It is called an idiopathic condition, meaning the medical experts are still uncertain of what causes the disorder.Some suffer intensely while others have minor symptoms that are easily managed; ●      Difficulty speaking●      Loss of smell●      Visual disturbances●      Mental health issues like anxiety●      Fatigue●      Muscle tiredness and aches●      Cognitive decline - difficulties in reasoning, remembering, dementia and mood swings●      Increased sweating●      Difficulty swallowing●      Sleep troubles - vivid dreams, REM sleep disorders●      Excessive salivation●      Urinary complications, including loss of bladder control●      Speech difficulties, from stuttering to volume control and speech pace While there is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease, the symptoms can be managed.The symptoms can be simplified with assistive living devices.Choosing the right mobility equipment to help you get aroundThere are many important assistive mobility devices that will help you simplify daily life for those living with PD.●      Walking Cane: the Comfort-Plus Quad Cane by Airgo is very suitable for PD patients as it has a single shaft attached to a four-legged base that allows for greater weight-bearing.It folds with simple mechanisms.These frames are defined by their key features;●      Folding Zimmer Frame●      Lightweight device●      Comfortable handgrip●      Compact for transport and storageOur Folding Walking Frame with Pull Ball by Days does not have clasps, catches, buttons or complicated systems to fold it.Making use of wheels and skis will have the users enjoy these walking aids without needing to lift their support.It is these simple movements we tend to forget about until we are no longer able to perform them.