Brian Horton, game director of Rise of the Tomb Raider, speaks during the Square Enix press conference at the JW Marriott on 16 June 2015 in Los Angeles, CaliforniaSquare Enix has announced some of its plans for the annual E3 gaming trade show in Los Angeles.The Japanese game developer-publisher has begun a "Road to E3" blog series, kicking off its first post with a list of games that will be playable at the event and teasing some "exciting Tomb Raider news".The company will once again host a "Square Enix Presents" live show that will cover the latest news, give viewers an in-depth look into their games, developer interviews and exclusive live game demos.Visitors to the Square Enix booth will also get to play demos of some of their latest upcoming titles including Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the third episode of Hitman, Just Cause 3's newest DLC entitled the Land Mech Assault pack, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness and I am Setsuna.The next blog post in the series promises to include details on some other demos for Square Enix's booth as well as "some exciting Tomb Raider news", which could mean that a release date for the Rise of the Tomb Raider's PS4 version will soon be announced.Square Enix's next Active Time Report broadcast is also scheduled to take place during E3, which is expected to reveal more details about the company's highly-anticipated upcoming RPG Final Fantasy 15.
The PS4K and Xbox One Scorpio, as they re currently known, are supposedly intended as mid-generation updates with 4K video playback, and improved performance.Old favoritesWith all the fun new tech and light-hearted indie games, it s easy to forget that PCs have a rich history of titles unique to the platform.Details are still scarce, but we do know the new game will build on the complexity of previous titles, with more dynamic diplomacy, advanced troop movements, and multi-tile cities.For those who prefer a lighter fare, Planet Coaster promises modernized fun in a classic packaging that could revive the theme park manager, a genre that was popular in the late 90s.While there are excellent games already available, such as Fantastic Contraption for the HTC Vive, there s a lack of major games from developers who have the money and manpower to take VR games to the next level and treat VR owners to the graphical tour-de-force they expect.Expect the unexpectedWith consoles in a more tenuous state than ever, the rise of readily-available VR headsets, and greater access by indie developers, 2016 is bound to be a great year for the PC gaming industry.
When the Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo was released back in April on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, one of the notable differences was that the latter platform's version suffered from performance issued and significant drops in frame-rate.Eurogamer's Digital Foundry, in one of their deep-dive technical analysis, has found that the playable demo offered at E3 last week showed a number of improvements on Microsoft's console, offering a positive outlook for Final Fantasy 15's September 30th release.Hajime Tabata, the game's director, said in interviews that along with continuing to work on optimization, the developers are focused on improving overall UI and the AI of players' allies before launch.He also openly confirmed some of the E3 demo's performance numbers on each platform.The Xbox One version has a dynamic resolution ranging between 800p and 900p, almost always at 30fps."So it is performing at a more stable and higher level than Episode Duscae and the Platinum Demo," Tabata said, also acknowledging that there are times when it dips to 26 or 27fps.
Due 2017 for Nintendo NX and Wii UTo emphasise that this might be the company s most important game ever – and arguably the biggest draw at E3 2016, with the queue to play it stretching almost six hours long – Nintendo devoted its entire booth to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.Storyline demoIt makes sense to begin with the storyline demo, which illustrated the game s opening.This caused a nearby tower, along with several others across Hyrule, to rise from the ground, marking the true beginning of Link s quest.Breath of the Wild s open-world nature really stood out: I spent most of the demo wandering aimlessly but happily, taking out enemies, hunting wild boar and collecting things like flint by chopping up rocks , which can be struck with Link s sword to light fires.The removal of hearts and insistence that you have to care for and nurture Link more than in the past felt utterly appropriate – there s a more grown-up, sim-style vibe that is in keeping with the game s seamless, open-world nature.There was one glaring omission from the demos: any sort of puzzle action, but it is very much a Zelda game, so you can still expect plenty of those.
The playable demo for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has already been downloaded over 2 million times on PS4.Despite only being available for PlayStation Plus subscribers, the short teaser has proven to be incredibly popular on Sony s platform.First released alongside the game s surprise announcement at E3 2016, the Beginning Hour is intended as a prologue, and will not be a part of Resident Evil 7.Played through a first-person perspective, the demo has you trapped in a creepy abandoned house as you search desperately for an exit.It appears the teaser holds a number of a interesting mysteries, many of which remain unsolved, such as the dastardly dummy finger.Resident Evil 7 will be playable in its entirety through the medium of Playstation VR, meaning you can immerse yourself completely in the terrifying atmosphere.
A free surprise from Nintendo is in store for 3DS owners this week, as the publisher announced that a fully featured demo version of the Metroid Prime: Federation Force multiplayer minigame Blast Ball is now available for download via the eShop.Blast Ball arrives on the eShop today with a functional online multiplayer mode, giving players an idea of what they can expect from Federation Force s upcoming retail launch.Metroid series fans will want to check out Blast Ball as soon as possible, however, as online support for the standalone downloadable version will be pulled in a matter of weeks.Announced at E3 in 2015, Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a Nintendo 3DS-exclusive multiplayer first-person shooter.Contrasting the exploration-driven gameplay featured in past Metroid games, Federation Force instead focuses on action, allowing players to team up with friends to take out space pirates and other enemies who infest the game s dozens of levels.Blast Ball, meanwhile, is a sports-themed Federation Force mini-game similar to 2015 s Rocket League.
Konami has revealed a number of details regarding the playable demo for PES 2017, including its much-anticipated release date.The demo will be coming to PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 in North America on August 23, with Europe to follow on the 24th.PC players will unfortunately not have access to the demo, which isn t surprising considering the dire state of last year s port of PES 2016.In addition to the release date, Konami has confirmed the demo will include nine playable teams, and you can check them out below:You can play as these teams across two all new stadiums: Camp Nou and Neu Sonne Arena.Konami has also released a new trailer for PES 2017 at Gamescom, revealing some of the features that will be found in the upcoming demo.
When a new football season begins, a new Fifa game follows not long after.For a start, it will be powered by Frostbite, the technology used to build many of EA's most visually stunning action games, such as the Battlefield series.Fifa 17 also takes you off the pitch for the first time.The Journey sees players take on the role of Premier League rookie Alex Hunter as he begins his career at a top flight club.There are lifestyle choices to be made that, combined with how you play, will shape your future in the game.Here's what else you need to know before you lift the winners' trophy.
With PES 2017 already having a playable demo, EA Sports has decided to kick the rivalry off ahead of both games' launches with a demo for FIFA 17.Fans will be able to get their first hands-on of the game when the demo arrives next week on September 13.The fact the FIFA 17 demo drops the same day PES 2017 arrives in stores can't be mere coincidence.FIFA 17's lead producer Garreth Reeder confirmed the demo's release date in an interview with Game Reactor.Related: FIFA 17 vs PES 2017How many teams and what stadia will be included is not yet known, but it's likely to be the same as the same as the Gamescom demo, which included the below teams:
The PlayStation VR s $400 price tag might mean you don t have too much cash left over to actually pick up additional games, but an included demo disc will give you a chance to try out some of the peripheral s biggest titles.Included with every PlayStation VR, the demo disc offers trials of DriveClub VR, PlayStation VR Worlds, RIGS Mechanized Combat League, Tumble VR, Battlezone, EVE: Valkyrie, Wayward Sky, and Headmaster.The selection includes a wide range of genres, with everything from competitive shooters to driving and soccer.Sony did not specify how much of each game players will be able to try, or whether the offerings will simply be timed versions of the full games, with the exception of one game: PlayStation VR Worlds.The demo will feature Ocean Descent, a dangerous journey into the depths of the deep blue sea that puts you face to face with a shark.The full version also includes the sport game Danger Ball, shooter Scavengers Odyssey, VR Luge, and The London Heist.
Sony has announced that its PlayStation VR virtual reality headset will include an old-fashioned demo disc, like those included with the original PlayStation and the PS2.The disc will contain eight games, including some major titles such as DriveClub VR and EVE: Valkyrie.The other six games are: PlayStation VR Worlds, RIGS Mechanized Combat League, Tumble VR, Battlezone, Wayward Sky, and virtual football-header simulator Headmaster.Sony hasn't announced how much of each game will be playable, but we're hoping it's enough for us to sink our teeth into.VR games are notoriously hard to show off in trailer form, they're something you have to try for yourself to fully appreciate.As such the demo disc seems like a sensible move from Sony, who will be keen to entice other developers to make games for its platform by ensuring that its launch games sell strongly.
Sony has announced that PlayStation VR will launch with an impressive demo disc containing samples of 8 individual titles.Writing on PlayStation Blog, Sony confirmed the demo disc will come packaged with every PlayStation VR unit when it launches on October 13.Okay – so you re ready and excited to dive into the revolutionary experience of PlayStation VR when it hits shops on 13th October.But with so many breathtaking games out there, where do you start?We say: why limit yourself to one?The PlayStation VR demo disc will feature a massive eight titles for you to sample, so you can get the perfect introduction to your new Virtual Reality world.
It started in the early '90s, when free shareware demos of games like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom cemented the practice of giving away the first chapter of a game to encourage a full purchase.It continued with the abundant demo discs that came bundled with many early CD and DVD-based systems and which came packaged with official magazines throughout their runs.And it continued into the online console era, when every Xbox Live Arcade game was required to have a free demo version alongside it.Free game demos still exist, of course, but they're not quite so compulsory for publishers, and they can be downright difficult to find on modern consoles.A couple of recent news stories have shown that the humble old game demo might still have some life left in it, though.The first case is Sony's upcoming PlayStation VR headset, which Sony announced today will come packed with a demo disc sporting teasers for 18 different VR experiences sorry, European readers, but you only get eight demos on your disc .
The Journey protagonist Alex Hunter in Fifa 17.We have noticed you are using an ad blockerTo continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue.To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us.Football fans can now download the demo for EA Sports' Fifa 17 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 ahead of the game's full release at the end of the month.Also included in the demo is the customary Kick Off mode allowing players to sample the latest additions to gameplay, three single player Skill Games to play during load times and four new multiplayer Skill Games.
If you live in North America, you ll be able to try out 18 different game demos for free when you pick up a PlayStation VR headset, including titles like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Rez Infinite, but European PlayStation fans aren t so lucky.Their version of PlayStation VR only comes with eight games, and Sony says this disparity boils down to localization troubles.Due to several considerations specific to our region, for example, age rating and localization requirements, there is a different in content between the U.S. and European VR demo disks, Sony told Digital Spy.We continue to explore the possibility of making further demos available for free download from the PlayStation Store.European players will still have access to some of the PlayStation VR s heavy hitters, including Guerrilla Games Rigs: Mechanized Combat League and Driveclub VR, but they ll miss out on a VR-compatible version of the Resident Evil 7 biohazard Kitchen Teaser.If you do get the North America version of PlayStation VR, we advise using caution with Resident Evil 7.
It s October, and that means it s socially acceptable to shroud yourself in all things scary and disturbing.If you prefer to entertain fears via your gaming console, good news: Outlast 2 has a new demo that can be downloaded for free on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 until November 1.The demo went live a handful of hours ago on the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store, as well as Steam, of course, as an unexpected surprise for fans.Game demos like this aren t uncommon — we recently got one for the upcoming Resident Evil game, for example, and there was that Silent Hills playable trailer that got pulled — but unlike some of them, the Outlast II demo is only available for a limited time.If you re a PlayStation 4 owner, you can get it here; if you re an Xbox One owner, here; and if you re a Steam user, here.This game, obviously, is the sequel to the original Outlast title; according to the studio behind it, the game is set in the same universe as the original Outlast, but you ll be seeing different characters and a different setting within it.
Pokémon Sun and Moon's second-stage starter evolutions: L-R Dartrix, Brionne and Torracat.The Pokémon Company has revealed the second-stage evolutions of Pokémon Sun and Moon's three starters in a new trailer.A demo has also been announced, which will be released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on 18 October.Grass-type owl Pokémon Owlet evolves into Dartrix, fire-type cat Pokémon Litten evolves into Torracat and water-type seal Pokémon Popplio evolves into Brionne.As has become the norm for Sun and Moon trailers, the new Pokémon were followed by the reveal of a few new features coming to the handheld games.Gamers will collect festival coins by fulfilling the requests of other players, such as taxiing them to certain locations.
Above: Playdigious makes playable ads.French startup Playdigious is announcing Adtrial, a mobile ad platform that enables the embedding of game demos in playable mobile ads.The company said early tests show that such ads can double or quadruple the download rate of a game, mainly because players get to really see what a mobile game plays like in the ads.If it continues to work as intended, it could go a long way toward addressing the high costs of user acquisition, which is making a lot of games unprofitable because it takes so much spending to get noticed.In doing so the company is mimicking the business of mNectar, a San Francisco company that pioneered the playable ad business.But it also shows that the business is becoming bigger and perhaps more competitive.
Fove is taking preorders for a very different kind of virtual reality headset, one that allows you to control games and other apps using your eye movements.I tried it out, playing a shooter game demo in VR by staring at targets.The Japan-based company is charging $600 for the Fove 0, an eye-tracking headset.Fove designed everything from the ground up for the eye-tracking VR headset, said Jim Preston, director of business development at Fove.Fove 0 uses six infrared sensors per eye inside the headset to track the direction of a person s gaze, changing focus on objects within a scene with a high level of precision, creating immersive and natural interactions with virtual worlds and characters.By focusing where a user is looking, Fove is able to simulate greater depth of field and create a more natural image by blurring unfocused peripheral areas, all the while minimizing motion sickness by reducing the need for unnatural head movements.The headset has a OLED screen 2560 x 1440 , with a frame rate of 70 frames per second.It has a 100-degree field-of-view.It weighs 520 grams, and has HDMI, USB 3.0, and USB 2.0 connectors.The headset connects to a Windows PC, and it requires a system with an Intel Core i5-4590 or better or and AMD Radeon R9 290 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or better.Preston said the task of designing the headset wasn t easy, as Fove figured out that headsets tend to move around on a person s head and lose calibration.
The Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo is hitting Xbox One this week, with a PC version to follow later in the month.Xbox One players can try the previously PS4 exclusive demo on December 9, Capcom has confirmed.The PC release will follow on December 19.The short demo offers a playable teaser of the first-person survival horror, having you search for your missing wife in a creepy abandoned mansion.It first hit PS4 back in June, having received two substantial updates since then, the third of which arrived this weekend during PlayStation Experience.Beginning Hour is an excellent standalone experience that presents the darkness, isolation and sheer creepiness to be found in the full game.