twitter fan said: "Will whatsapp refund me for being down"While another added: " WhatsApp is down how will I communicate"This isn't the first time WhatsApp has gone into meltdown as it also suffered issues on the busiest night of the year – New Years Eve!IT'S DOWN: Down Detector is showing outages across EuropeAlthough WhatsApp is still the world's most popular messaging app it's facing stiff competition.Rival Telegram recently announced its users can now edit messages after they've been sent and Google has just announced its new Allo service.This new platform has a number of unique features over its rivals including the ability to offer responses tailored to individual users text messages and video content.The Facebook-owned firm recently announced that users can now download an official Windows and Mac app to their desktop PC or laptop.Confirming the news on their blog WhatsApp said: "Today we're introducing a desktop app so you have a new way to stay in touch anytime and anywhere - whether on your phone or computer at home or work."
GIFFor those of us who don t read the books, Bran s visions have finally shown us one of the most important places in Westeros: the Tower of Joy.A whole lot of guys died there, including dual-wielding badass Sir Arthur Dayne—the best and most knightiest knight to ever meet an untimely death.When anything requires a sense of awe, the obvious place to turn is the music of Ennio Morricone... you know, the composer for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and basically every other great spaghetti western since the beginning of time itself.This sepia-tinted fan re-edit also crops the brooding, gritty swordfight to a widescreen aspect ratio for even more of that Sergio Leone feel.The Ecstasy of Gold could make drying paint look brave.Sorry to say, you ve wasted your time, because this is clearly the superior version.
I m on record as a big fan of those on-court and on-ice projection systems proliferating throughout our nation s arenas, but Tampa might have achieved apotheosis.I present to you: intermission Mario Kart.Maybe next time do 60 minutes of this and play hockey between periods.
In Win 303 ReviewManufacturer: In WinUK price as reviewed : Approx £99 inc VATUS price as reviewed : TBCIn Win's focus on premium, unusual, but nonetheless striking cases has been one of the best things about the enthusiast PC scene for a number of years.In some ways, it's quite edgy and funky-looking, but from some angles it does look like a throwback to some 1990's budget PC case.The system is loaded using Prime95 25.11 and Unigine's Heaven 4.0 benchmark.Lian Li PC-D888 8 x 120mm fans; max speed SilverStone Raven RVX01Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5In Win 303No case - open test benchCorsair Carbide Series 600C max speed In Win 805 ReviewBe Quiet!Silent Base 600 min speed Phanteks Eclipse P400S med speed Phanteks Eclipse P400S min speed Performance AnalysisThe huge vent in the case, relatively powerful, and fairly quiet rear fan, vents in the far side panel, and the comparatively low location of the CPU cooler in the case clearly bolstered the 303's cooling prowess as it managed respectable results in both our graphs.Combined with some handy cooling performance, the 303 is one of the best cases below £100 and it's anything but run-of-the-mill.
For public radio fans, this means you ll soon get mobile apps that offer access to the full PRX catalog, including The Moth Radio Hour and the Radiotopia podcast network.And even if you re not a fan, the combined PRX-RadioPublic enterprise is a noteworthy attempt at creating a hybrid media business model.Now he s transitioning over to serve the same role at RadioPublic, and he told me that by building its own mobile apps, the company is hoping to help an entire industry rethink radio.In fact, RadioPublic has already raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Project11, The New York Times, Graham Holdings, UP2398, Knight Foundation Enterprise Fund, Matter Ventures, American Public Media, McClatchy and Homebrew.Shapiro described the decision to make RadioPublic a for-profit as very deliberate, saying it will allow the company to pursue a different kind of growth plan while remaining very aligned around the purpose and the mission.Kerri Hoffman, a longtime PRX executive who s taking over as CEO, said that launching RadioPublic allows PRX to relieve some of the internal tensions we have about our ambitions around how do we reach the audience in an increasingly mobile age.
Product Hunt today introduced an e-commerce shop on its website so if you discover something neat, you can go ahead and purchase it without leaving the site.The Stripe-powered button is a natural move for Product Hunt, which features tons of user-submitted services, gadgets, books, and other general internet finds.Today s launch is rather limited, however – only six items are available on sale at this time and the company wants to be selective about the stuff available in the shop.The available products are fairly diverse in price and type, ranging from a $20 Apple charger adapter to a $499 Wi-Fi system.At this time, the buy button will not be available on Product Hunt s mobile apps, but if you re a fan of Product Hunt selections, now you can get shopping.Read next: 5 important trends every entrepreneur should know