Zealous System built a web app that could assist Elderly People to deal with the problems that they face in their daily life hustle.The app must work as a helping hand to elderly people and aid them in tracking their health, with one-click contact with the preferred person in emergency circumstances.For Review full Portfolio @ http://bit.ly/37F8PcL 
Healthcare has advanced incredibly in the last two decades but the one thing that can make Healthcare even better is its integration with Information Technology.This will result in better patient care through finding the best doctor online, booking doctor’s appointments, online doctor consultation over Video, etc.just like the Healthcare app ZocDoc.Developing an app like ZocDoc requires extensive experience in coding and the latest technology.If you are looking to develop a Healthcare app like ZocDoc then WebClues Infotech is the perfect company to guide you at every step including the Concept, Business Plan, Launch, Revenue Generation, and Support.To know more about how you can develop and what would be the cost of developing Healthcare apps like ZocDoc read our blog How to build an app/website like ZocDoc | Features, Cost, Timeline.
Healthcare has advanced incredibly in the last two decades but the one thing that can make Healthcare even better is its integration with Information Technology.This will result in better patient care through finding the best doctor online, booking doctor’s appointments, Medicine delivery, online doctor consultation, etc.just like the Healthcare app Practo.Developing an app like Practo requires extensive experience in coding and the latest technology.If you are looking to develop a Healthcare app like Practo then WebClues Infotech is the perfect company to guide you at every step including the Concept, Business Plan, Launch, Revenue Generation, and Support.To know more about how you can develop and what would be the cost of developing Healthcare apps like Practo read our blog How to make a Healthcare app like Practo
Health & Fitness app development is the most demanded sought-after business concept that goes around the online marketplace today.With the outbreak of COVID-19, the consciousness towards our fitness & health has elevated to a great extent.To resolve this dilemma, Gym trainers, healthcare startups, medical professionals & other healthcare sectors are now seeking for fitness & healthcare app development.Global Health & Fitness App Market during Covid 19:Gyms and fitness studios are kept closed during this lockdown period.As a result of this, play stores registered the highest number of health & fitness app downloads across the globe.The Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) follows India in the table with its 65% increase.How Health & Fitness Apps Can Ensure Social Distances and Make Users Active During Covid 19?
In the healthcare industry, many aspects are managed at a manual level including scheduling an appointment/seeing a doctor or completing paperwork.The processes are not user-friendly and they require a lot of time and effort on both sides.Additionally, a large amount of money and people’s well-being remains at stake as well.In this facet, technology has emerged as a life-saver as it can save time and offer ease-of-use to the consumers.Users can also schedule appointments with a physician.The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms and has more than 500,000 downloads.MedscapeThis is another quality addition in the healthcare app development segment from WebMD LLC.This is more than just a talking healthcare app as it can be quite helpful in dealing with depression, behavioral disorders, self-harming tendencies, etc.
With the occurrence of Information Technology in the healthcare industry, there are various healthcare innovations created to assist medical professionals and other staff.The medical app development has also reduced administrative workload and created a more effective treatment plan for the patients.This is certainly the best time for healthcare mobile app development.Here is a list of important considerations a healthcare mobile app developer must keep in mind are as follows:  Understand the target audience: The healthcare app development company should get clear insights about what the app will do and who is the target audience.Interoperability with other systems: In the process of healthcare mobile app development, the interoperability of app must with the existing healthcare technologies must be considered.If needed, the healthcare mobile app developers must build a layer of app compatibility over existing systems.Incorporating components of API: The APIs enable the apps to constantly pass on information with the required tools for executing a task.
Consequently, the rate of adoption of Healthcare app development has gone up.As per the business data research portal Statista; ‘The value of the global market size of mobile healthcare applications was approximately 2.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 and is estimated to rise up by more than 11 billion dollars by the year 2025.’It’s indeed a golden opportunity for a Mobile App Development Company to capitalize on the market demand.This article discusses the key considerations that a healthcare mobile app developer must keep in mind.Key Factors to consider during Healthcare app developmentGiven below are the key factors to consider while developing healthcare mobile applications.Understanding the targeted hardwareHealthcare apps usually target varied platforms like smartphones, tablets, and desktops to reach out to more users.But, developers must know that apps pertaining to enterprise healthcare solutions and patient engagement are mostly operated on tabs, whereas ‘call a doctor’ apps are mostly operated using smartphones.Yet, one must follow the common trend of designing apps that work on mobiles as well as tablets.So, building control-based applications should be avoided.Enticing UI and UX designsAn easy-to-operate app design will not only help the patients to effortlessly enter appointment-related information and medical data; but also help the practitioners in updating the medical histories of patients and maintaining visit records with ease.In other words, the app should be capable of connecting, communicating, and coordinating with the existing software systems present in the healthcare facility environment.
As a result of this, play stores registered the highest number of health & fitness app downloads across the globe.Though we are still in corona crisis, the numbers will elevate without.So this is the perfect time for startups, gym trainers & healthcare sectors to dive into this emerging industry.They can do all sorts of physical activities like walks, dance, yoga practices, meditation etc with their family.Virtual classes or online video sessions in these fitness apps helps users to get training from the trainer by staying away from them.Wearable devices connected with fitness apps aid the users to monitor their health condition regarding their body temperature, heart beat etc.Notification feature in these fitness apps will remind the users about their workout sessions, so that they won’t miss their exercise & stays healthy.By collecting the users body info, these apps will suggest them to increase or decrease their weight by guiding them with food habits & workouts.Fitness apps supports the users to burn their stress with various stress relief solutions like meditation, yoga’s etc.One the major advantage in fitness app is motivation.These apps will keep on motivating the users through notification & reminder about their health & fitness goals.Revenue Models in Fitness App Development:Paid Apps:In this method, users have to buy membership first in order to grab the benefits from your app.
Your hospital needs a mobile app to enhance patient experience and to support seamless hospital operations.Learn More at : Apps for hospitals
Healthcare or Medical applications are surely growing fast.Pratiti Tech is one of the biggest healthcare app development company in India.With our expertise, you can create an excellent app that enables you to master and examine the hospital and patient records efficiently and expertly. 
Everybody has smartphones whether he/she is an adult or a child.Normally, people use WhatsApp for chatting, also WhatsApp provides you with audio and video call facilities.So this software is completely user-friendly and we all have been using it for many years.Just like WhatsApp, many softwares are available for users that are developed according to user requirements.When we think about the growing industries, the first name that comes into our mind is Healthcare.The doctor and patient communication play the most important role in healthcare delivery and most of the doctors don’t like to go to the clinic on holidays.If we use Healthcare applications we save our time and money and integrated approaches make service faster, comprehensive, and cheaper.Here are some benefits of healthcare application:Manage useful data Maintaining health records of patientsBest Treatment with Optimum CareAppointment SchedulingProviding better ways of communication for patients and doctorsReduce ComplexityProactive Response to Patient’s ConditionIncrease Your BrandingExperts healthcare professionals develop applications that are user-friendly and help to reach doctors and patients anytime, anywhere.
An exciting revolution that is clenching the whole medical sector is the smart use of a mobile application that is creating a great chunk in the healthcare sector.Medicine can cure at a certain instant.Besides this, if we talk about patient rehab then a mobile app is a great innovation in this sector.Mobile apps are not just for patients but it helps doctors as well.Most of the Healthcare Mobile App Development Companies are designing medical apps for nearly half of the decade.Let’s know the facts behind this change.Benefits of developing a mobile application:Manage emergency cases efficiencyThe instant connection between doctor and patientsData collection and securityEasy payment serviceGreat business opportunity and so on.Besides this, a few important facts that you should know about healthcare application is a)this market is estimated to generate 110.1 billion dollars by 2024 and b)300+ applications are added on a daily basis.
The increased reliance on technology has paved the way for the tremendous growth of healthcare app development.Apparently, mobile apps are playing vital roles in shaping up the future of the healthcare industry.This article explains how mobile applications can be used to transform the industry of healthcare.Patient Relationship ManagementThe role of mobile apps has been incredible in maintaining a good patient-physician relationship.Through the app, the healthcare service providers can check on the patients regularly, as a follow up to their treatments and provide necessary support at the right time.For instance, most of the patients don’t follow their medication dosage due to forgetfulness or lack of education.All they have to do is feed in some basic information, and the app will send out regular notifications to the users, thereby reminding them about the medicines.Minimizing the risk of errorsWithout the help of technology, all processes were done manually.
According to a recent study, over the next five years, the Fantasy Sports market will register a 13.24% increase in terms of revenue, the global market size will reach US $ 33199.64 million by 2025, from US $ 13906.77 million in 2018. Along with the rapid growth of fantasy sports, online betting, and healthcare portals, the most important question arises, how many people use these software? In all over the world, everyone has addicted to smartphones and laptops because of sports applications plus live-and-easy access to users is the most important factor. Fantasy sports apps can be seen as a perfect partner for a sports lover who wants to get involved in sports and want to earn money. The popularity of healthcare apps is increased because with the use of healthcare applications and websites users effectively manage their medical conditions, fitness goals, hospital visits, lab results reviews, prescription & appointment management and more. Must have Fantasy sports software development features: Real-Time Analytics 360+ payment systems Live stats, injury and news data Sports Calendar Event Booking Facility Native iOS and Android apps Network capabilities with guaranteed big prize contests Live Streaming of Video  Match Highlights Must have Healthcare app development features: So, if you’re planning to create Healthcare apps you should focus on functionalities and features.
For this reason, numerous healthcare organizations have consulted with healthcare app developers to create the best app for their activities.Benefits of App-based Healthcare ServicesWhat significant difference does an app make?Let’s discuss the amazing benefits of providing healthcare services through mobile applications and why you should avail healthcare app development services now.AutomationCertain processes in the healthcare sector are automated with the help of technology.The app acts as a storage of information that a doctor or patient can access whenever needed.Time saverThe app helps save precious time when there is an emergency situation.Direct consultation is not needed for some patient cases.Patients can consult the doctor via video call or chat by describing their situation.Cost-effectivenessPatients don’t need to travel to the clinic or hospital whenever they need a check-up.Moreover, digital consultations are less expensive than visiting a doctor directly.
mHealth means use of mobile application in the healthcare sector and Healthcare Mobile App Development is a process of developing a mobile app for healthcare professionals and for patients. The primary motive of an application is to create awareness among patients about their health, how they can diagnose and prevent any disease, how he/she can track his/her fitness parameter etc. How your app will help to earn a profit? Will your app work well on a  mobile phone or on a tablet? Develop an extraordinary user experience. As we discussed that In today’s competitive environment, healthcare industry upgrading itself day by day, Fantasy Cricket is another one that makes all the efforts for capturing the whole market of sports.
Fantasy sports apps gained so much popularity and success in the past years and all because of the successful Fantasy sports app development service providers. If we talk about Healthcare applications, they provide various facilities for doctor and also for the patients. In this article, we talk about how app development companies help to break new ground in fantasy sports and healthcare industry. Fantasy Sports App Development At present Fantasy sports is very popular online sports, because everywhere we can see sports players and sports lovers, so the Fantasy sports app development trend is very high because by playing fantasy sports we can easily make so much money through sitting at home or anywhere by just spending some time. If you also want to create fantasy sports app then you must have essential features in your Fantasy Sports App: CRM integration Real-time Analytics GPS Location Tracking Custom Mail Reminder System Payment System Live Score API Integration: Live Match Score Push Notification Among all the fantasy sports games including Basketball, Football, Hockey, Cricket, Kabaddi, most of the people in Asian subcontinent likes to play fantasy cricket because of its huge popularity. For making engaging and user friendly fantasy cricket app, trustworthy, reputed and well skilled fantasy cricket app development company is must required which can fulfill all our expectations exactly what we are looking for.Mobiweb Technologies, located in central India is known for providing world class fantasy sports app and web development services and have a huge experience in the same.
This market is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and it is expected to grow 5.4 percent between 2019-2022, from USD $7.724 trillion to USD $10.059 trillion.Healthcare industry has witnessed the high-speed innovative changes.Now this is the time for the Healthcare Industry to gear up with the latest technological changes and fasten the heartbeat with these trends.These innovative changes are best fit for the healthcare industry because of their numerous functionalities including Hospitality management, Patient Data management, Doctors appointment, Checking up, Maintenance, etc.Mobiweb’s Healthcare App Development ServicesMobiweb Technologies is specialised and well-known Healthcare app development company that is known for providing mHealth solutions globally.Our experienced and dedicated team have expertise in providing custom healthcare apps and software solutions for hospitals, patients and pharmaceutical companies.The key features we provide to our clients in mHealth apps are Mobility & cloud solutions, Blockchain security, Patient Gateway, mPrescription and Electronic health record software.Here are the latest Healthcare industry trends that will redefine the future:Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence is ruling the market nowadays, which will change both the patients experience and the way we look at hospitals and doctors.AI plays the major role in enabling intelligence in the Electronic health records, Medical imaging diagnostics, Virtual health assistance and Proactive medical care.
We’ve all heard of the saying “health is wealth.” Well, in this new age of healthcare app development, health can lead you to wealth.Mobile apps have changed how various industries operate.On-demand services are the newest trend in this increasingly digital world.Healthcare, likewise, has progressively moved towards this concept of utilizing healthcare mobile app technology to transact business.What are the things that you need to know to be successful in healthcare app development?Benefits Of Healthcare Development Efficient – Healthcare apps allow doctors and patients to keep a detailed health record that is consolidated in one place.Time-saving – With video calling a feature of many healthcare applications, it can save you a lot of time visiting a doctor personally for small ailments or queries.
Healthcare app provides its customers with lots of facilities like they could easily get appointments fixed with the desired doctor, they could interact with the doctors and could check the availability of the medical reports in a very short time span.Health app can also help to track and fetch data from the previous visits.The healthcare app development team can add various features to monitor patients and provide them with better care.