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Health Education Center is a certified health care education provider in Louisville KY and provides patient care assistant training.You get theoretical and live training, Health Education Center have the live training room where the training is provided.The school was founded by four healthcare professionals who understand the needs of a State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA) entering the health care profession.Sign up today and get registered and become a certified nurse.
Health Education Center runs the program of  State Registered Nurse Aide training program in Louisville KY. Health Education Center LLC, provide nursing education after completing it you will become a registered and professional nurse.In this program Health Education Center provide you live practical lab and the help you to understand easily.
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Health Education Center provides online SRNA training, CPR training, CNA training, BLS health care training.You will become a professional and certified Nurse after these courses.Join Health Education Center courses and become a professional nurse.can put you on the right path to job security.We have good instructors and affordable fees of SRNA program.3903 Vantage Place Louisville, KY 40299Chelsey Styer – (502) 762-5151
Health Education Center, LLC office is in Louisville KY and they provide various nursing training such as SRNA training, CPR Training, CNA Training, BLS Training etc.Choose your best course according to you and join HEC to become certified nurse.HEC have best trainers who provide live training classes.Contact Nursing Office Assistant Louisville KY
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Health Education Center in Louisville KY provide various online nursing course.The school was founded by four healthcare professionals who understand the needs of a State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA) entering the health care profession.Choose a nursing course according to you and get online training and become a certified nurse.Call now at 5027625151 to register here in Health Education Center LLC for an Online nursing course.
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Health Education Center offers the needed training for students to become a State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA) that will allow them to enter the health care field.State Registered Nurse Aides (SRNA) are in great demand, and H.E.C.can put you on the right path to job security.Join Health Education Center for nurse aide training.Nurse Aide Training Center Kentucky