The Galaxy Note 10 smartphone may not be the only device Samsung reveals at its August 7th event in New York City — it’ll be joined by a full-size Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 slate with its very own S-Pen stylus, according to Android Headlines.We’d previously seen real-world images of that tablet leak out last week, but AH is now contributing a heck of a lot more grist to the rumor mill, including that August 7th date and a wide array of what appear to be official press renders for the device.They more clearly show the tablet’s dual cameras, quad speakers, and lack of a headphone jack, as well as our first glimpse at the tablet’s stylus, optional keyboard cover, and Microsoft Surface-esque kickstand.Perhaps most importantly, they give us corroboration of the unusual place Samsung expects you to stick that pen: right on the back of the slate.A magnetically-attached stylus would presumably make the tablet awkward to set down on a table, and it could also just make holding the table in portrait feel weird.We’ll have to wait to actually do both with a real unit to see if Samsung really did think through those ergonomics, and we’ll want to compare with the iPad Pro — which also uses a magnetically attached stylus (sold separately) but lets you set it flat on a table.
Finally, an Android tablet that doesn’t just deliver the same formula again, and again.The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 was leaked today in three colors, one each of a silver, a blue, and a pink.We’ve not yet confirmed the color names, but that’s basically what’s shown in these first images.And they’ve all got their own S Pens that attach with some friendly magnetics.There’ll likely be a microSD card slot, though that’s not guaranteed, and there’ll probably be a larger version with 256GB internal storage, just for the taste of it!These tablets will likely come at a time not too far from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.
If you're still searching for a killer phone deal post-Prime Day, then you've come to the right place.Walmart's 'The Big Save' sale has been extended until today with sitewide discounts on tech, appliances, home items, and more.One of the best deals we've seen is the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus phone that's on sale for just $237.99.That's a massive $600 price cut for the refurbished Samsung smartphone.The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus features a beautiful 6.2-inch end-to-end display that flows seamlessly into the aluminum shell.You can take crisp and clear pictures on the Samsung phone with an impressive 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.
Fewer iPhone owners are trading in their old handset for a new Apple phone, according to a report by BankMyCell, a site that lets you sell your used phone and upgrade to a new one.BankMyCell collected data from over 38,000 people during valuation and trade-in since Oct. 2018 to track Apple brand loyalty during the upgrade cycle.It found iPhone retention was down 15.2% compared to Mar.Samsung loyalty was higher, BankMyCell said, with 26% of people trading in their iPhone X moving onto another brand while just 7.7% of Galaxy S9 users switched over to an iPhone and 92.3% remained on the Android operating system.In June 2019, 18% of iPhone trade-ins switched to a Samsung phone, it said.Using data from other companies to complement its own findings, BankMyCell said iPhone loyalty is at its lowest since 2011, sitting at 73% compared to the all-time high of 92% in 2017.
Samsung’s Galaxy A-series is an undeniable success.After a shy start, the numbers achieved by the new midrange devices quickly swelled up.Samsung started to deliver more devices with better specs and improved features.Now we already have a Galaxy A80 that is a premium mid-range, and even a flagship Galaxy A90 should debut soon.Now, seems that the South-Korean maker is planning several upgrades for existing models like the Galaxy A10 that should return as Galaxy A10s.According to a new report, the Galaxy A10s will be the new upgraded version of the A10.
In the Second Quarter of 2019, Huawei started to experience the negative impact caused by the struggle with US authorities.The research published by Kantar came today to shed some light on this situation.While still achieving a better Q2 compared to Q2 2018, Huawei’s sales in Europe’s large markets were down 1.9% over the first quarter and 9% from May to June.The Chinese Behemoth started to feel the biggest impact during the past two months.While Huawei lost presence, Samsung and Xiaomi both lifted their numbers thanks to the situation.According to Kantar, the negative press surrounding Huawei since it went on the US’ Entities list, caused customers to second guess acquiring a Huawei device.
When it comes to choosing the right smartphone that’s supported by your carrier, the task can be pretty daunting.Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10 PlusSamsung went all out with its latest flagship smartphones, introducing three new handsets for its Galaxy S10 lineup; the Galaxy S10e, the Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10 Plus.All of them have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor inside, a USB-C port for charging, a microSD card slot, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.The biggest differences for each of the Galaxy S10 phones center around screen size, cameras, and battery sizes.Finally, the battery sizes range from 3,100mAh for the Galaxy S10e, 3,400mAh for the Galaxy S10, and 4,100mAh for the Galaxy S10 Plus.
In the United States in the second quarter of the year 2019 it was the iPhone XR that did best in unit sales, followed soon thereafter by a couple other Apple devices.Both big gainers sell Android phones: Google and Motorola.Motorola saw a 3.3% increase vs this same period one year ago, coming up to an 8.1% share – that’s nowhere near the leaders, but it’s still big news for a brand that’s fallen so far from dominance in the past half-decade.Data from Kantar World Panel shows that the iPhone XR was the top selling model smartphone in the USA in the three month period that began in April, 2019, and it was the iPhone 8 that came next – believe it or not.The third best-selling smartphone in the USA in Q2 was the Apple iPhone XS Max.Numbers four and five on the best-selling-model list for smartphones here in the United States were both Samsung smartphones.
After studying spreadsheets and combing the Internet until our screens blurred before our eyes, we found a considerable number of great deals this year.Read our WIRED Best Echo & Alexa Speakers guide for recommendations on which Amazon Echos we think are worth your money.Be sure to check out our updated guide to deciphering which Amazon Fire tablet is best for you.Sonicare Smart Toothbrush for $280 ($50 off): We thought that a drinking glass was a pretty classy way to charge and store your electric toothbrush.AmazonBasics Microwave + Echo Dot for $85 ($25 off): An Alexa-enabled microwave is surprisingly controversial around these parts; while our reviewer Joe Ray thought it could use some work, reviews editor Jeffrey Van Camp thought it had a lot of potential.Overall, it's mostly a budget microwave, so don't expect it will revolutionize your TV dinners.
If you want style and substance from your new Samsung phone deal, Carphone Warehouse has something you may be interested in.The UK retailer has managed to agree with the manufacturer that it will have exclusivity to stock the chic Prism Silver colour of the superb Samsung Galaxy S10.You can find the Prism Silver Samsung S10 online or in-store, but Carphone Warehouse is restricting its best S10 deals to online only - click this link to see the best tariffs available, or keep reading for our handpicked choice of the very best.We already had black, white, blue and green, but we always like to see a little extra variation when it comes to the aesthetics of the world's best smartphones.And Carphone Warehouse is also adding an extra perk if you were hoping to use your old phone as collateral for your new Prism Silver S10 .There's up to an extra £100 trade-in available now - and that's whether your old phone is working or faulty.
If there is one area in which Samsung has lagged behind its Chinese competitors Huawei or Oppo, it is fast charging.The Korean manufacturer has so far been content with a simple recharge up to 25W for its top models.This was particularly the case on the Galaxy S10.Nevertheless, things should change with the new Galaxy Note 10 range that will be unveiled on August 7th.Indeed, many hoped that Samsung finally goes to 45 Watts for fast charging.And they will be happy to learn that it will be the case, at least in part.
With Qualcomm having revealed its new gaming-centric Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset overnight, which is officially set to debut with the release of Asus ROG Phone 2 next week, Samsung fans may have been hoping that the updated processor might find its way into the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.Unfortunately, that probably won't happen, as according to 9to5Google (via Dutch site WinFuture), the US version of Samsung's upcoming productivity-focused flagship will stick with the standard Snapdragon 855 system-on-a-chip (SoC) – the part that's currently powering the company's Galaxy S10 range.While that may be disappointing to hear for North American Note fans, as with other Galaxy handsets the international version of the Note 10 will reportedly use Samsung's own Exynos SoC – and specifically a brand new Exynos 9825 model.The as-yet-unannounced SoC is expected to be an upgrade from the 8-nanometer (nm) Exynos 9820 chipset, which is featured in the international Galaxy S10, and there's a chance it will be built with Samsung's 7nm process, which would allow the Exynos 9825 to offer more energy efficiency, and would put the Korean-made SoC more in line with the US models' Snapdragon 855 SoC in terms of power.Of course, we won't know this for sure until Samsung officially reveals its highly-anticipated Note 10 range at the handset's launch, which has been confirmed for August 7 in New York.
Galaxy Note fans might be in for yet another disappointment with this year’s models.Yes, plural as it might affect both the normal model and the Plus model.Emotions ran high when Qualcomm announced the Snapdragon 855+, which seems to be perfect timing for the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+.Unfortunately, a new leak claims that that will not be the case and that some models will be left with an older Snapdragon while others will use a fresh new Exynos chip.Samsung has always used a two-chip strategy when it came to its flagship phones.Due to licensing or legal considerations, some models are equipped with Samsung’s latest Exynos chips while some run on Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon.
Hackers stole an unknown number of Sprint users’ data after breaching the “add a line” website, according to a letter Sprint sent to impacted customers.“The personal information of yours that may have been viewed includes the following: phone number, device type, device ID, monthly recurring charges, subscriber ID, account number, account creation date, upgrade eligibility, first and last name, billing address and add-on services,” the letter said.The story was first reported by ZDNet.Sprint said that they were informed of the unauthorized access on June 22.The company added that the information that was accessed did not pose a “substantial risk of fraud or identity theft,” although the company did include a list of actions customers could take if they felt that their information was comprised by hackers, including reviewing credit scores and purchases, filing a police report, or closing accounts that could have been tampered with.The letter also said that all Sprint rescued all compromised accounts as of June 25 by resetting customers’ PIN codes.
The filmmaker who wrote and directed Thor: Ragnarok and Hunt for the Wilderpeople has signed on to pen and helm Thor 4.Chris Hemsworth is also expected to return as Thor for the sequel, according to an exclusive scoop by The Hollywood Reporter.With any luck, Thor’s rocky, would-be revolutionary sidekick, Korg, will be back to — Waititi voiced Korg in both Thor: Ragnorok and Avengers: Endgame.For Marvel fans, Waititi’s return to the series is welcome news.Thor: Ragnarok, Thor’s third solo adventure, charmed audiences with its unique mix of humor and action and its colorful, Jack Kirby-inspired production design.Thor: Ragnarok earned $854 million at the global box office, and helped pave the way for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, in which the beer-guzzling, pot-bellied “Bro Thor” quickly became a fan favorite.
It might already be July, but we’re still expecting about 10 or so flagship phones to be launched in the remaining half of the year.The Google Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, and Pocophone F2 might be the three most popular unannounced phones according to Android Authority readers at the moment.Luckily, we don’t have too long to wait for these announcements to begin: Samsung is expected to announce the Note 10 on August 7, while Google will likely unveil the Pixel 4 sometime in October.While we know (or think we know) quite a bit about the phones mentioned above, there are a few devices we know next to nothing about.We don’t even know if the OnePlus 7T exists and the Huawei Mate 30 Pro has remained under wraps so far, even though Huawei is expected to announce the phone in October.Which phone are you most excited for?
Director Taika Waititi is a hot commodity in Hollywood these days, with no sign of his star fading any time soon.He's just signed on with Marvel Studios to direct Thor 4, according to the Hollywood Reporter, and Chris Hemsworth is expected to return as the titular god of thunder.The first Thor was mostly good, blending action and comedy in a winning mix, although it wasn't quite as strong as other origin stories in the MCU.Well, The Dark World suffered from early pacing problems and an overly elaborate plot, bolstered primarily by terrific performances by Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as Loki.Then Marvel, in a savvy move, hired relative newcomer Waititi to direct 2017's Thor: Ragnarok.At the time, the director was best known for his cult hit, What We Do in the Shadows (now a half-hour comedy series on FX) and 2016's, Hunt for the Wilderpeople—a charming, poignant comedy-drama that deserves a much wider audience.
Smartphones do not go on sale too frequently, but there are several great phones on sale for Prime Day 2019.We've rounded up the best smartphone deals from Samsung, LG, Google, Motorola, and more.Although it's a bit cheaper, Google did not water down the specs.The Pixel 3a XL has the same excellent cameras, making it one of the best phones around for shutterbugs.It has one of the best cameras in the smartphone, and many consider the shots taken on Pixel to be superior to the iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy flagships.You also get pure Android software straight from Google that is much more secure and updated with more frequency than other Android phones.
If your Samsung Galaxy phone is running slowly or low on storage space, knowing how to clear the cache on your Galaxy can clear up the device to help it run more efficiently.Your Samsung Galaxy uses a cache to store temporary files for the apps on your phone.This cache can become bloated, and take up excess space or even slow down the phone.If an app is crashing or behaving badly, you might also try clearing its cache to see if that solves the problem.When your Samsung Galaxy runs low on memory or starts behaving strangely, you should clear the phone's cache.But the cache can, over time, get quite large, robbing you of storage space.