The smaller the amount of heat-retaining fireplaces, the better the bank Kauppalehti bank by comparison. Housing loans worth exceptionally well, Kauppalehti revealed a large bank comparison. POP group is an exception for the better Lavia Cooperative Bank, which reaches comparison, the top ten. It was able to increase its profits by nearly 10 percent and its operating profit margin of 57.3% was the best comparison. Municipality Finance is the leader in costs and revenues, relative to 14.1% and 85.9% in the operating result. In 2015, we grew all counts, explains Pekka Averio Municipality Finance's Managing Director in his review.
A file picture of a prototype Chinese maglev train operating in a vacuum tube.Photo: SCMP PicturesChina and the United States are neck and neck in the race to develop military applications for an ultra high-speed Hyperloop transport system, according to a Chinese researcher involved in one of the projects.It will use magnetic levitation, or maglev technology, to raise the vehicle above a track and reduce friction.A major drive for the research comes from military demand, Zhao said.Most Chinese researchers used maglev systems to lift the vehicle into the air to avoid physical contact with the rail, which would generate enormous friction and heat at high speed.The maglev approach is less popular in the US, according to Zhao.
Cuisinart MultiClad Pro 12" Skillet, $50If you want to experience the joys of cooking cooking on a great skillet, but don t have the cash for an All-Clad, this tri-ply Cuisinart is a solid facsimile, and only $50 today.Yeah, that s a little extravagant compared to the $20 nonstick you bought in college, but it ll heat up faster and more evenly, and if you take good care of it, it ll last you your entire life.Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.Click here to learn more, and don t forget to sign up for our email newsletter.We want your feedback.
Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP Photo: Google I / O has previously been held indoors. Around 5000 participants are expected to flock to Google I / O, the Internet giant's developer conference which starts on Wednesday. To cope with the nearly 30-degree heat in Mountain View, Google has put together a survival kit for the conference visitors. It includes, for example, sunscreen, sunglasses, a water bottle and a headgear that can be worn as headband, hat and, for the slumbering, blindfolded. One must assume that Google hopes that the sunglasses will be a bigger hit than the deferred project Google Glass, whose purpose was to develop a computer worn as a pair of glasses. In addition, participants receive a copy of Google's own virtual reality glasses of cardboard and plastic.
A file picture of a prototype Chinese maglev train operating in a vacuum tube.Photo: SCMP PicturesChina s scientists are looking to develop military applications for experimental technology behind an ultra high-speed vacuum transport system, according to a researcher involved in one of the projects.It will use magnetic levitation, or maglev technology, to raise the vehicle above a track and reduce friction.A major drive for the research comes from military demand, Zhao said.Most Chinese researchers used maglev systems to lift the vehicle into the air to avoid physical contact with the rail, which would generate enormous friction and heat at high speed.The maglev approach is less popular in the US, according to Zhao.
On its 100th birthday, the National Parks System is more popular than ever.With that many visitors trampling through, of course some of them are going to be ignorant, ill-prepared, or just plain dumb—putting flora, fauna, and themselves in danger.After a recent incident involving tourists loading a bison calf into their SUV more on that below , we felt compelled to make this guide for what to do …and importantly, what not to do the next time you visit Acadia, Yellowstone, or any of the country s parks and monuments in between.Bad move.Venturing into America s deserts can be an other-worldly adventure, but a sandy walk will quickly turn deadly if you re unprepared.Last summer, a family hike in New Mexico s White Sands National Monument turned tragic when a mother and father apparently died of heat exposure while attempting to keep their 9-year-old son hydrated with only two bottles of water the child survived .
Honda is stepping up its self-driving game with a second-generation autonomous prototype that will be unleashed in California this year.The new test vehicle is much sleeker than the automated RLX unveiled last year, thanks to a lower-profile LiDAR sensor that replaces the spinning turret mounted to the roof of the previous car.Honda says the entire suite of sensors — which also includes radar, cameras, and GPS — is new, along with virtually everything else.The RLX also boasts higher-performance CPUs and GPUs, with improved cabling, heat management, and circuitry, according to Honda.Radar is good at detecting the relative speed and position of objects, while cameras are better at identifying objects based on size and shape, Honda notes.While Apple s car plans are still quite opaque, Honda says its test program is part of a plan to put self-driving technology into production by 2020.
Android Auto will be available straight from Android phones soon and with it, popular navigation app Waze.Android Auto, Google's in-car interface, will soon be available to download as an app.In other words, access to Android Auto will no longer cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars.The interface will look basically like Android Auto in the dashboard but with big, easy to press buttons for use on a smaller screen.The social-bent navigator has been a popular app for drivers with features like accident and police reporting, superior traffic rerouting and chat.Google is also adding 13 new features in Android N that'll allow automakers to embed full, native Android into dashboards and control a vehicle's systems like heat and diagnostics.
As you probably know, gasoline engines combust fuel with air within each cylinder, and that combustion moves the pistons—and therefore the crankshaft, powering the car.That comes down to the way that the fuel combusts after it's injected into the cylinder, which normally happens around the center of the cylinder by the spark plug the bit that ignites the mixture .a leaner burn , less energy is wasted as heat and more of it is converted to work.Rather than traditional fuel injection, which squirts fuel into the engine upstream of the cylinder in the intake port the bit that the air gets sucked through on its way from the outside of the car into the engine , direct injection uses a high-pressure system to add the fuel into the cylinder itself.Several years ago, we delved into this tech in depth, which does away with the spark plug altogether, instead relying on the compression of the fuel-air mix inside the cylinder to cause combustion, similar to the way things happen inside a diesel engine.But one team's advantage rarely remains exclusive, and a mid-season upgrade to Ferrari's engines in 2015 can now be explained as that team's adoption of TJI, a fact that was confirmed recently by Mahle which supplies Ferrari with its pistons and which also used to supply Mercedes-Benz .
The keynote was great, the demos are cool and there s free food and drink for everyone there — but don t kid yourself, Google I/O 2016 is the conference version of hell.Lines that span 90 minutes, attendees being turned away at the door after waiting in said lines, and 93 degree heat with no discernible way of cooling off aside from grabbing an Uber and bailing are the talking points at least amongst attendees of I/O, not tech.Having to skip every other session so I can stand in line for an hour to be sure of getting [email protected] didn't plan this well.Cooling stations would have been a nice start, but I think most of us would have settled for bigger venues for the side sessions, and an inkling of just how big a problem it is when journalists descend on Mountain View from all over the world to attend I/O, and then get turned away at the door for panels they ve had lined up for over a month.Read next: Microsoft just sold what was left of Nokia to Apple supply chain partner Foxconn
Workout regimens are also longer-term commitments that don t produce results overnight, so how does hitting the body with a splash of cold manage to do the same thing?This leaves a vacuum of heat that leads to cold.The body doesn t have to be at freezing levels to get the effect in the tissue because the brain will already be activated between 41 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit 5-15 degrees Celsius .The mild process of cooling is designed not to be aggressive in attacking the body with a temperature change.You can even sleep with it on.Wearing it during workouts isn t advised because of profuse sweat seeping into the circuitry.
The new documents, Muffett said, show that oil companies clearly preferred to invest in research to explain away the climate risks, instead of on technologies to reduce emissions.Burn off oil fume flames are seen on an offshore oil platform.There is no doubt that increases in fossil fuel usage and decreases of forest cover are aggravating the potential problem of increased CO2 in the atmosphere.The research included burning oil to clear areas of fog and smog, and constructing massive artificial heat mountains out of asphalt to increase rainfall.Bigger drilling rigs, Muffett said, are an example of the profound distinction of how these companies were protecting their own interests and not the public s.This week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that April 2016 was the 12th consecutive month to set a global temperature record.For now, the group s new searchable database allows users to identify connections between companies, research institutes and individuals.
SUPER IDEA: Wakanda s Population IncreasingThings are beginning to heat up in Wakanda, with both Lupita Nyong o and Michael B. Jordan in talks to appear in director Ryan Coogler s Black Panther alongside Chadwick Boseman.If the Harley spin-off is fast-tracked, it s possible that Warners will have two female-led superhero movies in theaters before Marvel finally releases its first.Why this is villainy: Well, why this is particularly crappy needs no explanation.Recently, X-Men: Apocalypse director and franchise executive producer Bryan Singer has dropped a couple of unexpected hints about the future direction of the series after this month s installment.Another thing that s been introduced in the comics is a big alien, interstellar tenant within the X-Men universe that hasn t been explored in the movies , he said.Also, if it means we get to see the Shi ar on the big screen, consider us fans.
Selfie sticks are the sort of thing that many of us find to be very irritating and annoying when people are using them.Typically, a selfie stick is a telescoping pole that the user has to unfurl to use, but the UnReal automated selfie stick makes it easier to be annoying.This selfie stick has batteries inside and has a push button that unfurls the selfie stick for you.Another oddity that the UnReal selfie stick offers is a pair of fans on the handle to give you the windblown hair look.They might help with a breeze to keep you from sweating in the heat though.There is a TV show on Lifetime called UnReal that follows producers behind the scenes on a reality TV show that this product is tired to.
GE FirstBuild s Paragon is designed to let you dip your toes into the warm bath that is sous vide, while still giving you a piece of equipment that does other things.Take note that because this is an induction cooktop, you ll need to use magnetic cookware: A stainless steel pot or pan that s between 6 and 11 inches will work just fine.The flexible silicone probe has a black-and-gray plastic rectangle that houses all the electronic components don t stick it in the dishwasher , and it magnetically clips onto your pot.Turning up the heat — to a specific degreeIf you want skip the probe — or if you re using the induction cooktop to sear meat — the direct mode lets you choose a heat level between 1 to 10.You re not limited to using it as a sous vide machine, because you can also follow up slow-cooking a steak by searing it in a pan.The interface and app are both straightforward, and the results are delicious.
As idyllic and nostalgic as campfires and portable burners may seem for our outdoor adventures, let s be honest — cooking in the great outdoors can be something of a chore.At least, not if this portable microwave oven is everything it promises to be.The Adventurer, which looks more like a thermos than anything else, contains 200 watts of power that can heat up to 500 milliliters of liquids or solids in around four minutes.Created in partnership with NXP Semiconductors, the Adventurer has a rechargeable battery that will let you use the mini-microwave for about 30 minutes at a time, which is handy for a meal on the go.The microwave works using laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductors LDMOS in order to create heat, abandoning the traditional vacuum tubes or magnetrons.The new Wayv Adventurer takes on-the-go smart cooking experiences to a new level, said Dan Viza, director of product marketing for RF cooking at NXP.
India is currently in the grips of severe heat wave and relentless drought, which shows little sign of abating.The Guardian reports that the temperature was recorded in Phalodi, which is located in the state of Rajasthan.While temperatures in the low hundreds are common in India at this time of year, those in excess of 120 degrees Fahrenheit are rare.The previous highest temperature of 123F was recorded in 1956.It s thought that as many as 300 people died as a result of high temperatures in April alone.With conditions looking set to worsen—the country s weather office has warned of severe heat wave conditions occurring over the weekend—that number could sadly rise much further.
4 cooler is claimed to offer improved performance and quieter running than its predecessors.4 is claimed to have plenty of improvements over earlier designs.Chief among these are a redesigned fin stack shape which is claimed to reduce airflow resistance, improved heat transfer via direct-contact heatpipes, and higher-quality soldered connections between the heatpipes and the fin stack.The design tweaks aren't exclusive to the metal portion of the bundle, either: Gelid claims the included 120mm fan is better than ever before thanks to what the company calls its 'Double Layer Blade Technology,' capable of improving airflow at lower speeds.Coupled with a redesigned pulse-width modulation PWM circuit which eliminates the annoying clicking sound of earlier incarnations, Gelid claims the Tranquillo Rev.4 is due to hit the channel shortly, priced at €29 around £22 excluding taxes.
There s a reason the microwave oven in your kitchen is a heavy brick: it uses a magnetron and vacuum tube technology that dates back to World War II.But since then, microwave technologies have been vastly improved see cellphone towers and a company called Wayv in the UK is finally using them to shrink the microwave oven.The Adventurer looks like nothing more than a fancy thermos, but it s actually a fully-functional 200-watt microwave oven that can efficiently heat 500 milliliters of liquids or solids in about four minutes.Its rechargeable battery will keep it running for up to half an hour, which is more than enough time to reheat a bowl of stew at lunch or a jar of baby food while you re on the road.Instead of vacuum tubes or magnetrons, the Adventurer uses laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductors—or LDMOS—transistors to generate heat.Wayv is planning to bring the adventurer to the United States next year with a price tag of about $200.
But on the whole, El Niño releases trapped ocean heat into the atmosphere, resulting in a slight uptick in global temperatures.It s sort of the opposite of El Niño, which affects global circulation by pumping extra heat out of the ocean, meteorologist and Weather Underground blogger Bob Henson told Gizmodo.After new temperature records were set during the 1997-1998 El Niño, a three year La Niña phase saw the planet cool slightly.On the other hand, the emergence of La Niña conditions could pump the brakes on planetary record-breaking in 2017.In the long term, our planet will keep heating up as long as we re pumping carbon into the air, and there s no indication that we re going to stop anytime soon.We re teetering on the edge of a world where atmospheric carbon concentrations are permanently above 400 parts per million; the highest they ve been in millions of years.