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In the 16 years it’s been on air, the BBC celebrity ancestry series Who Do You Think You Are? has delivered surprise after surprise, as famous faces discover mind-blowing facts about their distant relatives.Who could forget when Sir Matthew Pinsent found out he was technically related to Adam and Eve, or – perhaps the show’s most famous revelation – when Danny Dyer worked out he is actually descended from royalty. Before filming begins, a team of researchers spend hours and hours looking into a whole host of stars’ family backgrounds before deciding whose are the most compelling to feature. Unfortunately, not everyone’s family history is quite TV-worthy, and that means there’s a whole lot of celebrities who haven’t made the cut for the show. Here are 10 of the stars who have spoken publicly about having their Who Do You Think They Are? stories rejected...Dermot O’Leary The X Factor presenter joked that he didn’t think the production team tried hard enough when researching his family history, as he is adamant there are plenty of interesting details to be found.  He told parenting podcast Sweat, Snot And Tears: “They actually researched my family for about three months. They came back and said: ‘There’s just not enough interesting stuff about your family’.“Wexford is a port town, and my family are all seafaring folk. I have it on good authority that two of them went to America. One of them was a police officer and the other was a judge and they both got killed by the Mafia in the 30s.“They couldn’t find any record of this. I was like, ‘What are you on about? We’ve been everywhere, we’re a family of sailors’. I just don’t think they were trying hard enough. It’s awful, isn’t it? Absolutely awful.”Steph McGovernThe Packed Lunch presenter said she “never heard” from Who Do You Think You Are? producers again after an initial meeting with them, leaving her to assume her family were not interesting enough. Speaking on her Channel 4 chat show, she said: “A few of my friends have said that too, and we all think our families must be boring.”Michael PortilloThe former politician was approached by the show about taking part, only to then be rejected.Recalling a meeting with bosses during an appearance on The Steph Show, he said: “I told this story about my father. So, they said, ‘you’ve told that story already’.”Sir Tom JonesThe music legend said his show wasn’t commissioned as there was no “controversy” in his family. He told the Daily Star: “I think they looked at my family tree and they said, ‘Well they were all farmers’. I said, ‘Yeah I suppose they were’.“There’s no controversy in it. They were all workers, apparently. They were all normal people.”Richard OsmanThe Pointless quiz expert wrote on Twitter: “I was researched for Who Do You Think They Are? but they found nothing exciting.”Richard admitted he didn’t have high expectations about what might be uncovered, but joked he was hoping he may be related to a pirate.He tweeted: “I wasn’t expecting royalty but I was hoping there might at least be a pirate or two.”Michael Parkinson The former chat show host admitted he was “gutted” when he was dropped from the show. He told Radio Times in 2009: “When Who Do You Think You Are? called and asked if I was interested, I said I would be delighted, but warned that my own research had unearthed nothing of note. ’Oh, they all say that, but we always find something,’ they said.“Six weeks later, they phoned to apologise. My story was so boring they had to cancel the entire project. I was gutted.”Eamonn Holmes Following Danny Dyer’s revelations about his royal ancestry, Eamonn shared his failed bid to appear on the show during a discussion with wife Ruth Langsford on This Morning. He explained: “They interviewed me for two days and got all this documentation from me. But they never, ever got back to me.” Eamon saw the funny side, though, joking that he comes from “a very boring family” to which Ruth agreed: “Very dull.”Stephen Mangan According to a Mail On Sunday report in 2018 (via the Independent), the Extras actor was rejected after the production team discovered that his family all hail from the same place in Ireland, meaning that there was little to explore on the show. Cherie BlairThe barrister and author, who is married to the former prime minister Tony Blair, was “thrilled” when she was approached to take part on Who Do You Think You Are?, but she was left needing to do her own research into her ancestry when her story was not commissioned. She told the Daily Mail in 2014: “After some investigation, they decided not to go ahead because my ancestors weren’t very interesting. I guess I’ll just have to do the research myself one day.”Christopher Eccleston The former Doctor Who star was a lot more scathing about the show when they rejected his family story for the show. He told the Sunday Mirror in 2019: “It says everything that the project went nowhere. They tugged aside the leaves on those branches and concluded, ‘Nothing to see here’. “Generations of working-class people dismissed. Individuals with their own hopes, dreams and stories. Not army generals, industrialists, vaudeville singers, but factory workers, farm labourers, cleaners, nothing in any way ‘sexy’ enough for TV.”READ MORE:Ruth Jones Surprised To Discover Her Grandfather's Pivotal Role In The Creation Of The NHSShirley Ballas Details ‘Heartbreaking’ ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ DiscoveryAnita Rani Reveals How 'Who Do You Think You Are?' Empowered Her And 'Changed Her Life'
As someone with an autoimmune disorder, asthma and a whole host of other chronic illnesses and disabilities, I’ve barely left the house in almost a year, apart from to walk my dog. So when news of the vaccines broke, I was relieved that I might finally, one day get to hug my family again. The vaccine brought a new hope that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  However, despite being vulnerable, I wasn’t at the top of the UK vaccination priority list. In fact, I wasn’t even in the top five. As I’m under the age of 65, I fell into the sixth priority group of the UK vaccination program: “Adults aged 16 to 65 years in an at-risk group or long term condition.” While I waited, I accepted an offer to get a much-needed operation ― on the understanding that here in the UK, all nonemergency surgery was being extradited to private hospitals, minimising my risk of catching the virus I was terrified of succumbing to. After waiting for what felt like forever, the day finally arrived when I would get the vaccination to protect me against coronavirus.I entered my local vaccination centre feeling excited and a little giddy, but that feeling soon disappeared. On check-in, as I confirmed my details with a volunteer, I felt as if he and his colleague were suspiciously eyeing me up and down. At first I brushed this off; I was four days out of an operation to remove my ovaries so I didn’t look in the best shape. I was disheveled and exhausted and had pulled on the first clean clothes I could find. Here we go, I thought, another non-disabled stranger thinking they’re entitled to my entire medical history.  But I was confused when instead I was asked, “Are you an essential worker then?” I replied with a somewhat bewildered, “No.” Undeterred, he asked, “So why are you getting the vaccine?” Here we go, I thought, another non-disabled stranger thinking they’re entitled to my entire medical history.After almost 20 years of having others constantly trying to dictate my identity, I’ve finally become good at setting my own boundaries, so I didn’t give him any details. I replied, “I’m on the vulnerable list” and carried on.I was experiencing pain in my pelvis from my recent operation so I was struggling to stand. After I asked a different volunteer if I could sit down in one place in the line as I couldn’t move around the waiting room, he loudly relayed the information that “The young lady sitting down is waiting for her vaccine! She needs to sit cause she’s had an operation” to other volunteers who equally expressed an interest in me as if I were a sideshow attraction. Roll up, roll up and see the wondrous mythical young disabled person! Quick, Bob, get a picture!At this point, I was ready to see a professional who would, I hoped, be a bit more understanding. While the nurse was lovely and professional, she still asked out of curiosity, “How are you getting the vaccine?” Caught off-guard, I gave her a brief history and even accepted her condolences when she expressed how awful it must be for me at such a young age. Those are usually the only two responses you get as a young disabled person: disbelief or pity.I’m lucky that the vaccination setting was the only place I had my eligibility questioned. I attributed this to years of curating my friendship groups and cutting out anyone who doubted my disability or made me feel small. On social media, I’m a big fan of the block button. Unfortunately that can’t be said for everyone. Some disabled people who’ve excitedly posted about their vaccinations have faced criticism from people suggesting they’re cutting the line or cheating the system, with comments like, “Oh, I didn’t know you were over 65 or a health care worker.” To an outsider, asking this question might seem like harmless curiosity, but these comments nearly always come from a place of ableism and assuming that young people can’t be ill or disabled. Furthermore, health issues are a deeply private experience, and you’re not entitled to know. To an outsider, asking this question might seem like harmless curiosity, but these comments nearly always come from a place of ableism and assuming that young people can’t be ill or disabled.  As a relatively young disabled person, whose illnesses are primarily invisible (except for on the rare instances that my pain gets so bad that it causes me to use a cane), I’m used to non-disabled people not believing that I’m really sick, or worse, thinking I’m making it up in order to get special treatment. From the time I was a teenager, I’ve had people make sneering judgments that I don’t even look ill, so I must be lying.At school it was that I didn’t really need a pass to use the toilet; I just wanted to get out of class. Or that I couldn’t be bothered to write, so I had a special needs teaching assistant copying out my notes. Later, as an adult, it was that I could afford to pay for the bus or I wasn’t old, so I didn’t need a free pass. When I was too ill to work and claimed benefits, I was scrounging off the state because ― you’ve guessed it ― I was lazy.Whenever a disabled person gets reasonable adjustments that bring them up to the same level as their non-disabled peers, it is deemed as more than we deserve or special treatment. People expect us to beg for scraps instead of claiming the things we require to live our lives fully.Considering that six in ten coronavirus deaths in England have been disabled people, you’d think there’d be national outrage and a campaign to make sure that all disabled people are vaccinated. But that would mean us getting what we needed to survive, or as others are seeing it “jumping the line,” since they deem us unworthy of survival.At the end of the day, you can’t know someone’s complete medical history just by looking at them – and it’s none of your business in the first place. The only way we’re going to beat this virus is if as many of us are vaccinated as possible. So if you think someone isn’t deserving of a vaccine, maybe you need to reassess which lives you actually value.Rachel Charlton-Dailey is a freelance journalist. This article first appeared on HuffPost PersonalRelated...UK's Missing Case Of The Brazil Covid Variant Has Been Found After 5 Day SearchNHS Medics Slam 1% Pay Rise: 'It’s A Real Insult, I’m Absolutely Fuming'Here's What The Coronavirus R Rate Is Near You
Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran has called out the Conservatives’ “cowardly” delay on banning conversion therapy, a range of harmful practices that attempt to reverse someone’s sexual orientation and/or their gender identity.The MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, who supports a ban on activities that falsely claim to ‘cure’ people of homosexuality and transness, told HuffPost UK the Tories may be stalling over the inclusion of trans representation in the ban, which is set to be debated in the House of Commons on March 8.Moran said a ban on any sort of conversion therapy is simply “not a priority” for the current government, following years of stalling on the issue.“The block is partly government cowardice and not wanting to say one way or another,” said Moran. They haven’t ruled out including trans in it, but they haven’t said they will either. As far as I can see they’re running from that debate, so I’ll be curious to see whether or not they’ll address it on Monday.”“They’ve got their ‘war on woke’ going on,” the MP added. “It doesn’t fit with their image that plays to their right-wing and their base. To legislate on something like this, I think they’ve made the calculation that it’s not worth their while, so I’ll be curious to see what they say.”Theresa May committed to a ban on all conversion therapy in 2018, as part of her LGBT Action Plan as prime minister, and Boris Johnson confirmed his support for the ban in 2020, although no legislative action has been taken.Despite Johnson saying he believes the therapy is “absolutely abhorrent,” March 28 will mark 1,000 days of inaction since May’s original commitment. “He said it himself in June,” said Moran. “He reaffirmed that and said ‘yes it’s something we want to do,’ and again nothing’s happened...“If you see how it sort of stopped and started, it’s only ever in response to enormous public pressure that the government does anything on this.”Several human rights organisations including Stonewall and the Peter Tatchell Foundation are running campaigns to rally the public into demanding quicker action. Stonewall’s Ban Conversion Therapy website, which launched this week, encourages Brits to email their MP to create a groundswell of opinion.“The World Health organisation removed homosexuality from the international classification of diseases in 1990. 31 years later, attempts to ‘cure’ us are still happening – and still legal,” campaigning material on the website reads. Calls for a ban on conversion therapy have been echoed by the Church of England. In 2020, hundreds of religious leaders from around the world representing all the major faiths, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu and former Chief Rabbi of Ireland, David Rosen, came out in support of a ban. Meanwhile, a recent YouGov poll revealed a majority of the British public, including those who are religious, also back a ban on conversion therapy.‘It’s torture – and happening in this country’“We have to remember what it is – it’s torture,” said Moran of a practice that has been branded “dehumanising” and “degrading” by a UN report. “It is, by any definition of the word, torture that’s happening in this country right now and the government doesn’t seem to want to move quickly on it.”Moran believes that a potential block to the ban being passed is Conservative  sensitivity over trans representation in any legislation that is passed.“That’s certainly one of the things that I’ve seen from the government – it’s a bit cowardly when it comes to trans rights,” she told HuffPost UK. “We’re not talking about stuff that people sort of want to debate, it’s stuff that you’d just consider basic human rights.”Moran added: “It’s not like they don’t have the data, the evidence: they do now and they know how bad parts of the Gender Recognition Act are and how behind the curve we are as a country. I think what’s happened is they decided it’s too difficult.”In 2020, in what was seen by human rights groups as a massive setback for trans rights, the UK government dropped proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act that would allow people to self-identify on gender without an official medical diagnosis. Equalities minister Liz Truss insisted the Act had “proper checks and balances in the system and also support for people who want to change their legal sex”.But Stonewall’s chief executive Nancy Kelley said at the time: “The UK government has fallen far short on its promise to reform the Gender Recognition Act, and has missed a key opportunity to progress LGBT equality.”Peter Tatchell, who has been campaigning for LGBT+ rights since the 1960s, has launched the Stop Dithering campaign to push for action on the conversion therapy ban, with actor Stephen Fry one of its main ambassadors.In a statement to press, Fry said: “Any attempt to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity is unethical and harmful.”Figures from the National LGBT Survey found that 7% of LGBT+ people have been offered or undergone conversion therapy.Trans people are almost twice as likely to have been offered or forced to undergo conversion therapy, and data also showed asexual people to be at a higher risk of being offered or undergoing the practice.Gvernment figures also reveal trans people are the group that are most often subjected to conversion therapy. Many campaigners believe the issue of how to include them in the legislation may be what’s delaying the ban.Nancy Kelley of Stonewall, said: “Being LGBTQIA+ is beautiful, and there is no place in our society for any so-called ‘interventions’ which tell us otherwise.“The UK government must stop dragging its feet and make good on its promise to bring in a full legal ban, and put a stop to conversion therapy in the UK for good.” ‘It’s got to stop and it’s got to stop now’Carolyn Mercer, 73, was electrocuted by doctors in the 1960s in an attempt to ‘cure’ her when she said she felt like she was living in the wrong body. So-called electrical aversion therapy, the application of electric shocks to the hands or genitals, was common practice at the time, along with the administering of nausea-inducing drugs while patients were exposed to erotic stimuli. “The damage that was done in 1964 and 1965 can’t be undone. I just have to deal with it,” Mercer, now a spokesperson for the Stonewall campaign, told HuffPost UK. “That is lifelong. I am still struggling with that.”Speaking on a ban, she said: “It’s got to stop and it’s got to stop now.”Addressing the prime minister directly over the delay, she added: “It must involve banning trans conversion therapy in the way it was imposed on me.“You’ve had 1,000 days from when you said you were going to legislate; 1,000 days of public acknowledgement that it’s barbaric and must stop; 1,000 days when young and not so young people have been told still they are wrong and have been subjected to conditions which will damage their lives irreversibly.”Matthew Hyndman, 31, co-founder of the Ban Conversion Therapy campaign, was offered talking conversion therapy when he came out as gay to his faith group. He turned it down, and supports Stonewall’s lobbying of government.Speaking to HuffPost UK, he said: “What more do we need to do in order toshow the support and the need for a ban? You wonder: what else, what else must we do? There’s clearly precedent for it, the harm is clear. “I think the people who are making the decisions probably haven’t heard from someone who’s gone through conversion therapy and heard of what they’ve had to endure, and the long lasting impact that it’s had on their life.”Countries around the world that have already banned conversion therapy include Albania, Argentina, Fiji, Samoa, Uruguay and Switzerland. Conversation in the UK is now focused on what a ban would look like in practice. In 2020, for instance, Germany became the fifth country to ban conversion therapy for minors, following Malta, Ecuador, Brazil and Taiwan.The situation is more complex in the US, where 20 states and some cities have banned conversion therapy for minors, but there is no countrywide ban as yet. (Only one US jurisdiction, The District of Columbia, bans the therapy for adults.)“What I still need to understand, and I’m hoping to get a bit of clarity on this, is what needs to be done legislatively for this to happen,” Moran told HuffPost UK. “Is it guidelines, can you do that quickly or do we need a white paper and do we need a proper piece of legislation?”Moran plans to speak when the Commons meet to debate the ban on Monday and said she will be asking first and foremost: “What exactly is the block?”High on her priority list is “getting them to commit to not just their word but making sure it’s about trans as well,” she added. “There’s always excuses. It’s Brexit, it’s pandemic, it’s whatever, but I think they’ve run out of time now.”Related...‘Conversion Therapy’ Is Nothing More Than Torture. It’s Past Time For A BanGovernment Confirms It Will Not Allow Trans People To Self-IDMy School Gets Abuse For Supporting LGBT Groups. But We Won’t Back DownHow You Can Champion LGBTQ+ Causes All Year LongLayla Moran, Lib Dem MP, Announces She Is Pansexual
The true reputation of the German lottery stemmed from the truth that they were among the first to present cash prizes.When the people of other French cities found the large money prizes being given in Florence they soon nearly all followed suit.By 1863 the overall game was therefore massively enjoyed that the first National German Lottery was launched, just called "Lottery ".Because then your resources raised from regular sketches are becoming critical to their state revenue of Italy.Because the times of simple place north carolina education lottery lotteries that had tapestries and silverware for prizes we have joined an age of pan-European lotteries that offer huge cash prizes.As time passes more and more participants have already been looking at the web to buy Euromillions seats and the real history of Western lottery games appears collection to carry on online.The next million dollar question is "is it really probable to pick earning figures by using some methods?There ARE techniques and techniques from which you can learn to choose earning lottery numbers.Among the methods on how to select earning lottery numbers is what commonly known as "warm and cold quantity" method.Britain's National Lottery Commission released a written report that mentioned because the number 38 popped up so often, lottery activities appeared to not be random.On another give, "cool figures" reference numbers which are rarely drawn or have not been attracted for many time.
But for rosin extraction to be most efficient – and produce the highest yield – professionally designed rosin presses are ideal.Today, best-selling Portable Rosin Presses can be found in almost any shape, size, form, and capacity.Here are some of our favorite rosin presses for both commercial and personal use.How to operate the Rosin Press?To produce good quality rosin, one must know how to operate the rosin press.With high pressures, good rosin can be produced without degrading the overall quality of the rosin.The time for which the cannabis is exposed to heat must be limited to retain the terpenes and avoid degradation as well.Aside from the process itself, the user operating the press might have to make multiple attempts at extracting the rosin to understand what conditions give the best yield.
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Police investigating the “totally out of character” disappearance of a woman missing since Wednesday evening have released a CCTV image of her.Sarah Everard, 33, left a friend’s house in Clapham, south London, at around 9pm and began walking home to Brixton, said Scotland Yard.She is thought to have left Leathwaite Road through a back gate and walked across Clapham Common and was expected to arrive home around 50 minutes later, but she has not been seen or heard from since.It is unclear if she returned to her home address, said the force.Everard was last seen wearing a green rain jacket, navy blue trousers with a white diamond pattern, and turquoise and orange trainers. She is thought to have been wearing green earphones and a white beanie hat, Scotland Yard added.In a statement, her family said: “With every day that goes by we are getting more worried about Sarah.“She is always in regular contact with us and with her friends and it is totally out of character for her to disappear like this. We long to see her and want nothing more than for her to be found safe and well.“We are so grateful to the police and all our friends for all they are doing.“We are desperate for news and if anyone knows anything about what has happened to her, we would urge you to please come forward and speak to the police. No piece of information is too insignificant.”Detective chief inspector Ian Kenward said: “Sarah’s disappearance is completely out of character and understandably her family and friends are incredibly worried.“We are also growing increasingly concerned for her welfare and have officers working round the clock to try and find her.“I would ask anybody who was in the Clapham Common area on Wednesday night to think about whether you saw Sarah or any suspicious activity around the time of her disappearance.”People who may have footage or were in the following areas are being urged to check cameras: the A205 South Circular around Clapham Common, Cavendish Road, New Park Road, Brixton Hill and Brixton Water Lane.Anyone with information should call 101 quoting CAD 3309/06MAR, or call the Missing People charity anonymously on 116 000.Related...‘I Needed To Go Into A Women's Refuge, But My Salary Was Too High'Police Harass Youth Worker Who Monitors Police HarassmentSecurity Guards In Central London Accused Of Filming Homeless People While They Sleep
When it comes to COVID-19, many people focus on the death risk, ignoring the many complications — some long-term — that many survivors experience after recovery. New research from Oxford Brookes University has found that a significant number of COVID-19 survivors face both short-term and long-term cognitive and psychiatric issues beyond the initial illness. The new study was an evaluation … Continue reading
United isn't blocking middle seats but is making up for it with new safety protocols and bringing back sorely missed in-flight amenities.
Dubai, such a modern city that is known for its luxurious shopping,ultra-modern design, and the beauty of its nightlife.Dubai cityDubai is such a town, where you will find tourist spots that replace each other.In this article, we will discuss, how to reach those places, about the tickets, and what else will you be able to do there.10 – Lamer beach.Lamer beach is located at Jumeirah, one island of Dubai.And it’s three minutes away from the Jumeirah mosque.No fees are charged to visit.Timings: 10 am to 10 pm ( Remains open)Here you’ll see several stylish restaurants, stores, and cinemas.Dubai’s best water park Lagoona is additionally located on lamer beach.No one should miss out on this beach in Dubai.You can participate in all the beach activities on the ocean coast of Dubai.And water sports also are offered here.So you’ll be able to enjoy a mini-vacation together with your family at lamer beach.It will take most of three to four hours to explore the complete lamer beach.Do not forget 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reach half-hour before the cruise starts so that no delay is caused.5 – VR ParkDubai Mall is a big mall and it might take more or less a day to tour the complete mall.But I’d recommend that if you are planning to visit  Dubai mall then the place that you should not miss is VR Park.We can play unlimited games for four hours.Virtual Reality Park is the world’s biggest video game indoor park.Virtual reality refers to virtual games and video games.In this game, we’ll enter a virtual world in which we want to kill zombies out there.The entry price here varies from seventy-five to a hundred and twenty dirhams, Depending upon the number of games you’d prefer to play.Experience you get here will be unique.Timings:10 am to 10 pm ( Remains open)4-Gold souk marketDubai is not solely glorified for its resorts, parks, and desert apart from that, there are amazing places here for shoppingDubai’s most visited gold market is Dubai’s Gold souk market.In this market, you will find quite 380 retail jeweller retailers.And some retailers here are older than four decades and some retailers are new.The major trade items throughout this market are gold, platinum, diamond, and generally silver too.Dubai’s Gold souk market is found close to the Deira area of Dubai.There is no entry charge.Timings :10 a.m to 10 p.m.(remains open)One important notice…In the gold souk market, wheelchairs and children are also allowed.3.Dubai mallDubai mallThe largest mall in Dubai is the Dubai Mall.Dubai mall is quite a big mall and it might take more or less a day to tour the complete mall.2.Desert safariDesert safariDubai desert safari is considered as the world’s best dessert.Desert Safari is 6-7 hours of the thrilling and amusing tour.It includes Dune bashing, camel ride, amusement shows like belly dance, and fire shows.This Desert Safari tour comes at the side of your buffet dinner, buffet lunch, and transportation additionally.Desert Safari starts with the cool luxurious car, a land cruiser that takes you to the desert.The timings of Desert safari starts from 3 p.m to 9 p.m if you opt for a half-day package.There are also packages for 2-3 days throughout that you may also camp among the deserts.One important notice…Dune bashing may be a notably rough sport therefore it isn’t well for pregnant girls and children.Although besides Dune bashing the alternative things are equally amusing and people of every age group will participate in those activities.Origin Tours and travels offer Desert safari – Dubai tour package.For 4 days at an affordable price.1.Burj KhalifaBurj khalifaSource :pixabayBurj Khalifa is the world’s tallest standing building.The height of that is 828 meters.It has registered seven world records on its name.And these world records embody it being the tallest building, tallest free-standing structure,The highest range of stories, highest occupied floor, highest outside observation deck,elevator with the longest travel distance and so the most important and tallest elevator service.And with these seven world records, Burj Khalifa registered its name in one of the best structures.It is settled among the downtown space of Dubai where you may glimpse Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain.If you are planning a trip to Dubai, visit origin tours and travels for the best tours and travels  packages. 
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