I can imagine the scene that must have unfolded at IBM leading up to last week.One sure to lure women closer to the brand.A fun, IBM-hosted hackathon that would boost the image of the company — nay, the tech industry as a whole — as a female-friendly space.This is a good idea that we should pursue.On December 6, 2015 — in a tweet that s since been deleted — IBM shared a link to the page to its at the time 265,000 followers.Second, HackaHairdryer touched a hot issue: women in tech.
on First reading the transport and communications minister Anne berner's proposal is strange.Part of the households would have to pay even more.for Example, an adult single ticket would be 10 or 15 euro, depending on whether the trip length of more than or less than ten nautical miles, 18.5 miles.the ministry aims to start next year try the charges.does Not need to be much räknäyspää find that those amount to the Finnish archipelago drain at breakneck speed.the ministry's papers explained it, however, the best way.
Just because a product gets the job done doesn't mean it's a one-trick pony.In a recent AskReddit thread, people shared their favorite products that also pull double-duty as solutions to other problems (One caveat: we haven't actually tried these, so experiment at your own risk).How many of these products have you found alternative uses for?Newspapers rival any rag for streak-free cleaning.Nail polish remover on a cotton ball easily removes hair dye from surfaces.Binder clips make better chip clips than the actual chip clips.
Britney Spears is following Katy Perry into the mobile games world Photograph: Denise Truscello/Associated PressIn 2015, global music sales were $15bn £10.3bn .Perry s game was a high-profile flop, with Glu saying publicly that the lack of actual music made it less appealing to fans.From the lyrics that match your chosen genres for songs when recording my trap-metal single Becky With the Good Hair my character was belting out lines like Cloven hooves trod the land to preposterous EDM DJ Skwirl-X remixing my Brexit Music For a Film track with a synth solo of his own in the middle , there are genuinely laugh-out-loud snippets.There s the odd jarring moment too.At one point, my male character is given a choice of either slapping or kissing my female rival mid-argument, with no alternative options.The fact that you can name your character s songs – which are then shared with the world – could give Glu some moderation headaches too.
Apple s software can really bug ya—last week we discussed a bug that wiped out some users iTunes libraries, and this week Apple dropped iTunes 12.4 to clean up the interface and hopefully increase understanding of just how to manage your collection across iTunes on your Mac, your iCloud Music Library, and Apple Music.Glenn and Susie are joined by Kirk McElhearn, one of the world s foremost experts in how the heck a person can use iTunes without tearing all their hair out, to explain what s changed—and what still really needs to be fixed.Elsewhere, we come to bury CurrentC, not to praise it—although we re really into mobile payments now, thanks, especially after the rollout of those poky chip-reading point-of-sale systems.And Gboard leaked some chicken and noodles.Show notesApple Pay s retailer-backed rival CurrentC may never launch by Caitlin McGarryWhy Apple Pay and other mobile wallets beat chip cards by Brian X. Chen for the New York TimesTwitter is on the right track with this rumored change to its 140-character limit by Caitlin McGarryGoogle s new Spaces app is for group sharing across Android, web, and iOS by Derek WalterGoogle s Gboard doesn t send your keystrokes, but it does leak chicken and noodles by Glenn FleishmaniTunes update coming to address file deletion reports by Nick MediatiTalk to us!Or you can point your favorite podcast-savvy RSS reader at: http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/58576458-macworld/tracksTo find previous episodes, visit Macworld s podcast page or our home on Soundcloud.
iOS/Android/Facebook Messenger: Poncho wakes you gently with music that changes with the weather, offers a simple, useful forecast for the day, provides transit and traffic info, and helps you get through the day with a few GIFs and some jokes—and a cartoon kitty.With one glance at your phone, you ll get a simple forecast for the day, air quality and pollen alerts, and their bad hair forecast, which will let you know if it s going to be a frizzy or drizzly day.If you live in a traffic or transit-heavy city, you ll get notifications of delays, accidents, train issues, and so on.Your local forecast is delivered to your phone twice a day, and you ll also get helpful reminders to do things like bring an umbrella or layer up, which I can appreciate.Poncho started life as a text service that would clue you in on all of this, combined with a little levity to start your day on the right foot.It graduated to a full app a few months ago on the iPhone, then a Facebook Messenger service, and today, with a new beta Android app.
A hair salon in Seoul in South Korea has got a right nice upgrade in the form of Samsung mirrors which are fitted with OLED panels. The 55-inch mirrors shows various tips on modern haircuts, information hairdos and flashy hair colors. When the mirrors do not show information and images so they function as ordinary mirrors. Hair Salon is one of the first in the world with these mirror displays and it seems that Samsung will start selling the panels to more businesses in the future. theverge.com
May has been a big month for personal robotics.So keep tabs on your parents and grandparents: they could be cyborgs one day.The suit works a little like an image stabilizer in a camera.There are some actuators in the belt that detect shaky movements.The team even received $2.9 million in funding from DARPA, the US government's futuristic technology arm, to develop the suit so that soldiers on the field would suffer less from muscle cramps.The researchers hope eventually the suit will mimic natural skin to the point where you can pretty much slip it on before you put actual clothes on.In the video above, though, you'll see that the robotic suit is more in the middle of the road between being the clunky power-walking suits Hyundai made and actual clothes.In the past few years, engineers have been making strides toward building robotic walking suits that would give paralyzed patients the ability to move again.This obsession with restoring limb function has led to things like mind-controlled arms and printable hands, among many other life-changing advances in prosthetics.Soon enough, these people won't have to worry about looking like robots — it'll just be like putting on a second skin.Read the original article on Tech Insider.More from Tech Insider:Take a tour of London's new super-sleek train systemGoogle just released a new messaging app that lets you do much more than send messages GOOG There's a secret Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Airbnb in NYC you can rent for freeGoogle just announced its Amazon Echo competitorA war is brewing between brands and the social media 'influencers' they payNOW WATCH: A hair scientist debunks the biggest myth about shavingLoading video...
While all 15 companies in the latest batch hold promise, and encompass some very wild ambitions, these three stood out thanks to creative applications of advanced tech to sometimes overlooked, but truly massive potential markets.The company s ROVéo 250 is a remotely operated vehicle that can navigate rugged terrain, endure harsh environments and do the very heavy lifting that humans would find challenging even with the right tools in tow.Co-founders Lucian Cucu and Thomas Estier said they were inspired by generations of Mars rovers, but also the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, to build their machine.The wearables, called the LIV, contain sophisticated motion sensors and connect to a user s smartphone via Bluetooth.Beyond hair pulling, kids and adults alike struggle with nail biting, skin picking and thumb sucking.When users choose to connect their bracelets to their smartphones via Bluetooth, the LIV app shows them a chart tracking the times of day when they are most likely to fall into their repetitive behaviors.
As the product of £50 million worth of research investment, you can see why the Dyson dryer costs nearly twice as much as its salon-grade rivals from other manufacturers.The humble fridgeSamsung have stepped up to the plate with their Family Hub fridge-freezer, which is a great deal more than the 'tablet embedded in a fridge door' models that are currently emerging.And then there's the fact that the fridge can source recipes, share notes and sync multiple calendars, allowing family members to identify the best times to shop and eat together.You can then access those photos from the supermarket to scan for any missing essentials although the doors are out of shot, making harder to spot the holy grail of fridge content: milk .The unassuming kettleThe electric kettle was a big step forward for committed tea drinkers, but purists will tell you that although it speeds up the process, it doesn't guarantee a decent cuppa.Lucky, then, that a student from the Indian Institute of Technology is shaking things up with a tea-making app that schedules your kettle to boil and controls the temperature to which the water is heated.
Now s a good time to change your LinkedIn password.The details are said to have been seized in a massive breach four years ago, but security experts have confirmed that some of the logins currently up for grabs are still valid.At the time, LinkedIn said it would reset all vulnerable accounts, but it s now emerged that the company misjudged the scale of the hack."We have no indication that this is a result of a new security breach.Read More: The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2015As well as logging in as you and adding silly skills, such as breastfeeding and pubic hair maintenance, to your profile, hackers could try to break into your other accounts using the stolen info.Easy fix: change your passwords but avoid everything in the list above .
The Tangible Media Group at MIT s Media Lab bucked the trend that bigger is better and used their l33t 3D printing skills to produce a 3D-printed micro-pillar object they call Cilllia.Standard CAD software is not set up to print hair-like strands of material, so the team had to start from the ground up by building a custom software program.With the software out of the way, the researchers began experimenting with their printing system, and used it to generate a variety of different hair-like items.The cilia can be printed in any hair shape at a range of thicknesses, with the smallest strands measuring an impressive 50 micrometers.The researchers are developing ways of adding mechanical adhesions, actuators, and even sensors to the final product.In another application, they printed a micro-pillar mat of cilia that could detect the touch of a finger and respond to different swiping patterns.
MyPORT, a new automated security system created by the Schindler Elevator Corporation, aims to eliminate this fuss.Once installed in a building, the technology allows those who work or live there to download a companion smartphone app that automatically opens doors and summons elevators."The idea is to be able to walk throughout a building seamlessly," Schindler's product manager Jeff Blain tells Tech Insider.When a user approaches a lobby turnstile, a bluetooth sensor installed by Schindler  recognizes their phone, even if it's inside a bag or pocket.Blain says the system is designed to make it simpler to enter your office or apartment, since it works with your phone which, chances are, is already in your hand anyway , thereby eliminating the need for a key card."We want to make people's lives easier in any way we can," he says.Since the system only grants entry to people holding verified phones, it could also eliminate the need for a human guard or doorman.For package deliveries, users get a notification on their phone, can see a video of the mailperson, and let them in or tell them to come back later.More from Tech Insider:The internet is obsessed with these stunning 'mirror cakes'Bill Gates says everyone should read this book about the moon blowing upEating breakfast isn't actually all that important, according to scienceThe entire country of Portugal ran on wind, solar, and hydropower for four days straight13 Stanford students reveal the apps they can't live withoutNOW WATCH: A hair scientist debunks the biggest myth about shavingLoading video...
Now s a good time to change your LinkedIn password.The details are said to have been seized in a massive breach four years ago, but security experts have confirmed that some of the logins currently up for grabs are still valid.At the time, LinkedIn said it would reset all vulnerable accounts, but it s now emerged that the company misjudged the scale of the hack."We have no indication that this is a result of a new security breach.Read More: The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2015As well as logging in as you and adding silly skills, such as breastfeeding and pubic hair maintenance, to your profile, hackers could try to break into your other accounts using the stolen info.Easy fix: change your passwords but avoid everything in the list above .
Selfie sticks are the sort of thing that many of us find to be very irritating and annoying when people are using them.Typically, a selfie stick is a telescoping pole that the user has to unfurl to use, but the UnReal automated selfie stick makes it easier to be annoying.This selfie stick has batteries inside and has a push button that unfurls the selfie stick for you.Another oddity that the UnReal selfie stick offers is a pair of fans on the handle to give you the windblown hair look.They might help with a breeze to keep you from sweating in the heat though.There is a TV show on Lifetime called UnReal that follows producers behind the scenes on a reality TV show that this product is tired to.
Lionhead became a studio with two masters; inspirational co-founder Peter Molyneux, and later, Microsoft Photograph: LionheadFor almost 20 years, Lionhead Studios was a beacon of the UK games industry.Black & White Photograph: LionheadThe idea was to search for a crazily inventive game concept and a small team of 30-35 people who could build it.My brother Simon, Ian Lovett and I were desperate to do something by ourselves, away from a big corporate structure, and hopefully recreate some of the magic we d seen dissipated by the takeover.The first game Lionhead made as a Microsoft first-party studio is what many consider its finest work: Fable 2.Many of its innovations, though, were a target of scorn before people got their hands on it.Even at the time people wondered how much smoke and mirrors was involved, but the technology behind Milo was real if limited – players who tried to break it could do so easily, but those willing to accommodate its quirks were rewarded.
Curse words as a concept are hilarious.*clips on Fitbit and allows GPS location on phone— Lisabug BBQJones @Lisabug74 May 16, 2016Dating multiple people is a fantasy all 20 somethings have before they realize everyone is terrible— Brittani Nichols @BisHilarious May 15, 2016*hears suspicious noise in backyard, is too lazy to get up & investigate**smells cookies baking at neighbors house, immediately goes over*— Marta Effing Ketchup @MartaEffing May 17, 2016Relationship status: I view this guys profile on Linked In then he views mine.— Kelley @youlooklikeamom May 17, 2016I love pap smears because you re just sitting there, chatting about the weather, pretending someone s hand isn t inside your vagina.— Stabbatha Christy @LoveNLunchmeat May 13, 2016ER Doc: *Applies burn dressing to my leg* What happened again?— AlexaMac Brandes @TheWoodenslurpy May 14, 2016I never knew my son was 80 years old until he told me to text our neighbor because his leaves are getting on our lawn.— Linda Holmes @nprmonkeysee May 18, 2016*opens Twitter**reads something about the election**has a mild panic attack**goes back to watching Netflix**repeat*— Emma Gray @emmaladyrose May 18, 2016I need to be able to sing the line who runs the world and immediately hear girls or honestly I don t feel safe in that space— Stephanie Mickus @smickable May 16, 2016 very white man voice What if I don t want MY LITTLE GIRL to have to go to into a bathroom where a prejudiced bigot could just WALK in— Dana Schwartz @DanaSchwartzzz May 19, 2016My version of a continental breakfast is Prozac and birth control— Rachel Bloom @Racheldoesstuff May 20, 2016When you find a strikingly long hair behind your knee that your first Venus evidently missed and just fell through the cracks for 15 years— Amanda Duberman @AmandaDuberman May 18, 2016Being a feminist doesn t mean you hate men, it means you can walk through walls and can never die— Anna Drezen @annadrezen May 20, 2016
There are literally thousands of apps and games available in the Google Play Store.As mentioned, there are a ton of apps and games to sift through, but a few do stand out from the crowd.Game developers, start tearing your hair out.Still, Pokemon Shuffle was awarded this year's Go Global title.It isn't the only one in the synthetic reality segment either.As with games, some app developers have to start from scratch to find their place in the highly competitive app market.
The full weight of last night will soon come rushing back to you, and you need enough hair of the dog to qualify as taxidermy in order to steel yourself against the impending nausea.Substance abuse for nerds—and aftercare when they make terrible mistakes.Cheap is good.I like one mild hot sauce like Cholula , and one spicier hot sauce like Sriracha .But you re probably having trouble reading text on a screen right now, let alone figuring out which measuring spoon says tsp.Watch here as myself and Riley MacLeod from Kotaku make these simple micheladas yes, I forgot the pepper, but but you probably will too when you re hungover .
The perfect vacuum"It's the perfect vacuum," says David Iron, CEO of Lunar Missions Ltd and the founder of Lunar Mission One."We will deep-drill into the Moon to create a hole with wonderful environmental qualities for preservation, probably better than anywhere else – it's -150 C down there, there's literally zero atmosphere, and whatever goes down the hole could survive a very, very long time."The billion-year archiveLM1 will bury two archives – one for private individuals, and one global database publicly assembled over the next decade, a lot like the internet.Image credit: Lunar Missions LtdAs well as storing their digital files, archivists can also submit their DNA code in the form of a single strand of hair, which will be permanently tagged with an individual's personal details.Organising the competition and choosing the final design/concept/idea will be down to the British Interplanetary Society, which is holding a Lunar Mission One event in June 2016."It's an opportunity to use an existing idea for a space-science mission to deep-drill on the Moon," says Iron, "because there are good scientific reasons for driving beyond a couple of metres."