Caption: Mineralbad BBStephan ZirwesRelated GalleriesAlways Moving?This Modular Furniture Is Easy to Take ApartDreamy Photos That Will Put Your Instagram Filters to Shame$30K Retrofit Turns Dumb Semis Into Self-Driving RobotsThis Trippy Looking Building Is Modeled After a Sand DollarMeet the Garden Designer Who Transformed Rio de JaneiroStephan Zirwes has a thing for aerial photography.He loves seeing the patterns in mundane places like golf courses, soccer fields and swimming pools.Pools often have nice structures and sometimes also strange designs, he says.Revealing these designs required caaaaarefully shooting his Hasseblad 50Mp from the window of a helicopter hovering 1,000 feet above pools in cities throughout southern Germany.Zirwes uses Photoshop to eliminate distractions like buildings and make a patterned frame of the surrounding title, transforming an ordinary swimming pool into a lovely minimalist scene.
Caption: This summer, millions of eyes will be watching Rio de Janeiro, as the 2016 Summer Olympics descend on the Brazilian city.It s at the Jewish Museum of New York until September 18, and it represents recognition at last of the tremendous influence Marx had on modern landscape architecture.Decades later, you can see that influence in, for example, the abandoned rail viaduct in New York City that James Corner Field Operations turned into the vaunted High Line.It sounds ridiculous that in a place like Brazil, that s so blessed with incredible flora and nature, people were importing roses and European species for gardens, Nahson says.The Jewish Museum show, the first comprehensive survey of Burle Marx s work in a quarter century, includes photos of all those parks, as well as paintings, sculptures, textiles, jewelry, ceramics, and works of stained-glass.But the designs live on, as a backdrop for the wheels of speeding Olympian cyclists.
Henry HarrisRelated GalleriesHeavenly Aerials of Pools Will Send You Right Into SummerAlways Moving?This Modular Furniture Is Easy to Take ApartDreamy Photos That Will Put Your Instagram Filters to Shame$30K Retrofit Turns Dumb Semis Into Self-Driving RobotsMeet the Garden Designer Who Transformed Rio de JaneiroOn the third floor of Arup Global Acoustics office in Lower Manhattan is a small, fabric-enclosed space that looks and feels like a cocoon.The company line is that the SoundLab creates virtual sonic environments to help architects improve the acoustics of their buildings.We re using the data to help you feel, says Raj Patel, Principal at Arup Global Acoustics.To make it work, engineers build a computer model of a building or space and then map a web of measurements called impulse responses that create an acoustic signature.Patel and his colleagues are coordinating with researchers to recreate sensations of light, touch, temperature, and even smell.
Right: A girl watches the event.Adrien Selbert/HansLucasRelated GalleriesBoosted's New Electric Skateboard Goes Farther, Is Less PunkMeet Justin Lin, the Most Important Blockbuster Director You've Never Heard OfInside the Sound Lab That Uses VR to Build Immersive SpacesMeet the Garden Designer Who Transformed Rio de JaneiroApple's New SF Store Showcases Jony Ive's Design VisionFrench filmmaker Adrien Selbert was 7 when the Bosnian War started in 1992, and he s never forgotten the horrible images he saw each night on TV.His fascination with the war and its impact on the country intensified over time, leading him to join a friend in making the 1,100-mile drive from Paris to Srebrenica in 2005.It was just 10 years after the war, but in a city like Srebrenica, it looked like the conflict had ended only yesterday, he says.The war killed 100,000 people between 1992 and 1995 and displaced 2.2 million more, making it Europe s most devastating conflict since World War II.Selbert explores these themes in Nino s Place, a documentary film he made in 2008, and Srebrenica, Night to Night, a photo series about Bosnian youth in 2014.Selbert occasionally combines scenes to form diptychs and create a dialog.
Who needs to span over water when you can sit atop it instead?That appears to be the rationale behind a floating park in the Paddington area of London that has just been given the green light by planners.According to the Evening Standard the proposed park is 45m long and will be moored in the Paddington Basin, close to a new development of posh flats and offices, and also not too far from the Giz UK office.It's the brainchild of Royal Horticultural Society Young Garden Designer of the Year Tony Woods, who reportedly - and not terribly reassuringly - said that the biggest challenge has been ensuring the structure is stable.Apparently once the soil has been added, it should be fine - and the park will be able to accommodate up to 150 people at a time.It'll all be made from recycled materials treated to look like reclaimed wood, and will be split into three areas: The regular park area, a floating nature reserve so don't be surprised if drowned squirrels start turning up in the canal and - of course - an events space - because this was previously square footage in the capital that hadn't previously been monetised.
Were it not for Gertrude Jekyll, much of the world might be a much drabber place.Born in 1843, Jekyll was a British horticulturist, garden designer, artist and writer who created more than 400 gardens in Europe in the US and wrote 15 books and more than 1,000 magazine articles on garden design.To honor Jekyll, described as "a premier influence in garden design," Google created a lush and colorful landscape doodle Wednesday to celebrate Jekyll's contribution on her 174 birthday.An influential figure in the Arts and Crafts movement, Jekyll is remembered today for the painterly approach she took to arranging her gardens, complete with radiant color and the brush-like strokes.Her impressionistic approach, influenced by English Romantic painter J.M.W.Turner, took into account the color, texture and experience of gardens.
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Tuscan herb gardens incorporate standard elements in style and the look contains elements, which are characterized by both crops and the accessories.The herb garden looks ideal in its rustic look actually when it's grown in london garden designer  damaged and broken pots.Use of Chinese herbs is better for the Tuscan design with elective introduction of poppies and flowers.It moves as far straight back while the Romans, but many of the imaginative forms or prunings were developed in Europe.You're not likely to hobby complex statues out of the herbs, use simple topiary style that'll enhance your herb backyard providing it an artistic view.Gardening the supplement backyard does not require high degree of qualified skills.Caring and tending for a yard may lower body force, simplicity anxiety, divert demanding memories and aid in conjuring excellent feelings which have a residual useful influence on the unconscious mind.
Every garden benefits from good garden design.Whatever your expectations are coming up with and style is essential.Gardening is basically regarding growing plants; however the setting during which we place them is perhaps the one most significant part that builds a garden appealing or otherwise.Personal tastes in garden designs vary the maximum amount as in alternative aspects of living, and what attract to one person might not appeal to others.As a garden designer they have always been hold the role as a facilitator, aiming to assist our clients to create a garden that reflects their taste and personality.Why to Hire Best Landscape Designers?The recreational zone may be a garden space that is used most frequently in the summer season.There can be a garden terrace or a gazebo as well as a bigger lawn area for outdoor activities and recreational equipment.Our Garden Designers will open a magic box of inspiration and imagination.
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Increasingly people are recognizing the potential of their outside space by creating gardens that reflect their own personal requirements and lifestyles.Working closely with his clients to interpret their requirements, Justin Greer's creative designs and imaginative planting result in gardens that belong to the site and exist for the client's enjoyment.Whether traditional or modern his gardens are characterized by strong, well-proportioned layouts softened with wonderful planting.Photographs of his work have appeared in the national press and other publications.