Venous Insufficiency — Unraveling the FactsThink of your arteries and veins as expansive highways that direct blood to and from your heart.Now imagine a huge traffic jam caused by a pileup of blood in your legs and foot.That’s why we aim to prevent, diagnose, and treat venous insufficiency at our XRANM locations in the Sante Fe and Albuquerque areas.The Telltale Signs The warning signs are usually present in the form of leg and foot pain and discomfort.Most people write it off as a symptom of natural aging.But this line of thinking can get you into trouble further down the road.Because of this, it’s best to keep an eye out for these symptoms:Varicose veinsLeg crampsLeg and ankle swellingSores and open wounds on your legsTightness in your calvesNoticeable pain when standing up but not when raising your legsA feeling of heaviness in your legsThicker skin around your legs and anklesDiscoloration, especially around your anklesNow that we know the symptoms of venous insufficiency, let’s take a closer look at its two leading causes.The Two Main CulpritsThe usual suspects behind venous insufficiency are blood clots and varicose veins.This pair of no-goodniks are key figures in disrupting normal blood flow.