It diverted its focus a bit to more down to earth and practical types of displays, like magical transparent displays as well as mirror displays.The Korean OEM showed these two off last June, proving that they are indeed possible and even usable.Of course, nothing beats a real-world use test of those ideas, so Samsung set out to install those where mirrors are essential for business.In other words, a salon.They can, for example, select hairstyles and possibly even mix and match them with colors, something not easily done with a paper catalogue.It's not yet clear how much this type of mirror display will catch on in the market.
The angsty 1990s were behind us, the dotcom bubble was swelling and yet to come was the market bust and war on terror .TLC: inhabiting the spirit of the age with shiny clothesSynthetic or metallic-looking materials, inflatable furniture, moon-boot footwear and alien-inspired hairstyles were just a few signposts of the spirit of the age.He s even begun seeking donations to enable him to divert even more of his focus to studying Y2K designs.At the turn of the millennium, he says, computer-aided design and drafting software had just advanced enough that designers could experiment with curves, blobs , gradients, layered transparencies and lens flares for the first time.Photograph: Allstar/Warner Bros/Sportsphoto Ltd./AllstarNow with faster internet, a robust community infrastructure online, and more rendering software available at lower prices, artists are able to revisit the Y2K aesthetic and go even further with it – fascinatingly, some of these new pieces feel more true than the more constrained works they emulate.Perhaps in the future people will be able to suss out the threads of American election anxiety, global refugee crisis, or the dark comedy of Silicon Valley culture in the music, architecture and design of today.
Through the course of Ballinger and Richards's journey up Everest, they have shared the intimate details of their lives on the mountain using the Snapchat handle EverestNoFilter.During their climb, the two experienced climbers explained how the body breaks down when living tens of thousands of feet above sea level as well as the odd hairstyles produced by life on the mountain.A Dutch climber died while coming down the mountain after reaching the summit on Friday; an Australian woman named Maria Strydom died near the top of Everest on Saturday and an Indian climber, Subhash Paul died Sunday as he was being helped down the mountain, according to the Associated Press AP ."This was a man-made disaster that may have been minimized with better management of the teams," Ang Tshering of the Nepal Mountaineering Association said Monday.Traffic jams on Everest during brief periods of good weather can delay climbers, putting them at risk for altitude sickness or other serious conditions brought on by the extreme climb."The last two disasters on Everest were caused by nature, but not this one," Tshering said.
There are a few caveats to consider before exploring the freewheeling modding scene, as Bethesda discussed in a livestream last week.While loading the wrong mods or loading them in the wrong order could make the game temporarily unplayable, you don't have to worry about screwing up your save game while playing with mods loaded—a separate "modded save" will be stored alongside the standard version.While there are plenty of interesting and useful mods to play around with, we can particularly recommend the "Full Dialogue Interface" mod, which ensures you won't be surprised by the specific words that come out of your avatar's mouth when you decide what to say next.After that, how about some new hairstyles or new radio options?Aside from games like LittleBigPlanet that are explicitly about user-generated content, console games are rarely modifiable to the same extent as similar PC games.Maybe Bethesda's newfound support of the console modding scene will drive other developers and console makers to be more open to the idea of letting console players play around with the game code itself.
Photograph: EA/The SimsThe Sims, EA s popular lifestyle simulation game, has removed binary gender categories for clothes, hairstyles, accessories and physical characteristics – such as voice pitch – in its customisation options for characters.We want to make sure players can create characters they can identify with or relate to through powerful tools that give them influence over a Sims gender, age, ethnicity, body type and more.When demoing the game at the E3 games show, two female characters began to kiss in a live simulation.In a New Yorker piece, entitled The Kiss That Changed Video Games Forever , Patrick J Barrett, one of the game developers, recalled: No other game had facilitated same-sex relationships before – at least, to this extent – and some people figured that maybe we weren t the ideal ones to be first.But the developers decided not to alter the game code and to keep same-sex relationships in place.In September 2014, EA fixed a bug preventing LGBT terms such as gay and homosexual being used in character names when users played online.
Photos from the spelföretagets site of how the new characters would be able to see developing company behind the Sims series is now releasing an update to the Sims 4 that allows players to ignore in the past könsbegränsningar.For example, you can now create characters with the body and voice that you want, regardless of gender, writes the company on its site."We have also made clothing, hairstyles, jewelry, and other visual options available for all sims.Over 700 things in the game that previously were only available to male or female sims have now been made available for all sims regardless of their original gender selection."the Game is developed by EA Maxis and produced by Electronic Arts.
It s evolved into a controversial thing to either obsess over or give zero f***s about while stuffing your face and arteries with yet another unhappy meal at the drive-through.If in doubt, watch the brilliant four-part Netflix documentary by Michael Pollan called Cooked.Regressing back to primitive hog roasts and communal cave cook-offs isn t going to go down well in Wholefoods on a Sunday afternoon except on the paleo aisle .From this technological insight, combined with the global food craze, genuine love for authentic food and steady rise of urban communities: a new mobile app, Trybe, for everyone to buy and sell home-cooked meals.In addition to bringing back the joy to eating and making our concrete jungles less lonely, authentic food carries an enormous power to open minds and connect entire cultures: a traditional rogan josh cooked by your Kashmir-born neighbour is bound to take you on a journey, whereas a readymade low-carb curry from Tesco probably doesn t. While clothes, hairstyles and even Beyoncé have been used for or accused of ripping off other cultures, food seems to smoothly transcend borders and aid cultural exchange, not appropriation - although, not always without its problems either.HuffPost UK Tech is running a two-week focus on our Tech For Good campaign, which aims to highlight the technology that is driving social change and making a positive, long-lasting difference to our world.
Uncanny valley barely begins to describe a new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy movie.The computer-generated imagery in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV — which will be released in select theaters Aug. 19, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced Monday — is realistic enough that you ll probably do a double take on first glance.Just look at this series of delicious Final Fantasy hairstyles and armor!Sony Pictures EntertainmentMarvel at the incredibly realistic magical blasts hurled at this run-of-the-mill Cerberean beast!Sony Pictures EntertainmentAnd then compare it to the relatively muddy visuals in 2001 s Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.If you can t make it to a theater for Kingsglaive — which stars Aaron Paul and Lena Headey as hyperrealistic characters they in no way resemble — the film will also be released on home video, Sony Pictures said.
So yes, maybe Skyrim can't quite stand up to the depth and breadth of modern RPGs, despite all it can still offer.Perhaps its godawful hairstyles, temperamental NPCs and weird physics that make cabbages jump off shelves as soon as you approach are all too much for a gamer who's used to nuance and Lara Croft's dynamic ponytail.What epitomises this best is the relationship between Nathan and Elena, which is handled with remarkable subtlety.You can go in guns blazing as has been customary for the series, avoid confrontation altogether, or move carefully around the environment picking foes off until the area is clear.The combat is the best it's ever been in a Naughty Dog game, aided by a choice of approach and traversal but also improvements to the gunplay that make aiming and firing less haphazard, while retaining its frantic nature and challenge.As the end of Nathan Drake's story, it couldn't have been better handled, and the epilogue – well, it's a scene you won't forget in a hurry.
The bushy look is definitely out.Of the private pruners, 62 percent reported going completely bare at least once.But, to the study authors surprise, hygiene was the most common reason given for nether shearing, cited by 59 percent of groomers.And, while sexy times still dominated the scheduling of said cropping, 40 percent of groomers said they tidy for upcoming trips to their gynecologist.Why women would feel the need to freshen their southern hairstyles for a visit with an unbiased, professional health care provider is unclear, the authors noted.Still, perhaps the more concerning finding is the idea that many women view pubic hair as unhygienic, despite the fact that the hair acts to protect sensitive skin and snare microbes so they don t enter the vagina.
BigScreen is hitting the Oculus Home store with a big update today, delivering on the promise to bring a completely cross-platform LAN party experience to virtual reality.Using BigScreen, up to four users can share a virtual space, broadcasting desktop video and audio to create the illusion of an old-fashioned LAN party, with each player being represented by a disembodied head.When BigScreen launched earlier this year, users were all represented in the virtual space as floating, featureless white heads, but today s update changes all of that.With the latest update, users can customize their avatars with new hairstyles, skin colors, eye colors, and accessories like glasses or VR goggles, alongside eye and mouth tracking to allow users to tell each other apart more easily, according to Engadget.Everyone s still a disembodied head, and even when using the HTC Vive s motion controllers, users hands are invisible.Still, today s update is a big improvement, providing a much more interactive experience for users of the VR LAN party software.
Sony has announced its new MDR-1000X headphones, which the company is claiming offers the most responsive noise-cancellation on the market.Interestingly, Sony also claims the headphones feature a 'Sense Engine' which allows the headphones to customize their noise-cancelling experience based on the shape of the listener's head and their wearing style.The system is apparently accurate enough to take into account differences created by hairstyles and the use of glasses.Another interesting development comes in the form of the headphones' 'Quick Attention' mode which allows users to turn off noise-cancelling and allow the external microphones to pick up outside noise by cupping a hand to the outside of the earcup.This means that you can quickly hold your hand up to your ear to listen to a train announcement or to quickly talk with a work colleague.In terms of sound quality, the headphones are limited to supporting hi-res audio only in wired mode, but will upscale music transmitted wirelessly to near hi-res standards.
do not Display the Gadget-items Gadget / Virtual realitySkönhetsföretaget L'oreal is working with a company called i8 taken up a VR app for those who want to learn how to style hairstyles at the L'oreal training programme "the Matrix Academy".With the help of the app allows stylists to learn different techniques at home instead of taking to some of the L'they (helicopters) were centres of education in the united states, which, of course, saves both time and money.In the app can the stylists see a model and a virtual stylist, which styling the model's hair and then "step in" and take the virtual stylistens place.the App should work with most VR headsets but L'oreal recommends using a slightly more advanced system that is capable of knowing of the positioning, such as the HTC Vive, or the Oculus Rift.
Nintendo has announced Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch, a direct sequel to the hugely charming and colourful paint-based shooter.The surprise sequel was announced during Nintendo s Switch Direct earlier this morning with an extensive gameplay trailer.Many of us were expecting a port of the existing Wii U version with additional costumes and features, so a fully-fledged sequel is a nice surprise.Just like the original, Splatoon 2 will feature two teams of squid kids fighting it out across a variety of maps.The objective is simple: cover as much of the map in your team s colour as possible.The sequel will add new stages and weapons to the fray as well as new hairstyles, outfits and accessories for your fabulous inklings to wear.
currently, the banks charge a fee for the network service from the bilateral agreements, an average of 0.50 per one identification.calculating the costs of the event, when a new trust network, i.e. the detection instruments provide, such as online banking and the operators and transmission service to the network will start joint operations service administrator can get a discount if you swap a bilateral contract in one of the ceiling of the contract of brokerage service.the Law specifies the identification of the maximum price for the trust network of 0.10 eur may hairstyles from."One of identification of the final price formation by an average of 0,15-0,20 euro", the brokerage services offered Signicatin country manager Antti Harsunen believes.It has over 300 customers and an annual level of hundreds of millions of events.
Five years after the last instalment, the Mass Effect series has returned - but critics aren't quite as impressed as they were with the original trilogy.Mass Effect: Andromeda takes players outside the Milky Way galaxy to find a new home for humanity from four potential habitable planets.Gamers control Ryder, who can be either male or female and customised with different hairstyles and skin tones.But those characters lack the "measurable emotion" of the older games, with conversations rarely extending beyond "small talk".Andromeda is also "inconsistent" in the way it blends "morally grey" player decisions with fetch quests, IGN says.One of Andromeda's stronger suits is the abundance of open-worlds planets to explore, says The Independent, all of which "range wildly in design".
In the six years since Contently was founded, we’ve seen some major transformations.Facebook took over the internet, our CCO changed hairstyles every few months, and—most importantly—our clients reached new levels of content marketing sophistication.Over the last few years, as brands have gotten comfortable producing high-quality blog posts, infographics, and videos, they’ve set their sights on an ambitious goal: global content marketing programs.As many companies know, reaching customers in one country is hard enough.Doing it across borders and languages requires a combination of technology, creativity, and communication.To show you how our clients have mastered global content, here are five examples of international brands using our editorial platform, talent network, and strategic services to tell stories around the world.
Thanks to the success of Guardians of the Galaxy, blockbuster sci-fi adventures can be trippy again.Bulbous monsters, sparkly outfits, zero-G hairstyles, starscapes that look like 1970s prog rock album covers—it's all cool now.And that means, strangely, that the world is finally ready for a movie based on the 1960s comic book that started the psychedelic sci-fi craze in the first place.The film is directed by The Fifth Element mastermind Luc Besson, whose most recent movie was the transhumanist hit Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson.Created in 1967 by French literature professor Pierre Christin and illustrated by Jean-Claude Mézières, the comic tackled social and philosophical issues with a strong dose of mid-century radicalism.What made it unique was the combination of political commentary with Mézières' crazy, colorful art.
Microsoft's invitation with its educational hashtag.Microsoft is holding an event in New York on May 2.We're expecting a mix of hardware and software news, but perhaps not the hardware or software news that some people will be expecting.According to sources familiar with the matter, we won't be seeing a Surface Phone, which is no surprise to anyone no matter how much certain Windows die-hards want Microsoft to release such a thing.But what may come as a shock is that we're hearing we won't see a Surface Pro 5 at the event either.The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are both in dire need of a hardware refresh, and an upgrade is more than a little overdue at this point but... May 2 is not the day.
Hideo Kojima has shared few more details on his much anticipated and mysterious upcoming game Death Stranding including its development and some of the details in its bizarre earlier trailers.Speaking at the inaugural Tribeca Games Festival over the weekend, Kojima shed some light on why the character played by The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus appears naked in the game's first cryptic trailer that was unveiled at E3 2016."I wanted people to see Norman naked first, and from there you will see him in different hairstyles and costumes," the famed game designer said."Let's say that Norman's character is walking in New York," he said, noting that Death Stranding is not set in the US city."We're trying to see if what we can depict with Decima Engine actually looks like New York, if it scales correctly and feels good there.What we're working on right now is what kind of table will be there, what kind of specific details will be there, what's on the specific menu for this restaurant."